Trick Daddy Responds To Lil Wayne's Miami Heat Comments

Trick Daddy joins Uncle Luke by responding to Lil Wayne's recent diatribe against Miami Heat.

Lil Wayne has kicked up some dust with his comments against the Miami Heat earlier this week. After Luther "Uncle Luke" Campbell fired back at Weezy, Trick Daddy is the latest to weigh in on the situation, stating that he'd rather make a call for unity than see anyone disrespect his hometown.

"I don't care who be offended by what I say. I rep my city and want nobody disrespecting," he said during an interview with 99 JAMZ. "We've got to stick together as radio, as artists, as DJs and fans who love the music as a whole. That's what makes a community."

Trick said that he has been speaking with Uncle Luke about joining forces, though it is unclear in what capacity. He continued by stating that artists from outside of the Floridian city will have to "check in" when they come to town and show more respect.

"Me and Luke been talking, we gon' get together, we gon' figure out some kind of way to this thing back on the road," he continued. "I can't go anywhere else. This my home. From now on, when they get in, they gon' have to start checking in, and they gon' start checking in by turning on 99 JAMZ and listening to us, what we got to say. They taking all our beats and rapping over them anyways."

This past weekend, Wayne went on a rant where he went against the NBA team and said that he "fucked Chris Bosh's wife." Luke later responded by stating that he was "way out of line," while the YMCMB chief clarified that he didn't mean to say "Fuck LeBron James" but stood by his other claims.

Listen to the interview below (via RR).

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  • Helkena Lee

    They say Lil Wayne is disrespecting the city of Miami..Well u're all wrong he's livin in the city of Miami!!! Osama ur mama !!! L.i.d F Baby that's my name,and I am who I am,and what I do is what I do...We Martian don't do shit like u'll do..Cause we're right right,and ur wrong left..

  • Helkena Lee

    Fuck all them bullshit!!!! Wheezy F Baby is the best rapper alive...and if u all want some of YMCMB go fuck ur mama first uh I mean the one who birth chu bitch!!!!

  • @thakota

    Here's the deal Wayne does mot bring money to Miami, when he goes to heat games he gets free tickets, when he's in the club he gets comped bottles and doesn't pay....they actually pay him to appear.. so if he's taking advantage of those perks and then hating on the heat he's hating on the city, when the mavs won the title couple years ago he went and partied with the mavs and posing with the trophy in pics..... if Luke and trick didn't call him out they would have been wrong, they rep all day and you gotta respect that. #561

  • Anonymous

    "What would you do if someone talked about your home city?" People talk trash about cities all the time. Stop acting like an emotional little gimp and worry about your own life instead of Wayne's.

    • Anonymous

      Damn, you just won't give up. You're the emotional gimp here being butt hurt about other niggas whose opinions differ from you. You already lost, so shut up, quote-man and hang yourself.

  • J

    LMAOOOOOOOO @ Pac wasn't able to RIP until the Carter 1 dropped and he knew rap was in good hands. LMAO! made my day

  • Anonymous

    funny thats exactly what happened when he came to detroit and got his ass beat then robbed by trick trick and the goon squad woooow what a bitch

  • Anonymous

    fucking irrelevant

  • Anonymous

    Wade, Lebronn or Bosh would beat the fuck out of Lil Wayne when it came time to throw hands!!This Studio Gangsta aint ready

    • Anonymous

      since when did rappers wanna throw hands? it looks to me like waynes squad would role a hole lot deeper than the basketball crew... waynes skateboard goons

  • Anonymous

    GIVE ME A CHANCE Youtube is all about finding new artist, & though I been rapping for a while im still consider a new artist. I just want my music heard thats all, im not looking for no record deal, getting famous 'r anything like that.! so please just spare a few sec. to check me out, & if you like what you heard please SUBSCRIBE so ill know you actually listen & support

  • Anonymous


  • Fuck The South

    Trick Daddy thinks he runs Miami, but only thing he runs is his mouth. By the way, why am I even giving a fuck about this??? I nigga with "Trick" shall NEVER be respected.

  • 14:59 for Wayne

    Wayne is about done. His Emmet Till line in his "rap" was straight up garbage. He disrespected himself and his race. A few years ago he disrespected New York (the home of the music that pays him). He needs to be thankful and respectful, or his popularity will come to an end. I'm surprised it hasn't already. To the Lil Wayne Stans that are going to read this and come back with some ignorant garbage. Save it. No n-bomb talk. No garbage. Defend him with some intelligence. Can you?

  • Geechie

    I'm not on anybody side cause I can careless but how did Wayne direspect their city Wayne said fuck Lebron, Wade, and Bosh LeBron:From Ohio Wade:From Illinois Bosh:From Texas So how did he disrepect a whole city i mean you niggas actin like they're ambassadors them niggas is basketball players and two of them only been there two yrs

  • Lyonel

    Ooooooooh, so now Trick Ass Nigga Daddy runs Miami??? LMAO nigga please none of you rap niggas are running shit yet y'all love to act like y'all got Miami on lock

  • O Z. F

    Damn niggas look for any reason to make a headline. I get luke trying to hold it down for the 305 but real shit waynes coming at the heat as a team not miami as a city.

  • Shuttaaaman

    Disrespect yo city. Nigga he talking about an NBA team. Ok its the heart of the city well explain this? "The Heat sold out of regular season tickets soon after LeBron James decision, but that doesnt mean that people are actually going to the games. Empty seats and quiet crowds have been noticeable during the games in Miami. To curb the problem, the Heat have released a PSA for their fans, telling them, well, how to be fans." So this old nigga trick daddy and uncle luke who is own kids called him out as being a bitch should both shut the fuck up really.

  • Anonymous

    What is all this silly "I rep my city" nonsense? Why don't you rep a new album Trick Daddy instead of acting like Wayne has to ask permission to go to the beach.

  • shh


  • Elle

    join forces and do what!? Mind your own, nobody is thinking about wayne, spend that time helping more people who need it. Wayne is a cry baby...and hopefully people will realize that so he can fizzle out.

  • I'm from Miami

    I'm from Miami, currently living in Cutler-Ridge...use to live in Kendall (Miami-dade county) who cares!!!!!!!! who cares what lil wayne says. he brings money to this city. YOUNGMONEY AND OVO BRINGS MONEY to this city. ROSS BRINGS MONEY TO THIS CITY. THE HEAT. TRICK HASN'T BEEN IN THE GAME SINCE Lil Jon was running Miami.

    • Truth

      No, they are no stupid, they are IMBECILES. Talking about "They bring $$ to the city". NI**A WHAT??? All citizens BUY TICKETS and actually SPEND $ on them no-good-no-talent artists. The only people who get paid is the Government. NOT WE THE PEOPLE! U stans are unbelievable

    • Anonymous

      All three of you are fucking idiots who are out of touch with reality.

    • Co-Sign

      I ain't from Florida, but your point is valid everywhere. I don't like Wayne, Ross, etc, but they bring money to cities. Hood cats like Trick can't see past the corner... Sad, I used to fuck wit Trick Daddy Dollars.... Still, just for the record, I ain't supporting no acronym-having label.

    • Anonymous

      For now on I don't want to see nor hear Trick and Luke in Louisiana. Any other real figures out here need to "no fly zone" those 2 haters, because their beef ain't legit!!! Louisiana needs to stand up!!!!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    This is how white people came up with the word "Nigger" A person says fuck the Miami heat, which is a sports franchise and black people get offended and want to kill each other like they own that franchise or have any connection to the franchise. Me saying fuck the Miami heat don't have anything to do with the people of Miami. Ignorance at its finest!

  • Anonymous

    i can't say this enough FUCK LEBRON JAMES AND FUCK THE MIAMI HEAT WISH U SOUTH BITCH FAGGOTS DA WORST sincerely a cavs fan

  • Anonymous

    "trick and luke are legends in miami they have the right to speak out against someone who was being disrespectful to the place they call home" No, they have the right to express their opinion, not act like they run Miami, or control what Wayne says.

    • Anonymous

      So basically, you're saying they can't say nothing when a nigga's being disrespectful to your home. What would you do if someone talked shit about your home city? You're a bitch, quote-man.

  • Anonymous

    "You have to check in when you visit" Who does this guy think he is?

  • Ricky Rozay

    I see the lame faggots cant keep Ross name out they mouth. Yall niggas on here be talkin bout Ross no matter what showin what I been sayin all along is true. Rozay hottest nigga in the game, haters cant keep his name out they mouth and yet they the first ones bumpin the classic GFID. Ross is boss in Miami. Yall niggas sayin shit bout Ross aint never been to the MIA. Ross get big ups in this town and more relevant here than Trick Daddy. Dumb niggas if u aint in Miami STFU cuz Ross big time down here in the south. Bawse!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • rick74

    Where is MC Shy-D when you need him?

  • JT

    Why the hell is this shit causing so much controversy anyway. Niggas feelings get hurt by the smallest thing. Wayne wasn't dissin Miami he was the dissing the Heat. Niggas need to stop hating. Either way like its gonna matter to Wayne. He keep getting his money, while yall niggas and Trick Daddy stay broke.

    • Anonymous

      It must've mattered if he had to get on stage and throw a hissy fit because he wasn't acknowledged by some dude? ya boy Wayne was butt hurt and made an emotional statement like a bitch in front of his enablers like yourself. Here's another jewel, getting money does not hide bitchassness same goes for bitch niggas with a badge or authority if you can't see past glitter then you a bitch too they like shine over substance.

  • chaos

    this site is full of wack ass,cyber gangbangers lol

  • Anonymous

    from reading these posts you can tell who the young punks are lol trick and luke are legends in miami they have the right to speak out against someone who was being disrespectful to the place they call home william and khaled wont say shit because they want a wayne feature on their new albums

  • trick daddy

    I am so irrelevant in hip hop culture I have to make a fake beef up with Lil Wayne and other rappers so I can fuck Birdman and have at least one person think I'm not a bitch ass trick.

  • dentaldamboy


  • dentaldamboy

    HAHAHAHHAAHA. What a bunch of clowns! Uncle Luke and Trick Daddy have time to rant and rave about Wayne criticizing the Heat? That's how you know these two old dudes are BROKE and UNEMPLOYED. I'm sure there are on OBAMA's welfare line. Luther and Maurice don't run Miami and never did. No one in the city gives a shit about them. They are a bunch of has-beens. Ross runs Miami, and he's been boys with Wayne fromt the start. Luther was right...Miami loves Wayne, but they don't care about Uncle Luke or Trick Daddy. These two clowns need to STFU. Birdman is a 5 star general in the blood army...he'll dispatch a few soldiers to deal with this.

    • anonymous prime

      maybe he really does work for cash money as an accountant. they dont pay their artists, producers or pay to clear samples so thats why he has nothing to do but post stupid comments on the internet all day!

    • Anonymous

      dentaldamboy does not.. i repeat does not work for Ronald and Brian Williams

    • @dentaldamboy

      Everything you say is BULLSHIT!! You're a 19 year old white boy high school drop-out who pretends to be black and lives in his parents' basement in the suburbs listening to nothing but YMCMB, jacking off to gay porn, and trolling HipHopDX. You're a troll with no life.

    • Anonymous

      The guy up from me sounds like an uncle Tom, you are the reason why as a people we are not progressing as a collective. Being scared of the ghetto and running from your own kind is nothing to bragg about, be a positive influence. Nobody wants to here your propagand,a be a positive influence instead of trying to assimilate yourself into white society

    • dentaldamboy

      @gamestwin Why would I spend my time in an economically and culturally repressed area of Miami? I worked hard in school, got a partial scholarship to LSU, graduated with honors, and I am now an accountant for Cash Money Records. I didn't put my race down on the application because I wanted to know that I was admitted on merit, not based on affirmative action. When I travel to Miami, I visit South Beach, Bal Harbor, Sunny Isles, Brickle. There is nothing great about living in the ghetto. You have been listening to Jay-Z too long. Poverty is a bad thing. Get off the welfare line and get a job.

    • Gamestwin


    • dentaldamboy

      Pac was shot in NYC too, and that's where he was living at the time. That doesn't make Pac any less of a legend. As a matter of fact, Pac was unable to RIP until Wayne dropped Carter I...then he knew the rap game was in good hands.

    • anon

      he ain't gotta crown. Everybody knows he's a fake ass gangster cop wannabe. When people are taking shots at you in your home city, you know you ain't on top of nothin. Pac was shot in vegas, biggie in los angeles. Neither of them would worry about shit if they were in they home town. MMG's five minutes is up, Wayne's time been up, and cash money is about to go bellow up. Get off that dickriding train while you can dental.

    • dentaldamboy

      People always take shots at the crown. Luckily Ross always has that thang cocked.

    • Anonymous

      LOL @ Ross runs Miami. is that why they was shooting at him on his fucking birthday in the city he apparently runs. only thing Ross runs is a few Wingstops

  • atta boy

    Finally, a true Miami OG reps the way it is supposed to be!

  • Anonymous

    Uncle Luke , tRick now wanna make Florida the middle east or what , and what he mean by they rap on there beats anyway I'm sure either of the 2 watch the miami heats matches, home and away they just wanna cause shit , let shit rest UNCLES !!!

    • Duval County

      Where do u think French Montana feat. Wayne's " dont stop pop that" came from???? the original belongs to Luke and 2live crew................ smh

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