N.O.R.E. (a/k/a P.A.P.I.) Praises "Cruel Summer," But Says The Album Lacked Skits

P.A.P.I. planning on releasing his own line of Moscato, announces partnership with Flat Fitty.

During a recent interview with Philadelphia’s Power 99, Queens rapper N.O.R.E. didn’t hesitate in expressing his appreciation for the G.O.O.D. Music compilation album Cruel Summer. Although N.O.R.E. doted on how much “love” he had for the project, he did offer up one small critique.

According to N.O.R.E., the lack of skits, intros, and outros, Kanye West previously bragged about was the projects one downfall.

“I’m really a student of the game and Kanye West had did an interview and he said, ‘The G.O.O.D. Music compilation’s a dope album. We got no skits, we got no intros, we got no outros.’ And if you look at my Gucci bag right now, the only album I have in my bag is the G.O.O.D. Music compilation,” N.O.R.E. revealed. “I love that album. I absolutely love it. This is the first time I ever said that…But the one thing that I saw that was missing was that. Like I want to be entertained in between songs.”

With his Student Of The Game album now out, N.O.R.E. has taken on a handful of business endeavors, which include serving as brand ambassador for Flat Fitty and the upcoming launch of his new P.A.P.I. Rosato Moscato. The latter has even gained a handful of fans in the Hip Hop community.

“Right now, I just got named brand ambassador of Flat Fitty hats,” said N.O.R.E. “Big up to my P.A.P.I. Rosato, the Moscato that we got coming out. We was drinking it. Last night, we had the album release; Busta drank about three bottles with us. Waka Flocka came through, drank about three bottles with us.”

Released on April 16, Student Of The Game features appearances from Pusha T, Tech N9ne, Busta Rhymes, and more.

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  • P.A.P.I. E.S. C.U.L.O.

    Nigga you suck now

  • Anonymous

    It's mind-boggling the heart wants it, the mind rejects it Fuck the past, let's put the present in perspective That's my lady, she would never back-stab or cross me Stand butt-naked in the storm, sippin' the frosty Force me to choose, I'mma follow my heart She was there from the beginning, but I tore 'em apart No more Delucas, straight Killa Bee on the swarm And when it's time to get big, she put her game face on

  • Anonymous

    ja rule dont need to change his name this nigga papi wash up

  • Anonymous

    ja rule soiled papi couch fuck that nigga

  • Anonymous

    this bum papi biting ja rule lines cut that shit out

  • Anonymous

    washed up papi trying to steal ja rule swag

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    papi trying to steal ja rule buzz ja rule gonna be on them mj numbers


    I kinda agree when it comes to skits. Kendrick included them toward the end of a song to connect to the next. EM also had fresh skits that flow with the story. Even if it was a corny ass phone call with his manager, or stalking his ex wife, it built up to the next song.

  • What a stupid critique

    Everyone talkin bout skits. I be like, FUCK AN INTRO! I hate that shit. I wanna listen to some songs. Not some bullshit build to a song. Or some nigga all blah blah blah my shit is good blah blah blah. Intros and skits annoy me to death. If I want comedy, I'll put on a comedy album for fucks sakes

  • Big Dan

    Please save the skits. We don't want to hear them. There have been a few skits that were very funny over the years. Even the CNN album with the Chinese food delivery guy was funny, but we don't need them. Skits mess up the flow of The Chronic to begin to name albums ruined by skits. And y'all dudes ain't as funny as you think. Sometimes you have a dope album and its like the skits mess up a nice piece of art, like someone just spray painted over it.

  • Fuck Queens



    How much this nigga NORE paying you HipHopDX? Cause everytime he opens his mouth you feel the need to write an article about him. I'm gonna keep it 100 and maybe others might agree: We dont care about NORE

    • LOL

      Cool story bro changed my life^

    • Anonymous

      FACT: nearly ** everything ** on this site is bought and paid for in terms of article placement. That's how some dogshit songs stay on the intro screen for days and others are bumped down after an hour. This fucking site is nothing but an ad platform, which is why they don't give a fuck about the quality or all the criticism, it's all just more 'clicks' and ad $$$.

    • Larry

      @Anon Keeping it 100, nobody gives a damn about N.O.R.E

    • RAP

      I agree with REAL TRUTH. I feel like NORE is making himself corny AF. Like the only reason this dude is commenting on so many topics in Hip-Hop is cause his bullshit album came out. He needs that attention and relevance. Cmon son he aint fooling anyone

    • Anonymous

      Because you don't like son doesn't mean others don't. Keeping it 100, stop being selfish and don't act like you speak for everybody. That is all.

  • shout out

    Ron Contour and Factor - Saffron

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    S.T.F.U. Y.O.U. F.A.T. N.O. T.A.L.E.N.T. R.E.G.G.A.E.T.O.N. F.U.C.K.

  • Anonymous

    I hope this nigga NORE doesn't think we're gonna call him PAPI (pause)

  • crystal shit

    The skits on ruff ryders were funny 'pac man' 'stick yourself' 'i aint built for no bodies' and that one where holiday styles throws the guy off the fuckin roof

  • NYC

    Such a lame ass comment from a rapper who has released far more wack music than good music especially his solo work. Most Hip Hop albums were spoiled from the overuse of skits that were either not funny or just thrown in as album filler. The best use of skits were in the Wu albums where they had a real concept to what they were rapping about and the skits tied the music together to form a story. The fact that N.O.R.E is resorting to commenting on a fucking Kanye album and whether or not it has skits on it only shows how far his career has sunk.

    • boogabooga

      Not to mention Pharrell was behind this niggas biggest hits, Superthug and Nothin...but if the skit doesnt have a tie to the album concept, who the fuck wants to hear it. That was Kanye's biggest mistake on Late Registration, which is a damn near classic had it had no skits on it

    • NYC

      Yeah the skits in Tical 2000 were horrendous. I was thinking more of Enter The 36 Chambers, Return To The 36 Chambers, Liquid Swords, Only Built 4 Cuban Linx and Ironman. Prince Paul did have some great ones too in fact. Noreaga annoys me though. Comes across really dumb.

    • Anonymous

      NOREAGA is a moron, all the good records he made (not that many) are due to Tragedy and luck. Speaking of skits, remember, painfully, TICAL 2000? Prince Paul can do skits... Richard Pryor could do skits... Bernie Mac!!! But fucking rappers? NO.

  • foreal

    NORE comes from an era where a 20 track album had an intro, outro and 5 skits. do the math a 20 track album just turned into a 13 track album. I have mostly hated skits, some are funny, most were not. most memorable skit is Raekwon and Methodman on the methodman song.

  • Anonymous

    who the fuck cares about skits. they have very little replay value

  • Anonymous

    And he lacks skills! WHAT!! WHAT!!! WHAT!!!

  • Attention W.H.O.R.E.

    Attention W.H.O.R.E. with nothing to say. Face it you done in hiphop. You made one good album the war report and since then you been irrelevant.

  • Anonymous

    Papi is the hood version of Donald Trump.

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