Juelz Santana Says Dipset Is "Definitely" Going To Reunite In The Studio

Juelz Santana talks about the possibilities of a new Dipset album and the 10th anniversary show taking place later this month.

When news hit of a Dipset 10th Anniversary show in New York, the Hip Hop world was more than excited.

Now, during an interview with Hip Hop Since 1987, Juelz Santana explains why the show at B.B. Kings may not be the only reunion that fans can expect from the crew.

"We definitely going to get back in the studio and start working on some music and if the vibe is good and the music is coming out the way it's supposed to come out. We going to put that record out," Juelz said.

The Dipset member also explained that the possible album would have to be "something close" to the first album the group dropped when they released Diplomatic Immunity in 2003.

"We've been talking about it, we want to do it right. The first Diplomatic Immunity album was a double-CD classic," he said. "So if we give the people something, we got to give them something close to that."

Juelz also spoke about the March 25th anniversary show and explained that being back on the stage with his collegues feels only natural.

"It's always good to be on stage with Cam and Jim," he said. "When you get on stage everything falls into place, everything feels good. I didn't know 10 years went by so fast though, that's a beautiful thing for us to be pushing that 10th Anniversary of Dipset, I'm proud of that. We set real high standards out there for crews so it's a good thing."

Watch the full interview below (via Hip Hop Since 1987):

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  • foreal

    When Diplomatic Immunity came out, i loved it. I felt they road the success of "Hey Ma" and "Oh Boy". They had a few banger. I can not go back and listen to that album now though, i think it sounds terrible. That being said, I feel like Dip Set had their run but i dont see any solid success (record sales). After hearing the juelz mixtape, i am not looking forward to this album. I am not dissing Dipset, just not really for me anymore.

  • IROC

    Never really felt these dudes and time has pass for them Juelz was allways the weakest link to me Cam got skills and Jim is ok but only when he had Max B around i promise nobody is waiting to hear this crap Cam knows this and so does Jim , Juelz need do that reailty show thats where washed up artist go before going over the cliff Juelz even said he wear women belts trying the gay role to spark a buzz how sad do us a fav and keep this no talent bum off the rap sites

  • cawwww

    board as hell http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jTehT5s61DE

  • DAD

    Dipset don't got time for this woman beating coke head

  • cozzzz

    down stairs at the mall http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LzILBC0QW3w

  • anon

    And not a single fuck was given.

  • Art Brooks

    Should've struck while the iron was hot. That mufucka is cold like Siberia now

  • nigga creep

    Weak ass niggas should stay gone. How you gonna have a 10 yr anniversary when you niggas been split up and barely dropped shit in that time. Killyoselves

  • Anonymous

    We dont care you wack fucks. Stop rapping you giving hiphop are bad name. We dont need your wack rhymes about money, hoes and selling coke.

  • Anonymous

    Juelz Wacktana back on his donald duck shit. this nigga should just give up

  • jios

    Why has Santana taken so goddamn long to release a follow up to his last album? Dipset should just sleeping dogs lie. it's over.

  • cvbmnhh

    once u see the pizza laddyssss with their babbyyss still in themm u gotta make them eat live catssss make them walk aroundddd withh it makee himm go crazyyyyyyy thenn take them under the death churchesss

  • leatherfacee


  • rtftghbjnkm

    marco soto and julio frank qzzz in ocean are hideing lotta things in nj smh

  • tftygvhbjukm

    marc likes to drive trucks to saten island he likes parking it by his apts,by a ocean nj passed another food townnnnnn lollllllll

  • tfgthbghj

    liz strong likes to hide in houses by dead ends by food town in wall nj lmfaooooooooooooo fctgfgvvghjbhjunhkijnkjmkjmkjkghcfgcffcfdcfcgvhjhiokjmkmkdcm

  • cfgcvghbhbj

    by that house could be a food town and a gas station haaaaaaa

  • Fuck Harlem

    Why everytime a crew is having internal problems a member gotta come up and say we're reuniting??? Like yeah, Prodigy said the same shit after Havoc said he was raped in jail. We weren't born yesterday, B. We know this shit ain't gonna happen.

    • Immortal Technique

      cosign but don't you EVER talk shit about my block cause we get it popping over here plus I know you be doing the harlem shake when no one's watching

  • hyugyhubjb

    marc errico has lotta tools in a stroage unit in ocean nj lollll j j ables has a girl friends house in free hole by a feild with a lot of serects lmfaoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo haaaaaaa

  • A person with a view

    These dudes are dope. The dipset stuff had fans between the ages of 15-25 and 10 years later these fans are 25-35; their new music needs to hit this demographic.

    • RobbieJ

      Im only 19 and ive been listenin since 2003, id be more than happy if they made music like they did on diplomatic immunity.

    • Betty Wright

      No it doesn't. Would you like to hear a nigga rapping about grown men business, like paying bills, marrying and shit??? Cause I wouldn't.

  • Nadro

    If Heatmakerz aren't producing at least 80% of the album. then we don't want it and don't need it. Juelz's "God Willin" mixtape was GARBAGE!!!! His debut and sophomore albums "From Me To U" and "What The Games Been Missing" are stellar albums! Fast forward, he's making wack music on those southern trap beats. Fuck outta here. Pass that Joey Bada$$ or Kendrick Lamar. Niggas need to take notes and get back to lyrics and flawless beats. I take this shit personal because I done put money in these niggas pockets buying their earlier albums. Only nigga still coming correct from the Dipset camp is Cam'ron and JR Writer.

  • Hip Hop Fan

    Dipset has not been going strong for 10 years. They broke up so long ago so for Santana to say they have been going strong for 10 years is incorrect.

  • francisco Jankins Mf

    Juelz album is not coming out this year Camron album is not coming out this year Jim still on that Vampire BULLSHIT Who gives a fuck about Freaky Zeeky Hell Rell, JR Writer, Sen City are broke I bet these niggas start hating on VADO when he blow up fuckin wit Khaled. its been 3 years since these niggas got back together and they still aint make a video for SALUTE. i feel sorry 4 dipset fans

    • Anonymous

      fuck u nigga... Dip set one of the best rap group ever... dip set.d-block. wu-tang.mobb deep.Cnn. NY all day bastard

  • Anonymous

    we need Heatmakerz, ARAAB MUZIK, Just Blaze for the beats


    dipset is fake. them niggas dont even really fuck wit each other. that bitch JHAJHA exposed these niggas years ago. How is Juelz fuckin wit French,Meek and all them while Jim still beefin wit da nigga. Vado just made a song wit French , i wonder how Jim feels since thats CamRon man? these niggas corny

  • Anonymous

    These dudes are all talk. Their solo careers are gone because they don't know how to put in work anymore.

  • Anonymous

    Who the hell are Dipset? I've been listening to hip-hop for years.

  • jfresh

    Dipset stans and fans been waiting for a while

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