Kanye West Rants About Placement On MTV's "Hottest MCs" List

Kanye West is upset he ranked at #7 on MTV's annual "Hottest MCs" list.

MTV has become the target of Kanye West's wrath because its annual "Hottest MCs in the Game" list.

The Chi-Town rhymer called in to Hot 97's DJ Enuff to discuss MTV's list, on which he placed at #7. Yeezy said he is upset with his placement at the lower end of the list, saying that the decision was influenced more by his personal life than his music. He also vocalized his disappointment in Sway Calloway, saying, "I gave Sway his first TV…and he ain't even remember that."

"Yeah #7 bothers me. I think that Wayne is the #1 rapper in the world…him and Jay and Em and certain people are trust the greatest rappers of all time," he said. "For me, I feel like in order for them to put me at #7, they had to bring up things that they didn't like - [like] the Cruel Summer album. And I'm like, that's a compilation, it ain't all rappers on G.O.O.D. Music…they want to diss me and be like, 'He did Cruel Summer and he can't say he ain't a part of it because he's on eight records'…[their decision is] definitely not based on a body of work."

He continued, "What happens is with these types of judges and people who review this, when you come in [the game], I had the pink polo and the backpack, then I'm checking all the boxes of that A Tribe Called Quest era and J Dilla and all that, so they want to champion it. They don't like Givenchy Kanye, they don't like Kanye in a kilt, they don't like Kanye in a relationship. I don't think it's like them going bar for bar. I said, 'He lucky I ain't have Jay drop him from the team.' Ain't no bar in the entire past 12 months that's hotter than that bar…I couldn't believe it. I gave Sway his first TV. He came over to my crib in Newark, New Jersey…doing beats with Jay and Beans and all them, I was getting a new TV, and I gave Sway his first TV…and he ain't even remember that."

This isn't the first time that Kanye's been caught ranting in the past month. In addition to targeting the Grammy Awards and Justin Timberlake's single "Suit and Tie," the Louis Vuitton Don recently took aim at major clothing labels, saying "name brands [are] always fighting for your soul."

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  • Bob

    This guy needs to stop worrying so damn much about what people think of his music and just make the damn music. Every other week he's whining about something but still he acts hard. He acts like a girl.

  • Anonymous

    I love his music and try to only form any opinions I have on him based solely on his music...which is the way it should be. Our generation is so obsessed with celebrity lives its revolting. Yet, it's nearly impossible to do so when he's constantly publicly bitching about something new every other day! He is an egotistical, imprudent sore loser!

  • mike

    Truth is.. if you commented on this post, its another win for Kanye..

  • Anonymous

    Fuck you ya crybaby

  • Anonymous

    Ye' you make pop music now


    I have said this before and I will say it again. I think either Kanye really is off mentally or he is a genius at getting people to pay attention then he hits you over the head with great music. Lets be honest! If you take away the stunts with all of the comments, the kilt and Kim Kardashian and you have a discography that cannot be touched of solo material. What hiphop artist has been relevant for this long and makes material to match it?

    • Anonymous

      I think either Kanye really is off mentally or he is a genius off mentally then! its a crying shame for society if this is what we now call a genius now.

  • mike

    Who cares what this rich-scumbag thinks. He goes on these rants for attention. Not only does he dress like a girl, but he definitely acts like one. Put out music and STFU already!!

  • hyperscythe

    This list is bullshit anyway. It's a bunch of 40 year old washed up fucks, voting for what they THINK 15 year old kids like. It's almost embarrassing. Especially for hip hop as a culture. Seriously though, Big Sean ahead of Kanye? Ain't even been no passing of the torch moment or nothing? Not even once have I heard that weak vanilla essence ass nigga out rap Kanye on a track. Even Bieber murdered him on that one sewage tank of a track they did together. The only thing that Ross has done lately that sounds good has been having some fucking seizures. Like uuuguhgghghghghghghg nigga. Kanye has still been trash lately. But how you gon put sewage above trash?

    • mike

      i agree with you about big sean. for one thing i don't like his voice. i'd rather listen to a female rapper than big sean "OH GODD!"

    • hyperscythe

      You talking last year homie? Like I said, my real problem is Sean above Ye. Sean isn't even above that bitch from GOOD that noone knows her fuckin name. That bitch is trash too tho. The Ross thing? Man, I would rather listen to Drake talk about fucking brain dead hoes than hear that fat nigga brag about how he cheated the system. All the clown does is rub niggas nose in it. Like 'Ah nigga, look at how much better my shit is than you'. Yo, I understand people like that though, so I ain't even mad. Drake is trash too tho. I ain't expect it to be a whole bunch of technical niggas in the top spot. I was just calling out the nigga for being trash. Calling it out was for Ye and ASAP BELOW biggitysean. Like srs nigga

    • mike

      It's more than just top ten singles. If it was based on that, Flo Rida would have probably won. I believe Rick Ross was the hottest mc in the game based on his grind. I'm not a big fan of Ross either, but I still bump his music (mostly because of the production). The man can chose a beat, make a hot song, and he's a better rapper than drake (who was number 2.). NO doubt Ross deserved it. Who do you think deserved it? Drake?! No wayy. Drake had 1 top ten single and that was because Rihanna was featured on it. Dude makes songs for the females.

    • hyperscythe

      Name a Ross song that went top 10 mike? But like I said. Ross is shit, but Sean ahead of Ye? Nigga spits lines like "I don't know if this makes sense but, you're my hallelujah" And other classics such as "Man, we stepping out like woa (Oh God)" How in the name of fuck is that clown above ASAP? Kanye huuuhh?

    • mike

      The mtv hottest mc isn't based on who's the best rapper in the game, it's more like who's the hottest in the game at that time- and they give pretty legitimate reasons for their picks. Even though Ross is a fat cop, he was still on his hustle and grind last year and had more hitters than anyone else, so he deserved to be number 1. I don't know if they chose the number 1 MC in the game yet this year, but I'd bet the house it's going to be Kendrick Lamar since he dropped that classic and he's an amazing artist.

  • Starmani

    #7? Kanye is one of the best rappers of all time.....every album is good to great. Even 808s i fux wit......and the rest are incredible. WTT and Cruel Summer are mad addictive too. I gotta admit tho Kanye outta line wit that Wayne line...Weezy is borderline wack

  • Anonymous

    Wake up Mr. West!! You did this to yourself. Trying to distance himself from his own GOOD team while having gassed you to like them in the first place... then leaving emcees like Common and Tip on the sidelines so he could trend hop with Big Sean... half-assed luxury rap then you go and demonize the same brands you promoted afterwards. Not even mentioning that he can't take the criticism and come to the realization that he IS NOT even top ten... best producer of all time for sure and sometimes an exceptional lyricist but not in awhile at least... poor management of his emotions and misogynistic materialism executed without even a quarter of Jay's subtlety Don't see Nas crying about never having been on that top ten list in his career up until this point... Ye wants to know why he is floundering at the moment well look at Nas... Ye is much more commercially successful but his work has fallen off hard... dude dropped Illmatic then LIG almost 20 years later and has steadily sold the whole time based almost entirely on quality albums, despite never having a number one single. Neither 808 experimenting nor throne shitting necessary. And yes that GOOD compilation choked dicks. Best to wise up before you drop some more lackluster shit to further diminish your credibility... and MBDTF was lyrically weak... Rick Ross had the best verse on the whole thing Jay had the Dynasty compilation with probably his best verse ever on the intro and it was all around seriously tight CD... own the shit your name is attached to and give us some fucking good shit Sincerely,

  • GOD

    Bias in Journalism isn't appreciated Hip-HopDX. How is this a "Rant" while Asap Cock and Balls bitchfest is a "Sound Off"

  • Zerocool

    I figured this idiot out... He is not saving you bone heads from corporate America. He is crying because he is not getting the props from Tha man that he thinks he deserves. If companies like MTV were swinging from his nuts he would be silent. He sucked all you Stan's into his line of crap. This man ego will be the death of us all but mostly because you dick riding zombies cannot get enough of the tip of his Johnson. Congrats you have been led astray by a pied piper of bull shit.... Someone who's entire Schtick is all about his own legend. This asshole needs a reality check... Please someone like k-dot beef with this prick and take him apart PLEASE!

    • zerocool

      I will also point out your failure to address the actual subject of my original post however. All you had was a poor choiced reply to Lamar vs Kanye when the point itself was how this c@cks ego is so f**king big that he is speaking out against corporate america because it refuses to tell him what he wants to hear. He believes he is single greatest thing to happen to hip hop and its a joke. As long as he has fake ass "GODs" rubbing his ball sac up and down their face he will continue to speak when not spoken too.

    • zerocool

      Wow... how does Yes dick taste? Or is it so far down the throat you can't taste anything but his ass? K-Dot is a far better emcee than Kanye A... and who are you to talk about soff raps when Kanye has dropped gems like "But I can't complain what the accident did to my left eye Cause look what an accident did to Left Eye First Aaliyah now Romeo must die?" HAHAHAHA... are you serious son? You're gonna bring up lyrical prowess with that shit. Kendrick Lamar is hot right now because he dropped a unique dope album that even some of the juggernauts in the game have said was their favourite the past year. Kanye is a pop star... what next? You gonna tell me you can't wait for a Nicki Minaj/Gaga duet album? Give K-Dot time to mold his live craft and I am sure his shows will be hype as well.

    • GOD

      Throw him a concert in madison square and watch the crowd sleep through it. Dumb nigga, Kendrick doesny have the Musical Prowess to beat someone like Kanye. Shit he can barely beat Shyne and he won't even defend himself there. Kendrick is a soft pussy that you niggas be loving cuz he raps like a virgin and has simple lines. Get off his nuts and have him pay your rent next time

  • obama

    KanGay is so lame!!!

  • yessir

    infant girls can control their emotions better than this so-called 'man.' keep wearing those dresses at anger-management.

  • Anonymous

    "They put Officer Ricky, a rapper who cant even go gold anymore, at #1 last year." GFID already shipped over 500k and rich forever was 1 of the biggest mixtapes of 2012 #numbers dont lie

  • Fish

    This list is a fuckin embarassment most years anyway, Kanye, so I wouldnt worry too much. They put Officer Ricky, a rapper who cant even go gold anymore, at #1 last year. This year is even worse because it's gonna be so predictable - Kendrick will be #1.



    • Anonymous


  • DAD

    Anybody want to meet me in my foyer for drinks and sex, I prefer boys. Niggers are welcome also, I like nigger dick.

  • KarlW1992

    1. Celph Titled 2. Ill Bill 3. Apathy 4. Guilty Simpson 5. Sean Price 6. Spit Gemz 7. Freddie Gibbs 8. Big K.R.I.T. 9. Bun B 10. Pacewon

    • zerocool

      Now you have proven yourself completely unworthy of talking on this one GOD. I am surprised you were able to scroll down here to make a fool of yourself as I am sure that pic of your man had you grabbing at your jeans the minute you seen it. All those guys are dope emcees and Celph Titles specifically... would end Kanye's career in a minute if people put any stock into Ye as a battle rapper. CT's metaphors are sick... he would eat him.

    • KarlW1992

      Hahahaha you serious? Bun B and Pacewon are both amazing MC's, something Big Sean and fucking Drake arent, so before you question my list again, think about what you say you fucking wallad!

    • GOD

      When I wanna sleep i put on smooth jazz, you put on boring rappers. We're not so different you and I, but you probably have a Sleeping Disorder

    • Anonymous

      What makes you think Bun B/Pacewon are hot right now???

    • Anonymous

      Sounds like a list of cheap Arab cologne

    • Doublespeak

      Haha great list, but 95% of these clowns probably don't know a single one of these emcees.



  • Johnny

    Kayne has become a whining little bitch in the Industry! Through out his whole entire music career he has had his fair share of rants. I think he needs to quit his bitching and release some quality material, without the help of ghost writers doing most your shit. Kayne is just an entertainer, not a true MC.

  • themnewguy

    "I think that Wayne is the #1 rapper in the worldhim and Jay and Em and certain people are the greatest rappers of all time" - Kanye. This nigga tripin if he thinks lil wayne on top of the rap game right now. Dat nigga lil wayne ain't even deserve to be in top 10 of all time & eminem too (he a wack rapper,last time he made decent shit was The eminem show) but jay deserves to be in the top 5 of all time he proved that with his long running career + all the classic album's he made. but for me kendrick's gotta have the "Hottest mc in the game" title just cause Gkmc is a classic (even better tham em's marshall mathers LP debut on dr dre aftermath label) the rap game ain't got a classic for years and k.dot brought it back now every rapper tryna be vetter cause o' this young cat.


    LOL at Kanye getting mad about an MTV list. That is when you know you aren't even that good, when you care that much about your placing on an MTV list. He still says Wayne is the best in the game. LOLOLOLOLOL. Then he brings up a TV he gave dude years ago. LOLOLOL Good laugh!

  • Anonymous

    i gotta agree that kanye is very much an underrated lyricist

  • icekiddo

    i like lupe fiasco but he'll be nowhere near that list smh

  • icekiddo

    okayyyyy it wasnt nas. lol that leaves nicki and i have no idea about the other for the 1 spot.

  • Ricky Rozay

    most of these rappers aint real niggas. Word, Nas bankrupt never was a drug runner, Lil Wayne aint no blood, Jeezy aint no BMF, 50 a snitch, Game a stripper, kanye was gay. None of these niggas real you guys. If they was all real they all be dead now. Like it or not Ross is the new Biggie. BAWSE!!!!!

    • zerocool

      You have the audacity to say NaS was nothing but Ross is heir to Biggies throne??? How long you been listening to hip hop? 3... 4 years now? Learn your roots and your post would make less sense to you than it does to nayone with a clue

    • ???

      Ross is the fakest out the list you mentioned. And the only thing similar to biggie is they are were both fat.Biggie never bit any ones style and had a crazy flow filled with punch lines that made sense and fit the songs they were in. Ross has none of that he is no where even close to big's flow

    • Anonymous

      shut the fuck up, young jeezt got famous through big meech

  • icekiddo

    nicki nas will be top 3 someplace...knwing hottest mc

  • Anonymous

    LOL. Kanye on some shit. Who cares if you gave Sway his first TV?!?! He should be higher though.

  • gasoline

    kanye needs to listen the mad rapper skits from bad boya albums in the 90's and realize how much he sounds like that guy.,,why you so mad kanye?

  • I understand

    Kanye ain't give me an old TV and I still think he's wack as f--k.

  • Herd

    Kanye at Nr 7 for his work in 2012? Talk about crazy... While people may not like Kanye West, you cant argue with facts. He was one of the best rappers of 2012 if you think about all that he was able to do, releasing 5 singles, an album and every song he was on was pretty much a hit, more than most rappers that will appear on the list will be able to say for themselves. While Kanye does not need to be NR1, he definetly should be Top 5.

  • DAD

    99% of people who bought Cruel Summer now use it as a weed plate

  • DAD

    Kim's pussy is like throwing a hotdog down a hallway

  • Anon

    To that earlier comment....LUDA dropping this year cuz.....hell T.I. better than some they got on that list but they will never let REAL music prevail.

  • DAD

    Pac woulda slapped this Nigga

  • DAD

    I gave Sway a TV so I deserve to be #1 on your list

  • DAD

    Kanye wants to make a home movie with Ray J

  • DAD

    Kanye is scared of Kris Humphries

  • Anon

    Kanye has a point but please Wayne is number 1 as far as sellouts to the game cause honestly The Carter 1 was as high as the ceiling goes for wayne...But yes Kanye, you hurt your fan base begging for the ho and now shes gonna suck u in for 18 MORE YRS....and Paul Wall is hotter than you right now so get back to making GOOD music instead of that crap you just dropped.

  • DAD

    Anybody see this Nigger's video with the tight ass leather jacket and chaps?

  • DAD

    How is Meek Mill on this list?....His album flopped and he don't even get spins in Philly

  • tahir

    truth hurts but Kanye had to let it out ..Wayne dissed good music,beefing with Pusha and Jay but Kanye had to say the truth..I love the fact that he ain't corny ..Every rapper whos been in the studio with Wayne confirms that Wayne is good...Wayne takes a minute to put out a line but it takes listeners 6 replays to understand what he meant..Ask Eminem he tell ya

  • Anonymous

    Kanye looking like a bitch complaining about a special olympic participation trophy handing out ass list. This list has never defined any rapper/emcee/music troll's career so why catch feelings.

  • Anonymous

    Im glad he's bothered.....It just gives him reason to go back to his old self and spit FIIIIYYYAAAA!!!

  • TaylorSwi8ft

    Take care of ya hoe and just shut up homie.

  • sam snead

    Personally I think LIG is better than GKMC though, debuts are easier than 20 years in it and it has less tracks that I skip.

  • gun di liro

    someone punch Kanye in the nose. Why would any artist care about a hot list compiled by MTV? grow a pair already.

    • skinnyfish

      This clown soft as hell. He probably does get smacked by Kim on a daily basis. Thats why holms marrying that stink box hoe.

  • sam snead

    Top MC's 2012 (based of work in 2012) 1) Kendrick Lamar 2) Nas 3) Big Krit 4) Game 5) Rick Ross 6) Lupe Fiasco 7) Slaughterhouse-yes I know its a group but list gets scetchy here 8) A$AP rocky 9) AB-Soul 10) Killer Mike/Action Bronson My bottom 6 though is really interchangeable or even could be replacements

  • Dad

    How is Future on this list?...he's not an MC and sounds like a cat that's dying

  • Anonymous

    If I knew this was the kind of crap Kanye West would be "standing for" after gaining some success i would have never brought that first Album. FUCKING BUM!

  • walt deez

    I thik people who try and make lists of underground artists that sway so far from the norm are just trying to be cool. these fools ain't making that much noise cause noone is vibing that shit. Hence the name "hottest mc's" not "dopest mc's"

  • K.S.

    Kanye West is talented and all but he isn't as dope as he was when he dropped "The College Dropout". I guess after he sold his soul and started dating Kim "Chicken Head" Kardashian he lost focus. "He lucky I ain't have Jay drop him from the team." Ain't no bar in the entire past 12 months that's hotter than that really Mr West? Why don't you go listen to Andre 3000's verses from "Sorry" or even "Sixteen" before you talk. Go back to making real Hip Hop and STOP with this rockin kilts bullsh*t and running around with Kim when she's gonna play you anyway. Gorgeous Girl but she's not the Wifey type Mr West like Kurupt said "You can't make a Hoe a House Wife"

    • yush

      Did Andre 3000 make the list for those type of verses you named? No. So what's the point of your argument? Kanye has been making better beats since his Kim hookup, although is raps are lacking (except Way too Cold -Theraflu). Cruel Summer was good except for 1 song or so. So I'm with him for being lower on the list.

  • Anonymous

    the fact that he thinks "He lucky I ain't have Jay drop him from the team" is the hottest bar of the last year concerns me more than anything

  • Samwise G

    Did he really just say that was the hottest bar in the last 12 months?! That line didn't make any sense, Jay Z barely owns any of the team and has no influence whatsoever on roster decisions.

  • Ken Riley Jr

    OK, Kanye is my favorite rapper.... But all these "rants" are starting to get rediculas. The nigga just needs to shut the fuck up and put out a dope album. Im really starting to get tired of these daily bitchmade outbursts... www.kenrileyjr.com

  • Anonymous

    GIVE ME A CHANCE Youtube is all about finding new artist, & though I been rapping for a while im still consider a new artist. I just want my music heard thats all, im not looking for no record deal, getting famous 'r anything like that.! so please just spare a few sec. to check me out, & if you like what you heard please SUBSCRIBE so ill know you actually listen & support http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PzBh55tD_eg

  • Dapstylz

    Kanye's ass is WACK AS HELL!!!!!!! And that line he is hyping didn't even register on the hottest lines of 2012 or any year for that matter. Yeezy needs to take his face out of Kim kardashian's pu$$y and realize the streets ain't checkin for him no more.

    • GoReadABook

      haha define 'the streets'....and share with us your accolades that permit you to legitimately represent said 'streets' with your own opinion hahaha

  • Kanye = 100% Bitch Ass Nigga

    What else is new really?

  • Anonymous

    the mortherfucker shouldnt have even been on the list

  • Paul

    mc hottest list every year is a joke.... These judges don't know the difference between an MC and a rapper who is HOT or Popular with the media, fans right now 2013 Top 10 List in no order Jay Z Kanye Bun B Bone Thugs N Harmony Mistah Fab Kendrick Lamar Juelz Santana Ludacris Drake Cassidy Yup

  • Paul

    mc hottest list every year is a joke.... These judges don't know the difference between an MC and a rapper who is HOT or Popular with the media, fans right now 2013 Top 10 List in no order Jay Z Kanye Bun B Bone Thugs N Harmony Mistah Fab Kendrick Lamar Juelz Santana Ludacris Drake Cassidy Yupo

  • Anonymous

    FIRST OF ALL MTV doesn't even KNOW what the TRUE definition of MC is cuz' them nigga's on that List are NOT MC's. They should've just said hottest Rappers

  • Omen

    Born Sinner movement>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

  • Shut Up Kanye

    #BornSinner #BornSinner #BornSinner #BornSinner #BornSinner #BornSinner #BornSinner #BornSinner #BornSinner #BornSinner #BornSinner #BornSinner



  • LMAO

    They are not getting any marketing @ MTV Europe that's why they care so much about the American MTV



  • KarlW1992

    Hahahahahaha fuck the mtv mc list, they dont know shit!!! 1. Celph Titled 2. Ill Bill 3. Apathy 4. Guilty Simpson 5. Sean Price 6. Spit Gemz 7. Freddie Gibbs 8. Big K.R.I.T. 9. Bun B 10. Pacewon

  • gunnstarr

    lol hip hop is remedial class at the moment so wherever he ranks...its never going to be good

  • Art Slimson

    This nigga Ye always throwing stones. Always calling people out when shit is fucked up for him. Somebody need to put him on blast... nigga got kicks selling for more than 2 pair of J's. Nigga still do his thang on the Mic and the borads though.

  • Gwap

    Who cares about a t.v. lol and mtv rap rankings for that matter. Get $!

  • GOD

    I dig what Ye is sayin. Kanye West is a beast at the end of the day. If you hatin on Kanye for everything but his music then you should just quit being a fan of music.

  • 561Mane

    He gave Sway his first TV ? Hes out of his mind.

  • Steven

    dude getting mad at this list? lmao any list that has future in it shouldn't be taking seriously

  • Anonymous

    Why does Kanye even care about that sht, just keep making ur money and chill.

  • JayDub

    Holy crap, the lists these suckers are posting are an absolute joke! This is the final straw for me with Hip Hop DX, if this retarded mess of users is what this site attracts now, then I'm out of here. The list below does not even have a hip hop artist in it! Let alone Kanye thinking he's top 10 at all! Listen to the MHz album and recognise what good rappers sound like these days... JayDub

    • JayDub

      Sean P Guilty Simpson Blu Mayhem Lauren Skyzoo De La Soul Sadat X MHz Soundsci Some are groups but you know their names... all put dope stuff last year. What the MTV top ten is about is who has the most toys following them.

    • JayDub

      Your list wasn't below mine at the time, scroll down, you'll agree. Although Rick Ross is a bad shout though.

    • Hip Hop Finest

      Really? so Kendrick and Nas are not hip hop artist? Ross & 2 Chainz didn't have a big year last year? shut up nobody got time for niggas wining who u want to b in dere most def?talib?Lupe? lol FOH!!

  • Hip Hop Finest

    I already know who is the top 4 in the lists since they go by 2012... 1.Kendrick Lamar 2.Nas 3.Rick Ross 4.2 Chainz Kanye did not have a bigger year than any of those four his verses were kinda trash i hated his verse on mercy ...plus he didn't have a solo album...i do think he should b in front of big sean tho but thats how far it goes

  • zerocool

    Awe but I thought he was speaking out against materialism and all that other shit you idiots that bought the nonsense coming out of his mouth from the previous 3 rants. He is a egomaniac and doesnt't give a shit about "corporations cominf for your soul" as he is the unofficial spokesmen for a few. He is a huge baby... my issue with a list is that he is on it at all... I mean the guy is not a great MC. I guess when you add hype to the playas on the list he earns his spot but there are a few MCs in the game that are on another level Ye cannot see from where he is standing. Even you supporting this idiot have to be sick of his incessant whining! This guy needs to stop... shut up Kanye... you are not all that great you asshat!

    • zerocool

      based on pure ability many do not belong on it anyway... it is amazing how many will bitch about a list that is obviously more about recent news than actual skills with a mic.

  • Anonymous

    Look, youngins, this list isn't about who's the best, who did the most work, its basically gauging the momentum and interest of artists. I used to get all butthurt about MTV's list too, but their list is pretty consistent for what they're measurin. Its basically who the mainstream is lookin out for the most, like it or not. Doesn't necessarily reflect their music or whatever. Its like taking a forbes list to reflect quality music.

  • MmmHmm

    Everyone that reaches a certain level of success seems to go crazy. He should realize that list has always been a joke.

  • So Icy Boi aka Yung Boi!

    fuck Kanye West! Jay-Z and Feminem are da worst MCs ever. swag best MCs alive: 1. Lil Wayne 2. Drake 3. Rick Ross 4. 2 Chainz 5. Meek Mill 6. Gucci Mane 7. Future 8. Lil B 9. Gunplay 10. Tyler, The Creator

  • get over it

    the music you made when you had the "pink polo and backpack" was the reason you gained so much love in the first place. my music preference isn't going to change just because i love kanye. an example is eminem. i fell in love with the raw, don't give a fuck lyrics from infinite/slim shady/marshall mathersbut i can't stand listening to em sing and make radio music( im not afraaaaiiddd to take a standd bullshit). i jus can't get into how his sound has changed. i mean, do you blame us for loving the college dropout, "underground" sound and not liking the autotune=ing (808s) and songs with dj khaled on the radio? im sure ye has high expectations for himself but cmon, see the bigger picture. you can't be number one forever, especially on a list that might has well be named the most played artists on the radio. your catalog of music over the years is a million times more praise worthy than being on some lame mtv list. who the fuck cares

    • sam snead

      Ya I agree, his first album is still his best solo album in my opinion and I agree with the eminem stuff though I like eminem show as well as the others. MBDTF was a good album because it was so different but his lyrics have always been his weak point not saying he is weak but as a lyricist he is not top 5, as a producer he is and his best work IMO other than college dropout was behind the boards for blueprint and BE

  • whocares

    who cares he is always bitchin! "yawn'

  • Anonymous

    that old crt tv didnt even come with a remote control nigguh

  • Anonymous

    HOE, putting a dude on blast because of something you gave him is a hoe move.

  • Anonymous

    wtf does giving a nigga a tv got to do with him being #7 lol Ye is trippin....but idk why rappers get worked up about this list they lost credibility when they put Future at #9.

  • Come On

    Honestly the last 5 articles i've read have had nothing to do with Ja Rule but yet his name is brought up in comments section constantly when the articles have absoulutely nothing to do with him, I'm not understanding ppl Factuation with Ja Rule on here! hE IS good, BUT GOD DAMN HIS EARS MUST BE RINGING LIKE A MOTHERF*#KER

  • highlyopionated

    I'm starting to really thing this negro is bipolar. Don't get me wrong, he does make good points, but ath the same time he likes to rant about the most random shit like a spoiled child.

  • ja4eva

    ja rule should be on top of this list.

  • heres the real

    here is the real list, if you a disagree than you're a broke ass hater 5. lil b 4. waka flocka 3. lil wayne 2. Ja Rule 1. Ja Rule Rule is the realest nigga of all time, his words are more inspiring than tupac and once he gets out he will usher in a new golden age of gangsta rap talking about shanking niggas up with the shiv, mark my words like a red dot..

  • R.Pgh

    "'He lucky I ain't have Jay drop him from the team.' Ain't no bar in the entire past 12 months that's hotter than that bar" - uh.... I don't think so. First, that bar didn't make sense since Jay only owns 1/15 of 1% of the Nets, he has no power to make any basketball decisions. That's like me buying a few Amazon stocks, then try to tell them what they're allowed to sell. On top of the line not making sense, Ye was arguing over a reality show whore, who's claim to fame is fucking Brandy's little brother. To add insult to injury, Humphries went out and signed a 24 million dollar contract for the Nets, and made fun of Ye over Twitter after signing. So yeah, Kanye, that line wasn't that good.

    • Anonymous

      wtf is Z100 and why would mtv care

    • Anonymous

      "[their decision is] definitely not based on a body of work." "They don't like Givenchy Kanye, they don't like Kanye in a kilt, they don't like Kanye in a relationship."-Kanye "First, that bar didn't make sense since Jay only owns 1/15 of 1% of the Nets, he has no power to make any basketball decisions. That's like me buying a few Amazon stocks, then try to tell them what they're allowed to sell. On top of the line not making sense, Ye was arguing over a reality show whore, who's claim to fame is fucking Brandy's little brother. To add insult to injury, Humphries went out and signed a 24 million dollar contract for the Nets, and made fun of Ye over Twitter after signing."-you "All Of The Lights" is still on Z100 as is "Clique", so 2.5 years ago is moot.

    • R.Pgh

      How did I verify his rant? He thinks that line was the hottest of the past year. I pointed out the line isn't very good. The line made no sense. Besides, MBDTF is 2 1/2 years old, and Cruel Summer wasn't very good. So how exactly is the hottest in the game NOW?

    • Anonymous

      All you did is verify the rant dude, people pay way too much attention to the blog/gossip fodder. His latest music from MBDTF to "Cruel Summer" is everywhere, and you dudes pinpoint gossip, old Ray J sextape gossip at that.

    • Anonymous

      plus Humphries is still gonna be married to Kim when she has Kanyes baby!

  • foreal

    i dont understand why he cares about stuff like this, is he that much of an ego maniac....ok i see why he care. 6.Big Sean 7.Ye 8.A$ap Rocky 9. Future if i was Ye i wouldnt even hold value this list... Future at 9 and big sean at 6?!? this is obviously a "radio friendly dumbed down list"

  • sam snead

    behind the music VH1 divas-kanye west. He might be the only person who truly cares about this list, maybe he thought being with a kardashian would give him a boost to the number 1 spot

  • Come On

    Kanye is one of my favorite rappers of all-time but I agree with the list Cruel Summer was less than inspiring and lyrically Kanye didn't bring his "A" Game on that entire album and after that he really didn't do much from what i'm getting its an annual list so I think its based on what you've accomplished that year and it was an OFF-year for him MUsically and Personally....And I agree with all those I miss the old Kanye and Lupe too(on a another note).

  • K:O:S

    The whole list is a joke, and has been since the beginning. It's just the current pop acts, most of these cats are just rappers, and will never be MC's.

  • Robbin Tanks 4 Ammo

    This dude makes great music, but sounds like a diva.

  • Steppa

    Kanye is always ranting lol. What's new? I don't really know why these things always end up being a big deal. Just make good music man

  • zzl

    1. Lil B 2. Rif Raff 3. Soulja Boy 4. V-Nasty 5. Lil Debbie



    • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    This dude is such an asshole nowadays. I preferred his earlier shit when he rhymed like a human, his ego is worst than Jay-Z nowadays. Lil Wayne has fell the fuck off too, 'Ye, don't worry. The hottest emcee will probably end up being Kendrick Lamar. Nas better be up there too, his was spitting fire last year

  • Anonymous

    He should be glad he wasn't placed lower.

  • Anonymous

    Dude needs a slap...

  • ryan

    The list always goes by what they have done recently like past year. 1.Kendrick Lamar 2. Nas 3.Drake 4.Kanye West 5. Lil Wayne 6.Rick Ross 7.Meek Mill 8.ASAP Rocky 9.Machine Gun Kelly 10. J.Cole This is my top 10 just who i feel has done more for the genre in that order in the past year until now. I am not arguing who is better lyrically because if you dont have a decent beat going lyrical will put people to sleep on the real.

    • Anonymous

      Can't believe you even picked Kendrick let alone at number 1. Cause most of your list is pop garbage

  • Anonymous

    I agree with his point about "they liked the backpack, they don't like Givenchy" - but aside of Cruel Summer (which wasn't the masterpiece everyone expected - Ye didn't actually do very much last year in terms of music, and therefore probably deserves No. 7. The top 5 will probably be (in no particular order), Rick Ross, 2 Chainz, Lil Wayne, Nicki Minaj and Kendrick.

  • T

    This guy is worse than a female...they only have their periods once a month. He's like non stop menstruating.

    • loll

      its about what u say.. if u rant about stupid shit ur legacy is that of a moron. 2 pac has shit 2 say, mlk had shit to say JFK had shit to say, abe lincon..theyll forever be remembered for it..noone will ever remember this shit about kayne in 2 months let alone forever even when hes dead and gone

    • OP

      Nothing wrong with expressing how you feel, and only stupid people live to say nothing.

  • row

    when kanye said "AND CERTAIN PEOPLE" you know he was referring to 50 cent. couldnt say 50s name cuz of the media anti 50 campaign thats been happening since 2006

  • KanYe West


  • gnigga_pleeze

    sway has been interviewin rappers since the early 90's at least. not sure when kanye was first down with the roc i would guess at the very earliest '97. i strongly suspect that sway already had a television at that point. thats my first point. second point, dont make a song called gold digger and then knock up the patron saint of gold diggers, and then whine when people have dissenting opinions about your consistency and integrity.

    • Anonymous

      Yea, by gettin dicked down by my cuzzo Ray J

    • yeaaahh

      Kim has her OWN money so how is she a gold digger?? Stop acting like you personally know these people...

    • Big D

      Exactly well said ..First T.V in the late 90s/early 00 Come on now i am sure sway would have been watching YO mtv raps back in the day ! And complaing about "name brands fighting for our souls." When you the same dude providing some of these euro fashion designers/fashion houses with free product placements in you're music.

  • BOY

    True TOP 10 MC List: 1. Lil Wayne 2. Lil B the BasedGod 3. Trinidad James 4. Soulja Boy 5. Young Berg 6. Lil Twist 7. Tyga 8. Drake 9. Yassin Bey 10. KenDICK LAME-ar LONG LIVE WEEZY! Weezy is the KIGN of HIP HOP

    • why

      why respond^^ his name say its all ..BOY..not man. ur arguing w a 14 year old prob

    • HaHa Yeah Right

      This is the wackist list i have ever seen by you having LiL B in the this list makes it automatic horrible you could never be a judge for good rap judging by your list you dont know SHIT about good lyrics

  • Old School Hip Hop Rap

    No wonder why hip hop is dying. Look how we allow people to treat it. You have Macklemore on Saturday Night live wearing the same shoes that Trinidad James had on. Bring Back real MC's.

  • BCcoastin

    real talk i honestly think 50 should of been on that list. hes been droppin heat. anyways no one should take these lists serious. everyone has their own opinions

  • Ok...

    Why does he even give a shit about this stuff. This list should have been recognized as a joke when Future was put on it. I like Kanye, but really, saying Wayne is #1 is fucking stupid. I'm usually never bothered by the rants and shit he says, but big upping Wayne really erks me.

  • wu wear

    Ghostface done outrapped every mc this year verse for verse. Book it.

  • The Observer

    Too emotional for a man....the Kardashian blood is in him...he ain't hip hop no more, he reality show

  • Malonie Sucks

    first of all the list says "hottest mc's". lil wayne has been pretty active these days But that dont mean he's the BEST. If you want a Best MC list then kanye would probably in the top 3



  • C.R.E.A.M.

    Top 5 MCS right now. 1. Lil Wayne, 2. Drake, 3. Kid Cudi, 4. Lil B, 5. Soulja Boy

  • jason

    Look how highly respected Wayne is in the industry Even Kanye knows the truth - Wayne is the best rapper alive. Period.

    • lol

      ok now that you said your piece its time for you to go to sleep... im sure middle school starts around 7 am!

  • LMAO

    for him 2 say wayne is 1 is prob why hes 7..hes hes dumb as shit LMAO.. noone will argue kaynes impact in the hiphop world. me personally id throw jayz, em, nas 1,2,3..assuming were talking about ppl alive..if were talkin all time kayne and wayne wont even make the top 10 list

  • jhbhjubnhjbbn

    if u make a fucking video game of joe budden kicking method mans ass and they dont care how the fuck can method man be mad at joe budden for saying his rap verse was better lmfaoooooooooooo ask emmm lmfaoooooo

  • left eyeeee

    ask method man wats happingss ask him lmfaooooooooooooooo

  • hybgvhybhybhyb

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MWy8gjRvdPs look at prodigys face last think oi knew sigon ws friends with mobb deep ask prodigy who really hitt him..knnb khb kbnkjnjnjn jnxjknnxknkxmkxmkxmkxnxkxkmnkmxn kmn xkmn xkmn xkmnxkmm kx znc jb hjcbzjkbnzxcjkbn zxb kh;zbjn/hlajkjnlaknzclkjsnlkdzsncjnjnjzn,,ask missy why shes shaking every nitee??? ask emmmmljhiupghiygftftftyug

  • dickheead


  • hygyuhguguuj

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hkB0nOUzk28 did raekwon really punch joe budden?? wat if i

  • Anonymous

    I usually agree w/ kanye about this sort of thing, but i think so far MTV is about right. last 4: rick ross, kendrick lamar, 2chainz...and either nicki or french montana

  • dentaldamboy

    kanye west the best fuck yall niggas

  • yhgbygbyhyhyyhb

    no thats what

  • yhgbygbyhyhyyhb

    thats wat u thoughtt

  • hbhbhbjubju

    whatt whattt whatttt???? sayy whatt??? sayy............wont u come to my house all of u i dare u lets flyy

  • yhgbygbyhyhyyhb

    ask where your fav rappers news broad cast ers and fake actors are at ?? keep your shit to your selfff pussyssss u gotta do more than make wack beays and pay oldf men to stand by mu house and smoke cips to scare meee http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i2qXhbRTidM welcome too your own death churchh boomm dare iz a dark side and a killer nurseee.....................

  • Anonymous

    so kanye wants critics to be biased?

  • anonymous

    They dont you like you because you arent good kanye

  • R.Pgh

    Sway has been a famous DJ and on MTV before Kanye was even a rapper. I find it hard to believe Sway never owned a TV before Kanye 'gave' him one.

  • Anonymous

    NAS is the greatest

  • Anonymous

    Nas is the greatest.

  • dentaldamboy

    Case closed. Even Kanye agrees Wayne is the best rapper alive. YMCMB for life! We got the game by the clit!

  • jerryc

    1. Lil Wayne isnt hot this year; and he DEFINITELY aint one of the greatest of all time 2. Kanye hasnt been hot recently. He aint producing the stuff like he used to in terms of quantity or quality; and his rhymes/flow arent as good anymore

  • ETK

    Whoever says "beat the pussy up like Emmett Till" will NEVER have my respect.

    • randy

      alot of rappers have said horrible coonish things. i just hard a fat trel song wher he said my girl a red bone so her hair never nappy. shit is sad. biggie and his blsphemy towards jesus should offend black christians as much as waynes line did too. people tend to use double standards to falsely justify their hatred toward certain rappers. though you could find examples of their favorite rappers being equally as ignorant

    • werd

      werd COSIGN^.. good to see an actual convo w.o ppl callin ppl shit they dont even know about loll.. that said their children and grandchildren had nothing to do with it.. if the original ppl who did that r still alive then i blame famiy for not murkin them a long tim eago..if someone did that 2 my bro they would of been dead shortly after

    • Anonymous

      First time in my life I'm seeing niggas on DX actually discussing politely. Everyday y'all act like monkeys and cuss at each other over nothing big

    • Anonymous

      meh ppl, take one punchline..who really cares. if you want we could go through every hip hop song and find reasons to hate your favourite artist for loose metaphors. get a life.

    • Ernie

      Oh, really? Well, I stand corrected sir. It happened in '55, so I assumed the original perpetrators were deceased by this point But my argument still stands that Lil' Wayne was just being an insensitive asshole. And while the government's lack of response to the remaining Bryants is appalling, I don't think that means that as a rap listener, I'm not allowed to let an artist know when he's being an asshole.

    • My reply^

      Carolyn Bryant Donham (the ugly racist white bitch who lied), Frank Bryant (her son), Henry Lee Loggins (one of the murderers) and their children and grandchildren are still living.

    • Ernie

      ^^^They're all dead. And it's okay to use racially-polarizing lyrics in hip hop when you're trying to be political and thought-provoking. Lil' Wayne's line had nothing to do with the context of Till's murder. Lil' Wayne was just being an asshole.

    • Blame the racisr cowards who killed him

      You need to concentrate your hate on the people, who actually beat and murdered Young Mr. Till, as opposed to a rap artist using a metaphor. How do you feel about the children and grand children of Emmett's murderers, who all live in luxary homes in Mississippi to this day. What about the jury that acquitted those racist cowards?? What about the ugly racist white, who lied on Emmett in the first place?!!!!!

  • ...

    it's not supposed to be based off a body of work...it's about who is HOT right now...kanye didnt do anything HOT (regardless if you liked it or not) in the past 12 months besides i dont like (which was more about the energy than his lyrics) and mercy...2 songs and a compilation which he did little production on. no doubt he's working and trying to get his team on, but when you're working so hard to let them shine so you can make your little money, it necessarily makes you less focused on your solo project. youre kanye west, not good music.

  • Anonymous

    wayne is the most popular...he is not the best though 2 different things

  • Anonymous

    who gives a fuck about MTV they don't even play videos......

  • Anonymous

    an artist who says rhmes like " Drop gems like I dropped out of PE" who uses ghost writers shouldnt even be on top 100 mcd

  • GOD

    Kanye has a legit beef with this shit. Cruel Summer as dope, he's probably the best musically gifted rapper of possibly all time. And you gossiping school girls would rather hate him for dating Kim Kardashian the woman you deem a gold digger even tho she's worth more than your entire family combined. Then you bitch about the kilt and masks forgetting that its fucking entertainment and people pay to see a show. Ugh Hip-Hop fans are disgusting. I'm going to make a ClassicalDX so we can have a place for educated people to talk about music interests. Fuck Yall morons.

  • truth

    I'm a Kanye fan but I'm tired of all the whining & ranting. It don't matter if MTV lists him as #7 on their list of top MCs; he's acting like he got cheated out of a Grammy because MTV said he was #7. He's too full of himself; Jay, Em, etc get props for their skills because they don't let the media into their personal lives and they don't pull stunts like ranting at concerts/radio interviews, cutting off little white girls in the middle of an award speech, etc. So Kanye needs to just make hot music and stay out of the camera and his stock will go back up.

    • Anon

      Em and Jay get props now only because they've been the best at what they do for years on end. Both of them have had their fair share of extreme media exposure, Em more so due to his lyrical content and bat-shit crazy attitude (this is coming from an Eminem fan). However, Kanye really needs to chill the fuck out. Most fans usually don't give 2 shits about the "Hottest MC's In The Game" list, especially since it comes from MTV.

    • Anonymous

      you're obviously a youngin and don't remember when em was pullin an antic a week.

  • AmeriKKKa: Land Of The Weak, Home Of The Slave

    R.I.P. Hugo Chavez. VIVA LA REVOLUCION!!!

  • Anonymous

    Hold up, now Kanye I'mma let you finish, but Ray J had the best rant of all time

  • Anonymous

    does he have an album coming out soon or whaT?

  • Thomas Paine

    MTV doesnt even play music, so why does it matter?

  • Billy O'Reily

    This is the 5th rant. Come out of the closet already, KKKanye. The Klan needs you.

  • KD

    Remember when he said Soulja Boy was the next Nas? Kanye always saying stupid shit. Lil Wayne should NEVER be mentioned when it comes to best rappers. Also, who the hell cares about an MTV list? They don`t even play music videos. Every time I pass by that wack ass channel,they`re showing Jersey Shore or some other brain cell killing reality show for people with low IQ`s.

    • Anonymous

      nah waynes been decent for the last 5 years. being a decent rapper isn't easy. he was above average before.

    • Anonymous

      Kanye still top 5 to me,but I agree,that nigga is always ranting about something stupid(Grammy`s,MTV List,Taylor Swift,or just flat out saying something stupid(Soulja Boy is the new Nas). As for Wayne,that nigga hasn`t been anywhere close to decent in about 5 years. At this point,you`re either a fan of his because you been with him since the start,and you refuse to see he is nowhere as decent as he was OR you`re easily impressed. Hate gets thrown around for dumb shit. Tahir,what are you 15-18 years old? Were you hurt by his Wayne opinion? Him saying MTV shows garbage? He just pointed out that those shows appeal to lowest common denominator,which is pretty impossible to argue.

  • Anonymous

    Anytime you're in the top ten that's good. It's an MTV list. Get over it.

  • yeaaahh

    You niggas trippin' if you don't think Kanye is a great artist!! I mean you must don't know anything about music to say something so ridiculous. It's cool if you're not a fan but don't say stupid shit like "he sucks" or "weak rapper and bars" or whatever. He's easily the most musically inclined rapper..

  • Common Fucking Sense

    This is what it's all about. Publicity. To get people like the ones below me to talk their asses off and give their 2 cents like they actually know these celebrities personally. Kanye's on drugs, Kanye's scared to be a dad. Man, Kanye must have given you guys his diary, huh? Seriously, you fans are really catching feelings over a list? People actually worship these artists enough to care what spot they come at? Maybe cuz I'm 21 but damn, you kids need to stop idiolizing these people and getting sucked into media publicity like a teenage girl. I don't even think Kanye cares about this list is you guys do, he's doing what he has to do to keep his name out there so you guys buy his next album, once you're all done talking shit about him and remember how good the music is he makes. Hip-Hop fans are so entertaining

    • loll

      @CFS.. if kayne didnt care he wouldnt of went of like he did so obv he caught feelings.. and since he wants to be in the spotlight so damn bad with all these rants then yes we have the right to comment bitchmade..common fuckin sense if he dont like it tell him 2 shut the fuck up n get back to makin music

    • Atlantic Starr

      And we both know, that our love will grow and forever it will be you and me

  • acidrap

    Garbage,weak ass radio rapper. Fuck him and his stale ass beats.

  • Barry

    Cry baby. First off, who cares about MTV or their stupid promotional list? Kanye is not the best in the game, and he need to stop looking for EVERYONE to kiss his ass for his damn Chimpmunk beats he did 10 years ago.

  • Oxygen Network

    You're number 1 with us KANYE!

  • TYBO2020


    • Anonymous

      i find that hard to believe. sway was an established rapper love before kanye came onto the scene. if he didnt have a tv it was probably because he didn't want one.

  • Judge Dredd

    Smh head.... this nukka must be retarded...... Weak bars, weak flows, dirty hoes, skirts and banging beats.....Yes, I said it.

  • bcimfat

    because MTV is where I go for music.... MTV is as relevant in the music world as my mom (sorry mama). Kanye, you and I both know you belong at least at #6. Right?


    MTV's greatest MC's??? I remember when they wouldn't play rap at all. True hip hop heads know the truth and sadly Kanye, you are not it. Do us all a favor and put a plastic bag on your head and suffocate yourself.

  • Anonymous

    kanye is bugging out. he terrified to be a father and its showing

  • PuCho

    Lil wayne as one of the greatest rappers of all time ? Fuckouttahere, now you know this niggas mind aint right.

    • ^

      Everything you said is a bunch of bullshit lies.

    • tahir

      lol niggas still talking about Gillie's lies about ghostwriting for wayne? Gillie admitted he lied bruh ..if he did write for Wayne ,why can't he do same for himself and get to Waynes level ? ..Gillie left CM in 2005 and thats when Waynes real fame started,seems like he was holding wayne back somehow anyway

    • Hip Hop Fan

      Wayne was at his prime and best when Gillie the Kid was writing for him. It's the truth, and the Wayne stans are going to cry about this fact. Truth hurts

    • PuCho

      @Izi The block is hot and the carter 2 were the only albums wayne went off, carter 3 was his last good album everything else was either aight or trash.

    • Izi

      go just listen to Carter I Carter II And even the III. Or got listen to the mixtapeWeezy. Dedication 2. Drought 3 and 4. The Leak. No ceilings. Suffix, Prefix. All this stuff > Your Career.

  • Anonymous

    what the fuck does giving sway a tv 15 years ago have to do with anything though? kanye is a bitch nigga for even bringing that up. like sway is supposed to make you number one on the list cause you gave him your old tv back in the day? shit didnt even come with a remote!

    • hahha

      lmfaooo at the remote line that shit just literally had me laughin.. the only good thing about the internet commentors is ppl r funny as hell n say sum wild shit

  • Anonymous

    Kanye's gotta stop bitching

  • Anonymous

    Kanye has lost his mind saying things like Lil Wayne is the best rapper. Too many drugs.

  • LucasO11

    Talkin shit as always

  • Anonymous

    this nigga suck ass he ain't NEVER made a hot record since that dropout passed

    • depends

      are you talking solo or in general. bec i can name a few off the good album that popped and a few off WTT with jayz that was live.. no church in the wild was amazing and had a great concept...but if u mean solo then yes ur right in saying everythin past that was forgettable

  • Keith

    Good for Kanye. I think he should have been higher on that list as well. He should just use it as motivation for his next project.

  • tha OG

    This nigga is still poping mollys this nigga has lost his brain!!!

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