Lil Wayne Released From Hospital, According To Mack Maine

UPDATE: Mack Maine uses Twitter to confirm that Lil Wayne has left Cedars-Sinai Medical Center after doctor clearance. He also refutes claims that he spoke to regarding Wayne's tweets.

In the developing Lil Wayne hospitalization story, Young Money Records President Mack Maine admitted today (March 18) that it is indeed unclear if the rapper sent out the Friday health status tweet.

In the moments following TMZ's initial report of Lil Wayne's second seizure hospitalization, Mack Maine and Birdman both refuted information in the reports, including that Wayne was in a coma and on assisted breathing. Moments following that update, Lil Wayne's @LilTunechi Twitter account notified fans that reports were misleading. "I'm good everybody," allegedly said the Young Money founder and star.

"That [Friday] tweet wasn’t sent out on that same phone line,” Mack Maine told today. “I’m not sure if he tweeted that or not. I wasn’t with him at the present moment. One of his fans could have tweeted that, I’m not really sure where that came from.”

The revelation came just hours after questions arose on latitude and longitude coordinates from Wayne's March 15 tweet. A Tech source pointed out that the status update could not have come from Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Beverly Hills, California, where Lil Wayne has been housed for over four days.

The report also obtained information from Mack regarding Wayne's current health status, including a move from the Intensive Care Unit at the hospital. Read the full story at XXL.

UPDATE: Hours after's report, Mack Maine has updated the Lil Wayne story, and refuted earlier information. 

In the latest development in Lil Wayne's ongoing seizure hospitalization, it appears as though the Cash Money Records star has been released from Cedars-Sinai Medical Center after being cleared by doctors. This evening (March 18), Young Money Records President Mack Maine has tweeted that Lil Wayne "has been officially released."

Additionally, Mack Maine claims he never spoke with XXL regarding Lil Wayne's health.

XXL has yet to release a statement regarding their report. Mack Maine will reportedly be a guest this Wednesday (March 20) on MTV News' RapFix Live webstream.

HipHopDX will keep you updated.

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  • hb,lbhj

    Thank FUCK he never died or we would never hear the end of it.. Anyhoo back to the real hiphop section!



  • Grim Sleeper

    Nate Dogg got released from the hospital and then died, so Lil Wayne better be careful about leaving the hospital. I know that he wants privacy, however, life is much better than privacy. I would rather people know I'm in ICU than to see my leaked morgue pictures.

  • papabearATL

    Pop a moll, sip some lean, bump a line until you fall/shake, shake, shake them haters off, thats how you grand mal ball! Come on join in, best hook ever! Add a twitching feverish dance, platinum status! Ya heard!

  • Anonymous

    pics or it didn't happen

  • Anonymous

    He got released, then went straight to the pharmacy for some more syrup.

  • Righteous

    they denying it because they want positive energy around him and his name. on top of that he is on probation and shouldve been on any drugs in the first place. clearly tmz was telling the truth as far as how bad his condition was. I hope he does make a substantial recovery but all those in denial ass "yes men" around him are enabling him to kick his addiction. I actually feel sorry for that boy and I hate his music.

    • Righteous

      @Anonymous no, positive energy is saying that "he is still here and getting better" ..that is true if he was released from the hospital. They are saying that against people claiming he is in a coma, clinging to life, and all that other stuff. I agree that they need to be serious if its serious but don't confuse his fame with his family. They don't any of us anything so pump your brakes and live the life GOD gave you and not someone else's

    • Anonymous

      so positive energy = spreading lies and half truths?

  • Anonymous

    Lay off the Xanax homie

  • jOHN-bOY

    Didn't Wayne say "suck a nigga dick for some Trukfit", but doesn't Trukfit make clothes for white MALE skaters??

  • Anonymous

    Just yesterday Birdman said he was "expected to leave the hospital in a few days"

  • Anonymous

    how the fuck you start off your day in the ICU, get moved out to stable condition and are walking around to being released from the hospital all in the span of like 12 hours? how come tmz has pictures of Birdman, Drake, Nicki and Chris Paul all entering and leaving the hospital to visit Lil Wayne but no pictures of Lil Wayne leaving the hospital?

    • donnis mac

      You don't have to walk to be released from the hospital, they do have wheelchairs. My cousin had a car crash, 2 major neck surgeries, in ICU for 3 days, and was moved to a regular room and out of the hospital by 6 PM the fourth day. And although I do agree Wayne's condition is worse than they are letting on, y'all should calm down with the amateur detective work, it's getting ridiculous.

  • Anonymous

    heard he was feeling a little wheezy after eating too much lil seizures pizza so he did the harlem shake

  • Anonymous

    i dont know what to believe now. certainly not anything this man says

  • Anonymous

    ok hhdx, out of 14 topics on the front page, 4 of them are about lil one cares



  • Art Brooks

    I ain't interested in his new music, but good luck bruh. The people around Wayne should quit bullshittin' and try to help the man. he obviously needs professional help with the drugs, not to be worrying about what people are gonna think about him now.

  • hmmmm

    Released from the hospital. Just in time for the release of his shitty album. Nice fucking execution on this publicity stunt to get people to buy your garbage.

  • fatpenn

    im glad to hear that wayne is doing good. i just hope he gets better now. he was supposed to perform tonite in hamburg germany but i see why it got cancelled. we got all the scoop at

  • Anonymous

    Ja Rule isn't locked up. His publicist simply says he's currently unavailable.

  • Anonymous

    "yes they are" Why would they pray for a guy who made a crude reference about one of their own?

  • Vilijam Seagrowe

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  • Uh...

    This idiot tweeted that him and Wayne were watching the Syracuse game on Friday, when the whole, "Lil Wayne is dead" thing was going on. Now he's saying he wasn't with him?

  • Anonymous

    Machete don't text, and Ja Rule don't tweet.

  • Anonymous

    "Emmett Till's family is sending prayers to Lil Wayne" No they aren't.

  • dentaldamboy & yessir

    We've enjoyed cuddling with Wayne while he's in his hospital bed.

  • Qu

    I have a feeling wayne is worse then they want people to know....This reminds me of the guru story. They kept saying guru was fine and sending out fake tweets and shit, then weeks later, we find out he's dead...I won't believe wayne is fine until we hear him speak, himself.

    • Supergirl dem brahs

      I too believe he is seriously messed up or dead and they want their time to mourn, make money, etc. my brother went thru a very similar situation and if he does make it out after hours of seizures he will have some brain damage

  • Anonymous

    Emmett Till's family is sending prayers to Lil Wayne even though he never apologized for that shit

  • Anonymous

    But I thought he was there with him watching the game????

  • Anonymous

    I didn't think this cover up shit held any water, but i gotta admit the way Mack Maine answered those questions is a little suspect. Hes in the hospital regularly, [not ICU], he said. I cant really give a comment on his situation right now cus were not really sure, were just standing by him right now. Like I said, hes in recovery as far as we know, so were just sitting back, just waiting until hes come fully recovered before we can give a statement. If you replace "unconsciousness" with "recovery" this makes a little more sense.

  • Anonymous

    "One of his fans could have tweeted that" How and why would one of Lil Wayne's fans tweet that? Wouldn't they need his phone or password?

  • Anonymous

    Now we just need T.I. to admit he never spoke to Lil Wayne.

  • Anonymous

    So mack maine wasn't there now? But on the same night he tweeted that he was watching the syracuse game with wayne at the hospital? SHIT AINT ADDING UP

  • LongLiveRULE

    just play some Ja for him in the ICU, he'll probably wake up from the sheer excitement of thinking he's in the same room as the best to do it.

  • Anonymous

    Just admit the nigga is not conscious and call it a day. Yall failed your homeboy, you let drugs fuck up your money.

  • jarulethegreatestforlife

    ja rule dont need twitter, twitter needs him. without Ja they would be out of business by now.

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