Gucci Mane's Bond Set For $75,000

UPDATE #2: Gucci Mane hopes to post bond this week, but he will have to be transferred due to an unrelated probation in a nearby county.

Reports yesterday (March 27) confirmed that rapper Gucci Mane was in police custody after evading an arrest warrant for several days. The Warner Bros. Records star was charged with two counts of assault, after allegedly attacking an autograph-seeker with a bottle. That man happened to be a United States Army soldier, and showed authorities the wounds he claims were inflicted by the rapper with a troubled legal history.

In a hearing later yesterday, Gucci Mane was denied bond, meaning that the 1017 Brick Squad rapper will remain in what is believed to be Fulton County Jail.

“Mr. Davis has a history, we’re not going to skirt that issue,” Gucci’s lawyer Drew Findling told press outside of the courthouse, as reported by “That history made it difficult for him to get bond today.” Gucci's attorney did however note that there aren't confirmed witnesses of the alleged attack, which happened in a Atlanta club less than a week ago.

At present, Gucci Mane will remain incarcerated until his April 10 court date.

(March 28)

UPDATE: Yesterday (April 10), Gucci Mane was indicted one one count of aggravated assault in the Fulton County District Attorney's Office. The Atlanta Constitution-Journal photographed the indictment, which includes the photo below:

(April 10)

UPDATE #2: Following being denied bond last month upon his initial hearing, Gucci Mane's bond was set at $75,000 earlier this week. Fox Atlanta adds that Gucci's attorney Drew Findling told reporters that the longtime Warner Bros. Records rapper plans to post bond in Fulton County, before he will be transferred to nearby DeKalb County. There, Gucci Mane has probation for an unrelated misdemeanor charge.

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  • Whatever

    LOL WTF did you think he was a soft boy. Why you think he in and out of jail not because hes rick ross thats for sure. But still with no witnesses I would say I dont see how this would stick. LOL fucking bitch ass army guy isnt he. Why didnt he whoop gucci mans ass. I mean come on most trained professionals for the army should e ale to defend himself. HA I guess not everyone from the army is tough

    • Anonymous

      lol u cant say that... gucci suddenly came from nowhere and smashed bottle to head, what would u do lol

  • Anonymous

    Gucci Mane starting to make me think he on some J Reed type ish the way he be in and out of jail.

  • orionkeiding

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  • IMhO

    i dont get it sometimes..theres MFs are millionairs and try hard as shit to mess that up.. if i even touched half of what gucci makes after touring and the 4000 units his cd sells and w.e endorsements he gets id never break the law again

  • Packlife

    smh Gucci did it again an the fact that this kat hit a soldier ain gonna look good in court "Uh Mr. Gucci why did you hit this solider" (w/ Gucci's luck he's a vet too) "Cuz he wanted my auto graph burrrr burrrr"

  • Anonymous

    Gucci is about to join Max B in prison for life. They'll have to pull a Shawshank Redemption if they ever want to see daylight again.

  • Fuck Atlanta

    It should be a million instead. This rooster face ass nigga belongs on a rotten jail cell.

  • Burmy

    *thinks about how much better hip-hop would be if Gucci had been convicted of that '05 murder charge, gotten life with no parole and Brick Squad would've never existed*

  • Anonymous

    75k thats all ? police are lame, he's a multi-felon ! set it high.

    • IMhO

      bond is 75k... his bail is 750,000.. but you can pay 10% of that but you cant get it back like you can bail. its the states forever if you post bond over bail

  • Anonymous

    Well without a Bond, now Gucci can get his meds regularly because he was really being negatively aggressive with starting beefs with everyone for the last year. Maybe he stopped taking his medication. Imagine having his type of money and credit and cant make bail...

  • Anonymous

    Time to get out my Free Gucci shirt.

  • Cynical_Heathen

    Another typo Fail for DX.. This is honestly way too easy. Everyday I comment on how terrible these writers are. Any article I decide to click on, it never fails. "Gucci Mane was indicted one one count of... " wtf..?!? Are you going for most consecutive fails Jack Payne?? QUIT YOUR JOB OR START MAKING AN EFFORT!

  • Anonymous

    This nigga look like a black sock puppet.

  • Anonymous

    Ja Rule has been assaulting the sales charts for decades.

  • Anonymous

    aint no money in jail! thats where he need to be since he wanna act like he so tough! see what he do now

  • Anonymous

    Ja Rule should be indicted for selling too many albums.

  • Ja Rule

    Ja Rule is so gangsta if the sentence is less than 5 years he aint interested.

  • Anonymous

    Gucci looks like he don't give a shit. What a waste of, erm... talent?

  • Gucci Mane

    whether blue or orange, I look good in a jumpsuit/ george washington can't tell a lie, gucci is tha truth/ step inside the club, I do not come unarmed/ soon as I start trouble I get hauled into a a cop car/ oops, tell britney that i did it once again/ gucci don't learns from his mistakes, his IQ is minus 10/ shawt bus shawty, riding clean inside a lil yellow bus/ see me on the road, handicap placard in my yellow truck/ gucci mane is a fucking menace to society/ no officer, I'm retarded, no need to test my sobriety/ call the cops, call a friend, call a motherfucking reverend/ this man should be arrested for looking 6 months pregnant/ got a big ol potbelly yes it should really be thinner/ if my gut looks bigger than santa's that would make me a winner/ got a ice cream cone tatted on the right side of my face/ about to add some sprinkles to it, nigga, tell me how it tastes?/

  • So Icy Boi / Yung Icy Boi!

    Gucci Mane and Lil Wayne are da realest niggaz since Ja Rule... Kendrick Lamar is a pussy he cant even shot down a cop or soldier... Eminem is juss a white boy. but niggaz like Gucci, Weezy and Ja are real niggaz, real street gang-bangers. swag

  • Anonymous

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  • Anonymous

    Indicted ... he doing some years brah. Aint no free Gucci for a WHILE.

  • kenaboo357

    I wish that these so called Rappers would take some Class Classes to learn how to treat the common folk who purchase the BS that they put on wax. I have bartended at events where this particular artist has performed and the way his camp treated our staff was not cool. He obviously thinks he can do what he wants cause he thinks he can get away with it. The sad part is that artists like Gucci book events over and over within the 50 miles of each show so you hear about him coming to your town atleast 7x per year. He's supposed to be performing next week somewhere here in Fl, but with the abusive lyrics toward females and his (alleged) physical abuse towards his male followers , I beleive he should make some changes in how he reps himself. I know he loosing $$ sitting in the Pokey.

  • Anonymous


    • IMhO

      damn you got your facts fucked up.. we all think 1- gucci is retarded as shit 2- ross is fraud as fuck 3- lil wayne SUCKS 4- drakes soft yea but hes got lyrics on point get ur facts right

    • Anonymous

      and fuck regressive....ignant is your role model? kill ya self, you have nothing comming in life....get it over with. You low expectation having bastards

    • joe tweakn mane

      yea fuck yall haters yo yall mafuckas talkin shit online n gucci makin money yall nigga b typing talking shit haha pathetic yo. yea gucci is a real nigga all da 404 n da 901 im in da 901 rite now 38108 fuck u haters

  • Anonymous

    in the update, it says 'yesterday (april 10)'....but today is april 10!! and i live in ATL so how he go to court yesterday AND the same damn time...LOL let me find out y'all 24 hrs ahead of everybody. what time zone is that?...LMAO. (i know/hope it's a typo, but i had to poke some fun. peace)

  • p

    Is this the rapper with ice cream cone on his face? or is that someone else? lool either way.. what a loser! how you gonna bottle a fan?

  • Anonymous

    wrong comment board i know, but just had to find the story with the least amount of important info... anyone notice again how anytime there is a sensitive subject HipHopDX doesn't allow comments. this time it's the "accidental racist" story with LL and Brad Paisley. Before this it was anything related to Obama with someone in the industry taking a hard stance on a specific issue. A little disappointing with this issue, was nice to see a realistic view point deal with this issue

    • Anonymous

      They cut off the Jay-Z selling his stake article too but the reality is it's the readers/comments and not the establishment. I've said this before and will say it again, there are hate groups out there who are only following web links to post "f**k you monkey n*gg#rs" comments, other slander, and even server and browser viruses. They've screwed up SOHH, xxlmag, WSHH, and HHDX is next because they won't turn on the 'e-mail required' function. Dumbing it down, whiteboys are f**king up the site with their racist and immature bullsh*t so HHDX has to regulate things.

    • Watch they censor me

      Yeah, it's called corporate censorship. Also, you have to understand that DX is not a legit media medium, so they can get away with such nonsense because no one pays attention outside of the few stans (me included) that continue to hope on a daily basis that we will find a music story of substance. However, since there is minimum substance now in hip hop, what can we expect.

  • The Decatur ALT BOI

    GREAT! I'm glad he got what he wanted.

  • trollhunter

    Gucci Mane > Chuck Norris. Put money on it

  • OUCH!

    they indicted a dude on allegations? accusation that he has committed a crime with no proof or anything? dude is fucked up but he dont deserve this, he should be prosecuted fair..

    • Big Dan

      You stupid for this one. Dude filed charges a couple weeks ago. They obviously investigated. They most likely even interviewed his body guard who was right there and was the one the victim approached, and he was probably reminded that he is under oath. Being that this happened in a public place, he could not take the risk of lying. So stop your nonsense. Gucci gets no love here. He is dumb, he needs to stop before he ends up in jail for a long time over something stupid. As I said in another post, dude can be considered a menace to society considering his past and considering he'd put a bottle upside your head just for asking his bodyguard if you can get a picture. That's grounds for throwing the book at him and giving him the max if found guilty. And an successful indictment means the system thinks their is grounds for a trial. It still does not mean you are guilty. So if Gucci can provide a video tape that shows he was making it rain at a strip joint 10 miles away from the club at the time dude's head was getting smashed, obviously he walks. Not that he should have to go through mess if he is innocent. Buts it dumb a%# Gucci, so most likely, he is guilty.

    • Anonymous

      im sure they had some witnesses along with a picture of his skull all fucked up. it's not like gucci dont have a long history of assault charges

  • Anonymous

    looks like he got his jew lawyer on the case! nothing to see here guwop should be home for summer

  • Robert

    Shits weak,this fucking guy man. These dudes in the army put us on they`re backs and thats how gucci repays them. Like his music,but damn that dude is crazy as fuck.

  • Anonymous

    Ja Rule sheds acid tears.

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

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  • Anonymous

    "skirt".. this niggas playin too damn much

  • Fish

    Free Gucci!!! 1017 for life!!

  • Anonymous

    lol @ then haters, all white i bet

    • LOL

      niggas gotta be white to think guccis stupid as fuck? your just dumb as fuck nigga

    • Anonymous

      We're free he ain't what hate? Your boy gets locked up every album. Here's the routine Gucci mane album drops he gets locked that's a fucked up contract. lol Release date = arraignment date LMAO

    • wolfman

      Probably.. You should go hang with your cool bro in his cage.

  • Anonymous

    dam this nigga fukd up, free gucci

  • Anonymous

    Man that Ice Cream cone looks like shit

  • Anonymous

    them lips look like 2 dump truck tires! #Kuuuddd

  • Tapeworm

    he looks like he was crying in this pic

  • Young Jeezy


  • palyboy pryor

    i see haters gonna hate!! free gucci

  • Waka Flocka Flame

    Fuck Gucci. We didn't just have a beef, he busted my head open and choke-manuvered me. Im glad Im not the only one affected by him.

    • 2pac

      shut your mother cunt is a drug dealer n excon why the fuck shuld a soldier that upholds the law want a pic or autograph from him.gucc just defended hiself, you cant just ran up on a nigga bitch

  • Anonymous

    Coochie Mane is done

  • Anonymous

    I heard this gucci mane was raped pretty badly. It happened more than once.

  • d-nucks


  • Anonymous

    karma for dissing every rapper in the south.

  • ....

    Damn he was just entering his prime...

  • Anonymous

    Free Gucci T-shirt season

  • Anonymous

    Dumb rappers need teaching!

  • Big Dan

    Look at this idiot's face. Dummy, you need to chill! Beating that murder rap must have messed you up. When you can't get bail for a simple assault, you should know right there that if you aren't careful, they will get you and for a long time. Your peeps will spend your money, your girl will be getting it elsewhere and her new boyfriend will be enjoying your money as well. You don't want that. Chill dummy!

  • Gucci Mane

    Justice prevails yet again!

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