Raekwon Originally Intended For "The Purple Tape" To Be Green

Raekwon reflects on how the "Purple Tape" came to be.

Raekwon's classic Only Built 4 Cuban Linx is a cultural cornerstone, often revered for its promotional "Purple Tape."

When speaking on the album with Complex, Rae said that he wanted to create something that stood out from other releases.

"I wanted to make sure that the average cat that would listen to it had something special in his cassette deck," Rae said. "Like, out of all of his tapes, my shit was private; my shit was for special people. Like you had to be somebody to rock that, so I wanted to separate that from everybody else’s."

Rae also said that he was initially going to go with the title "Green Tape." "At first I was gonna do it green, ‘cause green is my favorite color; I like olive green, but they couldn’t do that color," he said. "Next thing you know, they was like 'Blah, blah, blah, blah and purple' and I was like 'A lot of niggas might think purple is for girls' but I liked the color because it stood out, so I was like 'Fuck it, let’s go with purple.'"

The Chef also talks about possibly being an actual chef down the line. "You might be able to come to a Chef restaurant and get you a little turkey wrap or something, with some extra shit on it. Some $1,000 dressing or something. It’s just that the food business is tough because you gotta keep everything fresh—you can’t play with food."

Read the full interview over at Complex

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  • ThatUncutRaw

    Is he referring to Thousand Island Dressing when he said "$1000 dressing", or is that just some Staten Island shit I'm not privy to? It does sound good though... "Turkey wrap with bacon, avocado slices, with a dollop of $1000 dressing". Tell me you wouldn't order that shit!

    • Anonymous

      lol at your nerdiness... although HHDX is known for grammar school errors, Rae was thinking in line of that 5 grand burger in Vegas.

  • Anonymous

    Rae has been carrying WU for the past 6 years in my opinion!

    • ThatUncutRaw

      True, except you forgot "and Ghost". They always been the flyest/most lyrical of the bunch anyways... But yeah, Rae definitely has been holding it down the hardest for the Wu as of the last several years...

  • Anonymous

    Lex Diamond versus Icewater couldn't be worse than listening to this deluded fat fuck lie lie lie lie lie lie lie... And though Busta himself is incapable of making good music anymore, he must have done something right to make OB4CL2 decent as was, even if cheap fuck Rae couldn't bother to have it mixed and mastered properly.

  • Hooray for Coreywood

    blah blah blah where the jellybeans at where the cake at where the pizza at where the peanut at blah blah blah ICEWATER V. WU TANG sooooooooooooo

  • OG-18*


  • Anonymous

    shut the fuck up you fat sack of trash talkin' shit... hey Rae, baby, tell us all about how Wu Massacre came to suck like it did, huh? has been mush mowf cornball, Shaolin v. Wu Tang was garbage too.

    • werd

      werd EVERY raekown article this dude trolls on the same topic WE GET IT.. fans alrdy know Sho v wu was only decenct and wu massacre wasnt to good WE KNOW! get off that pipeline bro n stop fuckin w this dudess blogs if you dont like him and fuck off haha OB4CL2 was a monster and keeps my hopes alive for another classic

    • The MG

      Dude, I always see you on every Raekwon article talking shit about the Chef. Wu Massacre wasn't a Raekwon album, it was a collabo with Rae, Ghostface and Method. That album was okay but it didn't suck. And you're crazy if you thought Shaolin vs. Wu-Tang was garbage. That one was one of the best of 2011. Go find something better to do than dissing Rae and posting the same comments over and over.

  • Anonymous

    Wow who gives a fuk about the original color of the album

    • lmao

      LMAO you gotta be a 12 year old F.A.G or something if you don't know about the purple tape. When niggaz say purple tape real mfs in Hip HOp already know wtf they talking about. This is a big deal.

    • Anonymous

      who gives a fuck about who gives a fuck?

  • Anonymous

    20 years later wu tang bout to bring the essence back

  • Pele Won

    Purple tape. had 3 of em.

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