Kid Rock Calls Jay-Z & Justin Timberlake Concert Tickets "Highway Robbery"

Kid Rock willing to "take a pay cut" that will cost him around $50,000 to $100,000 per night during his tour.

With tickets for Kid Rock’s “$20 Best Night Ever” tour selling for only $20, the rocker seemed less than enthused when asked to share his thoughts on ticket prices for Jay-Z and Justin Timberlake’s upcoming “Legends Of The Summer” tour.

When asked about the ticket prices, which seem to max out at $275 for a non-VIP ticket, during an interview with CNN’s Piers Morgan, Kid Rock immediately referred to the prices as being “garbage.”

“It’s garbage. It’s highway robbery,” said Kid Rock. “I don’t care who you are. I would consider both of them in the circle of friends in the business, but I don’t agree with it.”

Kid Rock also revealed that he worked closely with Live Nation to cut the costs for fans and was even willing to take a pay cut to ensure that fans were treated to $20 concert tickets and $4 12 oz. beers among other perks. According to the Detroit artist, the pay cut could possibly cost him around $50,000 to $100,000 per night.

“It’s gotten out of hand. The price of concerts, the price of entertainment period. Whether it’s a sporting event, going to the movies, buy a soda there, whatever…I’ve always tried to keep prices [to] what I think are fair. And I’ve always said I’m proud that I can walk around with my head held high and look someone in the eye knowing that I haven’t taken an unhonest dollar from a working man. But how can we make it better,” Kid Rock questioned.

Video of Kid Rock’s interview with Piers Morgan can be seen below (via AllHipHop).

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  • BCPlace

    One more thing. The ticket prices are set by their promoter and rarely by the artist. Most promoters reap the benefits of the ticket prices, that's why they are in the business. And since promoters or record labels own artist rights and likenesses they reap most of the profits and set the market. If it's not JT and JZ with inflated ticket prices its a Bieberfan which I have no desire to see for free.

  • BCPlace

    Ticket prices are starting a bit steep. But I ended up paying $275 to sit 10 rows away from 2 big artists that make a difference in music. If they each did solo tours the price would be marginally the same. Also there is a secondary scalper market that is very strong when these 2 artists are on tour. Especially JT, who hasn't been on tour since 2007. There's a lot of research been done on ticket price points when they go on sale and I think the artist's have learned their true value over time. If they sold the tickets at regular price for $80, it would sell on the resale market for $300 easy. True fans are willing to pay. I watched Paul McCartney for $100 and that was way at the back, living legend. For everyone the value of concerts is different, depending on how you relate to the artist. I wouldn't pay $275 for any artist and I may be rethinking my decision if it was only one artist and the fact I am flying down to see the show. You only live once and I'm not taking the $275 to the grave and it won't make me a millionaire but I know it will be one helluva good night! With great pictures and videos to boot. Memories for a lifetime!

  • Anonymous

    i agree with rock

  • Where is ....

    Yo in Concord NC at the speedway..Kid Rock was there with Pam Anderson...and he was playing Tanya Morgan's Moonlighting album...realness. I respect Kid Rock.

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  • Anonymous

    Holy shit. This man deserves MAD props. One of the very few people who have not been consumed by greed in the sports/music/entertainment industry. Takes some balls to call out the bullshit concert tickets too. These rappers are no better than crooked CEO's and wall street criminals.

  • hsjjk

    ja rule concert alway free that why ja got the best fan base


    Gucci is the realest rapper and heres why. 1) all other rappers rap about being gangster shooting and killing but they havent done it. 2) Eminem raps about killing he hasnt. 3)Jay z raps in open letter about sending shots he hasnt. 4)Nas raps about how he is a queens thug but he wasn't. 5)Most of the rappers rap about stuff they havent done yet you all support them and say its real rap. 6)When rick ross does it you all claim he is fake and say its fake rap. This shows that hiphop fans are hypocritical and all these real hiphop fan wanna be's are just some unjustified haters whose opinions are just as irrelevent as the swag fag rapper fans. GUCCI KILLED A MAN HE WAS A DRUG DEALER BEFORE RAPPER HE HAS STREET CREDENTIALS HE IS THE ONLY RAPPER THAT RAPS ABOUT FACTS THERE FORE GUCCI IS THE REALEST RAPPER IN THE RAP GAME AND THATS A FACT!.

    • gnigga_pleeze

      first off, stop overlooking a lack of talent and claiming that authenticity is what makes music hot. Gucci puts zero effort into the trash bars he spits over trash beats and sells to retards like you. second, if your definition of real is lack of anything positive, your an incredibly confused individual. Gucci manes music is destructive to the black community that consumes it and the people who try to follow in his footsteps as equally ignorant coons. same goes for boosie, ross, jeezy, weezy, 2chainz, and countless others. third, this is a kid rock story.

    • InDatAss

      In order for someone to actually be the realest rapper, they have to be able to RAP. Your recidivist idol, my friend, cannot rap for shit. BURRR

  • Anonymous

    kid rock's music SUCKS but he is NOT lying. these ticket prices are ridiculous. leave it to ridiculous ppl to pay for a ridiculous ticket. jay-z is a clown. he made great music and has a great catalog but he's not looking out for anyone but himself. nigga hangs with bloomberg and raps about the projects. bloomberg is not looking out for jay-z audience but jay is looking out for bloomberg. incredibly out of touch.

  • InDatAss

    We've got the Kid Rock haters and Jay-Z dickriders actually defending $200-a-pop ticket prices. Man, the wealthy have done a great job of dumbing you fools down, so much so that you're defending these millionaires. Try enjoying that concert, especially since you'll probably have no money for gas to even get to the fucking venue, bunch of morons.

  • S.Kizzle

    Nothing but respect to Kid Rock for taking this position. 200 for a concert ticket IS highway robbery, and anyone charging that much for a show is a pig (greedy bastards). I don't even know Kid Rock's music like that, but I def would support this movement.

  • Anonymous

    kid rock care about broke people like me. i think i gonna check his music

  • Anonymous

    fuck overpriced concert tickets i gonna rather buy weed and otha delicious drugs.

  • Anonymous

    i don't kno kid rock's music like that but for them 12 beers i think i gonna check his concert. 20 dollar ticket plus 12 beers for free.

  • Zzzzz

    You got money too Kid Rock, why don't you do it for free? Bet you have a million dollar plus home, why would you pay that price? Are all your nice cars worth the money? Shut UP, Jay didn't force those people to do SHIT. Fake ass.

  • Sigh

    Can I get Dre Beats for 20 bucks? How about a car for $1,000.00? IT"S HIGHWAY ROBBERY I TELL YA! Yo Kid Rock, a music concert is not critical to life, it ain't food for instance. Who cares. I you support the party that's against UNIVERSAL HC. Nice moron.

  • Bj

    Shouts out to kid rock. 20 dollars for a show and 4 dollar beers. That's a deal you can't find anywhere. On top of that willing to take a pay cut.

  • top 5

    2pac big nas meth red

  • mick

    At least with Jay Z and Justin Timberlake your getting two superstars for the price. Why didn't he ask about people paying even more for Britney and Madonna tickets and getting to hear lipsyncing. Jay & Timberlake perform live. Plus nobody would pay that kind of money to see Kid Rock.

    • DF

      You my friend have never been to a kid rock concert if you can say that. He is a great performer/artist who puts everything he has in him into his shows. He also gives back to his community. If you want to write negative things at least do some research first.

    • Anonymous

      ja rule has so much money nigga it doesn't even matter anymore people just wanna pay to see him but haters keep him famoz

    • Joe Highness

      Didn't you read where he mentioned sporting events too? He wasn't singling nobody out. Jay and JT are just the example.

  • Anonymous

    Robbery is taking something from someone who doesn't want to give you whatever you are taking. This is making someone an offer and them deciding to take your offer. Big difference.

    • Anonymous

      The consumer is partially to blame in this abusive relationship. Jay-z is saying.. 150$ a say yes...then he says..wait no no, 250$ a ticket...and then JT buts in: 275$ my nigggggguuuuu *SLAP

  • thefist

    Considering people bootleg and don't buy albums... I think this is quite fair.. maybe if you stopped illegally downloading albums they wouldn't have to make most of their money for live shows...

    • Anonymous

      well justin is already plat, and people actually buy jays album... jay and his wife for that matter can lower tickets...

    • Anonymous

      ^@money last Yeah but the bigger (urban) artists toured less (globally) and to smaller crowds...

    • Money First

      I agree with you about the bootlegging because not paying for someone's art is not COOL on any level of the game! However, the price of tickets has nothing to do with that because when record sales were at an all time high ticket sales were still expensive.

  • IMhO

    respect to kid rock for that final paragraph statement. true shit.. its not just rap its sports too

  • Ether

    *2Pac chopped and screwed voice* FUCK JAY-Z

  • Anonymous

    and if its any further insult to this article all the tickets sold out within days in my city

  • Anonymous

    I completely agree with Kid Rock he gets my absolute respect prices for entertainment is exorbitant beyond belief!! I like Jay--z , Ive been to his concert him and Kanye would go down as one my fav concerts Ive been to but I remember when Jay-z toured Canada for the BP3 album front row floor tickets were selling for $1200 to $800!!!!its crazy

  • Fuck Detroit

    We all know this redneck's a Ku Klux Klan member.

  • Tim

    Jay Z doesnt care about black people.

  • Socomo

    In the old days a concert was an 'original' experience. Other than an album or MTV video, fans had no real way to interact or experience an artist. Now a days all you have to do is search youtube and all the magic is right in front of you. The rabbit is out of the hat, concerts have changed.

  • The Decatur ATL BOI

    And the only problem is that @ $20.00 apiece, some robo company will buy all the tickets at one time and resell them on stub hub for $200.00. So who won? This just happened with his tickets in Detroit, he sold them for $20.00, some person bought them up at one time and resold them @ a very high mark up. So end the end, the fans that go will still end up paying out the roof, but the reseller get's rich, not Kid Rock.

    • Karma

      When WTF reads this I hope he never comments again. He is not loved in real life or in the nets.

    • Reality Check

      WTF, you have it all backwards. While I think criticizing him for trying to make the concerts cheaper is retarded, you don't seem to know anything about what you're talking about. Scalping is something that has plagued big shows/ tours for years. With the ease of buying electronic tickets, groups are able to scoop up all the good tickets from those websites you mentioned, while you get shut out, and then put them on stub hub and other sites for sometimes 10 times the price. Get out of here with your "Herp derp errrbody knows where to buy tickets" speech. As was as the other guy though, actually hating him for trying to make his tour cheaper because it's it sold out is ridiculous as well. People on here are stupid.

    • Charles

      @WTF: Do you lack comprehension skills or just general life experience? It is fact that a large amount of tickets are sold to people that have no intention of attending the concert. Everybody knows where to buy tickets but if they sell out and you have to go to a scalper, you'll be paying out the ass. Look up ANY live event on craigslist and you will find dozens, if not hundreds, of tickets available. Scalpers are the scum of the earth.

    • The Decatur ATL BOI

      Umm good sir, you are ignorant. What I was saying is that a company will buy up all the tickets @ $20.00 apiece and then sell them @ $200.00 apiece. Dumb Ass.

    • WTF

      WTf u talking about? "Somebody" will buy them all and resell them. EVERYBODY knows where to buy tickets, ticketmaster, stubhub, livenation, etc. Get your stupid backwards mentality outta here

  • matt

    For real, I agree with him. It's awesome that he's keeping beer prices down too, the prices they get away with charging are ridiculous.

  • @SmeezeF

    Higher ticket prices also keep the rif raf away. I say if you're able to sell a $275 ticket, get your money. I'm not made because I'm not paying for them.

  • JAG

    I am a lover of music and enjoy concerts when I get the chance to go but one of the main reasons that I don't go to concerts and games is because of ticket prices. Hell, even movie ticket prices are getting out of hand which is why they are trying to put everything out in 3D to justify charging you a higher price. I like that Kid Rock is proactive in trying to bring down the price of tickets but let's be honest. These days, no one will pay $275 to see him. I'm not hating on him. It's just the natural progression of popularity and how most of the younger generation view musicians/singers/groups. Everyone gets their 15 minutes of fame. For some it's 5 minutes and for others, they get 30. In the end, the only reason that these artist can get people to pay those outlandish prices is because PEOPLE PAY THEM! If no one buys a ticket for that price, they can't sell it for that price. It's your money and it's hard to earn. Be a little more diligent about keep it in your pockets and bank account.

    • Jason

      your post is absolutely ridiculous lmao! It's not about him selling tickets for that much IT'S about Jay Z/J.T. and YES people would PAY that amount to see Kid Rock. Don't underestimate country music fans/music fans in general. Besides that even Mariah Carey/Celine Dion wouldn't charge people that much! It's ridiculous!

  • sam snead

    I seen Jay-z and Eminem for $50 at comerica park, so I'm good. Thats about what a concert is worth to me, maybe a little higher but not much.

  • Anonymous

    yeah, that's why the tickets are cheaper. as opposed to the reality that he plays horrible music, sucks, and is no longer popular. country rap bullshit was a bad idea from the start. this whiskey tango had his time in the sun. he can't fill venues so now he charges next to nothing which is a lot more than he should, he's muff garbage.

    • Anonymous

      i think 300 dollar tix are frontrow

    • Anonymous

      That may be somewhat true but even in his heyday he was ripping people off like that. If an idiot pays 300 for a ticket and it's not front row then they deserve to be broke.

    • MARC B

      You're a effing douche every article has to have one and you are it way to go

    • yoson

      country rap is done hahaha. how bout yelewolf and all the ppl downsouth rapping. Its not dead and has a decent fan base. Just like that dub step bull s h i t.


    I am not a Kid Rock fan as far as his music is concerned but as a man he gets respect. I do think a hell of a lot more people would be coming to concerts if they reduced prices but no one is willing to take a paycut.

  • Come On

    100% agreed I think the Fact that Jay-z and Timberlake are already rich and talking from ppl who are in a a recession pretty much is greed and selfish. But I guess if people are stupid enough to pay it..well then

    • @cummed on

      Yeah! Rich people should work for less. Fucking dumbass. communist fish.

    • BigElito

      "Rich" people charge "crazy" prices for everything in my opinion. Bought gas lately? Sneakers? Cellphone? Vehicle?... The list goes on. My point is that one artist shouldn't deride another artist for charging their set price. This is basics of economics; supply and demand. This is what drives the price of most products we purchase. If HOV (or his management/promoter) figures they can sell X amount of tickets for Y price, then why knock em? Charge your own price for your own product and keep moving. As one poster already mentioned, "robbery" is stealing and these tickets are an offer. Big difference. If it's too expensive then don't go. I saw Jay-Z and 50 Cent at the Rock the Mic tour in 2003 in Toronto. Paid $80 bucks for tickets. If they were over $200 maybe I would've gone maybe not. But I wouldn't have bashed the artists for trying to rob me. Especially after bootlegging 90% of their music lol.

    • Donyay_West

      I mean most people have stolen more than $300 by downloading Jay and JT's albums but I guess you can still complain about ticket prices...

  • BonnZonn

    Wow man, I just got a LOT of respect for that dude.

  • BGG

    I'll tell you what I respect what this man is doing because the cost of attending a concert has gotten ridiculous unless you work for a sponsor or have some type of hook-up. Perfect example is Amerikas Most Wanted tour this summer fukin lawn seats wayyyyy back behind normal seating where you cant see nobody on stage unless you have binoculars start at $150. Section 100 starting at $600/seat. Gimme a fukin break most of the ppl attending these concerts are younger crowds that cant afford these prices. But then again thats what happens when you burn artists music instead of buying their albums so they have to form another avenue to make lost money on record sales. In the end its all fuked up and both sides are wrong consumer and artists.

  • JA

    ja rule could triple the price of Jay's tickets, and still walk around head high because it would be worth it. Please JA COME TO MY TOWN!

  • Born in 86

    The Cracker is just Mad that he ain't a " Kid " anymore !

  • jeremy

    expensive stadium concerts arnt nearly as fun as small venue. saw the roots for free and was practically onstage was much better than when i paid $60 to barely be able to hear eminem and jay z at yankee stadium

  • jerryc

    kid tours a lot more so it wouldnt sell out in an hour. Jay-Z has gotten steadily worse, to the point of boring, yet his presence for being rich(like P.diddy) gives him a whole different status. When people see P.diddy on anything or doing anything they flip out like hes done shit in music. Not saying Jay is on P.Diddy level for being a complete nothing in music these days, but lets not act like Blueprint 3 and Watch the Throne were classics. Jay has made himself a celebrity as well as a great rapper...marrying Beyonce has also helped him grow even more with many young female girls. Most people know that teenage girls drive consumer market. See Twilight, Nicky Minaj, etc.

    • Harlem's Reckoning

      Jay has been selling out shows before the Blueprint and WTT and marrying Beyonce. Your confusing Jay with Lil Wayne. Try again.

  • Anonymous

    ja rule going quadruple platinum the first week diamond in the first month its game over for you suckers

  • dilrod

    $20, every freakin' seat, 90 errrr 90something% of the seats.

  • lucky

    haha who still listens to Kid rock?

  • Harlem's Reckoning

    I see where Kid Rock is coming from, but, Kid Rock can't sell out the MSG in an hour either. I definitely identify with him too that the price of all kinds of shit is ridiculous, you just have to budget what you can and can't have. I can't afford Knicks season tickets so I mark off which games I want to attend and plan for it. Same goes for concerts.

    • Harlem's Reckoning

      Ay, your opinion is your opinion. You got niggas on here bitching about about concert prices but spent $300 on Foams. Where is the balance in that equation? To say spending more than $50 on a Jay-Z ticket is dumb, is actually dumb on your behalf. I doubt you've been to one of his concerts. I've been to 4. Here's what you get: He shows up on time, doesn't show up high or drunk, remembers his material, and performs for at least 2-3 hours. Can you say that about half the artists who perform at SOB's or BB King's with a $50 cover? No. And I've never seen a $2000 concert ticket. That's pure exaggeration. 2 G's gets you courtside at the MSG.

    • greatminds

      Perhaps because the man has smarter consumers. Any moron who spends more than $50 to see Jay-Z is flat out dumb. To be within throwing a bottle distance its $2000..that's mortgage money me the footage after the concert and i'm good smoking some kush watching it like i was there...for free.

  • saahilio

    Now you're telling me that Michael Jackson (RIP), the greatest entertainer of all time, was charging around 75 (circa $115) for his London shows in 2009 and these greedy cunts are charging $275?!? But there are die hard fans that will pay it. They know they can charge that much because the demand is there.

    • whoever

      you know a white dude made that "molester" comment, they are the only muthafuckas that call mike that shit, but every time a pedo is caught in the news, it's a white dude. am i wrong?

    • greatminds

      This dude said $275 front row..hahahahah...right..hahaha..dude it's 2g's for anywhere in the first ten rows..those are live nation seats. $275 might get you within distance of taking a decent pic of the stage but nowhere near front row.

    • jase

      you loved a child molestor. no one is paying your fucking lame ass any mind.

    • anthony

      You guys realize tickets start at $50, right? $275 is for like front row seating, still crazy expensive but not what you're thinking.

  • Anonymous

    I always wondered why Jay Z or rappers like him have any fans. All he does is talk about how broke his fans are. They love that shit.

  • mmp2064

    Kid Rock lives in my home town and if you want to be cynical about the whole thing, I think what he's doing is a great investment. He is beloved around these parts, donates and volunteers for many local charities; he is becoming a big part of our community and is in essence securing a local fan base that will be loyal till the day he dies.

  • Remy

    Kendrick came all the way to Australia and only charged us $50 to see an amazing show. even when they sold out so quick he had to move to larger venues he kept the price fair. And this is a young guy who hasnt made nearly as much money as jay-z or justin

  • J

    Kid rock is speaking the truth jay a greed mofo. 50 did the same as kid rock for a tour you could get a seat anywhere for just $50.

    • landon1688

      Exactly, you dont always have to have cheap concerts but it shows how much the artist cares when they go out of their way to provide a cheap or free concert every now and then.

  • Sure Buddy

    People pay $200 for dinner, for shoes, for video games, for all kinds of shit KID ROCK. Shut up.

  • ShaDDUP

    WTH!!!!!!!! This Republican is railing against CAPITALISM now? Now that it's Jay Z it's NOT ALL GOOD? Kid Rock get ya' ass on these OIL companies case before you start shittin' on Jay Z and JT. Fucking hypocrite.

  • Jboogie

    But Jay-Z and Justin have hits evrybody knows the words to....kid rock????

    • Anonymous

      kid rock was making hits back when justin timberlake was doing choreographed dances with his faggot boy band N*Sync

    • What are you talking about?

      If you happen to catch ZZ Top and Kid Rock for $20, you are seeing two artists with dozens of radio hits each. I understand Jay-Z and JT are more popular right now, but both ZZ Top and Kid Rock have a huge fan base too. According to Bilboard and Soundscan, Jay-Z has sold about 30 million albums and Justin has about 20 million sales. ZZ Top and Kid Rock both have sold over 25 million albums each. Also according to Soundscan, Kid Rock was the number one male solo musician of the 2000's.



  • Anonymous

    They can charge whatever they want if I don't like the charge then I simply won't go I don't really care about a concert I won't miss a meal over it and if I like your music I got your CD so why would I pay to listen to an Artist murder their own tracks it's not that important I'm just saying!

  • AH-47

    Kid Rock is 100% right. Artists can and should take a pay cut to show their fans that they're not all about that dollar. They can treat their hard-working fans now and again. But Jay-Z would never pass up the opportunity to squeeze each and every fan's pocket. Shame really. Good on Kid Rock for charging a fair price and taking a pay cut.

  • Anonymous

    I bet all kid rock's fans are laughing at us.

  • based landlord

    this isn't THAT good of a deal...$275 is absolutely absurd, but I've seen plenty of great shows for this price. I won't even consider going to a show now if tickets are more than $30 now I've seen Common, Del, Goodie Mobb (with BoB), Curren$y/Big KRIT, ASAP Rocky, Method Man, etc. for these same prices. small shows are just better

    • Anonymous

      "$275 is absolutely absurd, but I've seen plenty of great shows for this price." Good work, keep being a fucking sucker.

  • Anonymous

    An artist that actually cares about his fans? This is such a rare sight that people obviously dont know how to react to it. But i guess these multimillion dollar rappers have the right to rip us off and put out half assed music and still expect us to support them, and then stand up for their greediness when someone calls them out on it. America has become so caught up in vicarious living that we dont even realize when were playing ourselves.

  • urbansocialight

    Respect to Kid Rock on this. Price gouging hurts true fans. There is nothing I hate more than being at a concert in the front next to some rich cunts who only know every other radio track and none of the album cuts. It's insanely annoying. Some of the best shows I've ever seen were cheap. I'm talking an unknown Janelle Monae opening for Jon B. for $10. Tickets to her last show here were $75... girl bye. I'm talking about Kanye West with John Legend keys in the basement of a club for $20. and only my three friends and I knew who he was! I know they want to make money but $275 with no perks is insane. I'm not paying that much to see anyone when rent is due every damn month. I liked Kid Rock when he was a rap rocker, for $20, I might check out his show if he's in town.

    • Anonymous

      " I'm talking about Kanye West with John Legend keys in the basement of a club for $20. and only my three friends and I knew who he was!" nigga, gtfoh. You probably cried when West knocked up Kim K. Go listen to 808 fukboi

  • read2kno

    Can't say I listen 2 Kid Roc :: Definitely ain't down with his politics :: However, Fuck what all U haters R saying about his approach :: I'd like 2 C J/West/Weezy/Timberlake/Beyonce do anything like this! They don't give a F*ck abt their fan base :: Really, How much is enough $$? ... "Whats 50 grand 2 a Nigga Like Me?" .... I don't kno J why don't U show me, and do something 4 UR fans ....

  • Joe

    Kid Rock is a garbage artist but props for keeping his ticket prices low for his fans. Glad to see some musicians still have a sense of decency

    • Edubb

      Kid Rock far from garbage!!! He was better back in the day but far far far away from garbage!!!

    • Dr

      I totally agree. I hate his music, but I guess that's beside the point. At least he has some level of respect for his fans. That is more than you could ever say about Jay-Z.

  • rthrt


  • Anonymous

    Kid Rock keepin' it fuckin real. 4$ Beers and 20$ for a concert. Can't ask for a better deal.

  • Anonymous

    yeah... the guy posting as "BLACK" is whining about something a white guy said this is a pretty honest statement. What a shocker hahaha

  • Anonymous

    The people on here talking shit about Kid Rock are brainwashed Assholes. They don't care about spending over two bills for a ticket since they're using mommy and daddys money to do it.

    • Osiris, The GOD

      So if artists now reduce the price of concert tickets where do they generate their revenue from? I get Jay-Z and Justin are well off at this point in their careers, but what about some of these other acts who don't really make much off of albums, since those same "fans" download their content, but are still big names. They have to get paid somehow...

  • foreal

    i think part of the problem are websites that sell tickets too, they buy the tickets in bulk and then raise the prices. I searched for the Jay Z/Timberlake show and saw that the center front area had tickets going for $2,000. It is the same thing with football games and concessions. Fenway park sells 20oz sodas for $5, beer for $8 and a hotdog for $6. But.... it is only robbery if you choose to purchase these tickets or concessions. If i got to sporting event, i make sure to eat before.

  • Anonymous

    It's true man. Went to a sporting event recently and almost sh*t myself when i saw the price of concession food. 20 bucks for a slice of pizza and a drink. 12 for a cup of beer. Jigga and jt need to drop them prices. Sad thing is that all their fans will line up and buy every dang ticket in the house.

  • GT

    Hey everyone, we got some ignant motherluckers in here. Pure ignance. It's ignorant and ignorance for those ignant boys.

  • Yo Mama

    Oh shit, that wigga Ethered Jay-Z.

  • Jbob

    This dude right. Jay-z don't give a fuck about his own people, he already sold his soul when he signed that contract all he doing is trying to pay them back. 50,000 to 100,000 a night is a lot to lose just for morals.

  • Anonymous

    whats the cheapest ticket though? while thats expensive, that's as good as you can get w/o vip.

    • Anonymous

      ...cheapest ticket is 60. those 250, 300 dollar tix are floor closest to stadium stage. Still expensive though, 60 for nosebleeds.

  • nibs

    I can't stand his music or his politics, but he absolutely is right on here. Going to a concert, sports event, even the movie theater it is all ridiculous.



    • BLACK


    • Anonymous

      Your name does you no justice....Kid Rock is actually living quite comfortably. Do some research and then come back to the post with your findings.........jack ass

    • Anonymous

      yeah... the guy posting as "BLACK" is whining about something a white guy said this is a pretty honest statement. What a shocker hahahaha

    • jessypheng

      you sir are an idiot

    • lMAO

      LMAO @ these Jay-z stans. Once you mention how wack Jay-Z and Justin is they go MENTAL. Calling you broke and every lie in the book. Those prices Jay-Z and Justin are chargin is outrages, but of course they will pop it off because of the MTV/BET brainwashed teens in America. It's no problem

    • Anonymous

      He's got millions of dollars, and only releases albums now for his fans. You might be surprised who likes this guy. Yeah, his best days are past him, but how many entertainers actually give a fuck about what their fans pay. Not many.

    • Anonymous

      you lost at adults and circle of friends. obvious you are not an adult.

    • Anonymous

      pretty sure hes still gonna be selling out arenas and stadiums

  • Fuck Detroit

    Didn't this redneck support Bush or something??? LOL now he talking shit about Jay

    • Dave Bing

      You sucked my dick last night and you got, I mean had, a tight asshole, too!

    • Anonymous

      he is not talking shit. they asked him what he thought about jay and timberlakes ticket prices and he said he THINKS it's garbage. thats not talking shit its called answering a question with an opionion

  • Anonymous

    not a fan of his music personally, but i agree entirely with what he is doing..kid rock may lose 50 to 100, but hes done made plently he obviously dont care too much. This is how artist should be, not everyone needs to make the most amount of money possible

    • Anonymous

      per show.,,,, Its a good stunt but he'd be a fool to this shit next year... thats good couple million down the drain!



  • yeaaahh

    He's right! Most fans are young adults who can't afford those prices. You don't see a lot of middle aged adults at concerts. I actually believe artists would gain more fans if they lowered ticket prices because that gives more people a chance to hear your material live and that makes a big difference. It's kinda like how Pearl Jam sued Ticketmaster in the 90s for making their prices too high for their fans.

  • Anonymous

    I think $275 is ridiculous for face value.

  • khordkutta

    Meh, saw Sean P! for $10.

  • Assassin221

    Damn, $4 12oz of Budweiser and shit is a good deal? Sad. Still, that's dope he's trying to bring the price down, keeping it real for the fans. I don't listen to him but people don't know Kid Rock had hip-hop credibility way back in the day.

  • Anonymous

    Pam Anderson was hotter than Beyonce

  • DJ Game

    You are awesome man!

  • Anonymous

    who cares about this dude anyway besides trailer park white trash....he talking all this shit now but when he was in his prime getting tons of money he didnt care about prices

    • jake

      trailer park trash only listens to him? up until last november with his new cd, he went platinum every single time not even selling his music on itunes. this guy has such a loyal, and huge fan base that people went out and bought that many hard copies! pretty much nobody is doing that these days..kid rock is just as popular as ever. just not on rap stations...i guarantee if you go around the country and ask literally everyone from all demographics about music, far more people know of kid rock and even a few of his songs compared to any rapper, even eminem. rap is mostly for people under 30...rock caters to a much bigger crowd.

    • Anonymous

      ticket prices weren't inflated when he was in his prime either..that's the point he's making no CD sales money, higher markup in other avenues..

  • Anonymous

    Ye i agree not many people today can afford to pay that much for a concert. jay is laughing all the way to the bank.

  • Anonymous

    $20 tickets and $4 beers! this man is a god! too bad his music sucks

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