Elzhi Says Fake Rappers Will Be "Found Out," Talks "Elmatic"

Exclusive: Elzhi also tells HipHopDX that he is preparing a new album "coming soon."

Detroit, Michigan's Elzhi says he is poised for more prominence in the coming years. After a recent show in San Bernardino, California, Elzhi took a moment to sit down with HipHopDX to discuss the importance of being true to oneself. He also discussed "Elmatic," his ode to Nas' revered album, 1994's Illmatic, and his other upcoming work. 

Fans of "Elmatic" will not be getting a follow-up cover album. According to El, this was a one-off in order to pay homage to one album that really influenced him. Chants about "El Was Written" can now be silenced. 

"I'ma leave it where it is, man," he said of a follow-up to the 2011 release. "I just really wanted to pay homage to a classic album and get some people talking online, get some people aware and make them want to go back and check out that classic, Illmatic. It was something that made me want to write and be a better emcee. I feel like, especially in today's time, people need to brush up on their roots, man, and get up and acknowledge it." 

Elzhi was also quick to point out the importance of maintaining his own personal truth in lyrics. El described this as his secret to consistency and made sure to say that emcees who are not true to themselves will be "found out." 

"If you want to be consistent and you want to touch people, be yourself. I'm just speaking from the music aspect of it. Sooner or later, you're gonna get found out. If you're not really on some Young Jeezy ish or you ain't on no Waka Flocka [Flame] ish and you're really a guy on some suburban whatever, you gon' get found out. It's about you staying true to yourself, man. You're gonna eventually connect with people that love what you do because they can relate to you and they'll grow with you over time," he added. "I represent that real lyricism, man. That's a part of me that'll never fade away. It don't matter what I do. Whether I go out into some space shit or I do some street shit, I'ma always keep it lyrical. 

Elzhi also told us that he is readying a new release for fans but decided to keep the title "under wraps." This may mean that the title has changed yet again. Originally, his next album was to be called The Feed. Later it was announced that it would be called The Weatherman and now it appears to have a new name. 

"Elmatic" was officially released in 2011 with Will Sessions, after being available for free a year earlier. This took place soon after his departure from Slum Village in 2010. "Elmatic" featured Royce da 5'9 and Stokley Williams and gained critical praise. HipHopDX awarded the mixtape with a "Free Album" rating, the highest possible praise for a mixtape.

Photography By: Andres Vasquez

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  • ETK

    sadly Elzhi that's untrue... emcees like Rick Ross will continue to thrive, he been found out years ago and he's still boomin

  • Anonymous

    that boy elzhi planet asia and phonte need to do a joint album with madlib / 9th wonder beats

  • Anonymous

    Hip Hop hasn't changed its ideals, its just a lot of fans grew up on corporate programming and taught wrongly about what success means. When a guy stops being able to represent the gritty which put him on the map...it defo means his time has finished you have no freedom of artistic expression and your following along the grain selling cheap narcotic dreams and fly cars

  • mark

    The truth is nobody cares about how "real" you are. It's all entertainment. These people who claim to only listen to "real" artists are the same underground head that make up like 5% all of digital sales. This guy is learning on the old rappers are fake bullcrap.. I listen to fake rapper with a good song then some bullshit underground crap who cant make a hit.

    • Anonymous

      nah nigga. Im 30 .. I lived through big l, biggie, pac, big pun.. There is no losing me. im simply a grown up who understands the way business works.

    • P

      Thats good for you but we're more concerned about the kids listening to that Rick Ross/wayne/fake shit. We already know you're a lost nigga.

  • honest policy

    Elzhi = Nas3000

  • donnis mac

    What you guys need to understand is that you cannot assume that a comment comes from someone who actually listens to Hip Hop music. Do a little research, look at the similarities between the comments at MTV, TMZ, and HHDX. Then check out Nahright and unkut. You should be able to see the music lovers and the gossip followers.

  • @HiiiPoWeR_1990

    Nicki Minaj says she feels she better than most male rappers out, almost 200 comments, one of the revered underground MCs updates us about his album and discusses a 2 fantastic projects like Illmatic & eLmatic, barely over 30 comments. I really question Hip Hop fans.

    • @HiiiPoWeR_1990

      And even then you're just bitching about other rappers, SMH. eLZhi, big respect from NYC. Hope you got a lot of Black Milk on the boards his latest single "Sunday's Best / Monday's Worst" was straight fire. http://www.hiphopdx.com/index/singles/id.23878/title.Black+Milk-Sunday%5C%27s+Best%2C+Monday%5C%27s+Worst

  • Anonymous

    I hate fake rappers

  • killin kompetition

    this guys the truth. if your into elementary rappers like rick ross, drake, lil wayne (after carter 2, or 2 chainz, then i suggest you to not play this guys music. often times, this guys rhymes have more then 1 meaning so it will confuse you dumbass people. plus this guy is a favorite of some of the best producers in the game (j dilla and black milk)

  • killin kompetition

    Yall really need to practice twice, I axe and dice till the track is sliced like the back of christ yea, this guys a problem to any rapper in his way

  • Raespitz

    Never heard of the dude but Dx gave it high praises I gotta check his shit out. Idk about him being fake or not but who cares whoes fake our realanybody in the game that them be fake. If bars are hot, listen to their music. I like Nas, Big L, Nikki, etc many greats.. He is right Illmatic to me is best album of all time.

    • moe5275

      I suggest listening to Audio Cinematic - Elzhi, one of the best story telling tracks in hip hop. That's my opinion. But the song is a must listen to. You will see why he got the highest rating from DX.

    • johhny blaze

      if your into real lyricism, then elzhi is the guy you are looking for..drop everything you are doing, go and buy (not download) "The Preface", roll up a nice L, light it, press play and listen to the whole thing without skipping...ive listened to thousands of albums in my life of all different kinds of music. If i made a list of my favorite albums, The Preface by Elzhi would definitely be in my top 5, maybe even #1.

  • Anonymous

    the fact this nigga tried to copy nas hardcore shows how fake he is

  • Anonymous

    elzhi one of the realest



  • Anonymous

    its eazy big sean or elzhi

  • nigga creep

    Fuck this nigga. You wanna real Detroit nigga look up Dice. He one of the hardest outta the D of all time.

  • Anonymous

    RESPECT Just don't do a jigga any time soon and turn into a RAPPER!

  • nowayjose

    He charging for that shit now? Smh. It's still available for free on datpiff and a few other sites. Nigga changing his mind and shit. Gtfoh lmao

  • Anonymous

    My city put out real hip hop we so important to hip hop and music period shout out el!!

  • dentaldamboy

    Fakest rappers in the game: Pusha T - His brother Malice already admitted that they never sold drugs. His manager did, but so did Henchman. Jay Z - Never committed a crim, but did snitch on his friend Emre to get a $5k reward from the NYPD. Mos Def - Talks about respecting women, but impregnated a stripper and then refuses to pay her child support. Young Jeezy - BMF has disavowed itself from him and has taken sides with Rick Ross. Elzhi - talks about avoiding the victim mentality in his music, but will be made a victim by Meek Mill and his goons very soon.

    • @OP

      Everything you say is BULLSHIT. Here's the real fakest rappers in the game. Lil Wayne-never was a gangster/blood, only person he shot was himself, kisses men on the lips, pretends to be a rock star/skater, only crimes he commited was having drugs and a unregistered gun he never used Birdman-biggest poser/snake in the world, kisses Wayne on the lips, doesn't have a criminal record Rick Ross-pretends to be a big-time drug dealing gangster, was really a C.O., acts all tough until he gets shot at by real gangsters and acts like a bitch Tyga-claims to be from Compton, really comes from the Valley, never had a criminal record Drake-claims to start from the bottom, grew up privileged, was a child actor on Degrassi Nicki Minaj-rips off styles from Lil Kim and Lady Gaga, claims to be hood, does shitty pop music Those are just a few phonies in the industry. All of those guys you said fake are far from fake and are more real than these bitches I named.

    • wu wear

      Birdman is 50 years old lol I'm pretty sure no one is scared to step to that faggot

    • dentaldamboy

      Jay didn't stab Un. His bodyguard did. Jay took the fall for it becuase he has NO PRIOR CRIMINAL RECORD. They knew he'd get off with probation whereas his boy would have been looking at 5.

    • Anonymous

      Jay stabbed Un

    • Anonymous

      you forgot ross

    • dentaldamboy

      So assaulting a woman makes Jay-Z a real thug? Let's see him step to Birdman.

    • Anonymous

      "Jay Z - Never committed a crim" I saw on video him assaulting a women (barely) but there you go...

  • Anonymous

    royce and elzhi joint lp classic hiphop



  • Anonymous

    spotting fake rappers should common sense

  • Anonymous

    elzhi one of the greatest he needs to put out a lp tho cant ride on elmatic forever..evn tho is was dope as fuk

  • Warren Peace

    Ross getting clowned left and right. He got 'found out'. Props to El-zion.

  • Anonymous

    shots at rick ross & tyga

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