Pusha T Confirms "My Name Is My Name" Single Features Kanye West, Reacts To Lil Wayne Seizures

Pusha T says that Kanye West is finishing his verse on what will most likely be the 2013 album's first single. He also appears unaware of Lil Wayne's health issues of late when asked.

Virginia Beach, Virginia emcee Pusha T appeared on Q Deezy's show on the Philadelphia, Pennsylvania-based HOT 107.9 radio station last week. The G.O.O.D Music soloist and co-founder of The Clipse and Re-Up confirmed that his solo debut will be arriving in summer. Pusha updated, "Right now, at the end of the day, we're at the finish line. I think we just locked in the single. I'm just waitin' for 'Ye to finish his verse." He elaborated that the song is called "I Am," which reportedly plays into the The Wire reference of the album title, My Name Is My Name. "The album is incredible," said the vet while appearing in the Philly radio studio.

Pusha added that production on the album will be handled by The-Dream, Swizz Beatz, Don Canon, Nottz, Rico Beats, Pharrell, in addition to Kanye West. He confirmed two features in Rick Ross and Future, while claiming that several more would remain a secret at this time.

During the interview, Pusha T appeared to downplay the seizures suffered by Lil Wayne in March that made international headlines. Apparently unaware of what had transpired, "Aw man, what was that about?," asked Pusha when QDeezy inquired if whether or not he sent Wayne a get-well card. "Did they do like a candle light vigil or anything?" He also asked. QDeezy said, "It wasn't like that." Pusha with a laugh, waived off the line of questioning with, "So it wasn't important."

In the 11-minute interview, Pusha also reflected on MTV's Hottest MC's List, his own favorite rappers, and more.

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  • JessieMcLean199788

    HE funny, but you can't fuck around and say shit bout dudes money, especially since it's money he ain't fuckin with.

  • Anonymous

    pusha sucks compared to lil wayne

  • So Icy Boi!

    HHDX bloggers should come out of da closet! too much gay fantasies on dis fuckin site. closet homos! Weezy da GOAT. swag

  • Anonymous

    Could the first single be that "I Am A God" song that has been mentioned a few times?

  • Anonymous

    pusha t is a real nigga he makes dope music i expect this to be top 5 album this year

  • anonymous

    pusha does give you different stuff..He has the best lines in rap. I never met a bitch that didnt need a little guidance, so I dismiss her past until she dissaoints your heiness.. thinkin to myself, what could I be owin you? they only tell you you great when they reminiscing over you.. I brothered my partner for real like the Wayans, plus everything in live and livin color Just like a revival, the verse tends to steer him, through a life in the fast lane, I german engineer em Still I creep low thinkin niggas tryin to harm me, hopin my karma aint comin back here to haunt me I could go on and on and on......

    • lilman837

      Dude did U just say he has the best lines. I would say he has some nice lines but to say he has the best lines would be pushin it. But we are all entitled to our opinion.

  • woah

    different topic range as well as street shit i might add**

  • woah

    ULLLKKKKKKK. love pushas shit mixtape was a monster hopefully we get some fire on this next album. but i also agree with other ppl who say they want ot hear something else from pusha..hes got the skills to be a good emcee with a different topic range

  • Anonymous

    Drop that flop ass album so you can stop riding Wayne's dick.... This boy is a pussy

  • Anonymous

    Ja Rule confirms that Pusha T suffers from delusions of grandeur.

  • larryleg

    He name Rick Ross because Ab-Liva ghostwrites for Ross. You can hear it in his flow, and there have been rumors about this. Ever wonder why Ross been mentioned so often by the clipse? Featured on I'm good remix? Featured on Pushas first mixtape? Its pretty apparent if you follow them

  • da OG

    Every time i hear Pusha T's music i just wanna snort some quality coke and then ride around my hood on bicycle for hours.

  • Anonymous

    that nigga copied tyler the creatiors sayin, my name is my name,

  • Mushmouf

    Honestly, I don't think Pusha T is worth a damn. His cocaine raps are tired and his YMCMB hate is lame. Honestly, I'd blackball anybody who talked that greasy about me. No honor, just a dead career.

  • bawse

    #pusha starting to come off as a hater 2me... just get ya $$$ & make good music no pun intended

  • jerryc

    yah I feel you confused reader..I'm a huge fan of Pusha, but he has fallen into the trap..literally. The new music sounds mixed with the stupid notion that releasing an insane amount of average music will make you big time. Pusha needed to save more of his great lines on those average songs, and make another Hell Hath No Fury or Lord Willin. He is and always has been fully capable of making another classic. Look at Till The Casket Drops..That cd was full of average to good stuff, but the lines on the mixtape right before it? Vintage Pusha. Hopefully he gets the right beats(huge problem in todays rap with awful Hit boy sounding shit), and he has freedom to do what he does. If he makes another classic it will get attention from the reviews and shit.

  • Confused Reader

    I've slowly digressed into a Pusha T fan, supporter, now just listener. Haven't seen much growth w/ Pusha It's like don't you have kids? Like books? Inspire to be your own boss? Have a message? everything in his music seems to underline his cocaine and kilo count. I've gotten bored. I just hate when talent and skill are at high levels but content is stagnant and stale. He needs a peep talk with Ye. Still have hope though, i guess ..

  • tinasmith

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  • Pusha T

    Don't call me Terrence, my name is Pusha I'm black as coal, so I'm not a looker I write for Kanye, even though he's playing me My album won't come out, so say it with me My name is my name, fuck that, I'm a mixtape rapper I'm 36 still spitting off to beats of fake trappers and tell consequence that he looks like a black mr ed get off joe budden's dick and hop on my shit instead say a word about me and i'll get 2chainz on you common, big sean, whoever and fuck jen the pen, the bitch dont want you

  • Anonymous

    Ja Rule once had a seizure and turned it into a new dance craze.

  • Anonymous

    Single'll flop. Album'll flop. movin on

  • Anonymous

    His album will be mediocre, just like his mixtapes

  • Fred E. Kruger

    Fuck this punk ass nigga. All you Stans can lick his asshole while fists your bitch asses. Nigga looks like his breath smells like dick!

  • zak

    what song was that in the video about the lebron line?

  • GrindinHipHop

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  • Anonymous

    Future and Rick Ross uggh come on...



    • JHillMoneyWorld

      hahaha i know, must be new to this site if he doesnt know who YESSIR is.

    • WestCoast17

      When people respond to clear trolls its funny.

    • foreal

      disagree 100%. I dont think Push will sink himself into a hole by answering one of those questions in a bad way. He makes it clear that is isn't serious beef (i'm hit him when i see him) but he also makes it clear that he isnt going to bow down to them. Reconciling with Birdman would not springboard his career, hip hop is bigger than YMCMB.

  • Harlem's Reckoning

    Absolutely zero new information came out in this interview. Way to go.

  • hip hop

    m-phazes - another classic torae- for the record

  • ddd-damn

    they ask this dude about wayne and young money in every interview. lol I don think ive seen one post on here about pusha that didnt involve wayne or drake

  • IMhO

    cant wait for that album hope its as good as wrath of caine bec that mixtape was in my rotation for months..i still bump blockaaaa

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