Dr. Dre Says He's Inspired To Record Again, Confirms Eminem Album Wrapping

Dr. Dre checked into Big Boy's Neighborhood today to reveal that Beats By Dre has a new venture. He also said that he wants to make music as long as he can.

Today, Dr. Dre briefly called into Big Boy's Neighborhood show, the syndicated radio program produced by Los Angeles, California's Power 106. Dre's call was relevant to the show, as the Aftermath Entertainment founder has appointed Big Boy's co-host Fuzzy Fantabulous to work on a new Beats By Dre-related project.

While Dre was slim on details, he did offer some, "The most I can say right now is that it's a music subscription service. That's the most I can say right now." It is unclear what Fuzzy's role will be within this new Beats By Dre division or product. The longtime Big Boy's Neighborhood personality detailed the company as merely, "A Beats Music service we're about to launch." Today marks Fuzzy's last day on the show's staff.

For fans of his music, Dre did briefly update a few items. He confirmed that Aftermath star Eminem is wrapping his upcoming album. "[Eminem] is finishing up his project," said Dre. Without mentioning the Detox album, Dre did allude that he was approaching his work differently. "For me, I've just got inspired to go in the studio again," admitted the N.W.A. member-turned-mogul. Last year, Dre and his label released Kendrick Lamar's good kid, m.A.A.d city, in addition to his production for Xzibit, Alicia Keys and 50 Cent. Pointing out that he's approaching the 30-year mark, Dre closed in saying, "Music is my first love, and I'm gonna continue to do that as long as I can."

Dre's first group, World Class Wreckin' Cru released "Surgery" around 1984, marking the longtime deejay's first foray into recording.

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  • really?

    Dre says Ems new album is wrapping? Since when do we trust Dre on album release dates?

  • z04ooo


  • pedmont grassie


  • zerocool

    I am as frustrated with Dre as the next fan with this Detox shit but all those claiming they won't care and won't buy it of it drops... stay true to that. IMO ya'll are lying to yourself... that shit finally hits shelves and even if its not the greatest album ever but is still a solid album you know damn well you be coppin that shit.

    • Anonymous

      ^ Unless you can predict the future or some shit, fall the fuck back.

    • donnis mac

      If Dre ever puts out that album, it will sell. If you don't think so, even when you came here to join in the YEARS OLD conversation anyway just because of the topic, then you lost in life.

    • Anonymous

      No way it's gonna sell "solid copies" especially at this time and age where niggas love to bootleg shit

  • z04ii


  • Scary J. Blige

    This nigga's taking so long to release one fucking album the day it finally drops no one will give a shit about it

    • realtalk

      Wrong! Fans will buy his album. He hasnt had an album out in ten yrs but he still does production work for other artist. Dre is as relevant as he was in the 90's He can put out an album in 5 yrs it will still sell 1,000,000

  • Anonymous

    hope the album like no apologies

  • T

    Apollo Brown better than premo

  • Anonymous

    sometime after memorial day?? cant wait...him n kendrick will def. be at the grammys next year for rap album... drake shouldnt of won a grammy this year his album wasnt even rap!! shit was trash!!....Relapse was good i think it was better then recovery just for the fact that relapse was all dr. dre beats!! recovery was good had a few good songs of course...seduction is my favorite

    • IMhO

      although many cant relate to relaspe (myself included)..relapse was eminems da vinci..it was a master piece. how he did what he did in order was crazy. i jsut cant bump it many times bec its just that crazy..its slim shady on steriods

    • One

      Yea relapse to me was better than recovery. Recovery is good but the theme he had on Relapse was better. Kinda reminded you of the marshall mathers LP.

  • Anonymous

    scrap detox then.I think he just test the market with a "Kush" single and it didn't please him. As far as a album from him, no telling. I dont count anything he says no more about him releasing new content. We've waited so long, I'm like "Fuck it"

    • ImhO

      yeah he fucked up cuz kush was banger..i thought under pressure would of been a monster but he failed to push that for w.e reason. he was lookin for that game changer and made a mistake not pushing it bec it would of popped

  • Renzo

    Too late, he can't produce classics anymore. The steroids already ruined the creative part of his brain.

  • Anonymous

    This whole "Detox" shit is just something made up by the Mapuche people of Chile to foolish the Spanish invaders.

  • pey

    DETOX?????????? HAHAHAHAHA 2019 NIGGA!

  • Anonymous

    "50 is signed to Shady Records, so technically, Eminem IS 50's boss" Jimmy Lovine is the one who decides when and if an album comes out, so technically he's 50's boss. Posted16 minutes ago

    • Anonymous

      A soldier has a sergeant, lieutenant, and captain as boss. Chain of command. You talk some of the stupidest, insignificant sh*t when you THINK you're kicking knowledge.

  • Anonymous

    I am anxious to hear Em's first single for the album. Its almost a foreshadow of what the theme of his album will be.

    • IMhO

      COSIGN.. his first single will pretty much determine if i buy it or not.. i only buy real hiphop albums of emcees.. i bought good kid maad city..before that only built for cuban linx 2..that says it all. i dont spend my money on bullshit

  • ihfciuscficfhihdefhcehiufh08erwfh8ifierihjfiehjifieuhj

    walking around http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6vtsKGzGVK4

  • 000x00zzj


  • Jason

    Xzibit's Napalm album is the closest thing to Detox

    • Anonymous

      Try the furthest thing from Detox. You should be ashamed of yourself for typing that silly statement. Xzibit should come over to your parents house and slap you.

  • Anonymous

    "Why would he hate on Em when he's the one who brought him in to Dre in the first place?" And how many years ago was that? 50 can't stand the fact Eminem has never fallen off. Even after he admitted he gave his fans a bad album cause he was on drugs he still sold. That bothers Fiddy, who could record the best songs of his life and nobody would care. It's more of a professional hate than a personal one.

    • Anonymous

      ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ Wow. Everything you say is bullshit.

    • BIg Dan

      You sound like you are on Fitty's payroll. 50 is a hata and that's a known fact. No we don't know the nature of his relationship with Em, actually, we are going on the assumption that they are tight. What I had said, and what is being commented on that you are responding to, is that Em has his third album coming out (this year) since 50 said he was putting out an album and hasn't yet because he is scared of a flop and usually, 50 would have comments for folks like Em who can just come out and drop an album at will and still go quadruple platinum while 50 has recorded like 600 songs but ain't dropped an album yet. You know he's mad and contrary to what 50's saying and what others are posting, Jimmy Iovine isn't holding up 50. He makes a convenient excuse for 50. 50 is holding up 50 because he is afraid if he drops the album, he won't sell as much as he would like. He needs to wake up and realize that times have changed. Even if he wasn't as irrelevant as he his today, because folks can get songs for free even more easy than they could in 2003, the year of GRODT, ain't no way 50 would go triple platinum. He has dropped like 5 singles to date. There is no more you can do. Just drop the freaking album and if you are not happy with the numbers, retire.

    • Anonymous

      You don't know 50 Cent Quote-Man. You be hating on 50 Cent 24/7 in here, but you know what bothers him, what he can't stand, what his professional relationship is with another man you don't know. You look like a fool. You've got screws loose mister.

  • 1

    im a huge eminem fan but for some reason i feel no one is looking forward to his next album

  • Anonymous

    "50 can't say anything bad about Em because that's his boss" That's not his boss. They only cross paths when there's a collabo lined up.

  • qas

    detox will be out in 3001

  • MadelineTopper

    Get over it--Detox is never coming it. Dre's been saying every year that it's coming soon since 2001.

  • Josh

    If Detox ever comes out it won't be much more than a DJ Khaled album with a few Dre verses. Full of guest producers and rappers.

  • Mortis

    Dre's dick is smelling like Jimmy Iovine's shit

  • kev

    see i heard it all beforeeeeeee...--- sunshine anderson voice

  • 101

    Dre knowing shit about shady's new album probly means he's made a couple o' beats for him to

  • Anonymous

    Detox will never drop.

  • Anonymous

    you kids need to fall back all great producers have a team behind them

  • hate

    fet the fuck outta here with dr. gay and his lame ass. he's just a washed up promiose monger. i hate these so called "news" about his so called "3rd album". i know you DX get big money for these kind of "articles" but it makes me wanna grab your mother's rectum and pull it out through her mouth

  • xe0000


  • So Icy Boi / Yung Boi!

    Dr. Gay ops I mean Dre better retire. his beats aint creative or hot anyore. Young Chop, T-Minus, Lex Lugar, 40 and Bangladesh overshadowed him. dey da best producers deze timez. swag

    • pick up a book

      hate when niggas try to be gangsta online by misspelling words to look like a G. pick up a book or hooked on phonics or something simple man.

  • Sleeptox

    Music is not your first love anymore but MONEY! We dont need you Dre. Your done and your ghostproducers suck. We dont need Eminem the poprapper who disst justin timberlake and britney in 2000 and who's now doing songs with Rihanna, Pink, Adam Levine and Lady Gagy. You are a sellout!

  • Detox

    Detox Dre, Give us Detox!

  • a.i.t.m

    oh i mean does not write his own rhymes


    dre is wack everybody does everything for him and still manage to take more than double digit years to release an album. he does write his own stuff(XZIBT,snoop,d.o.c.,jay-z,kendrick lamar,eminem,king t,and countless others) or produce his own music(scott storch,djkhalil;mark batson,mel-man,hi-tek,djquik,battlecat,illmind,focusand countless others)OH btw TO the idiots under me rza has a team but non of them produce for him he still does his own beats. its never ok to just be frontin and never show and prov im jus sayin. but the world still stay blind and call him the best cuz he's popular and dude been bullshiting since his deathrow days they had to lock him in the house just to get work done. in the word of 2pac it take him 6 yrs to make one beat

  • soda


  • Honestly

    Dres a fraud...he signs off on beats produced by others. He raps verses ghostwritten by others, and he figure heads a product for a company orchestrated and managed by jimmy Iovine......that's why he hasn't dropped detox... Somebody passionate and genuine about their art needs an outlet, but dres reserved and insecure about his music because he's all image.

    • g

      listen to 2001 you idiot, y our a fraud of a good hip hop listener. or music listener.

    • Anonymous

      how do you personally know that he receives credit for other's beats? where's the evidence of this?

    • david

      "dres a fraud" i literally burst out laughing

    • Anonymous

      RZA had a team of producers, Teddy Riley had the Neptunes under the wing. Diddy has no problems spitting ghost written verses, Jay heads a product for a company orchestrated by someone else, Dre has songs and beats out there, recent ones. I don't believe you know personally to know what he's thinking, and HONESTLY, you think too much. More learning, less thinking.

  • Anonymous

    detox is seriously the best kept secret ever damn

  • That Nigga In His Basement

    Eminem is good, but not as good as Wayne. Wayne KILLED him on "No Love" . Also Wayne's songs DO have meaning, and substance and YES ill lines... "watch me as bust this, lay it down like construction/when I spit the mic get wet cause my voice is like seduction" ^ WHO THE FUCK CAN TOP THAT!?!?!?!?!? He has storytelling. He even rewrote Eminem's "Stan" and made it better!!!!

    • Deceiver!

      "watch me as bust this, lay it down like construction/when I spit the mic get wet cause my voice is like seduction" That's not even a Lil' Wayne line, that's a line that YOU made up to make him look better. I Googled that shit and barely found any results. And I also saw you post this bullshit before. Nice try troll.

    • C-will

      "WHO THE FUCK CAN TOP THAT!?!?!?!?!?" Haha that's some shit right there you think huh? Well... "Fix your lips up to say something fly, or zip up A B, let's C, you said you were gonna do X-Y-Z Til you fuck around and get dropped like an E when you add an I-N-G Don't put a K in front of that though, when I MC Cause I'm not the king of the microphone booth It's more like a phone booth Superman in this bitch, Kryptonite won't do It gives me more power, I bump the Fat Boys and Eat rat poison, take meteor showers" I'll help you out on understanding "X-Y-Z" means check your zipper. And "Dropped like an E" has two meanings, not just the obvious one about grammar, but to drop E is to swallow an Ecstasy pill. Yes, Wayne had a wack metaphor, a wack simile, and an ok simile. Yet, Shady had puns in the first line, puns in the second line, and a hint of metaphor with a creative simile in the 3rd line to end the theme of schooling that leads to the super-hero(mainly superman) extended metaphor in the next sequence of wordplay where he elevates himself to someone more than superman. Plus, the wordplay of "I take Meteor-Showers" was genius. As you can see, Eminem is 10x more dense and carries more depth with his lyrics than Wayne, Just the concepts alone are more superior. Also, don't give this bullsh*t about Wayne rewriting Stan, it was a sequel, one, and two, the story-telling was told so unrealistically and adhd like that it broke my heart to hear someone do such a bad job to a classics follow up. Now after I have explained the meaning behind Marshalls lyrics, read them again, and reference my explanation if you need it because it seems you do.

    • Anonymous

      lol...Mack Maine, is that you? Working OT tonight on the suck waynes junk bandwagon! follow at noles506

  • So icy boi

    hell yeah niggas. recovery part 2 comin at ya! seriously old ass eminem is done, washed up. his last good album was the eminem show and that came out when i was six. he's been trash ever since. face the facts stans. sure he'll outsell everyone else but the album's still going to be pop garbage. kendrick is better than eminem right now.


    DMX would slash eminem into pieces, sweep up the pieces feed them to the dogs, then collect the shit & smear it in his haileys face. DMX is far better then overrated Eminem.

  • worst fans in hiphop

    1 - Nas fans (refuse to realize he fell off after Stillmatic) 2 - Eminem stans (similar to Nas fans, plus they tend to be racist) 3 - Lil Wayne fans (they worship a nigga who sounds like a roach) 4 - Kanye West fans (this nigga ain't no music genius) 5 - 50 Cent fans (if he never got shot, he would never have fans)

    • wu wear

      No doubt. How to Rob was the biggest mixtape song I've ever heard. Shit was on every tape by every DJ for 3 months straight.

    • Anonymous

      yeah correct wu I got 50 tapes from 98 most don't even know he was on the onyx album or that 50 got a track with nas they only know 50 because of emeinem and dre they think that he was discovered by them ahahahah

    • Anonymous

      how did nas fall off after Stillmatic? have you actually listened to any of the following albums? - God's Son - Hip Hop Is Dead - Life Is Good

    • datnigga

      Pac & Biggie fans who overrate them because of their death and refuse to believe that there are others who have surpassed their lagacy (Eminem, Nas, Jay-Z > Biggie).

    • wu wear

      50 was better before he got shot. Real heads followed 50 from the jump.

    • Anonymous

      6-Jay Z fans (refuse to admit he got renegaded and ethered and has been mailing it in since BP3 and always count his money for him)

    • I

      so when did em fall off? i only agree with 3 and 4 but kanye makes some nice ass beats and is a good rapper at best. i'd still be a 50 fan regardless if he was shot or not you don't have to be caught up in the hood life for me to like you as a rapper. nas is still nice to me and eminem did fall off he just needs to rap like he did on like toy soldiers, don't push me, when i'm gone all that seriousness w/o the yelling

  • Anonymous

    "all they blab on about is eminem..you are the absolute death of this hip hop shit!!!!" ^ this is the discussion out there in the real world You hear about .5 to 1.5% of Eminem's music out there in real time, bars, cars, clubs, arenas, malls. For someone who's music outsells so many others, it has close to zero replay value out there in a social environment. Now if you think of a house party, a stoner get together, a video game match, headphones and alone on the bed in the room with the door locked, a ride to the market for beer and snacks in a car, the guys are over for the game, there the plays go. It was crazy having a bunch of white dudes tell me this. It's agreed that Eminem may be the greatest lyrical technical rapper we have seen, but the majority of his music his forgettable.

    • Anonymous

      "majority of his music is forgettable" then why is it that I know all the words to the Slim Shady LP, Marshall Mathers LP and Eminem Show when they're playing... three of the best albums ever released

  • mike

    inspired to be creative? cmon now dude, you pay for a ghost writer so its not like you even have to write your rhymes. wtf is the hold up you fking slacker. put the steroids down and put an album out. pos slacker!

  • Hip Hop Fan

    I am not a hater but Dre had the chance to release his album but people didn`t gravitate to his singles off of Detox. Do people forget the singles Kush with Snoop and Akon, and I Need a Doctor with Em. Since he didn`t do as well as he hoped he cancelled the album and its been two years since those songs. Lastly, I don`t think many people actually want to see him release Detox. There is a whole new generation of music listeners now.

    • Anonymous

      with K.dot with him anything could happen

    • Anonymous

      Kush was leaked, wasn't supposed to be a single but the public responded to it and he said fuck it and made a video.

    • Raekwon the chef

      that partly true I need a doctor was #1 on itunes for weeks on end and as for people not wanting detox to be released I think its more people are afraid it wont live up to standards since its been almost a decade since its been announced and 500+ songs have been recorded. It has nothing to do with the generation of music, music has no age.

  • Anonymous

    He gets to tease his fan base over nothing...What a brilliant marketing strategy!!!

  • ohohhhhhh

    Dre has a bunch of music in the vault to be released or can be released and some still being made espeacilly with discovering Kendrick. Something is gonna drop

  • Anonymous

    were lookin at another 3-4 years or so

  • Anonymous

    Recovery was 4/5, Dre is going to drop detox after Em's album

  • Anonymous

    Really Dre, just drop the fucking album

  • Lothario

    There's definitely something going on behind the scenes that is not being talked about that is hindering Dre from making music. Personally, and I say this as a lifelong Dre fan, I think this nigga has had ghost-producers his whole career and now he doesn't have them any more. If you listen to his beats when he was with NWA and Death Row, most if not all of them were sampled. Then if you listen to his late 90's stuff when he basically had a fuckin' orchestra at his disposal, it was mostly all live instruments. Now, it's all clanky-sounding keyboard beats that all sound the same. If you listen to his beats from I'd say 2005 to now, they all sound the same. Clanky piano loop, strings, very limited use of drums, and heavy bass-line. They all sound like a remix of the same song. He needs to shed this mystique that surrounds him because it's setting the bar at an impossible level. He just needs to be on some shit like "Look, I'm just gonna make the fuckin' music I wanna make and it has nothing to do with my previous projects, and if people like it fine, if they don't fine".

    • Anonymous

      Agreed...All this hype is ridiculous and i was just saying in my own mind that he could not really have been producing N.W.A shit. Come on this guy has been labeled genius, hip hop godfather and G.O.A.T for christs sake!

    • @ Lothario

      see the [X] in the corner of the window....click that....go outside and get some air.....

    • omg

      this guy said ghostproducers..wow.. have u ever heard of a being bored of one thing and trying to switch it up lolll. everyone complained dres beats all sou nd the same so im sure he wanted to switch it up..stop it dres a legend in the producing world

  • Anonymous

    eminem became washed up garbage after relapse hopefully he gets back on his shit. He needs to get a drake feature then he can be relevent in this day

    • Anonymous

      eminem outsells drake every time.

    • Anonymous

      stinky white boy... all they blab on about is eminem..you are the absolute death of this hip hop shit!!!!

    • Anonymous

      wtf drake !! Eminem #1 in music industry worldwide last eminem album "Recovery" + 7 millions worldwide

    • Anonymous

      "He needs to get a drake feature then he can be relevent in this day" .... I don't think I'll ever read another hiphopdx comment again, I scroll down 2 comments and that's what I read? You dumb piece of shit... The shit em did with Royce AFTER recovery was far better then anything Gayke has ever done.

    • Anonymous

      WTF are you talking about, you dumb ass nigga? Em don't need Drake's faggot ass to be relevant. He's Eminem. He sells based on his name alone. You are stupid.

    • j

      He doesnt need a Drake feature. Recovery was quality.

  • Beta

    yall shouldnt hate on Dre. Im also tired of all the Detox expectation and I say fuck Detox, but Dre is a legend who made great music and great beats through a lot of years so you should at least respect the man legacy for god sake

  • Anonymous

    recovery was a good album not his best work but this dudes worst album is better than 90 percent of rappers best albums but i loved relapse it was better than recovery imo

    • Anonymous

      thats if you like that fucking winney loud mouth boyish crap!!!!

    • aw

      Recovery was corny punchlines for days. son said he was a shit stain on the underwear of life, some shit about window pain, standing on top of my monopoly board means I'm on top of my game, some shit about spider man throwing a spider in the snow.. and all that's off the top of my head. Relapse wasn't as embarrassing with its lyrics..

    • D-Lloyd

      recovery was lyrically better then relapse but i like relapse beats better

  • Big Dan

    I am really surprised that 50, with all those jealous bones in his body has not started hating on Eminem yet, well at least publicly. Em is on his third album, since 50's release date for his as yet unreleased album that he is scared to put out because he thinks it won't sell.

  • Anonymous

    Is this Dre's ploy to make everyone think he just started Detox now and not well over 10 years ago?

  • Anonymous

    EMINEM = Aftermath/interscope/universal

  • lol

    I can't wait for Em's album to suck like Recovery lol

    • doodie333

      bro take ur head outta ur ass u must be real jealous of Em if u can actually say with confidence that recovery sucked. lyrics for days bro if u cant realize that then i guess gucci mane and future will have to suffice.

  • Anonymous

    Dre is playing the same fans who made him rich by pretending to still care about music when it's been over 10 years since he dropped an album. Oh wow. He produces. Alot of people produce, so he can't rest on his past credentials anymore.

  • Fukthenewskool

    Em's old white ass would destroy any of these new bitch made pop rappers. And recovery wasnt the greatest he's done but it was still alot better than Kendrick's shitty nonsence album!

  • YEBO


  • Anonymous

    detox still aint never gonna drop

  • Lil Farrakhan

    Were Eminem's ancestors slave owners?

  • Anonymous

    Em's next 3 albums will be released before Detox sees the light of day.

  • Anonymous

    brain damaged steroid, human growth hormone and testosterone addicted gay shitty headphones marketing FRAUD... do it for your dead son, Dre, the one who overdosed-- it means a lot still, dad!!

    • rainer54

      what the fuck bitch? what r u doin here? u the one with the brain damage foo,u gotta respect Dre if u want 2 respect the game.fuck ur hate

  • Cheddacheese

    All my wiggas out there ..u know its our duty to cop eminems album...lol

  • Shady Records/ Interscope

    fuck dr.dre that eminem album is gonna fuck sh!t niggas!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • 1love

    recovery was eminems worst album... eminem featuring PINK wtf!?

    • stil

      idk. Recovery was like a list of stupid punchlines you throw tomatoes at the stage for. Window pain? colder than spiderman throwing a spider in the snow? ...Pink? Relapse>>>

    • D-Lloyd

      Recovery is the first time eminem used double entendres in his lines exp. These other cats ain't metaphorically where I'm at man I gave Bruce Wayne a Valium and said: Settle your fucking ass down I'm ready for combat, man Get it? Calm Batman-Eminem

    • BP

      people who gauge albums' quality by their features are right twats

    • Anonymous

      Em was still pretty lyrical on Recovery. Features don't fucking matter.

    • Ron E

      why would you be like "Eminem feat PINK wtf" when the marshall mathers LP had dido.and that song with pink wont back down is nizzuts,he goes in on that song.im a long time Eminem fan and recovery is all around awesome.

  • Bishop Lamont

    Boring old HGH Andre needs to stay in his casket. #freelilpoopy

  • Anonymous

    Detox is a 10th Century legend made up by Nordic people.

  • Anonymous

    Can't wait to hear the new Eminem album.

  • Anonymous

    Detox is the most appropriate album name ever. Everybody wanted it bad now we over it.

  • dentaldamboy

    Hearing Drake's new single, 5AM in Toronto, inspired Dre to rap again.

    • stop

      feeding this troll. hes just looking to stir shit up everyone and their mom knows EM will shit on YM just go back and listen 2 forever..EM did it to two of them on ONE TRACK plus kayne west.. we all know ems the best lyrically when he tries

    • YEAH

      eminem>>>>>>>>>>>anyone in YM..YM is over minus drake

    • Anonymous

      hearing lil poopy indpred him dumbass

    • Anonymous

      Nope. Hearing good kid, m.a.a.d city inspired him to rap again, not faggot as Aubrey.

  • Anonymous

    hope there making serious records and not stuff like relapse and recovery

    • IMhO

      spacebound is classic..if u dont like signing hooks by em u must not like stan with dido then? i dont all all sung hooks by em like all of recovery but that song stood out the rest..something completely different and original..idk i liked it

    • wth

      @IMHO Lmao. Stop tripping dude. You know damn well that "Spacebound", especially the hook, was awful. The hook sounded like it was performed by some fucking depressed alien with DSL and throat cancer humming a goblin in the back of the studio.

    • IMhO

      COSIGN but he did have some nice ass hooks on recovery..spacebound til this day is still one of my favorite eminem songs ever..top 4-5 for me IMO

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    pretty sure he says this once or twice every year

  • on that note

    on that note- inserts GKMC CD- presses play. good post if i hear a wack eminem first single like he usually does i wont even bother 2 fuck with his album

  • IMhO

    heres to hoping eminem drops some raw rap shit. no weird shit, no accents no pop bullshit..rap. im sure kendrick lamars fan response gave him hope hiphops still breathing.. i wouldnt of been inspired coming from dres era either with all thebullshit weve heard the last 4-5 years. WE NEED RAW EMINEM to make a good comeback and a raw jayz album..something like 8 mile and american gangster or else i wont waste my money

    • wu wear

      Yeah but the beats sounded like ballroom dance music. Shit was wack as fuck. Kingdom Come sucks too but it has 4-5 good songs, AG only had Roc Boys. And that's saying alot cuz Vols 1-3 and BP2 are all pieces of shit, too.

    • IMhO

      @ DSU-- UAK thats exactly the rap im talking about.. thats when hes at his best by far. real shit @wuwear- stop it. conceptually that was jayz best album and hald the lyrics to match that up. that album was a beast. kingdom come was his worst ever.

    • wu wear

      American Gangster is Jay's worst album


      you forgot til i collapse, the wayy i am, criminal, and ofcourse LOSE YOURSELF. if we could get an album like this itd be instant classic it wouldnt be the same sound. but the same type of rap and agression

    • IMhO

      also i thought recovery was decent but repetitive in subject manner..there was about 3-4 songs he could of cut out due to it having the same subject topic..and eminem DEF has it in him to make another MMLP or ES... he just needs to stick to his skills and not try to go outside the box much.. ems skilled when hes focused on NOT trying to get commericial buzz

    • IMhO

      i disagree.. 8 mile single sold like crazy. if eminem comes out w sum real rap like that or stan ect ect everyone will buy in..its eminem itll sell no matter what..if relapse and the shit storm called encore can go platinum..some good rap came easily go platinum just please no my band, or we made you or no shit like that i cant take another wack eminem single like that

    • Anonymous

      Its better for hip hop if he's on a more mainstream production, as it grabs ears that normally wouldn't listen to raw rap stuff, helping to promote lyricism and meaning. That being said if he goes back to raw rap, he definitely still has it in him to make a classic, it just won't do as well as Recovery.

    • Anonymous

      infinite he sold out right away with that slim shady eminem's always been commercail but almost never whack

  • mike

    more like dream-tox....Dre should just rename his album if it ever comes out. Detox from what? HGH?

  • Anonymous

    keeping it real his way to old hip hop is and has always been a youth thing 80% of the fans are teenagers and his old enough to be their dad his nearly 50

    • Anonymous

      And which Black leaders are these you speak of? Your tirade sounds worse than the OP.

    • Anonymous

      you know hip hop dead...these rappers are no different from any other black leaders we've endured through history. Snake Uncle Tom sellout and sell your soul to the devil, make sure your people don't detect, or manage to find them selves following the right path. A people only prosper when they have good leadership and rappers sadly enough, are what black people look up to and are projected as the American dream

    • Anonymous

      I really just have to laugh at this stupid sh*t you said.

    • me

      that's a dumb statement. hip hop has only been around 40 years. so of course rappers are going to age with the genre. but the same way jazz musicians, rock musicians, blues musicians are able to remain relevant into old age, rappers and producers will be able to do the same because .... hip hop is still defining itself. we haven't seen famous rappers get old and die yet. rappers get killed in their 20's. we haven't seen a rapper turn 80 yet. so whose to say where hip hop is going. it's still too new.

  • Mike

    That's good that he got inspired to work back in the studio

  • anon

    lmfao this dude is done. Give up, there ain't gonna be a detox.

  • lesa

    knowing dre this doesnt mean shit he will go to studio record some bangers and never release it

  • Anonymous

    Detox 2020!! Cant fucking wait

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