Gospel Songwriters Sue Dr. Dre, Jay-Z & Rick Ross Over "3 Kings"

Jay-Z, Rick Ross & Dr. Dre are being sued by Clara Shephard Warrick and Jimmy Lee Weary over a sample on "3 Kings."

Gospel songwriters are suing Rick Ross, Dr. Dre and Jay-Z over a sample on "3 Kings." Of course, the lawsuit, which was filed by Clara Shepherd Warrick and Jimmy Lee Weary, also names producer Jake One and Universal Music Group. 

Warrick and Weary own the rights to 1976's "I’m So Grateful (Keep In Touch)." They say that the lawsuit is about more than just the sample but also about how it connects them to a song that is against their values. 

“The video includes very graphic depictions of drug use, vulgarity, nudity, gun violence, criminal conduct, actions demeaning to women and many other items that are certainly inconsistent with Plaintiffs’ wishes for how Plaintiffs’ song would be portrayed,” the lawsuit says, according to All Hip Hop.

They even believe that giving Ross a Grammy for his work with the song would cause "irreparable harm" for their brand "worldwide." 

“Once the Grammy Awards are broadcast, the listeners will be alerted to existence of Plaintiffs song, at which time it will be subjected worldwide to irreparable harm of being linked to defendant’s song.”

Weary is listed on Rick Ross' album as a writer of the song. However, Weary says he was never contacted for permission. He also says he was not paid for his work. As a result, Warrick and Weary are suing for copyright infringement, unfair trade practices, unfair competition by misappropriation, conversion and unjust enrichment.

"3 Kings" originally made headlines for pairing three of the biggest names in Hip Hop. With Dr. Dre, Jay-Z and Rick Ross on one track, the song generated interest once it was announced. Many other emcees, including Brother Ali, have also remixed the song, which was produced by Jake One. 

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  • Anonymous

    "Couldn't get Jay-Z or Dre to come out and film a video for the most anticipated song on the album" Jay's been on alot of songs that weren't memorable. This was one of them. Makes no sense then to film an expensive video when it's clear all three didn't bring their A game. Would have been a waste of time.

  • Mac Miller

    I didn't steal this one.

  • Anonymous

    no one would ever fucking care about these people after hearing the song, let alone know who the fuck they were

    • Anonymous

      Jake one is known

    • Anonymous

      it doesnt matter. you still need permission to use a sample and have to pay to use it unless you dont get caught. and ross got caught! ask mac miller how that worked out for him (even though he jacked a whole beat and it wasnt just a sample)

  • Anonymous

    I can't believe rappers still aren't clearing samples these days.

  • jscot

    Well IF you used a sample of someones song or voice that would qualify them as one of the writers right? If they went through the right channels with the publishing company then they wouldnt have to ask this guys for his permission. All work is done through the publishing company and if you dont want your work used or sampled by other parties then you should own your own publishing.

  • Anonymous

    aint no stopping the fraud machine rick ross

  • fun

    funny how it says in album booklet, used be permission, must be some cross wires somewhere and why they always take so long, he only doing it because it grammy time, maybe he got a heads up ross is going win

    • Anonymous

      The first guy had it right

    • Anonymous

      the booklet may say they had permission but the artist says he was never contacted for permission or paid for the use of the sample. shady business. and ross aint winning no grammy until they make a category for fakest guys in rap.

  • Anonymous

    Once again this is a legal issue, they used a sample without permission and didnt compensate the original songwriters/vocalists.. stop stealing someone elses creativity to create bullshit

  • Anonymous

    So not content with the free publicity, and being credited (and therefore recieving royalties), they want more... I honestly think they need to lighten up. If it were anyone but Ross I'd be shocked, but he kind-of deserves this.

  • Anonymous

    correction,,, rick ross and jake-one will have to pick up da tab for dis one,,,, i cant see jay z or dre paying shit!! dis song is on rick ross album and between him and da producer they shoulda got dat shit cleared

    • Anonymous

      i dont even think it should be on the producer its the labels responsibility to clear the samples before they release the album so it should be on ross and his label


    Lol, there just gonna pay it and keep it moving, they got enough money to cover it.

  • jerryc

    Such bullshit man. These guys will most likely profit from this song, not have a hurt image. No one listens to a rap song that uses a sample and relates the original songwriters to the rapper who raps on it. I dont think otis reddings image has been ruined by kanye using his songs, nor will this gospel group. If anything this will bring their group attention and money

    • The Decatur ATL BOI

      If you use another person's work, said person should get paid. Simple as that. Try to take a Michael Jackson song and see what happens. So Jerryc, if I use something of yours and make a couple of million off of it, you're saying by your statement that you would be alright if you receive nothing right? SHEEEIIIAT! Clear the sample and pay the people.

  • @50CENT

    officer down again lmao

    • nakazi

      50Cent has 2 luv the attention ross is gettin since u where suspect of being an informer urself the day u took over the game bt luv yall rappers reguaurdless

  • adsfg

    1st off clear your samples! You claim to have alot of money, at least pay the money to clear them. As far as the video is concerned, no comment.

    • Anonymous

      LOL that video that video was weak as fuck! Couldn't get Jay-Z or Dre to come out and film a video for the most anticipated song on the album. FAIL


    Nobody would've even known where the sample came from if they didn't bitch about it. Churches aren't so innocent and great either, between genocide, bribes and child molestation.

    • Anonymous

      What churches do or have done or not knowing where the sample came from doesn't justify not clearing a sample. They know where it came from.

  • GoReadABook

    they shoulda made the song about molesting children instead....then the lawsuit wouldn't've acted like dudes weren't just trying to get paid

  • Anonymous

    shoulda cleared that sample William! another L for the so called Untouchable Maybach Music empire

  • WhiteBoy

    Translates to read: We wanna get paid!

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