Mitchy Slick "Feet Match The Paint" Release Date

One of San Diego's biggest Hip Hop successes readies his latest album, this one featuring Murs and Planet Asia.

Strong Arm Steady member Mitchy Slick has announced plans for his latest solo album, Feet Match The Paint. The Wrongkind Records effort will release on April 24, and feature the likes of Murs, Planet Asia and his S.A.S. crew of KRNDN (a/k/a Krondon) and Phil Da Agony. According to, the album is produced entirely by DJ Fresh.

The San Diego, California emcee's last major effort was the 2011 Arms & Hammers album from Strong Arm Steady, released on Talib Kweli's Blacksmith Records. In 2012, Mitchy appeared on Cashis' The Art Of Dying.

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  • Fish

    Finally, the first album I'm actually excited about this year. This album is GUARANTEED to be a skinny jeans free zone, because Mitchy is a real Blood.

    • regal84

      Cosign....i live in Southeast San Diego, Logan Block born and raised...Mitchy is a real me, much respect out here..

  • Anonymous

    "he has book smarts and street smarts" Then why is he associated with the Lincoln Park Bloods? That fits every single stereotype most of these rappers have... And that's not smart.

    • Anonymous

      thats only on the surface, quit with the preconceived notions, check out his song/video "Young N Dumb"

  • SAN DIEGO 619

    san diegos own ....been waiting for slick to come out with somthin new ..lyrically he can stand toe to toe with any body in the west .

  • Anonymous

    Educated in what sense, he can spell his first name?

    • Klisk

      @ the 2nd Anonymous Its cool that he graduated high school and went to college in Prairie View. I dont agree with gangbanging (even though the buggest gangs are Wallstreet and the crooked police force) I like his song "Young N Dumb"

    • Anonymous

      he has book smarts and street smarts......yes Im giving you vague answers because it would be cool if you were to look him up. Don't have preconceived notions about him, he seems to be a sensible human being compared to alot of other people out there. Plus hes a good businessman whos been independent for quite some time.

  • Anonymous

    Mitchy is awesome and an educated young individual

    • blockboy

      i have every abum mitchy has ever put out i am a true fan but this abum is horrible dj fresh should b shot and never allowed to produce again his production is too sample heavy and in the way

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