Kreayshawn Announces Birth Of Her Child

UPDATE: Kreashawn announces that she has given birth to her child.

Kreayshawn will be having a child. Kreay announced this news on Instagram, lettings fans know that she is pregnant. 

"Everyone's been wondering why all my pics have been neck up," she explained on Instagram. "Well, here's a neck down one!"

She then announced that she is going to be a mother. The photograph she posted along with this announcement can be found below. 

Kreayshawn then told her Twitter followers that she is thankful for their support. She also expressed her joy.

Kreayshawn's own childhood was spent in Oakland, California. In a 2011 interview with HipHopDX's current Editor-in-Chief Justin Hunte, Kreay explained what her life was like. "I feel like the way I grew up, like sometimes it makes me mad but then again it’s made me who I am. I’m never angry. I’m never overly sad about it. Shit, I like the way I grew up. That’s me." Her debut album, Somethin' Bout Kreay was released in September of last year. It can still be streamed online

(May 5, 2013)

UPDATE: Kreayshawn announced the birth of her son via Twitter this weekend.

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    • Matt

      the baby daddy is apperently Florida Rapper 'Delusional' of the Durrty White Boyz. I have him on facebook as I did a song with him years back and he posted this 'Its really hard for me to admit cuz I know shes gonna be mad I put this info out too early, but ive known Kreayshawn since last April. Well, I am her baby daddy... Its just as surreal to me as it is for u... Shit is crazy man' Could be a weird joke but hes playing along with it it way too much if it is, thanking people for the congratulatory messages etc.

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