Will Smith, Jaden Smith & DJ Jazzy Jeff Perform Together

It was an extended family affair as Will Smith and his son were joined by DJ Jazzy Jeff on "The Graham Norton Show."

While doing press abroad for his movie After Earth, Will Smith and his son (and co-star) Jaden Smith stopped by BBC One's "The Graham Norton Show." At the conclusion of the interview, Will and Jaden grabbed mics to put on a brief show for the audience.

While Will Smith beatboxed, Jaden treated the crowd to a short freestyle. Will followed in suit, rhyming: "Last time I was here, I did my 'Fresh Prince' rap / Eight million YouTube hits was on that / I can see your face, you like, 'What has he left?' / Well, this time I brought my DJ Jazzy Jeff!"

And with that, Jazzy Jeff and the Smiths performed a medley of Will's 2005 single "Switch," and DJ Jazzy Jeff and the Fresh Prince's ubiquitous "Fresh Prince of Bel-Air."

If that weren't enough, Alfonso Ribeiro, known for playing Carlton Banks on "The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air" TV show came on stage to do a number of trademark dances from the show.

Watch the performance below:

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  • K Dot

    Will can still move a crowd! Not really into Jaden but hey he's the product so I hope he sticks to acting. Carlton still doing them dances lol moves crisp like he still rocking it. Jazzy Jeff still is one the greatest DJs of my time besides the Furious 5. I wonder if Will is going to come out with some work produced by Kanye this year?

  • blkviper

    That was dope! haten on Will or Jaden for that matter is just plain jealousy, Will turned himself into an international superstar and Jaden has carried movies on his own that killed the box office.... Haters STOP IT!

  • jayjajy

    i rly hope for a new Will Smith album.........

  • Rellik

    Anyone else notice Will and Alfonso haven't aged a day since Fresh Prince?

  • Anonymous

    Don't really rate Jaden Smith much as an actor or as a rapper, but this was a nice, touching, entertaining thing to watch.

  • Anonymous

    Internet comment sections have been destroyed by spoiled, corny ass white kids and uneducated niggers. RIP

  • Anonymous

    ja rule gon get jaden with the shiv

  • Come On

    I love how ppl can take something positive and find something negative in it. CLEARLY they were just having fun but obviously jealous ppl and haters have to come on here and talk shit, I'm not going to get in an argument about this but Will Smith is a LEGEND period no ifs and or buts about it!!!And as far as the hate for Jaden goes?? how is it any different then a child being born into a rich family?? some kids are born in to Family Farm, Business's etc, usaully when that happens the children take the reigns when the parents pass on or retire. it's no diffrent I think that most ppl at are envyous of Jaden cause of his situation but I'm pretty sure if you were him you'd do the samething!!! look at all the other hollywood families nuff said!!

    • blkviper

      If you don't think Will Smith is a legend than you're not looking at his box office numbers. the first Rapper to get a Grammy, Produced box office winning movies .... oh wait was the star of one of the biggest sitcoms of all times. Legend period.

    • Anonymous

      You sound like your going to 7-Eleven later for a "slurpee". A legend? Not quite.

  • Anonymous

    Besides, talent is subjective. Jaden Smith isn't a bad actor for the innocent roles he plays, but come on now. When your dad has been the star of 2 of your movies, it's hard to give credit. Did that Home Alone kid put his Dad in any of his movies? That safety net has to be cut sometime.

  • Anonymous

    "But Jaden Smith was" So his tiny part was the reason that movie made money? That's reaching.

  • Anonymous

    "The Day the Earth Stood Still grossed $233,093,859." Will Smith wasn't even in that movie lol

    • Anonymous

      But Jaden Smith was smart guy. The "no talent son" they were referring to when they posted that.

  • Anonymous

    jaden smith is a mk ultra mind controled puppet shame on will smith for doing that to him

  • Chris Etrata

    Ugh, Jaden Smith sucks at rapping.

  • whatever

    Who gives a crap about Will Smith and his no talent son, what a joke

    • ...?

      Obviously a lot of people, The Pursuit of Happyness grossed $307,077,300. The Day the Earth Stood Still grossed $233,093,859. The Karate Kid grossed $359,126,022. And I predict After Earth will outdo all of them, so the question is who gives a fuck about you?

  • Anonymous

    gotta love the carlton banks dance

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