The Family Of Emmett Till "Praying" For Lil Wayne's Recovery

Emmett Till's family releases a statement in regards to Lil Wayne's health, send their prayers to the rapper.

Following news of rapper Lil Wayne’s recent health scare, the family of slain teen Emmett Till issued a statement in regards to Wayne’s current situation.

"Certainly the family of Emmett Till is praying for Lil Wayne's recovery. Wayne is a human, just as Emmett Till was," read a post made on the Mamie Till Mobley Memorial Foundation Facebook page.

Till’s family, his cousin Airickca Gordon-Taylor in particular, had a few choice words for the rapper after Lil Wayne made reference to Till on Future’s “Karate Chop (Remix).”

Taylor stated that the Young Money founder had “no pride and no dignity” for making such a reference and “Karate Chop (Remix)” was later taken down by Epic Records.

As far as Lil Wayne’s health is concerned, recent reports state that the rapper has finally been moved from the Intensive Care Unit.

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  • Anonymous

    "first you said they weren't praying for him and now you're saying you're sure it's real" You must drive your parents fucking crazy. If you want me to stop, make me stop faggot.

  • Tahir

    the question is do they really mean it or are they just trying to prove something? and with all the hate comments on articles about Wayne I'm starting to think Lil Wayne got the most haters on earth really!! almost every comment on this site is condemning Wayne ...Well i guess that's because when you're on top haters gon' try to bring you down.. Lil Wayne said he the new pac because he fucked a players wife,nothing else..Lil Wayne always said he is doing him and doesn't compare himself to nobody else but y'all haters took it to a different level..I can call my self the new Obama if i want because i'm mixed and interested in politics...that don't mean im putting my self on his level....With the Emmet till lyric,it was just a simile describing how bad he would beat a pussy...he didn't say i support the Emmet till shit ..He said fuck the Miami Heat like other fans say fuck other teams but y'all took it like he said Miami..Well you don't like his music ?Fine ,don't listen to it then ..He ain't singing begging for y'all to listen to his music...and btw Eminem made fun of the columbine school shooting,bombing the white house,killing the US president ,beating and raping girls and what not but I never seen an article criticizing him.When its Wayne its death huh! smh

  • Get Real

    I feel sad for you dumb kids stuck in the comment sections of life. Most of you are all idiots. If anyone prays for you, you should be happy whether your'e a believer or not. That junkie Lil Wayne should be happy anybody even cares. with his garbage poisonous music leading you sheepeople straight to a souless afterlife

  • Anonymous

    "why would they make a statement like that at all if it wasnt the case?" Even you know that the media can slant just about anything. I'm sure that statement released is real, but I also bet the sincerity level is low. It just makes the family look better to pretend they give a rat's ass what happens to Wayne.

    • Anonymous

      first you said they weren't praying for him and now you're saying you're sure it's real. just stop man. just stop

  • Anonymous

    "that was mad corny son" Yet you still took time out to read and comment. Congrats.

  • Righteous

    that was a "stand up" statement. Wayne never apologized to the family after they made it aware they were offended. Its his right to no have to apologize but he then turns and apologizes to Lebron James. He is clearly morally bankrupt and being addicted to drugs doesnt help. Yet and still they send a prayer up for him. You clowns trying to take sides will never understand that!

    • Mylie

      stfu you religious fuckhead. The comment from the family was pointless and stupid after this no talent hack disrespected Emmetts life.

  • Art Brooks

    Do good to those who do evil to U

  • Anonymous

    His family needs to stop trying to get the public mad at Lil Wayne.

  • Anonymous

    "So does this mean Quote-Man was wrong and I can't have lions, tigers, and purple horseshoes and a cellphone in ICU?" A 10 year old could sense the obvious sarcasm, but in the spirit of entertainment if it makes you feel special, the next time you go to the hospital I'll have a tiger sent up to your room. Maybe it will maul you.

  • Anonymous

    It's hilarious how you bottom feeders believe everything you're told. The family of Emmitt Till is certainly praying for a guy who offended one of their own? That's silly. They don't have to hate Wayne, but I doubt their lighting candles at evening service on his behalf.

    • Anonymous

      you dont know that. maybe they decent forgiving people who don't hold a grudge or wish harm on anyone why would they make a statement like that at all if it wasnt the case?

  • ja rule

    When Ja gets out the whole world gon be screamin MURRRRRDAAA

    • Anonymous

      i hope he does. can you imagine working so hard to get to where he got just to have a hater from your past just fuck up your whole life? haha

  • ja rule

    two words: Ja Rule

  • Anonymous

    "but quoteman said they werent praying for him" ^ L O L So does this mean Quote-Man was wrong and I can't have lions, tigers, and purple horseshoes and a cellphone in ICU? We need Wayne to buy Miami so I can have a job! lol at Quote-Man, the babbling idiot

  • DefRx

    Moral high ground taken. However, i'm sure in the minds of Wayne fans this has now totally absolved him from taking responsibility or apologizing for that crass lyric on the remix.

  • Anonymous

    but quoteman said they werent praying for him

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