Pitbull Disses Lil Wayne On "Harlem Shake Remix (Welcome 2 Dade County)"

Pitbull goes in on Lil Wayne after he made comments against his home city.

Pitbull is the latest Miami, Florida resident to take offense to Lil Wayne's comments against Miami Heat.

Rhyming over Baauer's breakout hit "Harlem Shake," Mr. 305 goes in on Weezy for going on a tirade against certain Heat players and claiming that he "fucked Chris Bosh's wife."

"I'm self-made, I'm self-paid / I grew up with no daddy, I'm from Miami-Dade," raps Pitbull on the chorus. "It's a deposition / Watch what you speak / Who's the definition of Miami? Me / I move cultures, don't believe me? / Watch and see."

He then turns his attention to the YMCMB captain in the second verse, stating that Cash Money co-CEOs Birdman and Slim are the only ones profiting from his career. "You got money, yeah that's sweet / But we all know Slim and Baby really eat / You talk Miami, yes you talkin' Heat / Moral of the story, don't shit where you eat," he raps.

Lil Wayne came under fire after making his comments during an event at NBA All-Star Weekend. Luther "Uncle Luke" Campbell publicly denounced Wayne for his statements, while Trick Daddy took to the radio airwaves to express a similar sentiment.

Listen to Pitbull's "Harlem Shake Remix (Welcome 2 Dade County)" here.

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  • FYI

    Ey retards Lil wayne ain't got nothing on Pitbull, he's just a poor a$$ mofo. Pitbull plays worldwide and lil wayne can't step a foot of the US soil because no one knows him. So stop hate-ING Pitbull is what he is. WORLDWIDE



  • donnis mac

    "Pitbull has the keys to the city of Miami (fact)" You mean the city that had rampant unemployment throughout 2012? I'm debating with a retard. ^ spin city Every US city has had high unemployment since 2009 but I'm debating with a retard who thinks Wayne can buy a major US city. Wayne can't even afford to buy the Fontainebleau Hotel on Miami Beach. Dumbass.

  • Anonymous

    "he couldnt even buy a fucking hotel in Miami" Why would he buy a hotel in a city with a faltering economy? Duh.

  • Anonymous

    "I would seriously put up $50 to see a picture of your face" I would seriously put up .25 cents to get your home address so I could swing by and slap some sense into your mom for having such a cynical bastard for a son.

  • Anonymous

    "you have admitted to listening to Pitbull, watching Miami Vice and the Pauly D Show" I brought up Miami Vice once, and yet here you are bringing it up for what, the 20th time? lol Just admit you're in your 50's and loved that show. It's just way too easy to get under your skin.

  • Anonymous

    "everything isnt about money man" In everyday normal life that's true, but in hip hop everything is defined by money which tells you how much power someone has. Jay flaunts it. Diddy flaunts. 50, Dre, etc. Point is, if Pitbull really felt this strongly, then why not come at Wayne like a man instead of some candy ass diss rap that isn't going to make him a dime. To me it makes no sense, but to each their own. If he loves Miami that much then fight for it, I guess lol

  • Anonymous

    "you gonna hate on the man for being worth "ONLY" 10 million" He's been in the game since 2002. He should easily be worth at least 20-25 mill. That's not hate, that's called common business sense.

  • Anonymous

    "you even admitted to watching The Pauly D Show! LOL" I'd rather watch two minutes of The PD Show than watch gay porn like you do.

    • Anonymous

      oh you getting super defensive now! LOL you have admitted to listening to Pitbull, watching Miami Vice and the Pauly D Show I would seriously put up $50 to see a picture of your face.

  • Anonymous

    "the point is no one gave wayne the key to any city" He could buy the city.

  • T


  • Anonymous

    "Pitbull has the keys to the city of Miami (fact)" You mean the city that had rampant unemployment throughout 2012? I'm debating with a retard.

  • Anonymous

    "poor pitbull only worth 10 million, stop contradicting yourself bitch" Watch your mouth cocksucker before I beat the fuck outta you in front of your mom while she cheers. When I said poor Rick Ross I was being sarcastic. Almost worth $30 mill, and still going. There's nothing wrong with that. Pitbull on the other hand, after all these club singles, is only worth $10 mill??? It takes more than that to run Miami.

    • Anonymous

      ross only worth 25 mill since 2005? thats weak! 50 only been in the game 2 years longer and he got 10 times that

    • Anonymous

      yes the sarcasm was obvious, i was being sarcastic and mocking you when i said poor pitbull! you gonna hate on the man for being worth "ONLY" 10 million. every time you post on here you make yourself look like more of an idiot! you even admitted to watching The Pauly D Show! LOL

    • Anonymous

      Suck Ross d*ck f*ggot nigga. You mom was takin the pipe last night my n*gga while yo sista bobble head a*s was lickin a n*ggas balls and sh*t. Both them h*es enjoyed spit swapping my c*m last night when a n*gga busted :-)

  • Tupac Shakur

    Not the best beat to rap over but at least he isn't singing.

  • Welcome to Orleans Parish

    Now check it in my city ain't no Crips and Bloods but niggas yell 3rd ward Come equiped with slugs and niggas soldier rags throwin' at those who bags Kickin' up dust chasin' paper that say in god we trust Now the five can't do nothin' for my light bill some motherfuckers Might kill for the right skrill in the city we do busy and bust And nigga ya won't fuck with us nigga what

  • Anonymous

    nyc best city in the world second to none...

    • Fuck NY

      Yeah if you like your streets smellin like piss and gettin dog shit under ur shoes and gettin mugged int he subway while sitting next to someone who smells like ass and an bunch of rude muthafuckaz yeah NY is great. NY the sewer of the United States.

  • Anonymous

    peeps from miami are using the situation to put themselves more on the map to become more of a legit city like NY and LA. Miami will take back lil Wayne with open arms, like they do aaaalll celebrities. Without celebrities, miami aint shyte but a bunch of strippers, drug dealers, telemarketers and old people. lmao!

    • Anonymous

      Miami doesn't need to take Lil Wayne, because we want and need him back in New Orleans, where he really need to be anyways. New Orleans and the whole state of Louisiana loves Cash Money records (since 1991) and Lil Wayne, so they need to come home to their real day 1 fans, who still love and appreciate them.

  • Miami vs New Orleans

    Luke doesn't understand how reckless his statements are. The ramifications could be devastating for both cities. Could you imagine a Miami vs New Orleans war being like the East Coast vs West Coast war with 2 Pac? Luke doesn't care, he just trying to get back in the rap game, because that he didn't enough money while he was in, because that Jewish guy () was raping him back then. Louisiana ain't going to lay, just like Florida ain't gone lay down and Luke will just sit back and count the money.

    • Cage

      ^^^ You're stupid as shit and have the nerve to ask someone else if they're stupid.. The irony...

    • 7 Day Theory

      @WTF Biggie's fat sloppy azz shouldn't even be mentioned next to Tupac's name!!!!!! Are you really that damn stupid?

    • Anonymous

      By Luke and Pitbull dissing the city of New Orleans, and making fun of Hurricane Katrina in a song, I can see it being a problem with people in New Orleans. People in Miami think that they are harder and better than people in New Orleans.

    • WTF

      Luke who gives a fuck. This is nothing like NY vs LA cuz there aint no rappers in it like 2pac and Biggie. Cash Money aint Death row and niggas in New Orleans aint makin videos with them trashin south beach so I dont know what the fuck your talkin about.

  • doodie333

    ight everyone on here pullin the "he dissed the MIAMI HEAT not miami" bullshit needa cut it out. If wayne dissed the BOSTON celtics or LA lakers or CHICAGO BULLS all 3 of those cities would take it to offense. Sports teams represent their states pride and wayne just took shot at miamis plain and simple. I would expect my city to shut his mouth up...just sayin

    • Louisiana Got Your Back Wayne!!!!!!!!

      You ain't nothing but a fraud, trying to get the people in Miami to hate Lil Wayne. Don't you realize black people in Miami aren't stupid enough to believe your propaganda? However, even if the people in Miami are stupid enough to believe Wayne is dissing them, we still got his back back here in Louisiana. Y'all must have forgot that Wayne still can come home whenever he wants to!!!! If Miami hates Wayne, then we hate them!!!!!!! Louisiana stand up!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • dpg

    also arguing about sports teams? lol all of you guys who give a shit about this need to go back to the playground.

  • dpg

    why is nobody calling this cunt out on the fact that his music is just 100% horrible all the time, ESPECIALLY when he steals beats like harlem shake just cause they are trending on youtube? motherfuck you, pitbull, die in a fire.

  • Louisiana Stand Up!!!!!!

    Pitbull still mad about Lil Wayne taking him off of a song Wayne had. Lil Wayne dissed the players from the Miami Heat basketball team, not the city of Miami. Lastly, Pitbull started out as a Luke artist, so of course he he being used as a pawn by Luke. Pitbull bit not come to The Boot with that, because dissing Lil Wayne is like dissing the whole state of Louisiana!!!

    • 504 til i die

      @305...you sound mad because lil wayne don't need miami, because he still got love in the 504. he doesn't have to live here to rep us. every time he opens his mouth, he reps us and our city. he still 17th, he still hollygrove, he still charity hospital, he still hot boy. if miami don't want him, we still got him to the end down in the n.o. baby.

    • 305

      Well he ain't there reppin ya'll is he? Take him he's not wanted.

  • Truth

    The most ignorant defense for Lil Wayne doing stupid shit is "Wayne still gettin money"... Sad thing is you are probably typing that from your mobile home or government housing apartment pretending like Wayne making money means shit to you...

  • TR

    At one point, Pitbull was really rapping. When he was really about rapping and the art of it I would've liked to see him and Wayne go at it.

  • JT

    At the end if the day u haters can hate all you want, Wayne still gettin money while u crybabies sit back and suck on pitbulls dick, Wayne will keep gettin paper and young money still goin platinum

  • Art Brooks

    The Heat is like Miami's child. So if U say "Fuck the Heat", U're going to make Miami mad. What's so fucken hard to understand?

  • Fuck Anything West Of NYC

    That's all I have to say.

  • thechosenone

    enough is enough!! niggaz gotta realize that wayne will destroy any nigga in the industry right now!! dont b shocked to c this nigga pitbull lyin in a pool of blood within a week, wayne will destroy this fool, ymcmb aint nothin to laugh about, cold harded killers with money aint nothin to fuck round wit, dumb ass niggaz better recognise YMCMB

    • John

      So ...... WHO R THE "cold hearted killers" in the ymcmb camp again? Bow wow or tyga Nikki or drake? I know you didn't mean wayne . Name something HARD that lil wayne EVER did ! Lmfao skateboarding isn't hood. What's fag. Dissing a city's team is like telling the whole city to fuck off. Especially the route that wayne took.. Straight beef. Then he's scared and apologizes. Wowow. Let's Not Forget. Lil wayne and birdman kiss eachother in public. Think about it. Has wayne ever had a girlfriend. All these rappers are with fine women. And wayne is kissing dudes on b.e.t. #CmonSon

    • Anonymous

      Just like them C's had hin holed up in L.A. and he had to call the cops to leave the block, You mean that Wayne you talkin about?? Nah can't be.

    • artz

      is this real life? how fucking stupid can you be. young money are a bunch of no talent, low life, pussy mother fuckers. wayne is the size of a 12 year old boy i doubt anyone is scared of him. go listen to some real music faggot(no im not a pitbull fan). i hope you're a troll.

  • Anonymous

    What's up with all these lame ass irrelevant bums coming out the cave cause a nigga said " fuck Miami Heat"? These niggas lame as fuck. He didn't say fuck Miami, he was talking to the Miami heats and most of the niggas playing for Miami ain't even from there. I swear niggaz are lame as fuck these days.

    • IDK

      ^ This! I'm not a Lil Wayne fan, nor do I support him (especially his "I'm the new Pac" comment), but where exactly in his statements did he say "Fuck the city of Miami"?? So all of a sudden, Miami Heat represents the whole city of Miami?? Well, I guess anybody who gets butt hurt from comments like that aren't sports fans.

    • Anonymous

      people have are sick of wayne and his bitchassness. they was just waiting for a reason to pounce on that hoe.

  • Anonymous

    Miami don't want none with no New Orleans niggas we will fry yo ass like catfish out there

  • sam snead

    pitbull vs lil wayne....yawn.....

  • Anonymous

    "ross is still broke compared to 50" Poor Ross. Only worth $25 million.

    • GOUDDA

      POOR YOU BROKE AF!!! Couple Thousand Ass Ni99a

    • Anonymous

      "quoteman contradicts himself everyday on here" ^ this right here Pitbull has the keys to the city of Miami (fact), Quote-Man is online acting like he knows the "fake tough guy".

    • Anonymous

      quoteman contradicts himself everyday on here. pitbull is not broke by any means.

    • me

      nah i think pitbull is worth more he always releases material that you hear in the radio & clubs etc

    • Anonymous

      poor pitbull only worth 10 million, stop contradicting yourself bitch. this is what you said... "Why are all the poorer rappers always the one's coming at the rich superstars?" ross dont have 25 mill and he definitely didnt have anywhere near that in 2009 when he dissed 50 the gawd for no reason.

  • Anonymous

    "quoteman i thought you listened to Pitbull?" Yes, half a man, I have listened to his music. My problem isn't with the music, but with his fake tough guy act. Reppin a city as if you own it is just lame.

    • Anonymous

      "My problem isn't with the music, but with his fake tough guy act" ^^ this is the same dude who defends rick ross all day for being a fake studio gangster! quoteman actually admitted to watching The Pauly D show on another article! LOL

    • donnis mac

      "Reppin a city as if you own it is just lame" ^ small town mentality No wonder you live vicariously through others wealth and accolades, you don't have "city pride", no hometown team to root for, no accomplishments to attach to your surroundings. It makes sense now, you were never there but always act like you know exactly what happened because you're dying to be a part of something. The funny part of this is that while I'm posting this comment I just saw this "fake tough guy' Pitbull's Bud Light commercial on ESPN.

  • Sup Fam


  • Hip Hop Fan

    At the end of the day, regardless of what all the Wayne stans think, what Pitbull did was right. Wayne thinks Miami is his ally? But Wayne merely adopted Miami. Pitbull was born in it, molded by it. Pitbull didnt see the light until he was already a man, by then to him it was only blinding. The Miami streets betray Wayne because they belong to Pitbull. But in all seriousness, people forget that Pitbull didn't always use to make this electronic music but originally he was apart of the the Lil Jon dirty south movement. I think Pit can hold his own. This could be the downfall of Wayne if others from Miami join in.

    • sam snead

      doubt it....not that i think Wayne is a lyrical genius or battle tested but pitbull?? Who is even the best rapper from Miami?? Someone I never heard of or Rick Ross. The best shot of bringing Wayne down was a washed up Jay-z, when they threw a cpl baby jabs(no pun intended). When he said Fuck NYC, plenty of MC's could crush him from that city but most are not popular enough, in the end. He would have to get in it with someone with a large fan base that sells enough records to go down like that, not that I wouldn't like to see it happen

    • Hip Hop Fan

      Why you mad for? Did Wayne sleep with your girl as well...

    • Anonymous

      fuck outta here with your Dark Knight Rises bullshit

  • Real Lyrics


  • kilogramz

    Hate Pitbull hate wayne more so i guess i like pitbull for this but i still hate him .......get it ....who cares

  • Ricky Rozay

    I see yall niggas cant keep Rozay name out ya mouth. Yall niggas be hatin so bad that an article that has nothin to do with Ross, they can't even shut the fuck up. Weezy wack but Pitbull even more trash. The cop jokes are old and not funny niggas so get over it and realize MMG stay on top while you bitches wine like suckas. Bawse!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Anonymous

      them cops jokes are still funny. officer ricky will be his nickname for the rest of his very short life. if the seizures and cholesterol dont get him the GD's will

    • Anonymous

      I just watched Officer Ricky's baby momma sextape again. Lmao, 50 killed that ass but killed his also.


    This Is The Beginning of The end of these ymcmb faggots.Let's Face Facts: wayne has been dissed by more artists that i can remember (Juvenile,B.G.,Turk,Snoop dogg,Jay-Z,Gillie The Kid,Pusha-T, and now Pitbull), while pitbulls diss may or may not sound the best he still shot at that queer, whether he responds or not doesn't even matter, wayne didn't answer the camera man that asked him about the california incident, he know he kan't win a battle because he's a wack ass rapper.Drake DID NOT BEAT COMMON IN BATTLE. all you dickriding ymcmb followers stop telling lies.you know just like i do that the end is coming,mc's shouldv'e been making disses about the emmett Till line, they shoulda said something when he had that plastic hoe say something about mitt romney on his mixtape,new york mc's shoulda came out when he disrespected New York, this muthafucka is Hip-Hop Version of Rupaul, he has no validation as a muthfuckin mc, everytime he gets on record with a real mc he loses, ho ass nigga wanna fight camera men but won't go fight them LA niggas for misrepresenting gang culture, Talk down on the NBA because his pussy ass dont get acknowledged at the game, he's a pussy without the hair and anybody that follow him are pussies too.FUCK lil homo FUCK ymcmb AND ANYBODY DOWN WITH EM FUCK YOU TOO.

    • Anonymous

      is that why common dissed drake after stay schemin over stay schemin?

    • BLACK


    • Anonymous

      Wow, the good old" he's makin more money than you" line of defense that all Lil Wayne worshippers like to use. Get off his dick and listen to some grown man hip hop, little boy

    • Anonymous

      You can make any assumption you want about YMCBMKILLA, but he is just stating facts. You are guessing that this man is broke w no job because he thinks that lil wayne sucks? I make good money and I can also hear that lil wayne is the worst rapper ever. I'm pretty sure if I were a millionaire, lil wayne would still suck.

    • Anonymous

      Shut the fuck up emotional bitch ass nigga. At the end of the day, he is still on top and caking while u sit in ur mama's basement broke with no job or life hating

  • joe frantz

    Wayne will silence pitbull like he did pusha t...

    • icetruck

      thats true but i cant deny that i love pusha-T's flow

    • Anonymous

      pusha t is a hoe. he disses drake and wayne but when asked about why hes making songs with officer ricky he tries to brush off the fact that the man was a c.o. and lied about it

  • Anon

    But yet no rapper has commented on his Emmett Till line? Bunch of Uncle Toms!

  • Anonymous

    "And your point is??????" So sad how I have to fill in the blanks for you. Why are all the poorer rappers always the one's coming at the rich superstars? Amass a fortune of $100 million then throw rocks. Wayne could sneeze and end Pitifull's career.


    both these fags blow who gives a shit about either on

  • Anonymous

    I abosolutely can't stand Pitbull, but he earned my respect here. Rep your town, fuck pussy Wayne

  • Joey Nailz

    I think Pitbull wack as fuck but props at him for goin at Wayne. God knows most of these niggas in hip hop now so pc they afraid to say names and just throw subliminals, glad Pitbull went all in on this fake blood nigga



  • Damany G

    As the real hip-hop heads know, Uncle Luke founded Pitbull so you knew he was coming for wayne. Im glad Pit stepped up to the plate, there is so much D**k sucking in the industry and everything is political, it good to hear someone get at rat face wayne!!!

  • Eric

    Awwww iish, this is what I'm talking about lol! Pitbull doing watWilliam suppose to be doing. Y'all should heck out www.thegrandreprt.com too, they usually have some good reads as well

  • Official216

    I smell ETHER coming! lol!!! the LAST thing pitbull needs to do is battle anybody especialy not Weezy..

  • Anonymous

    OH shit! I POP artist is coming at Wayne?! haha ..............wait! Wayne id a POP artist too. Wayne the SKATEBOARDING GANGSTER.......POSER!!

  • Anonymous

    weezy is the new 50, holy shit

  • yep

    man them dudes from 305 that sign to cash money scared to say something because wayne feed them baby feeds wayne and dont matter where you from you dont let outsiderz come in talking shit bout your city. you feel me north south east west if somebody came at new orleans like that you would hear every artist from new orleans standing up so dont diss the mia

  • yep

    bout time somebody other the pusha t diss his ass hell im shock that the new york artists didnt diss his ass 305 baby hes not a good rapper he got to think skateboard p did it before him you surpose to be hard na

  • Someone

    Not a big fan of pitbull or wayne but that being said this is pretty fucking interesting wonder where this'll go...

  • Anonymous

    pitbull and wayne both suck, this story is gay and you're a bitch

  • Fuck New Orleans

    "Don't shit where you eat" LMAO murked Wayne with that shit

  • Anonymous

    Pitbull's net worth is only 10 million. His pockets aren't even big enough to come at Nicki.

    • Your Point?

      i bet 9.5 of that belongs to birdman and slim,anyway who gives a shit what their worth, pay attention to their lyrics not their bank accounts

    • Edubb

      And your point is?????? Not sayin that Pitbull is great but he just shitted on Wayne, regardless of how much money he has or doesnt have!!Deal with it!!

  • Hip Hop please

    I don't like " Euro-house Pitbull " But I do like that he is dissing that lil troll And f*ck this hyped-up Harlem Shake It used to look cool, this way?, it looks retarted

  • Anonymous

    this shit funny them rican's better stay in there place we black's run this rap game period!!!


    Cubans run Miami dont get it twisted and Pitbull has sold 35 million singles in the last 3 years worldwide - the streets are talkn ymcmb .................305

  • Conor

    Both are so shit and irrelevant, who cares?

  • Anonymous


  • dentaldamboy

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHAH. Armando is way out of his league here. Wayne is worth over $100mm. What is putbull worth? Half of his music isn't even in English. He's about to join the long list of artists who have taken sides against YMCMB and suffered the consequences. These artists/groups include UNLV, Common, Hopsin, Juvenile, Manny Fresh, Bangladesh...the list goes on and on.

  • Anonymous

    Guess it makes sense for Pitbull to get at Wayne, because he reps Miami like crazy. Hopefully this is the start of Wayne's fall, can't stand that skateboarding geriatric.

  • DADE

    Wayne has always been overrated. He had ghostwriters and jocked alot of rappers style. He should have been humble with so many holes in his story. Miami ain't rocking with this clown

  • Anonymous

    All of this becuae Wayne said fuck the Miami Heat? he didn't say fuck Miami, but fuck the Miami HEAT! lol. I bet they wouldnt be doing all of this, if the Heat were a sorry team.

    • Anonymous

      No he said fuck Miami too

    • Anonymous

      Rappers are grown babies. No common sense or nothing. I wish i was a famous rapper i wouldve told them FUCK the heat agan and ask them to do something about it. Mufuckas take pride in shit they have no control or own shit of. Mufuckas barely take care of their kids but will kill a nigga for dissing a city, like they own it. Weirdo ass muthafuckas.

  • Johnson

    Dont matter if dude is Pop R&B Hip Hop etc his from Miami and didnt like what Wayne said so he done something about it Ross and Khaled need a Wayne verse on their new albums so would never say anything

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