Rush Limbaugh Criticizes Beyonce Over "Bow Down"

Rush Limbaugh switches aim from rappers to Beyonce.

Fans and critics are split down the middle when it comes to Beyonce's newest track, the expletive-laden "Bow Down."

One media figure, however, has made his thoughts on the track quite clear.

Rush Limbaugh took Beyonce to task for her new song. The conservative talk show host, who has butted heads with Hip Hop artists many times in the past, took offense at Beyonce's new track.

"Their (Destiny’s Child) songs were attempts to inspire young women not to take any grief from men," said Limbaugh. "She’s done a 180. Beyoncé, now having been married, having been impregnated and giving birth to Blue Ivy, she’s going out on a new tour. And they may as well call it the 'Bow Down Bitch Tour.'"

Limbaugh provided an analysis of Beyonce's latest track, complaining that the song encourages women to be subservient to men. "She’s got a new song … a total 180. Beyoncé is now saying, ‘Go ahead and put up with it.’ Because she married a rich guy. She’s even calling herself Mrs. Carter on the tour. She now understands it’s worth it to bow down."

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  • Anonymous

    "Bill Maher is a funny guy" He used to be before he fell in love with himself.

  • Anonymous

    "Im hearing like 600 million" Not quite. Try $300 million.

  • Anonymous

    "we have dudes like Bill Maher" Bill Maher is a worthless piece of shit.

  • cant say

    First off thank the each of you whom reads articles on this site..As one of the writers Im honored...Ok Beyonce will be the #1 American Musician on Forbes ina few months to come.She's richer than YES! her hubby..Im hearing like 600milli. Rush was given than deal.So was BEY & JAY recently...Already not even 3 months into this year Beyonce has already made 90milli without a single; nor album out.Unlike Rush whom under contract until 2016..Just like at SuperBowl she and Jay-z GETS MORE THAN HALF IF NOT ALL THEIR MONEY...

  • Anonymous

    Not many people would call Beyonce out like this. Good for him. That's his job to stir the pot and that's exactly what he did. The question is will Beyonce respond with some class and smarts, or take the low road in hopes of making her fans think RL's a racist?

    • please

      Negro please! rush has zero class. Second she doesnt have to respond to this fool. she is worth more Jayz at this present time. Does he complain about the lyrics on crazy Teds albums, Steven Tyler albums, ect. He is worthless

    • Anonymous

      She don't have to worry, we have dudes like Bill Maher, Chris Matthews and Ed Schultz to handle that.


    Everyone Knows Limbaugh is a Racist Devil

  • Anonymous

    Get off her clit, she guaped up, her husband guaped up, stop trying to pycho analyze her songs, go do something else with your time..smh

  • Anonymous

    "Another old white male trying to tell women what to do and how to think" Oh, but if it was Travis Smiley it would be alright? Limbaugh has the right to his opinion. You have the right to disagree, but don't disagree simply because he's white. That's a cop out. This now gives Beyonce an opportunity to respond with some class and dignity. Let's see if she can take the higher road and do so without bringing up the fact Limbaugh is white.

    • Anonymous

      Wasn't that the mantra during the elections? Old white right wing men telling women what they can and not do with their bodies and trying to redefine rape? If I remember correctly, since you forgot, there were plenty of white women appalled by the agenda Rush was pushing on his microphone pulpit. Besides, what would his opinion be based on if the context was misinterpreted?

  • Anonymous

    "Amazing how you highly educated normal people can't understand the same words when they're used differently" It's also amazing how easily offended you get over an opinion.

  • Doubl Negative

    The only good thing to come out of this scenario is that now maybe Jigga'll stop pandering to whites, and realize which race he belongs to. Cube's message to such individuals on Turn Off the Radio still holds weight today - "Here's what they think about you..."

    • please

      @wtf, Maybe you dont have money to buy music but dont put all black people in your broke ass category. Jayz doesnt pander to whites because 70% of music is bought by them. He works with all races because that is what a real adult does!

    • WTf

      We all know it's white people that buy Jay-z's albums. Niggaz don't have money for that shit, we burn that shit. Anyway, yeah, white teenage kids and white people in general buy albums. Most of them go to concerts too, that's why hes going on tour with white boy Justin Gaylake

    • yeah

      Pandering to whites?? Last time I checked these white people have what black people had and should regain through uniting but like always we have people such as yourself who doesn't do anything to attribute to the black cause.

  • Anonymous

    "Anyone who knows hood English" Hate to burst your balloon Donnis, but most educated, normal human beings don't know hood english. Limbaugh may not know the in's and out's of street slang, but he's still a very educated figure who tries to bait people into debates. Beyonce would probably do best to ignore this because it would just mean more publicity for RL.

    • donnis mac

      Quote-man is the type who sees validation in the name of the educational institution, not the knowledge obtained from one.

    • Tapeworm

      I understand slang and i also read academic texts. Your statement is void.

    • donnis mac

      "but most educated, normal human beings don't know hood english" ^ sneak diss for hood Blacks, look at Quote-Man's tactics Amazing how you highly educated normal people can't understand the same damn words when they're used differently. So who's more educated? You, who can't understand unless it's put the way you know it, or the one who learned it from YOU, flipped it, re-flipped it, and can understand both and CREATE more? You tweet and text in SLANG (hood English). All Rush did is show that same demographic his party is DYING to get, that he's WAY out of touch with reality. Another old white male trying to tell women what to do and how to think.

  • Anonymous

    this dude should honestly just die...he's poisoning peoples minds and the sad thing is that people genuinely believe the things he says. dumb white people make me sadder than dumb black people yo

  • jaybizzle

    Check the forbes list from last year, hiphop cash kings and top earners in entertainment.

  • jaybizzle

    Beyonce isn't richer than jay-z. She made more money than him thats all. Jay-z is worth $460.000,000 and beyonce is worth $320.000,000.

  • donnis mac

    Anyone who knows hood English knows "Bow down bitch" means recognize the king/queen in your presence. But Rush isn't from the hood, of course he would misinterpret something a Black person would say to rile up his listeners, it's a perfect opportunity to get some press, especially after the CPAC convention.

  • BowDown to the Beypu$$y

    haha this guy and keysha cole need to get together....she made a cocky track who cares plus sherakes in more dough than Jay in the last like 2 years Jay just got more investments.


    Everything Rush Limbaugh says is irrelevant since beyonce brought more money in than jay in the last like 3 years on forbes list, niggas really gotta find something better to talk shit about, fuckin' trolls

  • Anonymous

    In Jay's (slightly altered) own words - "Tell Rush Limbaugh to get off my balls, it's 2013, not 1864"

  • SDK


  • SDK


  • Anonymous

    "btw anyone who thinks rush is coming from a place of legitimate criticism, instead of his usual racist bullshit, is a sucka. that man's point is secondary to his racist agenda." ^ this now sit back and watch the young republicans expose their true nature. If you want to survive, you have to know who the descendants of the great deceiver are.

  • Reality Dose

    I bet you Jay Z won't stand up to Mr Limbaugh. He saw how white folks put Kanye in his place about Taylor Swift, so he will be quiet as a mouse. Also, Solange will keep her mouth shut as well.

  • Rush Limbaugh

    Beyonce can bow down and suck my dick

  • Lboy

    THERE IS A DIFFERENCE BETWEEN BITCHES AND REAL WOMEN. IM NOT A BEYONCE FAN AT ALL BUT I ACTUALLY KINDA FUCK WITH THAT NEW SONG. I DONT THINK THE SAME WOMEN SHE WAS TRYNA INSPIRE ARE WHO SHE WAS REERING TOO IN THE SONG, BUT ALL THE OTHER R&B SINGERS BE HATING ON HER (AND EACH OTHER FOR THAT MATTER). Rush stick too what you know, listening too Elvis and the Beatles you will never understand Black culture, how much time you think this guy spends around black people but he always has his 2 cents to give too us? And Micheal Steel or however you spell his name doesn't count.

  • TeamB/TeamHov

    Does he understand that jay z puts price tags on niggas/Crackers heads? Watch ya back white dude #RocNation BITCH!!!

    • @Ricky Stevens

      I don't give a flying fuck who rush is you damn worthless hoe!!

    • Ricky Stevens

      Oh shut the fuck up idiot. Do you know who Rush is? He has a lot more money than Jay Z will ever see. He just recently signed a deal worth $400 million just to keep his show on the air through 2016.

  • Hi HATER

    HI HATERS!! that is what beyonce is saying to everyone right now. Beyonce is creating a buzz by saying 3 words.... BOW DOWN B*TCH. And haters are jumping on it. Kesha Cole wishes she could sell have of what B is doing. People like Rush Lozerface are helping by throwing coal into the fire. If i am not mistaken, Beyonce might be worth more than Jay Z. if not i am sure it is not off by a lot.

  • Anonymous

    Rush limbaugh is dumb as hell.....dumbasses like this just need to stay away from URBAN CULTURE because they don't understand it. That song is not talkin about women bowing down to men....she is clearly adressing her haters...which she has alot of. And most of them are women...and other female artist. This dude is stupid....

  • Anonymous

    The song is trilla, go Beyyyyyyyyyyyy

  • Anonymous

    "Beyonc is now saying, Go ahead and put up with it. Because she married a rich guy. " BEY got her own money!! She's calling herself Mrs. Carter b/c she loves her husband and want to use the name to show unity. This is 2013 not 1864! Fuck rush

  • Anonymous

    Rush Limbaugh can criticize the Queen of the Illuminati all he wants, but if he ever criticizes Ja Rule, then Rule will rush up inside of his house and slice him up with the shiv. Rule is a gangsta ass motherfucker, don't fuck with him. Murdaaaa!!!

  • B Dane

    Isn't she saying bow down to her? Isn't that ultra feminist.

  • Anonymous

    she's just trying something new after a long career of basically singing the same shit over and over. btw anyone who thinks rush is coming from a place of legitimate criticism, instead of his usual racist bullshit, is a sucka. that man's point is secondary to his racist agenda.

  • mac

    Hes 100% right how can anyone disagree with this?? Shes always about independent women and women standing up for themselves, now shes saying go be a baad bitch cause thats what guys want. Beyonce fell off hard

  • 04000000

  • Jay-Z

    Once again, who Rush Limbaugh???

  • Anonymous

    Pretty much sums up everything: "And that ain't Jersey Shore, homey, that's the news And these the same people supposedly telling us the truth LIMBAUGH is a racist, Glenn Beck is a racist Gaza strip was getting bombed, Obama didnt say shit" /Lupe Fiasco - Words I Never Said/ Even Jay himself addressed the topic indirectly before: "This ain't black vs. white, my nigga we off that Please tell Bill O'Reilly to fall back Tell RUSH LIMBAUGH to get off my balls It's 2010, not 1864" /Jay-Z - Off That/ Also Eminem gave his two cents in a metaphor: "Cause we started out cold and it snowballed We froze, soon as we rolled up on these hoes Alls we know is you over the bar like LIMBAUGH" /Eminem - Game Over/ And the list goes on, a/k/a strong opinions on the good old Rush: "Sorry Bill O'Reilly but I'm so involved Can you ask LIMBAUGH to return my calls" /Lupe Fiasco - SNDCLSH in Vegas/ "I'm a Long Beach nigga, riding down CrenshExplainaw Read my bumper sticker it say fuck RUSH LIMBAUGH" /Crooked I - Everyday/ "Stand in front of the judge and lie quicker than Scooter Libby I'm runnin' through the city, dear God If I murk the racist Rush Limbaugh I wonder would you forgive me" /Crooked I on Immortal Technique - Lick Shots/ "I had to RUSH LIMBAUGH, hit that pig with an axe Tuffy dips to the side, buckin cannons that's phat" /Tuffy on KRS One - Free Mumia/ Last but not least, Killer Mike got the point: "Mr. Beck, Mr. O'Reilly, Mr. Limbaugh, Mr. Hannity How could you sell white America your insanity?" /Killer Mike - That's Life/

    • C-will

      One last thing, the song isn't called "Game Over", it's "2.0 Boys".

    • C-will

      You can take Eminem off the list, and clean your ears cuz those ain't the right lyrics, even if they were, it's not even a metaphor, it's a damn simile. That's what the "like" in the 3rd bar does. Here's the correct lyrics. "Cause we started out cold and it snowballed We froze, soon as we rolled up on these hoes Alls we know is ya'll lowered the bar like limbo" Shady didn't pun Limbo with Limbaugh, though that would of been a nice one.

  • beavis butt head ft coke no santas

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