Warner Bros. Records Rep Claims Gucci Mane's Twitter Account Hacked, Waka Flocka Flame Disagrees

One Warner Bros. rep says that Gucci Mane's Twitter account was hacked, perhaps questioning Waka Flocka Flame's public dismissal from 1017 Brick Squad. Waka appears to be skeptical.

Following Friday's (March 15) news of Gucci Mane dismissing Waka Flocka Flame from 1017 Brick Squad, new reports have emerged. Waka Flocka has persisted tweeting about "BSM," meaning Brick Squad Monopoly, and adding "#BSMBoss."

MissInfo.TV reported that Warner Bros. Records employee Rahim "The Dream" notified his Twitter followers that Gucci Mane's Twitter account was hacked. Gucci Mane has yet to delete or retract the tweets, and has yet to release a statement. Earlier this month, the veteran WBR artist Gucci, announced an official performing name change to "Guwop" via the social media platform, only to retract it the same day.

Waka Flocka Flame is among those apparently in disbelief of the Twitter hacking claims. The rapper responded to one of his Twitter followers/fans, claiming the WBR reports "#FALSE."

Previously, Gucci Mane and Waka Flocka Flame released Ferrari Boyz, a full-length collaborative album together in 2011.

Last spring, Mobb Deep had a public dispute where Havoc later alleged that his Twitter account was hacked. In the months that followed, Havoc admitted that the words were actually his.

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  • Anonymous

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  • Nick T

    idgaf what these fools wit bad taste sayin this shit go fuccin hard i was supprised thirsty goes fuccin hard af gucci killin it right now put out like 3 mixtapes oj put out 2 the one with the red cover was pretty dope wit beats understand oj a trapper and gucci said he can barely get him in the studio cuhz he has money like obvi not from music so i dont wanna hear any shit about oj wack short bus shit naw that nigga iz real az fucc u can tell cuz all my real banged out homies kinda not the smartest u kno what mean but hes real and most of these artists r fuccin lyin mang i got fel arrests so make ur money u fakes but were the one taking the fall cuhz this music hypes us up about it luckily i have no criminal record but my arrest record is fucced car searched everytime im NOT on informal formal probation fucc these cops out here in so cal mang real talk but let me end on this all u haters like gucci weak gucci fuccin killed fuccin killed jeezy on the truth listen to the end of the video jeezy set him up four dudes wit duct tape two guns and gucci kicks the fool wit the gun pistol whips the other then blasts the fool when the other dudes like shoot him listen to the song his lawyer explains it at the end gucci real af any of u ever killed a man that shit is realer than real but fucc why did he drop waka what the fuck happened anyone kno he said disloyal waka said suck a dick gucci wtf waka is a big marketing artist anyone kno what happened why waka get dropped fuck gucci kind need him



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  • Art Brooks

    Sure, "hacked". Mmm hmm. C'mon now, if U wrote the shit, just own up to it. If U drunk or high, and write some shit U regret, tough titty.

  • Anonymous

    danny brown better then gucci ahah

  • Anonymous

    This is what happens when rappers have too much time on their hands. Going back and forth on Twitter, denying and saying their accounts were hacked. If Waka Flaka was smart he'd just branch out on his own without making a big deal about it. Just tell the media outlets he wants to focus on his career.

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  • Cloughdad

    It seems like any time a celebrity says something dumb on Twitter there account was "hacked".

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    just like havoc's twitter was hacked when he dissed prodigy right? just like chief keef's twitter was hacked when he laughed at lil jojo's murder right?

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