Freddie Gibbs Says Split With Young Jeezy Wasn't Amicable

Freddie Gibbs explains that he was better off on his own than being signed to Young Jeezy's CTE imprint.

Freddie Gibbs became a free agent once again after splitting from Young Jeezy's CTE label in December 2012. Speaking with The Morning Riot (via FSD), Gangsta Gibbs now says that his departure from the imprint was not amicable and that he was better off building his own career than "wasting time pushing someone else's brand."

"I can't really say it was amicable. I could just say that we agreed to disagree. We definitely disagreed," he said. "The guy moves in a different way that I move, and I just wanted to branch out and do my own thing. I felt like I was wasting time pushing someone else's brand when I could push my own and do my own thing. Because that's was what he was concerned with, pushing Jeezy. So I gotta be concerned with pushing Gibbs."

The Gary, Indiana native said that signing with a major rapper often satisfies others who are simply happy to be part of their movement. But Gibbs said that isn't his style and that he wishes that people were "true to their word" in the game.

"I think a lot of guys just do be happy being down with these Rap guys, but that just isn't me. Like I said, I earned my stripes in this game. I don't think that he knew what he was getting into and things of that nature. It was just a learning experience. I look at it like that. I just wish that guys would be true to their word in this game. If I tell you I'ma do something, then I'ma do it. You got a lot of these guys in this game proclaiming to be the realest, this and that. But when it all comes down to it, they not handling they business correctly. Because it's like this, man. If we doing things in the street and you do me bogus, it might end up with you getting handled. So since we not in the street, you feel like you can play with my money on this Rap side and there ain't gon' be no repercussions? Nah man. You not gon' play with me like that. So to nip all of that in the bud, I just stepped off and did my thing."

Gibbs, who built his buzz on the mixtape circuit, signed with Jeezy in April 2011. Since then, he has mostly released mixtape projects and failed to deliver his CTE debut. In December, he revealed that he was a "free agent" in postings on Twitter. He is currently gearing up for a few releases including Cocaine Piñata with Madlib.

Listen to the full interview below.

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  • kp zone 6

    young let dem get the own money look at slick pulla jeezy not geting anything on his body of evidence album thats all him and his team

  • kp zone 6

    one question who knew gibbs b4 he signed to cte world. now they talking bout him on all these site pushing his music. who put him in the light so we could even has this argument o yea that nigga young. just saying

  • ETK

    I don't fucks as much with Gibbs' music, but he sounds like an intelligent but street nigga. the way he explained his stance and his going back to independent was some real shit. going from this article alone, some major labels probably wouldn't feel all that easy fuckin around with him. they still could, but they'd have to really keep it cool I hope he has the budget/production to go indie to be honest, but if not AR will do.

  • 219rr

    listen to scary gary,respect my g,drugs,BOXFRAME caddillac,and Im back,if you dont think Gibbs is one of the best out their right now no bullshit,but hes not willing to watch jeezy try to revitalize his own career while he sits in the shadows fuck that,Gibbs should either go towards aftermath or try to recruit on his shit

  • PadreBlack

    Jeezy had the slick ad-libs and decent rhymes but as far as a boss Freddie should have known. Look no further than Blood Raw and Slick Pulla and you can see you will never go anywhere unless you're Jeezy with CTE

  • Anonymous

    Ya'll some temporary ass fans man! Rewind 5 years, if an article about Jeezy came out there would be Jeezy stans calling you all kinda broke haters, or whatever. I'm watching you MMG, YMCMB fans, see you in 5 years.

  • escomillions/escoveli

    Freddie Gibbs is done , CTE is Done , Jeezy is done any questions? Next article about relevant characters in the game, please!

    • Anonymous

      nigga Jeezy outsold ya nigga Ross so actually MMG DONE, YMCMB besides Drake been long done (RIP Nicki Garbage), NEXT!

  • D Claat

    Shiet... Having hear Gibbs over Madlib beats his ass should just sign with StonesThrow. Wolf gives creative freedom to his artist, ergo Gibbs should not find anything to bitch about over there...unless he wants them big paychecks, I guess. Haha, Freddie Gibbs on StonesThrow = a wonderful....crash.

  • ATLienG

    Fuck Jeezy, dude got protection from Meech and is a bitch without him. Jeezy used to catch fades right, left, and center in Macon

  • rideonemjixxer

    Him signing with Jeezy never made sense to me. He raps circles around Jeezy. Does anyone even listen to Jeezy anyway? Gibbs is a talented dude. Hopefully he finds the right place for him to shine.

  • Bizzalls

    GIbbs should sign with 50. Straight up. Or Aftermath. He's too real, and can rap too good to be not be on a major. I"m saying for NOW, he should be on a major so he can gain more fans and drop a major label debut. He's too good to just stay in the underground. He should be on top.


    Blood Raw a.k.a. Mr. Florida left CTE. Freddie Gibbs gone now too. Actions speak louder than words!



  • Sco*

    CTE is a joke as a label. In the past 8 years NO artist has ever released a solo album other than Jeezy. No compilations/no solos/no nathin'. He doesn't even sign artists whom he believes will outshine him.

    • Anonymous

      bloodraw dropped and album but what artist did he sign that had any kind of potential to be successful?????gibbs? slick pulla? 211? lmao tone trump?? these dudes are tax write offs

  • Curtis "The Snitch" Jackson

    Hmmmm lets see... Rozay got Wale n Meek(Both on the top 10 hottest MCs List for 2012) album off to the charts...Got Gunplay a direct deal with Def Jam...Got Stalley n Omarion on the Compilation album (The album got releaased so he has got a say with his parent label)Lets see Young Cheesy...sorry i meant Young Jeezey...sorry lets see CTE aint got no album...the most promising act left the lable coz Cheesy..#damn it# i meant Jeezey tried to play him...Hmmmm Lets see 50 cent got Yayo and Banks dropped from Interscope...signed some washed up tranny lookin suspect chic from NY...No buzz...signed some other retarded rapper from the south whats his name the guy with the bby mama reality TV...shit aint poppin...Curtis cant release his album to save his life...Interscope done black balled him(he aint got a say even for his own album)...... A BOSS IS ONE WHO GUARANTEE WE GON EAT....BAAAAWWWWSSSEEEE!!!

    • Anonymous

      lloyd banks sold more with one album than ross, wale, meek, and the 2nd mmg compilation sold last year combined....n those dudes already had a buzz when ross scooped em up but where's torch? where's young breed? where's magazeen? where's duce pound? we'll see where mmg is by the end of the year

    • Anonymous

      Only thing you showed me with that synopsis is that you have no life.

    • Officer Ricky

      that mtv top 10 hottest mc's list of 2012 clearly don't mean shit!! kendrick lamar wasn't on it and he outsold everyone who was including rick ross, wale and meek mill so whats up? p.s. ross was seen snitching to his fellow officers after that fake shooting, then he hid his face behind a newpaper when he left the restaurant cause he knew he was doing some bitch ass shit

  • Ricky Rozay

    Lmao niggas who were ridin on Jeezy dick now seein that nigga for what he really is, a fake bitch ass nigga who dont give a fuck bout gettin anyone else on but him. First it was proven this nigga was never BMF and now Gibbs revealin that bitch ass nigga to be a fake. Bawse!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


      I aint rly gona speak on that, we just gona keep it movin, keep grindin - wale out mekmilay out auuuuuuuuufghhh! NEW MAYBACH OUT! _ the real rick ross

    • Anonymous

      damn you're right! i saw the name and just assumed you were dickriding again like always. you just used his name and catch phrase this time. but you're still in every 50 cent and jeezy article hating on them just cause they had beef with your idol.

    • @2nd Anonymous

      Nigga where in the post did I mention Ross. Did yall niggas even read? Bawse!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Anonymous

      this kid goes into every thread talking about ross when he has nothing to do with the article! you're just making rick ross and his fans looks pathetic with all this shit man, cut it out

    • Anonymous

      but your not Ricky Rozay...the irony....

  • nice

    to be honest, from the start, it was always better that gibbs was out doing his own thing.

  • Anonymous

    A shame... 'Do It For You' and 'Sittin Low' are classics. Hope they can squash it and collab in the future.

  • Lexxie Ryan

    I've been a huge Jeezy fan from the jump but here in 2012 and 2013 its been Gibbs>Jeezy all day. This guy has been making some of the best free music peroid.

  • Anonymous

    Boss is one who guarantee we gone eat lmao jeezy a fuck nigga

  • Anonymous

    He came at allot of people in this interview lol

  • Money First

    Gibbs definitely should have kept on his original path. He had a diverse audience and when I saw him on Carson Daley's show it was evident he was building a good fan base and branding himself...He had a live band and he was doing the damn thing..Get back to being that guy!!!

    • Anonymous

      freddie gibbs aint gon amount to shit... he never gonna be nothin but another mixtape rapper who gets "buzz" when he drops a new tape but never has any album/single/anything to look out for afterwards

  • What

    Real nigga do for self Period, not riding around with the next nigga playing number to that WEAK and WAX

  • Fuck The South

    LOL This old ass shit happened last year. Fuck Freddie Gibbs for bringing this up and by the way Young Jeezy said it WAS amicable and I take Young Jeezy's word more serious than Gibbs'.

    • matt

      the thing is, when you do interviews, people ask you questions and then you answer them. you dont just randomly bring shit up. unless you are crazy like some rappers and just ramble.

  • Assassin221

    Indiana stand up!

  • tittie

    freddie's smart ass fuck in interviews

  • Anonymous

    he should just sign to madlib and put out some heat does madlib still have a label or is it just for his own releases?

    • Yo


    • Anonymous

      "Madlib Invazion an independent hip hop record label started by Los Angeles based hip-hop producer, DJ and multi-instrumentalist Madlib. It has been the main label for Madlib's releases for the past few years as he has moved releasing his material from Stones Throw to Madlib Invazion." "So far, there have been 13 releases under the album series and two hip hop EPs with rapper Freddie Gibbs titled Thuggin' and Shame." --- SO NOW WHOS THE DUMBASS??? GUESS I WAS RIGHT! AND HE ALREADY PUT OUT 2 EPs WITH GIBBS.

    • Beast Coast

      Hes in Stone Throws Records you dumbass, its an independent label..people are pretty much free to release what they want..Gibbs is already part of an independent label. Its his choice, its better being independent and not let others fuck with his creativity. He can make money either way, but since he has a fan base already built independent wise he can make it on his own.

  • 614grind

    Gibbs is nice. I don't know why all these established guys do free mix tapes. Just do a 5-6 song EP with original FINISHED music and sell it for a few bucks. The more you give your shit away, the more you devalue your art. You basically sayin your shit ain't worth spendin' a penny on. Then you wonder why fans think you supposed to beg them to listen to you. You've trained them to think that!

  • Anonymous

    Not everyone was born to be a label boss

  • geez

    freddie gibbs needs stop trying to bring that street shit into business. we get it, you're from the streets. now act your age and do business properly. fucking stupid

  • Jorne Cotto

    Rozay - 1 Jeezy - 0 Ross is a better CEO and rapper.

  • Young Lou

    I believe Gangsta Gibbs cause every Jeezy interview don't make sense. I aint taking sides cause it don't affect me but how JEEZY gonna say he "starting from scratch" on a new label when you have an incredible artist like FREDDIE GIBBS already signed? I understand why GUCCI MANE ain't trying to keep the peace with him either because JEEZY has a split personality. He got mad at DJ DRAMA for no reason.

    • hustlahh

      u rite with that one brah, big jeezy fan, but fuck u gonna say gonna start scratch, not to mention ur whole fukin label cte sucks dogs ass, gibbs was the only ray of light he had!!!, im glad he gave my nigga the chance to shine doe

  • Anonymous

    good man, i fux with gibbs... jeezy was just holding dude back. 2013 will be a better for gibbs!

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