Q-Tip Hoping To Reunite A Tribe Called Quest On His "Last Zulu" Album

The Tribe vibes may be heard on new material for the first time since "The Love Movement" on Q-Tip's upcoming forth album, "The Last Zulu."

While A Tribe Called Quest has toured and performed together on and off since 2006, the famous Queens, New York collective has not released a proper song together since 1998's The Love Movement exodus. The group currently consisting of Q-Tip, Phife Dawg, Ali Shaheed Muhammad and Jarobi appeared last weekend at South By South in Austin, Texas. A.T.C.Q. performed at a showcase with Prince, one of the week-long festival's highest profile events.

Speaking with Billboard, emcee, producer and deejay Q-Tip hoped to reunite the group on record, for his upcoming fourth solo album, The Last Zulu. "Hopefully, Phife Dog and Ali Shaheed Muhammad will make an appearance on it, and Jarobi," Tip said. The album is currently expected in 2014, his first with Kanye West's G.O.O.D Music backing, after years with Arista, Jive and later, Universal Motown Records.

Q-Tip did say that he hopes to join deejay forces with Shaheed. "I'm gonna deejay with my partner here, hopefully, if I can coerce him, 'cause he's doing joints over there in Brooklyn and I'm doing the city, so hopefully we can collide and do some stuff."

The full video produced by Billboard is below:

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  • Mr.incognito

    @Keith Sweat. Q-tip is talking about the Zulu Nation, you know Afrika Bambaata and the Zulu Nation the pioneers of this thing we call Hip Hop.

  • Anonymous

    Why does Q Tip have a blanket over his head? Better yet, why is that dude next to him wearing camoflauge pants? Fashion sense, people.

    • Organ Donor

      Shut ur f*ckin mouth fashion ass b*tch. What is absurd to wear camo or blanket on the head. Wear your skirt like your fool fag n*gga

  • Mood

    I love Tip but damn he's such a cannibal, always eating others personality and stuff, but hey that isn't new.. at all. Seeing those guys together is a blessing every time anyway. Jarobi is one of the coolest guy on earth.

  • Keith Sweat

    He ain't a Zulu, it's already confirmed that he descends from Sierra Leone.

    • Eat a dick biatch

      Havent u heard of Afrika Bambaata and the zulu nation u ignorant fuck!!!!! pioneers of this hiphop shit!!!! dis is grown man shit, stick to child's play....

    • Anonymous

      ...somebody who's knowledge of hiphop goes before 2000, slap this dumbass

  • Anonymous

    Fuck a Q-Tip solo album, get out a ATCQ album pronto!!!

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