Surinamian Rebel Leader Announces Presidential Bid During Rick Ross Show

Rick Ross shows his support for rebel leader Ronnie Brunswijk during a concert in the Republic of Suriname.

Ronnie Brunswijk, a rebel leader in Suriname, South America reportedly took time to announce his plans on running for presidency during a Rick Ross concert at the country’s Andre Kamperveen stadium last week. According to, the concert was almost boycotted by Suriname locals who found the rappers lyrical content offensive.

The rebel leader, who received the backing of Ross, announced his plans on running for presidency following the Maybach Music Group founder’s performance and went on to throw hundred-dollar bills at the audience.

“If the bank is coming for your house, call me. If you need a few hundred dollars, call me,” said Brunswijk, according to the Caricom News Network.

Brunswijk has garnered quite the notorious reputation in Suriname and abroad. The presidential hopeful was one of several men who took part in a physical brawl at the Surinamese Parlement several years ago and he’s currently wanted in the Netherlands thanks to a cocaine smuggling conviction.

Ross Tweeted about his visit to Suriname earlier in the week and even stated that he was surrounded by "cool and powerful people."

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  • BrownSkin

    WHAT THE FUCK is a Suriname?!?!

  • WhiteSkin

    That friggin butt-hole Ricc Lawse tried to steal our Emenims gimmick by being accused of rap that advocates rape but Emenim did it more awesome.

  • Anonymous

    when mastermind commin'? i need that new rozay muzack

  • Anon

    Hiphopdx needs to fire their fact checker, there Suriname isn't in south America.

  • nigel

    im from that goddam country and its way better than ur precious USA 1st he's no rebel leader there's no rebellion that was like 35 years ago get ur facts straight

    • Dbchuck

      same here. I'm from su'south america live in netherland now. u right about ron.B. he aint no rebellion. I wonder how many su's live in the u.s.a. that gives a shit 'bout Ron.b.

  • Anonymous

    Ross got bitched

  • Anonymous

    You are the company you keep.

  • Chris Etrata

    A presidential bid announced on Officer's Rape Ross's show?

    • Elle

      ...poor thing, this is why education outside of school is important. Just because you've never heard it shows the education you lack hun. Your school should have been teaching instead of babysitting.

    • Anonymous

      im not american smart guy

    • HenkieSpenkMe

      @Anonymous who said that its a country no-one ever heard of, you stupid af loll. Americans are probably the most dumbest people in the world for not knowing that country, and not only that, you guys even think that africa and europe are countries. Or that amsterdam is a country and the netherlands is the capital city? Rofllllllll go to school outside of america because you probably dont know that you education system comes from the 70s, for real. you guys are waaaaay behind

    • Anonymous

      in some bum ass country no one ever heard of

  • Anonymous

    actually first of all..its ...surinamese....ain no such thing as a surinamian...smfh



  • Hindabuilding

    First of all brunswijk is a criminal. He has a jail sentence for drug traffickin. If he enters France he will be locked up. Second the now reigning president is a crook as well. I do not live in Surinam myself but both my parents were born there. Both these men are corrupt people who are bad for the country. Brunswijk only has criminal money i do not condone of such bs to be leading he country i love so much.

  • Anonymous

    Rozay is an international entertainer who is loved overseas especially in non-white countries. It's good to see non-white entrepreneurs networking and building business empires that provide revenue and jobs for our people.

  • dentaldamboy

    While Jay-Z is out supporting communists in Cuba, Ross is supporting politicians who actually try to help the poor. Ross is a hero, Jay-Z is a snake. At this point, how could anyone think positively of Jay?

    • Mitt Romney

      no, sound like ross supports a socialist. typical liberal talk. smh people should stop getting involved/worry about other countries and fix ours back to a republic.

    • aha

      Yeah, Jay-Z supports Communists with a vacation on tourist spots in Havana. Sure. And Ross is probably a very political person, fully aware of supporting a complete criminal not a bit better than the current leader.

    • Anonymous

      these politicians dont actually help the poor, there is a whole criminal system behind it which keeps the poor poor. louis theroux did a great documentary about these kind of politicians u should watch it.

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