Too Short Addresses Trinidad James' Use Of  "I Luv" Sample On "All Gold Everything"

Too Short says he didn't even know that Trinidad James originally used his beat.

Trinidad James' "All Gold Everything" was one of the biggest hit records of 2012, helping to propel the rapper into the spotlight. But where did that hypnotizing beat come from?

In a recent interview with Vlad TV, Too Short sat down to talk about his song "I Luv," which is claimed to be slowed-down sample for Trinidad's "All Gold Everything." He says he didn't even know about the song until he looked up his own single.

"At one point I went to look up the video that's out now, the new version, and mine popped up right next to it so somebody knows something," Too Short said. "Fourteen years later I'm just checking it out and the 'All Gold Everything' song comes on and it was the first time I ever heard it and I was like, 'Whoa,' because it's very distinct."

Too Short says that he too got inspiration from music that was released before his time and is fine with Trinidad James using his song. "I can't tell you how many times I've turned to Parliament Funkadelic for inspiration and actually just outright and replayed or sampled a song," he said. "As long as we take care of everything properly it's all love."

The West Coast rapper most recently teamed with E-40 to release a pair of collaborative albums, History: Mob Music and History: Function Music. The former bowed at No. 71 and the latter at No. 62, selling 5,700 and 6,500 copies, respectively.

Watch the full video interview below (via Vlad TV).

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  • Anonymous

    He jacked an instrumental lol Wow. No one's ever done that before.

  • Anonymous

    "that finesse created with an oscar peterson sample and then sold it without giving lord finesse a dime!" But that wasn't even Finesse's beat to begin with. All this tit for tat stuff is silly and doesn't change the fact that rappers have been doing this forever. Rappers even take sound bytes from movies and put them in songs without paying the studios to use them. While it may be wrong from a business POV, it happens too much to just point the finger at Miller.

    • Anonymous

      Lord finesse took that sample without paying for the sample. That's what makes it significant

    • Anonymous

      What do you mean it wasn't his beat to begin with? Finesse made an ORIGINAL BEAT with a sample from another record, that's how hip-hop was born. Mac Miller didn't take a sound byte from a movie or tv show so stop talking about samples. This has nothing to do with samples. He jacked THE WHOLE FUCKING INSTRUMENTAL and went and sold it like he owned that shit without giving the creator a cent. Get over it. Mac lost. Now Donald Trump is coming for dat ass.

  • YEBO


    • ACe

      FUCK TRINIDAD JAMES. That dude is gay as fuck.

    • aactuly

      Well too short even said himself as long as everyhings taken care of properly he has no problem with it......and Mac Miller did not do that shit properly thats why Finesse sued him,,, both are legends. Lord Finesse even said himself that the pro era crew and JOey Badass coudl use any DITC beat they wantedwith no problem. how is that not helping out new rappers

  • Neazy

    It's not really a sample, more like an interpolation. TJ replayed his drums at a slower tempo and used different instruments. Short's still gonna get paid tho.

    • Anonymous

      Tj didnt make the beat. he got it from a free beats website online and it turned out to be a hit! i think they said he might have paid to lease it or sumthin

  • Anonymous

    Funny how you Finesse fans (all 3 of you) conveniently forget the fact he used an Oscar Peterson sample on Hip To Da Game, but didn't pay him. MM was only doing what Finesse has done himself. Go figure.


      except mac miller didnt sample lord finesse you fucktard. yeah its true that most classic hip hop records used samples. but mac miller jacked a whole fucking beat that finesse created with an oscar peterson sample and then sold it without giving lord finesse a dime! if lord finesse took a whole oscar peterson song and rhymed over it and sold it for profit you would have a valid point but thats now what happened... if mac miller used a lord finesse sample to create an original song it would be the same situation but he stole the whole beat and now he had to pay the price. END OF STORY

  • Yup

    Rappers nowadays know they don't have to put in the effort, because the fans'll buy it regardless. Check out Lord Finesse and Too Short, throwbacks to an era when hip-hop wasn't about attracting a new audience full of dumb pop listeners. Sampling outside of hip-hop allows for creativity, and genuine new twists on old songs. Nicking beats because you think your retarded fans won't have heard the original is theft. YOU'RE BEING CHEATED, PEOPLE.

  • Anonymous

    Short is soooo cold. What he saying low-key is "get at me, young fella. We need to holleancr." Short's not running a charity. And you can best believe Daz will expect to get paid --Daz is about his money. And yes, Finesse is a legend in this here game.

  • X Drop BOMBS Like Nagasaki

    I ain't even a Short fan, but dude get mad love cuz he a double og fo real. He ain't got time to focus on some new fag. Fuck all them new industry ho's, niggas and bitches. Real rap 1990 - 2002. Anybody born in the 90's and not paying dues, fuck you and yo mommas. Industry fed gay-ass fags. Tight jean wearing little girl appealing lollipop toe-licking, feeling catching, emo, watered down gangsta rap appreciating dumb fucks..I'm outies.

    • Anonymous

      Fuck you you one of them old 90s, showing your butt crack low jean wearing, broke crackhead looking, got 5 kids you cant take care of, food stamp section 8 living, gay ass niggas

  • Anonymous

    Huh?.... shut your fucking swagger face!!!

  • Fuck Oakland

    Someone please give him the Nobel Prize for Oldest Nigga In The World.

  • redtom

    Too Short is O.G. He ain't even trippin.

  • asher1985

    too short is the man! whoever that faggot that sued mac miller is needs to take notes

    • Anonymous

      finesse said mac could use it on a FREE mixtape, then he went and started selling it online and making money off it you fucking moron. finesse didnt say he could sell it without paying him a dime. how fucking hard is that to understand???? miller was on some shady ass shit and they why finesse got paid. mac miller and his people knew they would lose in court so they settled.

    • ok

      finesse told mac miller he could use the beat.. what do rappers make raps for.. for the love of it and the most SO, what else did finesse think mac was gonna do with the song hes puttin out.. make money! which is macs job..then out nowhere finesse sues him and to be 100. i NEVER heard of finesse before this whole thing..must be a 40 and up crowd werd and this situation is diff. bec T. james didnt even ask too short. no convo nothing. thats assuming T.james even knew the sample was used

    • The education system has failed you

      "As long as we take care of everything properly it's all love." ^ did you see this? That means Short is telling them they have to PAY him. Mac Miller made MONEY off of Lord Finesse's beat. He TOURED, SOLD, and has MILLIONS of You Tube Views on THAT SONG! You get MONEY off of views getting those numbers! The PROOF is OUT THERE! Do you REALLY think none of these rappers got permission before using samples? WTF is wrong with you people? Y'all ENJOY being STUPID. You GO AHEAD and let someone take your instrumentals or work without giving you credit, thinking that's "paying homage". You sound like an IDIOT! "the song went triple platinum but it's okay they took my beat, they're paying homage". WHO ARE YOU? HOW WILL YOU GET MORE WORK IF NOBODY KNOWS WHO YOU ARE? That's HOW STUPID YOU SOUND! That's why they have LAWS to protect YOU, and you idiots STILL choose to let them ROB YOU!

    • Anonymous

      if you cant see the difference between using a sample to create an original piece of music and jacking that whole original piece of music you have no intelligence. if mac wasnt selling it no one would have cared or sued. mac lost. finesse got paid. thats means even his lawyer knew they couldn't win in court.

    • Watch God Show And Prove The Black Man Rules

      Y'all silly silly niggas fail to realize Lord Finesse's beat was BASED AROUND A SAMPLE ITSELF, so he was not in the position of suing Mac Miller.

    • Anonymous

      yes miller put the song on a mixtape but they were selling it online too. this wasnt some freestyle over a beat. finesse had every right to sue him miller paid him because he knew he would lose in court

    • Goero

      i see where everyone is coming from but hopp off everyones dicks... Lord Finesse shouldnt of sued Mac, how many emcees use instrumentals of old joints they used to blast... he put the shit on a mixtape, he wasnt trying to straight jack the song, he was paying homage in my eyes.. He didnt make big bucks off that single song, it just pushed his name.. Quit worrying about other niggas life and worry about yours. I respect Finesse he is a legend, but dude was just trying to make a quick buck plain and simple.. I wouldnt mind if someone took an instrumental from one of my songs cuz in the end they are still 2 different songs..

    • Anonymous

      The article clearly states Too-Short says "As long as we take care of everything properly it's all love."You muhfuckas need to learn how to read...

    • Constantly Gettin Highah

      Guess you are talking about Lord Finesse AKA the Living Legend.

    • Anonymous

      ^^ thanks captain obvious!! no one here said he didnt you fuck boy so what point were you trying to make beast coast?

    • Beast Coast

      It was lord finesse who sued miller you big bitch

    • Anonymous

      far from butthurt! just tired of yall bitches sticking up for mac miller and dissing finesse without any knowledge of the situation. it wasnt a sample, he jacked a whole beat and sold the song!

    • Anonymous

      ^^ BUTT HURT^^

    • Anonymous

      theres a big difference moron! mac miller stole a whole beat without permission and proceeded to sell it for a profit YOU FAGGOT!

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