Young Jeezy Denies Allegations In $5 Million Lawsuit

Young Jeezy says he doesn't even know the man suing him for millions.

A man has claimed responsibility for helping kick-start Young Jeezy's career - and is seeking to be paid for it.

TMZ reports that Ellerbee Demetrius sued Jeezy for $5 million last year, claiming that he helped form a number of record companies and assisted with the release of multiple mixtapes together.

Demetrius even claims to have executive produced Jeezy's Def Jam studio albums.

Despite the fact that Demetrius claims to have known Jeezy since 1995, Jeezy denies ever having known the man.

In recent legal documents Jeezy denies Demetrius' claims that the two were best friends, that the two formed record companies together, or that the two entered into agreements to share half of the profits.

The case is currently pending.

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  • PhillyMu

    Yo I HATE situations like this! I could see if there was a grey area to dispute over, but one is saying they knew each other since '95 and the other is saying they NEVER knew each other. Somebody is lying their ass off. If the dude that's suing doesn't have anything on paper to prove his claims, Jeezy gets out of this pretty easily

  • KeepItOnehunna

    Damn Jeezy why you have to pulll a rick ross on us tho? You losing cred fam. It doesnt help the fact you been quiet on these streets. You letting Gucci get the majority of the market share, step it up.and this coming from a Jeezy supporter

  • Ricky Rozay

    Young sleezy the fake BMF gettin straight exposed by niggas. This nigga ungrateful, untalented and all the real niggas are comin at him. Whos fake now huh niggas? Bawse!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Anonymous

      word to gunplays chain! i hope ross bought him a new one for shooting up those restaurants to get his street cred up

  • Anonymous

    He shouts kinky b in his songs all the time.. Damn jeezy what the fuck happened bro your losing respect quick, if he's your boy you take care of family and if he's just being greedy then fuck em but it don't look good for you

  • Anonymous

    This dude claims to have been apart of Jeezy's success,no one knows the truth but those two,this guy better have his shit together because I can't believe him either.

  • KING865

    I hate to hear this!It's actually sad cause I F---S with the boy Jeezy. How will he explain this when the video from his latest CD is shown in court and he is detailing their relationship as co partners. DAMN Jeezy!!! 5 MILLION thats it? I thought that was spending money on Saturday nights give that nigga his bread. Rest of yall cats on here saying F Kink r CLOWNS. Stay out the streets! BUMS!!!

  • MXL

    Now he's denying even knowing Kink? Word? How do you explain this, then, Jeezy?

  • tha OG

    jeezy is the best raper out of tha ATL fuck kinky B bitch ass!!!

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