B-Real Says 40 Glocc's Lawsuit Is Against "Gangster Code"

Cypress Hill's B-Real says that gangsters and lawsuits don't mix. He calls both Game and 40 Glocc "his homies" but disapproves of their summer 2012 fight and following course of legal action.

West Coast Hip Hop luminary, B-Real recently took a moment to comment on 40 Glocc’s recent lawsuit against Game for an altercation that took place in July 2012 outside of a Hollywood, California mansion.

“You never hear a rapper from the street aspect like 40 Glocc suing another rapper from the street aspect,” said the Cypress Hill emcee speaking exclusively with VladTV. “That just doesn’t happen because it kind of defeats the purpose of that code—that 'gangster' code—that we all [abide by]. If you were involved in gangs, you don’t fucking talk on your enemy like that to nobody. In [California], that’s just a no no. You just don’t do that.”

An an example of the “gangster code,” B-Real referred to the 1989 altercation between Suge Knight and Vanilla Ice over the rights to royalties from Ice’s smash hit, “Ice Ice Baby.“ Allegedly, Knight and his bodyguards dangled Ice over a hotel balcony.

“When Suge Knight allegedly had Vanilla Ice out that fucking window, [Vanilla Ice] didn’t go fucking sue the motherfucker,” said B-Real. “He shut the fuck up. That story may have gotten out here and there, but he ain’t go to no lawsuit for it. He just kept it the way it was and chalked it up to, “Fuck it. This is what happened. I gotta live with this shit...If you’re a gangster rapper, for you to go sue another gangster rapper for that type of shit, it doesn’t seem like a good look. I think you lose a little bit of respect there.”

B-Real continued: “As far as the regular individuals outside of that world, yeah, they’re gonna be like, 'Yeah, go get your money.' Fuck that. You shouldn’t let nothing like that happen to you.” ...This is something that obviously he’s thought about over and over again because I don’t think this is a decision that you make right off the bat. If you come from that world, you lose a little bit of respect from the other niggas that come from that world. Like, “Aw man, how’s he sueing this motherfucker? I thought he was from the streets.” Who knows what his mentality is? I definitely don’t know. We’ve never seen that before.”

The “Insane In The Brain” lyricists also foreshadowed that 40 Glocc’s lawsuit against Game may start a trend of street beef filtering into the courtroom. While he says he’s “cool” with both rappers, B-Real also said the situation is “pretty ridiculous” and “irresponsible.”   

“I got love for both of them, but I think they’re being a little irresponsible because you’ve got kids that are fucking looking at what you’re doing,” he said. “It’s one thing to be saying what you’re saying in music because it’s art coupled with a lot of different things. Whether you’re trying to inspire somebody, or educate somebody, or provoke some sort of thought—it’s all artistry...But your actions outside of that—when you’re on Twitter or the Facebook or the YouTube—and you’re going at this motherfucker or he’s coming at you, that’s gonna make these motherfuckers think that’s what they gotta do. You’re leading kids into that fucking deep ass water."

“I know Game is smarter than that. 40 Glocc is probably smarter than that, too. But because of the positions they’ve put each other in, they have to react to one another so that they don’t look bad to their perspective fucking homies and shit like that. Meanwhile, you’re giving this fucked up message to these kids and maybe possibly putting their lives in danger to one another. Maybe they don’t give a fuck about that. Maybe they don’t see that. But they should.”

As part of Cypress Hill, B-Real was once embroiled in a publicized beef with fellow West Coast Hip Hop legend, Ice Cube and his group, Westside Connection that began when Cypress Hill believed Ice Cube stole the chorus to their song, 1995's “Throw Your Set In The Air” and placed a similar version of the hook on his song “Friday." After nearly spilling into citywide violence, the conflict was resolved in 1997 when Mack 10 brokered a conversation between B-Real and Ice Cube.

40 Glocc is sueing Game for $4,500,000 because he believes he was attacked for “entertainment purposes.”

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  • Anonymous

    40 Glocc is a bitch though, he basically is a spoiled 15 year old female can't handle receiving what he dishes out. Him suing in this case is 100% bitch move.

  • Anonymous

    Funny thing is Suge Knight sued Kanye West over getting injured during a shooting at one of his parties. http://www.theguardian.com/music/2010/apr/08/suge-knight-kanye-west You gotta realize there is a lot of gangster people who have sued or been sued. It's just part of life when you make a certain amount of money. Talk to an Italian construction company CEO who is a multimillionaire or a Jay-Z or a 50 Cent or a CEO of any corporation or a rich Russian mobster guarantee they all have sued and been sued.


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  • Robert

    Everyone has a street fight,ive seen my self on youtube once or twice punching and being punched. 40 glocc is a bitch man,always going around with video tapes picking fights with people came up here in Vancouver a few years back and got fucked up trying to be a tough guy. I really dont like Game because he gets alittle too emontional but im glad some one knocked that little bitch to the ground where he belongs with the rest of the dirt.

  • GeraldMiles

    With all respect for B.Real's opinion (Cypress Hill got me into hip-hop), the keep it real shit is corny. These dudes aren't gangsters (or aren't anymore). The real gangsters are killing dudes as we speak, boiling dudes alive in Mexico, etc. Just a bunch of dumb niggas beefing who are mentally still in the hood, but got the money of a celebrity

  • Anonymous

    "soul assassins run deep. 20+ years and he never been touched" Oh wow. Soul Assassins on the loose lol Run and hide everyone.

  • BOY

    Vanilla Ice is more of a gangsta than that chump 40 Cocks HAHAHAHA!!!

  • Anonymous

    "no one would touch b-real though. and if they did he wouldnt sue he would have his goons take care of it" His goons, huh? lol

  • Anonymous

    Shut the fuck up B Real, you washed up motherfucker. If somebody beat your ass you'd sue too, especially if you needed the money and saw the opportunity to get it. Nobody follows the "gangster code" anyway. They all snitch each other out eventually because it's either that or go get Frank Ocean'd in prison for 20 years.

    • Anonymous

      no one would touch b-real though. and if they did he wouldnt sue he would have his goons take care of it or he would do it himself as cypress hill said "we ain't goin out like that"

  • 40 cocc is a snitch and a bitch

    'nuff said

  • Nuff said...

    Real talk from a real nigga. Good interview.


    A bunch of lawyers fucking the shit outta 2 dumb niggas pockets...What could be more gangster than that???

  • Hol' up

    Did he use the N word? You look mexican not black so have some respect bitch WTF!!?!

    • SDK


    • Anonymous

      @hol' up. Let me guess, you white and you aint from cali huh? Man, out here, EVERYBODY say nigga. except for white ppl. well, shit, even some of them do. (its not accepted from whiets tho). But other than that, blk, brown,yellow, etc. Say nigga if u from that environment...

    • Anonymous

      he been saying nicca since he started rapping over 20 years ago and i never heard anyone check him for it

    • Fuck You

      How do I suppose to kno his racial background? I don't care either he looks mexican you butthurt creep go die bitch?!

    • ^^^^^^^^Dumbass^^^^^^^

      B-Real is from a cuban backround which is afro and hispanic you retard. Ive "african americans" with lighter skin than this dude use the n-word so shut tge fuck up dumbass faggot.


    B. Real wasn't lying but this situation is an exception! If 40 broke the code then game broke the code 1st by putting it on youtube etc. 40 is right that it has been used for entertainment purposes. If game was to even get hit by a car after that video lapd looking for 40 so it's not a "Street" situation anymore. Any reputable knows that. And Vanilla Ice was a civilian. He wasn't a gangster. The situations aren't related. If a civilian gets hung out a window he's gonna do what he's told.. He don't want to get DROPPED out the window next time.

  • BGG

    b real just spit science on you young niggas

  • R.Pgh

    when Vanilla Ice has more street cred than you, you might want to consider another career besides gangster rap.

  • Chris

    game taped it because that's what 40 was doing. he was running up on dudes with cameras rolling. that's some punk shit. game fucked up too tho, shoulda never put that video up on the net. I get why he did tho. 40s a scram.

  • foreal

    This is the truth. At the end of the day The Game is the one who messed up. How are you going to beat a dude down, record it and then post it on the net. The first time i saw the video i didnt understand why The Game would release of a video of him doing something illegal. 40 glocc is going to get a decent little pay day. in the end, he just might have to be careful what hood he rolls through cuz dudes will test him now.

  • jase

    lmao. 40 getting mad exposed. clown ass muthafucka. b-real speaking the real truth. you dont do that shit no matter.

  • fossie

    YESSIR always talkin about Birdman!!!What the fuck Birdmann has to do with Game and 40 Glocc!!!????Go on fuckin his dick without a break until you collapse punkass dumbest troll of all times!!!

    • Anonymous

      40 glocc punked birdman and wayne on camera a few years back. had them scared to get out of their cars

  • Westside Connection


    • jase

      i wouldnt even go there. cypress hill smashed them hard and they backed down when shit was about to go down real. WC failed big time.

  • jnr

    So that means Vanilla Ice is more gangsta than 40Glocc? Wow... Speechless

  • Clownism in 2013 and Forever

    Real talk from B Real, Both Game and 40 Glocc are mark ass niggas that will do anything for attention, real bosses don't record altercations whether its for entertainment purposes or not.

  • Anonymous

    All im saying is if youve heard one cypress hill song youve heard most of their catalog. Dont get me wrong they all right but..i need more to my music then the same sounds talking about tree and then about smoking more tree and after that they talk about more tree..

  • Art Brooks

    U pussy 40 Glocc - Vanilla Ice is more tough than your bitch-ass.



    • Anonymous

      B Real is a survivor in the rap game, not a fucking OG. He has the right to his opinion, but in order to judge 40 Glocc he would need to walk in his shoes.

    • Anonymous

      why do yall still reply to this lame troll. He a fagget who craves attention online bcuz he cant get it in real life. please stop feedin the trolls

    • PF215

      why the fuck do you bring up wayne and birdman in every post you make, you aint touching any of their money..

    • Anonymous

      You mad he showed everyone birdman and wayne aint gangsters!

    • jnr

      First time EVER you spoke sense... Salute you... UNTIL you spill that ymcmb shit AGAIN!

  • bawse

    why is vld tv even asing the question. he fuking sued rick ross fuking bitch. vlad tv is a 40 glocc snitch type of white nigga

    • Anonymous

      i would sue rick ross too if he had me jumped for asking a simple question about his past career which was completely true by the way

    • Anonymous

      vlad got jumped by multiple people for no reason, other than he asked a question about Ross being a CO (when he was denying it), and Vlad ain't no rapper..he's a DJ.. get ur shyt str8. foloow at noles506

    • Anonymous

      haha! excellent point!

  • Anonymous

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  • Fuck Mexico

    Once again. Who is B-Real?

  • Anonymous

    40 glocc got embarrassed END OF STORY

  • Anonymous

    40 ain't no gangsta

  • Anonymous

    40 glocc already lost all respect in the streets when game punked him on video and put in online he could kill that nigga and go to jail or he can sue him for a boat load of money and cash out of the game forever. he probably should have done nothing and kept it moving but you people are gonna hate on him no matter what he does at this point. might as well get paid

    • Anonymous

      You make 40 glocc's case worse by saying it wasn't a fight. So now he looks worse by suing more so than the first time we heard about the lawsuit. You made him extra bitchass.

    • Anonymous

      Did you guys watch the video? Sorry but that wasnt even a fight..theres not one legit punch in the entire fucking thing just mad weak punches to 40 gloccs side..where the fuck you from that thats a fight.

    • Anonymous

      yep. its pretty much his only choice. he never gonna make another dollar in hip-hop (not that he was making much before all this) so he should take game for whatever he can and bounce. i just hope he's smart enough to get out of california and go start a business or invest the money cause niggas gonna be out to get him. best to just move to bum fuck no where like alaska or some shit.

    • Anonymous

      Thats the truth of the situation. People were already making fun of him just for losing the fight, so whats the difference?? He already sells no records and has no future anyway, this lawsuit might be his best chance at ever making money lol

  • Anonymous

    ice ice baby came out in 1990 so how was there an altercation in 1989?

    • byron slimmy slim slim

      Ice Ice Baby actually came out in 1989 on Vanilla Ice's first album Hooked and was B-Side for Vanilla Ice's first single "Play That Funky Music". It was after it got airplay that Vanilla Ice signed with SBK Records and re-rjavascript:void(null)eleased Hooked under the name To the Extreme. Sort of like MC Hammer with Feel My Power which on Capitol became Let's Get It Started.

    • Anonymous

      so suge knight knew it was gonna be a hit and shook him down for his publishing before it was even released? that dont make much sense to me

    • Anonymous

      Recorded in 1989. Obviously negotiations about royalties would have been sorted out before the track was released

    • Genius...

      ...it takes time to record & engineer a song

  • InTheKnow

    Everyone knows Soul Assassins really run LA...

  • Anonymous

    That's that street point of view, but mostly of these established rappers are no more about that street life anymore even if they still claim it in their lyrics. They're became celebrities/entertainers and most of their decisions were made by their lawyers and advisors.

  • Anonymous

    Danm. most of all of the entertainment bushiness is GAY AS FUCK YOU FUCKIN DEVIL MF!!!

  • Anonymous

    who cares what this washed up hasbeen thinks ? Insane in the brain was a long time ago, homeboy. And you was never no gangsta neither, i done heard this dude got raped by the westside connection. B-real and DJ Muggs, Sen Dogg, all them faggots was bent over and mack 10, wc and ice cube fucked them in their assholes while their homeboys watched. That's a true story, i heard it from the dudes involved.

  • locoindacoco

    b-real keeps it real.

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