Police Arrest Russian Mobster, Accuse Him Of Involvement In Lil Phat Murder

Mani Chulpayev is accused of hiring hit men to kill Lil Phat last June.

Lil Phat was killed last June and a mobster could be responsible for his death.

Three of the four men charged in the June 2012 killing of rapper Lil Phat are already in custody and apparently one of them has ties to the Russian mafia.

According to a report by Atlanta's Channel 2 News, Mani Chulpayev is accused of hiring hit men to kill the Baton Rouge rapper to reportedly silence Lil Phat about shady car deals.

Chulpayev’s lawyer, George Plumides told reporters his client is innocent and prosecutors have no evidence against him.

“Mani had nothing against this kid, and grieved when he found out he got killed,” he said. “They put him out of business and they have nothing.”

Last June, Phat was the victim of a fatal shooting outside Northside Hospital in Atlanta, Georgia. He was shot several times in a parked car on the second level of a parking deck.

See Channel 2 News' report on the new accusation below:


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