Gucci Mane In Jail Following Assault Charge

Fulton County Jail records are showing that Gucci Mane is now in custody, after warrants were issued for his arrest.

Following an arrest warrant issued for Gucci Mane over the past weekend, the Atlanta, Georgia star rapper has reportedly been apprehended. The Associated Press reports that Fulton County Jail records show that Gucci was in police custody as of this morning (March 27).

Following the arrest warrant for assault, a Philadelphia, Pennsylvania man who wished to only go by TJ, contacted news authorities in Atlanta, to claim a second a second assault.

It is unclear whether Gucci Mane was arrested or turned himself in to authorities in this developing story. Warner Bros. Records, Gucci Mane's label, has yet to release a statement.

UPDATE: Fulton County posted the arrest photo of Gucci Mane. Additionally, the rapper is expected to appear in court at 11:00am EST today, according to Hip Hop Wired.

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  • Anonymous

    gucci mane is a real g

  • D3

    Looks like its a good day for the rap community!

  • Free Gucci

    From Reuters News: Gucci Mane's attorney, Drew Findling, told Reuters he would appeal the denial of bond to a higher court. He said six witnesses interviewed by his office about what he described as a melee at the club did not pin blame on the rapper. "None of them said Gucci had anything to do with it," Findling said.

  • Art Brooks

    U can't be commiting no crimes with a big-ass ice cream cone tattoo'd on your face genius.

  • Kizman

    Jeezy laughin all the way to the bank!

  • Gucci Mane

    Like my man Shaggy said, "It wasn't me". Oh yeah, and fuck that nigga Waka Flocka Flunkie. That punk bitch kept taking my SSI money every time I went to my mailbox and I know he took it b/c I have security cameras all over the house. Just because I ride around in a short yellow bus with rims don't mean I'm THAT slow. ha ha.

  • Anonymous

    I heard this dude gucci mane done got raped

  • Anonymous

    They should put in in a Special Ed class. That'll make him feel worse than being in jail.....

  • Anonymous

    This nigga is a felon and has been locked up 5 times ... he should be in for life by now, but of course since he's a high profile civilian he gets a million second chances...

  • T.I.

    Just snitch Gucci and they'll let you go.

  • Anonymous

    anology continued: gucci isn't like all these fakes hes a real nigga the type that would have your back if you were his friend but its sad to see the people he helped backstab him like that makes you think how theres so many fake people in the world. Makes you think whether your friends are actually your friends or someone who acts as your friend just for their benefits. If you were to get in trouble would your friend snitch would they bail on you. Is your girl really with you because she likes you or is she using you for money fame. Perhaps if you evaluate that you won't be feeling down if by some chance she dumps you. The world is full of fakes and gucci is a real nigga which is why we real niggas fuck with him

    • donnis mac

      How I see it, he ain't been right since he killed dude. Look at what some cops and soldiers go through when they take a life. Why would we think Gucci can shrug it off and be fine? A rap lyric, more chains, vices and bitches? That's silly kid thinking. It's looking like the only thing keeping him alive, is jail. Your analogy looks like gossip compared to mine.

  • Anonymous

    let me give you an anology as to why gucci may be behaving this way. He probably feels betrayed from some of the people he helped bring up like waka and niki minaj. Gucci helped niki hook up with wayne and gucci was actually the first person to recognize nikis minimal rap talent and bring her into the rap game. When he tries to get in contact with her she ignores him and acts like he doesn't exist. Secondly Waka is making songs with people whom gucci despises and had past beef with. Thats like the equivelent of your best friend helping out your worst enemy wouldn't you feel backstabbed. All these ungratefull fake friends that backstabbed gucci has made him feel like he cant trust anyone.

  • Anonymous

    gotta go dig out my Free Gucci t-shirt, usually get to wear it for a few months out of every year

  • Anonymous

    What a retard. Waka got out just in time lol

  • TJ

    ha ha got your ass fucker, i told them you hit me in my fucking jaw you bitch. i only said hello. now your fuckin ass is in jail bitch. and you are never getting out. im going to tell the police lil wayne hit me next ans swoon his ugly tattooed ass will be in there with you!

  • Chris Etrata

    I wonder if Rick Rawse turned Gucci's ass in.

  • Anonymous

    Gucci Mane is such a looser i bet Jeezy is laughing

  • OG

    keep this bullshit rapper in jail

  • gucci my ass

    somebody shoot this ugly clown already joke of a rapper

  • Anonymous

    theres a website where you can look up all the mugshots from arrests in atlanta and gucci got like 10 or 12 different pictures. some of them are pretty classic. he looks like a vampire in one

  • Fuck Atlanta PD

    Free Gucci Free Boosie Free C Murder if you don't agree den fuck ya lol!!

  • TJ

    my real name is rick ross the bawse, im going undercover and working with my co niggas to get him out of the trap..

  • Anonymous

    free guwop free my real niggas guwop boosie and max b.

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