Chief Keef Previews "Beats By Keef" Line Of Headphones

Chief Keef reveals images of "Beats By Keef" headphones through Beats Electronics and says they'll be in stores soon.

His line of headphones may not be in stores yet but Chief Keef is already giving fans a preview of what they can expect. 

The following images were posted on Keef's Instagram account. They feature blue headphones with red details and a caption that reads "#MyBeatsInStoresNearYouSoon."

It has been reported that Keef would have his own version of the popular Beats By Dre headphones for some time. As Fakeshoredrive reported in 2012, Keef tweeted an image of the design, which then featured stars. The design appeared to be inspired by the Chicago, Illinois flag. Last year, Chief Keef signed a 3-album deal with Interscope Records for a reported $6 million. Last week, Keef also announced a partnership with Gucci Mane

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  • brad jordan

    Any REAL studio heads know those beats headphones are trash and cant be used for mixing shit at all. They just all bass and image for weak ass niggas n kids.

  • dentaldamboy

    Everything I said in the comments below is truth. Dickboy is just a hater of Keef because he knows Keef will reject his advances since he's not gay.

  • tha1fromthapinez

    This kid is really feelin himself on his album sleeze. He must have 20 pics on their of his face. He's on some pretty boy shit.

  • DAD

    This lil nigger changes the color of headphones and thinks he's a genius...better stick to that because your music blows

  • $wag Out

    that nigga keef a boss in this game

  • Kody

    I can only assume that if they sound anything like his album then they won't be of very high quality.

    • Anonymous

      It's the same headphones they've been selling with a different color for Keef. Go back to class.

  • Anonymous

    i wont buy them hes fake as fuck i dont support that

  • the dude

    Chief Keef be killing it with the power moves right now. Beats by Dre are amazing headphones. They have the best sound quality if you're real serious about music. Keef's music is HOTTTTT too. He may not rap like Nas be can make that shit BANG. He's easily one of the top 5 in the game right now. That jail shit just proves what a gangsta he is.

    • ^

      By the way, my arrow shows im erect for cock.

    • ^

      You're obviously trolling. Finally Rich is NOT a classic; that shit was garbage. It will not be up there with Doggystyle, Illmatic and GRODT; for you to say that is blasphemous. Those headphones will be the same as all Dre Beats; you're not gonna hear much detail from the beats as they're nothing but soulless trap bullshit.

    • the dude

      Hell no I ain't gonna lie. That Finally Rich album was a classic. It's easily gonna be up there with Doggystyle, Illmatic, and GRODT as one of hip-hop's all-time classic debuts. Just you wait. And crying only serves to humanize Keef, because real thugs ain't afraid to cry. I can't wait to hear Finally Rich the way it was always meant to be heard with my new Beats by Keef headphones. Yeah, it's gonna cost some money but it'll be totally worth it to clearly hear all the sonic details that Young Chop and crew put into their beats.

    • Anonymous

      Is that a joke?

    • Anonymous

      haha dumbass gangstas dont cry like that pussy did

  • Bobyahed2dis

    Now this is the sign of true greatness, keef is one of the top 5 in the game right now and he's only getting better. and it annoys me when these nerds typing on the internet are acting like they wouldnt cry over 60 days in prison, i hate to break it to you but this nigga is so real that those were tears of joy that he didnt catch 25 with an L, i guarantee you he will sell more headphones than feminem has sold records.

  • Anonymous

    Kmart has these on blue light special.

  • Crate

    Another rapper tryna make y'all dickwads pay top dollar for midshelf quality. Enjoy your Beats headphones knowing you overpaid a good $150-$200 for nothing but a name.

  • Momma's Boy

    A few years ago my mom bought me the white Beats Studio version for Christmas. She told me I could have one big present for the holidays and I chose headphones. I was so happy to listen to them on Christmas day. Love you mom

  • Lilworm

    i hope u guys know those damn headphones are overpriced and you can find better ones for a cheaper cost but everyone just fell for the "dr. dre" hype.

  • Anonymous


    • Anonymous

      im trollin man, so I can get funny smart ass reactions from people like you, its reaslly funny, u should give it a try, haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

    • Damn you're stupid

      These are Dre's headphones just colored like the Chicago flag and branded for whack ass Chief Keef. I really hope you were just trolling, if not you are a special level of stupid.

  • Anonymous

    epolfuorhiv miri esw cimeokc0kje0kw0ke0-k,ck,oewmo,v koemok eodkeo,mp ,poe pv-po ep0, 2qwep, e pep re, -,e-v e-e pe pew fpe pre

  • Nathan

    NNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm done. Only came for the comment.

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    want the Beats BY JA headphones

  • killah_casp

    dear god not another rapper promoting the beats beats are garbage there jus celebrity crappy headphones that are over priced and really dont sound any diffrent from a much cheaper pair of headphones ppl need to stop buying into this hype shit and relise that these headphones are wank no matter who it is sticking there name on the box it will not change the fact that these headphones are cheaply made highly expensive and shitty quality open ur eyes ppl and im not bein funny who the fuck likes chief keef enough to buy these garbage headphones.

    • Anonymous

      a sound engineer would never say that unless he was on dre's payroll

    • Anonymous

      You're obviously not a sound engineer like me. But yes I agree they are overpriced. But do not compare them with cheap headphones. Beats by DRE are the shit- no distortion and are made to handle the bass



  • ill wait for the Beats by Ja Rule until i cop some.


  • Chris Etrata

    What's the real difference between a Beats by Keef headphone, and a beats by dre headphone?

    • Chris Etrata

      Who am I bullying?

    • Jason Etrata

      Stop it, Christopher! I will tell your mother you are bullying people online!

    • Chris Etrata

      Who cares about color? I'm still trying to find the difference between a beats by dre headphone and a cheap headphone. At least no one is buying Chief Wack albums.

    • Anonymous

      they the same fucking thing just different color i imagine. and keefs come with a tissue holder incase you gotta cry in court

    • Chris Etrata

      I know there's a whole world of differences between keef and dr dre themselves but what about the quality of their headphones?

    • Anonymous

      The Keefs don't pay child support, cry in court rooms and won't sell more then 25 units.

  • dentaldamboy

    Common, Lupe, Jay-Z, Jeezy adn Chris Brown are all shook around Keef. Keef and Lil Mouse run the strees in the Chi.

    • ^

      More lies. You're not an accountant; there's no 2 million sales, he didn't even sell 200k and there's no such thing as unaccounted sales, and you're not his friend.

    • dentaldamboy

      As an accountant, I noticed 2 million unaccounted sales. I am Keef's friend.

    • ^

      Everything you say are lies. You never worked for these rap niggas and you're not Chief Keef's friend. Chief Keef's album didn't even sell 150k, so he didn't sell 2 million. He's not making a lot of money at all.

    • dentaldamboy

      You guys believe everything that comes out in the media, that's what makes it so fun to work in the industry. I guest accounted for his label, that dude is making some serious cash! He will be collaborating with YMCMB soon, as I introduced him to my bosses, Tunech and Stunna.

    • Nigga is u crazy?

      Double platinum my ass... more like double wood

    • dentaldamboy

      Keef's not my lover but I am his friend. I guest accounted for his company and found out he's sold 2 million albums so far. Not bad.

    • Anonymous

      That's a joke, right? Chief Keef flopped. Lupe and Common sold more albums and are richer than Keef. Chief Keef is a joke in the rap game and he's a bitch; he cried in juvie.

    • dentaldamboy

      i know this for a fact because chief keef is my lover

    • dentaldamboy

      Common and Lupe flopped. Keef is way richer than those two were at his age. Chris Brown is a joke throughout the rap game.

    • Fernando

      While Keef is "running" the mean streets of Chicago those other rappers you named are actually making grown man business.

  • Anonymous

    Interscope just using this dude to reach hood niggaz....smh

  • Anonymous

    they should put tears on the side of the headphones cause he cried when they sentenced him to 60 days in juvie. Tears by Chief Keef

  • Zab Judah

    Beats are dumb. Just signing whoever to throw their name on a pair of headphones. Unlike SMS Audio which is a luxury brand of headphones, and actually run by the man who name is on the headphones. #SMSAudio


      well, look at this way: he'lll be able to recoup that money he owes interscope, not to mention pay that child support for his 2 year old son. everybody wins.

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    i thought he was dead? to much dick in hes ass! fuck this fool keef!!!

  • keef the goat

    making more moola than your favorite rapper lmao, ima start fucking ur favorite RnB female singer lol, yoll gonna remain broke and keep hatin on this site, while i stack the cash lol fools!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • F.A.G killer

    hope you choke on it and die slow!!!!! this site is bullshit bcz off assholes like you! fuck hhdx im out, cant stand fags lord knows!!!!

  • Dentalboy

    My anus was violated with a dildo and loved err minute, oh yea i swallowed too

  • Anonymous

    Psychotic bitch

  • Yessir

    I Love keef!!!! i would munch on that dick!!!!

  • GD

    Watch your back punk!!!!

  • foreal

    you see kids... with a little buzz and a sh*tty mix tape you too can get endorsement deals!

    • foreal

      Yessir, i dont think you have ever heard "laughing to the bank" for those who havent heard it, here are the lyrics to the first verse. I'm from O-Block, bitch, that's my block I be wack? Haw haw haw I smoke Laa, Laa, Laa love gettin' high high high Ain't no drop box, those go bye, bye, bye (Bang! Bang!) She gone suck my c*ck like a ba-ba-ba Cause I got lots of guap, I make money, fly, fly, fly Rap album like "haw, haw, haw", in my Au, Au, Au They hurt like, "Ow, ow, ow", they smoking mild, mild, mild Just got a check for "haw haw haw", cashed it like "haw, haw, haw" I laugh like "haw, haw, haw", his bitch like my ride, ride, ride Got a check for "haw, haw, haw", cashed it like "haw, haw, haw" I laugh like haw haw haw, his bitch like my ride, ride, ride really talented...

    • Anonymous

      talented is a word i have never heard used to describe chief keef

    • Yessir

      stupid ass nigga!, Keef is talented unlike ur garbage kids good for nothing swines, what have you achieved in your life time, bizzy hating on a kid wtf fuck, u 40 and aint got shit!!! im 19 and ive completed my 1st degree. !!!!!!!fuck you !!!!!!!!! broke nigga

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