Odd Future's Manager Responds To Mountain Dew Pulling Ad

Christian Clancy and Tyler, The Creator both question the critics' understanding of context, in the wake of PepsiCo pulling Odd Future's Mountain Few ad.

Following an AdWeek report on the Odd Future Mountain Dew commercials being pulled for perceived racism and violence against women, the group and director Tyler, The Creator's manager have responded.

Tyler, who directed the third video in the PepsiCo series, took to Twitter earlier last weel to disagree with the intrepretation of the ad. He added yesterday (May 1) that he'd like to speak with Dr. Boyce Watkins, who deemed it, "arguably the most racist commercial ever."

Christian Clancy, the group (and Frank Ocean's) manager, also took to his Tumblr to apologize to offended parties, but disagree with intrepretation. As reported by AllHipHop.com, he wrote, "Context may or not help those who are offended and I wholly respect that but for those who are interested I can offer the following and leave the rest to Tyler. 1. This spot was part of an overall admittedly absurd storyline about a crazy goat who becomes obsessed with Mountain Dew 2. The lady in front of the lineup is the waitress from the first spot. 3. The lineup consists of Tylers friends and odd future members who were available that day. (LBoy, Leftbrain, Garret from Trash Talk and Errol) 4. He absolutely never intended to spark a controversy about race. it was simply an again admittedly absurd story that was never meant to be taken seriously. Again we apologize if this was taken out of context and would never trivialize racism, especially now in America where voting and civil rights are being challenged at the highest level. I can however stand firmly by someone I have believed in since we met only because I know him and i know all of this was never his intent."

Mountain Dew's verified Twitter account also apologized for the video, calling it a "#Fail."

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    Well what do ya know? Another suspected racist white master/manager who is behind the scenes encouraging and influencing his negro slave/protegee to perpetuate racist and anti-black stereotypes to the masses. Wow, its 2013 and aint nothing changed; it seems that black people will continue to be white peoples perpetual slaves/lackeys for eternity under this oppressive global system of white supremacy/racism.

    • bswag

      Wtf Youre total conspiracy nut. Yes, there is still racism, but its promoted by media and those fat f_cks sittin in office ..and not by normal people. Ad was perfect. If the world was not racist no one would pull it down.

    • Anonymous

      Just stop

  • Anonymous

    of course a creepy old white guy is pushing these bums on us

  • ya ya fuck all of you people

    Clancy made me some money. What a great race horse

  • Money First

    You know its funny how all of these corporations seem to have limited vision when it comes to creativity. If one "group" or set of so-called 'important' people have a protest they cave-in almost immediately. You are not going to please everyone...I don't see these same companies pulling ads from shows that portray homosexual relationships when many, many of their "consumers" don't agree with that lifestyle being promoted mainstream...Double standard!!

  • SBMobile

    This is a good example of why urban artists should avoid the corporate companies trying to use their buzz or stardom to sell their products. Clearly those involved don't do any research when agreeing to do business with these artists + don't pay attention to any of the creative endeavours they pay these artists to take part in. Tyler from day "1" has been doing everything the same: "CRAZY". So it's quite sad that a respected professor could so crudely misinterpret something so obvious, unless that was his intention from the start. It's worse to use urban music or culture to be heard or find a platform for opinions instead of letting your ideas & thoughts stand out on their own.

    • Anonymous

      I would like to know what YOUR problem is with this commercial.

    • Anonymous

      What is wrong with y'all? There's a line you cross and it's up to YOU to know when you do. Y'all think things are so free and your entitled to everything, and you're not. You're going to learn some cold realities in life if you don't wake up.

  • diggin in the crates

    D.I.T.C check em out

  • Fuck The Media

    This whole thing is pointless.more pointless then the Rick Ross date rape line n the lil Wayne tatt story.dumb shit

  • Anonymous

    fuck mainstream rappers dont listen to rappers that are in commercials commercial rappers suck , they make a whole different kind of hip hop

    • Hipster

      Yeah mainstream is bad, I used to like odd future but don't now because they're mainstream, and I'm a hipster.

  • Eric

    That commercial was kind of dumb tho. Y'all should checkout thegrandreport, they be having some good stuff too

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