Senator Marco Rubio Demands President's Explanation Of Jay-Z & Beyonce's Cuba Trip

Florida Senator Marco Rubio is the latest Republican legislator unsatisfied with the lack of explanation given for Jay-Z and Beyonce's Cuban excursion.

While new developments have led media to believe that Jay-Z and Beyonce's fifth wedding anniversary vacation to Havana, Cuba was sanctioned and licensed through the United States Treasury Department, some lawmakers still are not satisfied.

The Miami Herald published the statement made by the Republican Junior State Senator from Florida. Rubio, who is a Cuban American, wrote the following:

U.S. law clearly bans tourism to Cuba by American citizens because it provides money to a cruel, repressive and murderous regime.  Since their inception, the Obama Administration’s 'people to people' cultural exchange programs have been abused by tourists who have no interest in the Cuban people’s freedom and either don’t realize or don’t care that they’re essentially funding the regime’s systematic trampling of people’s human rights.

According to recent news reports, Jay-Z and Beyonce’s Cuba trip, which the regime seized on for propaganda purposes, was fully licensed by the Treasury Department.  If true, the Obama Administration should explain exactly how trips like these comply with U.S. law and regulations governing travel to Cuba and it should disclose how many more of these trips they have licensed.

In the last five days, two Florida Representatives from Congress also publicly demanded more information on the trip. Jay-Z, Beyonce, who are both longtime public supporters of President Obama, have yet to release a statement. President Obama, to date, has not spoken on the subject.

Previously, Rubio admitted to TMZ of being a huge fan of one of Jay-Z's former 1990s Rap rivalries, Tupac Shakur.

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  • Real Talker

    Rubio just keep ruining his chance for President. He wants the white people to love him by bashing hip hop LOL. Drink that water and be a puppet. Only the blind will vote for him simply because he's latino.

  • Anonymous

    Fuck Jay Z, sell out ass! He a tool, thats all.

  • Anonymous

    who is this clown to think, or even dare, that he can demand the president?!?!?!?!????? this all grandstanding and symbolism to get at obama or 'blame' obama. revenge for the treatment of g.bush

  • thisfool

    this clown "demanding" LOL send his ass to North Korea, call it a vacation.

  • GBtha G

    1st of all fuck dat fuckin senator. 2nd of all who the fuck iz dat fuckin senator to question where Hov n his chick go 2? 3rd of all fuck punk politics.

  • Otis, Suit n Tie. Fuck Haters

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  • cradleofmankind

    The level of ignorance and stupidity in this comments section always baffles me. And worse still the comments are made by pple who think they r smart. Better a fool who knows he is foolish than one who thinks he is wise.

  • Big Bad 18th Street Gang

    Jay-Z is a fuckin' overrated CLOWN.

  • Turn Up Gawd

    crackers are salty haters

    • Turn Up Gawd

      Yes cuz Rubio is a cracka name. Stupid mfs b wait til Ja Rule gets you. N I took yo name.

    • danny

      Right, because any white guy who wants to know why we let people with big names get away with the things that are considered anti-American under law is automatically "salty" because Jay-Z is rich and famous. You are a fucking idiot.

  • Art Brooks

    Don't be the next contestant on that Summer Jam screen, Mark Rubio, ya bish.

  • Anonymous

    America's history of human rights abuses and meddling is outrageous and her foreign policy is an absolute joke

  • Anonymous

    Cuba is very good socialistic country which provide free health care at highest quality. Cuba is paradise on earth. I hope America gonna be judged for their crimes against humanity. America make war in your own country not in foreign countries you greedy imperialistic capitalistic instigating devils.

  • BBlanco

    Suck my dick Rubio hatin azz fake latino

  • Anonymous

    crackas always hatin'. it's in their DNA

    • Anonymous

      And y.t. is still cock blocking laws and economic progress, brothers are still being profiled and arrested over trivial nonsense, "minority" unemployment is still high in the US, and loads upon loads of racist remarks by y.t.'s are all over the internet. You're setting the Black culture back by still being dumb, deaf, and blind.

    • Tbrown

      Morons like yourselves are the reason racism is still prevalent in America. While a great majority of white people have become increasingly more accepting of other races cultures, buffoons like you set black culture back half a century. It's not about black and white anymore, it's about rich and poor. Keep blaming shit on the white devils while a half black man is in the fucking White House.

    • Anonymous

      Oh no blacks aren't racist. Nice logic!

    • basoh

      racism- rsizm -Noun 1) The belief that all members of each race possess characteristics or abilities specific to that race, esp. so as to distinguish it as... 2) Prejudice or discrimination directed against someone of a different race based on such a belief.

    • Da Civilizator

      Who you callin' a racist lol? Crackas got that hatred in their DNA. Racism is a white institution against all non-white people in all aspects of life. That's real definition of racism.

    • Anonymous

      You're the racist one motherfucker. Listen to yourself.

  • YonkersBornAndRaised

    Cuba isn't a murderous regime.

  • dentaldamboy

    Hey look I'm rebutting myself without even knowing it! I actually love Jay-Z and Beyonce but I'm actually trolling to let off some homosexual tension. I wish Birdman kissed me like he kissed Lil Wayne. Birdman won't even let me use the front door.

  • Jay-Z

    my nigga Barack hooked it up nice. do he look like he give a fuck about laws n shit or the opinion of this angry jimmy fallon lookin honkey? he run shit my nigga, if he say we go to cuba we go to cuba my nigga. YOUNG!

  • Anonymous

    if he doesnt want americans visiting cuba because it supports an oppressive regime then, WHY IS SAUDI ARABIA ONE OF USA's BIGGEST ALLIES??? hypocrit

  • Anonymous

    way tooooo soft, to even think he was a tupac fan.....what is this? trying to win black votes?????

    • Ya

      To answer your questions - DEFINITELY YES. Don't think for a second that he wasn't briefed by a PR person before the TMZ interview to drop some kind of reference that would win him favor with black voters/youth in general. The issue isn't whether or not he actually was a fan of Pac at some point - the issue is that he is currently using Pac as a token to earn favor with a demographic that he clearly doesn't represent.

  • Shuttaman

    Isn't this the thirsty sip taking faggot? Fuck him and his mother.

  • KingO

    I cant wait to hear Jay's latest song about this hypocrisy....!! I used to live in south florida and they are in their own realm, meanwhile dissing haitian people. typical...

  • KingO

    before he does that....rubio should demand his fellow GOP'er romney, why he has an offshore account to avoid paying US taxes, they way the rest of us sheeple have to. Secondly, why don't they stick up for Haiti with what the UN has done, and what the US isnt doing, but stealing donation money......this is a sure fire way to lose votes mr. rubio...think about the young folks you are going to lose, and a good majority of the hispanic and black votes....not making this political but this is ssssoooooo faar stretched !!!!!!! GOP'ers make me UUURRRLLLL!!!!!!!

  • Fuck republicans

    Why does this piece of shit care about their trip? Doesn't this fuckstick have REAL issues to worry about? Typical politician.

  • Anonymous

    Im just waiting for the "but if it was a white man & woman evrything would be ok" bullshit! People cant travel there and thats that! I'm sure Osama......umm Obama had something to do with this since he's friends with them.

  • Anonymous

    Jay was never a "rival" of Tupac...HHDX can you atleast get some stuff right? and

  • Anonymous

    Americans NOT allowed to travel somewhere? LOL! Wow communist much?

    • Anonymous

      americans have been going to cuba for DECADES through Canada. this is self serving rubio....they same way those folks tried to run out ozzie guillen from miami....get in isnt all about cuban americans.

    • Anonymous

      cuba don't give a fuck.. they want americans coming there.. if only to rub in our face.. jay-z shouldn't be getting no fucking treasury dept. pass tho...

    • Anonymous

      its more like a Cuba won't let americans in either, so I don't know how the hell Jay ended up there

  • Tapeworm

    They were in Mark Cuban's intestines?

  • George W. Bush

    its clear that mr. Hova is clearly working for al-queda and my intel suggests he is building nukler weapons for the taliban..

  • dentaldamboy

    Birdman donated to Rubio's senatorial campaign. I know because I'm an accountant for Cash Money Records. Jay-Z is going to be in a world of hurt. The government is going to sieze all of Jay's $125 million of assets and lock his snake ass up in jail. It wasn't nice knowing ya Jay. Hope you like getting poke by Ja Rule.

    • Tbrown

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    • donnis mac

      * steps over dead body *

    • Oz. F

      High Fived him for exposing Prodigy as a fake, just like I am doing to you

    • dentaldamboy you know what Tupac would have done to Jay-Z if he was alive for the 2001 Summerjam?

    • Oz. F

      Never get ahead? Your just an employee somewhere living your fantasies online. Me on the other hand don't have to answer to anyone, don't have to clock in 9-5 like you because I make my own rules. That's what you get to do when your your own boss. The saddest part is your dick riding your fictional boss "baby" and the only reason I'm pulling your card is because out of all the career trolls out there your probably the one that never made me laugh once, so I'm taking it out on you cause you failed to entertain me like your supposed to. Next time be a good bitch and troll something funny.

    • dentaldamboy

      @Oz Did you ever think that Birdman approves things I say about him? You don't really think, do you? You're a small picture type of guy. That's why you will never get ahead. Birdman donated to a PAC because he wanted to support MULTIPLE minority candidates. Nothing secretive about that.

    • Oz. F

      Here's where we come full circle and prove your not really a cash money accountant.. If someone donates to a super PAC it's because they wan't 1. Higher annual contribution limits and 2. PRIVACY (meaning not having the public know your funding a candidate). So if you were a real accountant you would be legally bound to confidentiality, and since according to you Baby donated to a PAC that would mean Baby wanted it out of the public's eye.

    • dentdaldamboy

      He donated to a PAC, you fucking drone. You probably have no idea what a PAC is, so I wall clarify and make it clear that I am NOT referring to Tupac.

    • Oz. F

      Now here are all of Marco Rubios political donors whose first name is Bryan Looks like you wont be able to live out your "Cash money Accountant" fantasies online anymore, so not only are you a joke in real life... your a joke on hiphopdx too.

    • Oz. F

      Here's your nail in the coffin pussy That link shows all the political donors to Marco Rubio who's last name is Williams.....Notice there's no Bryan there. RIP Troll

    • dentaldamboy have fun pussy

    • Oz. F

      So since its public record..... please provide a link for the people of the world to see. Your a clown not a CPA the only tax work you've ever done is dressing up as a statue of liberty and flipping a sign for liberty mutual.

    • Anonymous

      YOU ARE STUPID. You clearly are avoiding the fact that hova & beyonce are being scrutinized because???? ..... they're obama's friends.....but yet, cheney & bush, dont get in trouble for their war crimes....

    • dentaldamboy

      @Oz F All donations to political campiagns are public record. Anyone can look up who Birdman donated to. Must suck being you. Ya really thought you had me there and then I came and stomped on your pathetic face with my Rick Owens boots.

    • Anonymous

      Dude, everything you say is a lie. Get a new hobby because trolling is not for you. Also, Jay's assets are more than $400 million.

    • Oz. F

      Your not an accountant because of you were you would know that your bound by a fiduciary standard and you can't divulge clients finances to the public. You are by far the corniest troll

    • dentaldamboy

      Rubio is a capitalist, not a communist like Jay-Z. His family fled Cuba prior to Castro's assault on the middle and upper class, just like my grandparents from from France prior to WWII. You clearly know nothing about politics. You are a typical welfare-recipient Jay-Z fan.

    • dentaldamboy

      I'm a communist and Rubio is my lover

  • Mitt Romney

    bravo rubio bravo. impeach Obama that socialist scum let bring back our republic and get rid these liberal welfare hoards. Obama's and Fidel have communication through Jay-Z, it's a conspiracy I say!

    • Mitt Romney

      typical liberals always brining up race when they don't have an argument you're the racist putting the blame on your short comings or our state of our country because of "the white man or woman". I blame the liberal you ignorant trash. more than half of democrats are white so its not about race. Don't you think we would able to pay our national debt if we didn't have these lazy punks asking for a hand out. during the great depression we didn't have these food stamps but we survived, what ever happened to the struggle? the struggle is what pushes people to become someone successful.

    • Anonymous

      There's over 159m of you here in America, but this "welfare scum" who don't even amount to an 1/8 of your population are ruining it for you. lol. Go update those leaflets, my 5 types of taxes feed your little brother's Cheetos habit and your sister's juice cravings. I paid for your steak bigot.

    • Anonymous

      whether you want to admitt it or not were be fucked by this socialist scum. where else can illegal immigrants have babies for free and have illegals get a free ride to college (dream act) while that can be used for an American who will use their degrees to better shape the USA. I dont care who receives their welfare, it needs to come to an end, we dont need these people draining our economy. you sound like you're dependent on government. scum like you need to get drug tested in order to receive any help like Americans do in order to receive a job.

    • Anonymous

      "bring back our republic" ^ lol "get rid these liberal welfare hoards" ^ more white women on welfare than anyone else in America, shame on you for cursing your mommas, wives, and sisters like that. "Obama's and Fidel have communication through Jay-Z, it's a conspiracy I say!" ^ Yep, Jay-Z went down there to inspect the Soviet nuclear warheads. L O L Y'all need to update those klan leaflets, your info is old and outdated like the Dewey decimal point system.

    • Anonymous

      And dont forget...Usama is still alive, they all of them are planning to take over the whhhooollle world like mr. brain.....yyyuuppp!!!! are...

    • Anonymous

      I believe every word you say my fellow Republican!

  • Khalil

    There is gripping poverty in Cuba. The government can be very oppressive. But let's look at it like this, America isn't exactly a shining beacon on a hill. I have professors and classmates who have traveled to Cuba for research. And they all say, at least they have free education and health care. Basic needs are met. We can't even say that here. How many of us are going to wind up in debt over student loans and medical bills? And lets not get into the patriot act, SOPA, oppession of journalism, Bradly Manning, drone strikes, invading a foreign country on false pretense. America is as fucked as any country. All these corn-ball white assimilated Cubans just bitch about Castro but yet we do business with other communist countries like China. You know there are a lot of black people in Cuba, but the white Cubans here don't care about them.

  • Anonymous

    Jay Z's Twitter comment: Fuck you, and suck a dick Marco.

  • nibs

    haha Rubio is such a piece of shit. if you're of latino heritage yet still promote racist policies you should just kill yourself.

  • donnis mac

    "Since their inception, the Obama Administrations 'people to people' cultural exchange programs have been abused by tourists who have no interest in the Cuban peoples freedom and either dont realize or dont care that theyre essentially funding the regimes systematic trampling of peoples human rights" ^ aww man, loL Now the current administration is responsible for all of these years of "rich people" flying to Canada then Cuba and coming back with hundreds of cigars to fill up their humidifiers.

  • foreal

    the US clearly hates when money leaves the country, hence the reason why they hate and tax rich americans who leave the country. if the US continues to do this, most high class wealthy americans will base their companies out of foreign countries (ie. Dr Dre starting up companies our of Ireland). Or they will just become citizens somewhere else (ei eduardo saverin).

    • Fuck Outta Here

      If the US hated when money left this country so much, they would give corporations tax breaks for keeping jobs in the US, or they would penalize corps shipping jobs overseas. This is just a matter of republicans trying to stir up some shit that is meaningless to our everyday life.

  • Anonymous

    FUCK YOU RUBIO! And FUCK all these disingenuous DO NOTHING congress men focused on ABSOLUTE BULLSHIT.

  • JRich

    Stay mad, republicans. If this was crazy ass Ted Nugent or some staunch conservative they wouldn't be saying shit...but since it's Jay-Z they're all up in arms. This has nothing to do with Cuba or a regime, it's just them trying to find more shit to throw at Obama for no reason. Criticize him for something that will actually get you somewhere, like the last job report. Totally pulling at straws here

  • OUCH!

    These people making a big deal out of a vacation trip, yes I understand the law of it and people should be curious about how this happened in the first place but its not anyones right to know why/how they got there. Its there personal life and decision to do so Keep arguing and making a big fuzz about little things like this, we should be more worried about our people dying in Afghanistan and about the war that may start with Korea.

  • ShinbrigGoku

    Oh my gosh, WHO CARES!!!!! The world should just live in anarchy and we wouldn't need to deal with this crap.

  • Anonymous

    I would love to see Obama explain this! That is why we have this nigga as president?! What was the point of the trip? Just to satisfy this camel and his fucking wife?! Fuck You Obama!!!!!!!

  • AmeriKKKa: Land Of The Weak, Home Of The Slave

    "U.S. law clearly bans tourism to Cuba by American citizens because it provides money to a cruel, repressive and murderous regime" I don't get it. How come tourism to Cuba is gonna provide money to a cruel, repressive and murderous regime (the U.S.)???

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