Jim Jones Arrested Near Home For Disorderly Conduct

Jim Jones was arrested near his New Jersey home earlier today for disorderly conduct.

Harlem, New York rapper Jim Jones was arrested earlier today near his home in Fair Lawn, New Jersey.

According to a report from the Fair Lawn-Saddle Brook Patch, the Diplomats alum was arrested earlier today outside his New Jersey home. Jones was apparently charged with disorderly conduct and obstruction involving two outstanding warrants for his arrest.

Sgt. James Corcoran was responding to a parking complaint over Jones' snowbound vehicle, which was illegally parked in front of his residence. After Jones approached the officer, Sgt. Corcoran ran his name through a police database and found two warrants for his arrest involving an auto vehicle violation and failure to remove snow from his sidewalk. 

The report indicates that Jones "got out of line" with the officer, denying the warrants' existence and refusing to travel to the police headquarters to settle the warrants. As a result, the Dipset emcee was taken into police custody.

Lt. Derek Bastinck of the Fair Lawn Police Department explained that residents with outstanding warrants of this nature are given the chance to comply with police and pay the necessary fines at the station. If they refuse, however, they are to be taken into police custody.

"If [people with oustanding warrants] agree, we'll just have them come down and pay what they owe, but if they don't agree, they're placed under arrest," Bastinck said.

This isn't the first time Jim Jones has been arrested for an auto-related issue. Last February, the rapper was arrested for driving with a suspended drivers liscense in New York City.

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  • Marvin gay

    I heard max b has been raped in prison. Multiple times too THat aint wavy

  • Lex

    Jim Jones is a 32 year gangbanging fool. He was only acting tough because all the cameras was on him. Yet when it comes to street-dudes we all know Jimmy is dead sex! #TruLife.

  • poppa large


  • Money First

    Anytime you can get a warrant for failure to remove snow you are truly living in a state of martial law....THATS SUPER BULLSHIT!!!! Wake up people!

  • Anonymous

    jim you better move that snow man! im sick of telling yo punk ass man. blocking up the side walk n shit, lazy bastard clean that up man. shit!! punk ass mother fucker you better move that snow mother fucka

  • Fuck Harlem

    Next week: "Juelz Santana Shot Dead By The NYPD After Trying To Rob A Bakery".

  • Anonymous

    fucking what!! they arrested him for not shoveling snow off his driveway now thats gangster!! probably gonna give him 25 to life for that shit!

  • Judge Dredd

    They arrested him for illegally parking in front of his residence, not shovelling his driveway and "getting out of line." How the fuck is a pig coming to my house for illegally parking my snow covered car in or around my driveway then giving me shit about not shovelling my said driveway? Then expect me to not get "out of line"........???? They obviously wanted to fuck with Jimmy because he's black, a celebrity, rich, a rich black celebrity.

    • Divine Ass Nigga

      "a rich black celebrity". Don't get it twisted, I guarantee you no one other than Hip Hop fans even know who the fuck Jim Jones is. He ain't that famous.

    • Anonymous

      you have clearly never owned a home in a lot of cities and communities you are responsible for removing the snow from the sidewalk in front of your home and if you dont you can get fined. and parking your shit on the street after a big snowstorm makes it difficult for the workers who are trying to clear the streets. there is often by laws about parking on the street during certain hours in the winter.

  • anon

    this nigga went from ballin to parking tickets.


    Gangstas dont shovel snow but they do push blow in a blizzard

  • Anonymous

    When will black men learn to settle their business? Why would you want your inability to take care of business to hamper your quality of life? Men need to be men and stop acting like kids. That is all.

    • Anonymous

      Then you should be a man and sop acting like it's only Blacks who can't handle business. All of those foreclosures surely can't be for the Blacks, don't they all live in urban, ghetto hoods?

  • Yeah

    failure to remove snow from his sidewalk. LOOOOOOOL, THAT'S WHAT WE CALL A BADASS GANGSTER!

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