Lil Wayne On Seizures: "I Go To Sleep, Wake Up In The Hospital"

Lil Wayne says he's "100 percent" despite his recent rash of health problems on "RapFix Live," while Birdman says Mannie Fresh will not be involved in the next Big Tymers project.

Lil Wayne says he's healthy. Even though he's been suffering a string of seizures the last several months, the YMCMB artist-executive said he is not worried about his health. "I'm good," the mogul told "RapFix Live." "I'm 100 percent. So everybody know, I don't know that it happened."

Sway, who conducted the interview that also prominently featured Birdman, asked Wayne what the seizures are like. "I go to sleep," Wayne told him. "Wake up in the hospital. I hope it stops happening...No warning or nothing. I don't feel sick. I get headaches real fast, but I don't get no headaches or nothing." 

Wayne also said that he is following his doctor's advice in order to stay healthy.

Even though Wayne provided several updates about his health, Birdman was the focus of the majority of the interview. The Cash Money Records co-founder said that his oft-delayed Bigger Than Life album is coming out in September. He added that he just needs "to sharpen up a few" of its songs and record more material with Drake and Wayne for the project.

Birdman also said that original member Mannie Fresh will not be a member of the reconfigured Big Tymers, which may feature Drake. Lil Wayne had previously said that there was a possibility that the group may return with a new lineup.

The interviewed concluded with brief commentary and freestyles from T.RONE, Lil Chuckee and other members of YMCMB.

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    Whats the first thing Ja Rule did when he got out the joint? Had a 3 way with BEYONCE and BABY BLUE. He went hard on BABY BLUE

  • Anonymous

    hip hop's weak now we need another "go to sleep" by eminem


    jason whats that in the rear view window barbra waters haaa

  • hip hop

    i hope he falls asleep and never wakes up! do rap a favor!

    • MalcolmLittle

      Fam...I can't stand Wayne's music or what he stands for either, but that's some weak ass shit to wish death on a man you don't even know. Then got the nerve to call yourself hip hop, ain't a thing about your comment in the spirit of Hip-Hop.

  • bevis n butt head


  • Anonymous

    Who the fuck wants to hear a Big Tymers album without Mannie. It would not fly

  • Got Money In My Ghetto

    "Without Mannie Fresh there IS no Big Tymers...these YMCMBrats stay disrespectin' the on who MADE 'em." LOL you niggas talk like Big Tymers were the greatest rap group that ever existed. Fuck y'all, they were wack just like anything YMCMB has ever released.

    • MalcolmLittle

      I gotta ride with Burmy on this one, they were never anything I jammed in the crib or nothin but I could at least nod my head to it if I was with someone else or at a party or somethin. If I said that about this YMCMB bullshit I'd be lyin thru my teeth.

    • nickrazor2000

      I agree also. The first big tymers albums with mannie werent that good.

    • Burmy

      Maybe...but at least they were a GUILTY PLEASURE. Something you could enjoy listening to. Modern-day YMCMB doesn't even have that going for 'em-their stuff is barely listenable.

    • who

      you sir . #cosign

  • Art Brooks

    Birdman don't give a shit about Wayne. Just keep shining on the media and let his ho make that money for CMR until they find him dead on the toilet one day.

    • MalcolmLittle

      And that'll be the day Birdman REALLY cashes in too, and I guarantee he's well aware of that fact.

  • Anonymous

    if that nigga wayne is doin something thats giving him seizures, and the niggas around him aint tryin to help, then thats on them. blood on their hands. u got love for a nigga? you look out for them

  • Anonymous

    Will Trick Daddy be apart of the New Big Tymers? I heard him and wayne got in the booth in Miami and Byrd Man wants to sign trick daddy to rap with Drake. HAHAHAHAHA Fuxkin cornballs, go away you chumps your ruining the art form.

  • Marx1684

    Regardless of what he does w/the member the name is his & he's well aware. If he puts big names in the group it will sell & get spins. I'm not into the content of Birdman's music (selling drugs, bussin guns & getting buns gets old after a while) but you have to respect his grind. He gets money.

    • Riley Freeman

      Nigga u gay!

    • Anonymous

      so does Lebron, Bill Gates, Obama, your banker, your mother get money. WHO CARES IF BIRDMAN IS GETTING MONEY. IF U A DUDE AND U CARE ABOUT ANOTHER DUDES POCKETS..... tell him RILEY

  • JRich

    Lmao at a Big Tymers album without Mannie Fresh. That's like saying you're gonna make a Wu-Tang album with only U-God and Masta Killa. Birdman stupid as fuck for this one

    • Anonymous

      Wu are solid, there are no weak links. They might have their differences and what not but when they came together they were all strong together. It is just a matter of preference and opinion which MC or MC's are better than others amongst the clan. The point is a Big Tymers album without Mannie would be missing a critical member and would render it stupid. It'd be like any group album with a vital member of the group absent.

    • Anonymous

      I'm offended by this shit I think U-God is the best of the Wu

    • fortydogg

      fa sho, i mean masta killa ill, but u god the weakest link of the wu and yet he mo talented than most these ni99az in da game right now

    • Anonymous

      hahaha great analogy

  • Anonymous

    All that Codeine Promethyzene (sizzurp, or whatever ppl call it)is catching up with him. Look at all the southern artists, particularly in Houston, who have passed away from it. Even years after they stop, that stuff aint good for u at all. Im no Lil Wayne fan at all, but Im a fan of people being around to enjoy the fruits of their labor. It would be nice for Wayne to get to the bottom of this and remain healthy.

  • Anonymous

    If Mannie wanted to work with Birdman or vice versa it would of happened already. Birdman just needs Drake's help to get on the radio and sell records. I have not heard any of Birdman's latest singles on the radio PERIOD.

  • Anonymous

    wayne is thebest rapper alive

  • dentaldamnboy

    My boss Birdman told me when Wayne falls asleep he puts his hoo hoo in his no no place

  • Burmy

    Without Mannie Fresh there IS no Big Tymers...these YMCMBrats stay disrespectin' the on who MADE 'em.

    • Anonymous

      i think he pointed that out in his original post

    • >_

      Mannie Fresh made the fucking beats. Retard

    • Anonymous

      lol i always knew it was nothing but kids in the comment section of hhdx. When you speak logic they respond by saying its bullshit but they have nothing to prove that it is. I dont even know why i scroll down to the comment section hoping to have an intelligent debate on this site lol

    • Anonymous

      Birdman is that you?

    • ^

      Everything you say is bullshit.

    • Anonymous

      That still doesnt deny the fact that Birdman was 1/2 of big tymers. No matter how you FEEL about Birdman, fact is fact that he is an original member of Big Tymers. Neither one of them were ever lyrical rappers. What got them big was mannies beats cus mannie was rappin too. And if you do your research, it was Birdman that initally started the group. He came to Mannie with the idea and he went along with it. And even still that still doesnt show how YMCMB disrespects previous Cash Money artists. Dont let your emotions cloud your judgement

    • Anonymous

      Because Fresh made the group what it was, not Turdman. Damn near all of Cash Money's success rested on Mannie, but Turdman cheated him out of his money, just like the others.

    • Anonymous

      how can you say YMCMB is disrespecting the ones who made Big Tymers when Birdmans was part of Big Tymers? that doesnt even make sense.

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