Universal Records To Release Cassette Tapes Of Notorious B.I.G., Jay-Z

Universal Records will now be making a slew of Hip Hop albums available in cassette format for prison inmates.

It appears that a number of Hip Hop classics will soon be made available on cassette tape format.

According to a recent press release, Universal Records has signed a deal with Sendapackage.com to release a number of classic Hip Hop LPs in cassette tape format. The deal will help provide prison inmates with access to new and old music.

Sendapackage, which is an online store that helps provide prison inmates in New York with care packages, also spoke to the L.O.X. veteran Jadakiss about the deal.

"Big shout out to Universal for that [deal with Sendapackage.com], and definitely a big shout out to all the correctional facilities," Jada said. "That's one of my biggest markets. I make a lot of music for the inmates, so it's beautiful that they're able to get it on cassette and really absorb and listen to it…I'm sending packages [to inmates] all the time. Sometimes it's difficult 'cus they send third parties to get the money, and sometimes you get up in jail and some things can't get accepted, this and that - there's always a lot of discrepancies…Sendapackage makes everything much easier."

As of now, Universal plans to re-release albums from the likes of the Notorious B.I.G., Jay-Z, 50 Cent, Young Jeezy and others. The label will also make new albums from a variety of Hip Hop and R&B acts available.

Check out the full interview with Jadakiss below.

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  • Make1

    this shit makes no sense. I like cassette tapes but why aim it at prison inmates? it's as if these record companies are looking to exploit the little bit of money these inmates do make. I am all for cassette's and vinyl, I like the way that companies such as getondown are releasing cassette tapes, but for a company such as Universal Records to say they are targeting inmates particularly makes me a little unease. as "Tha White Man" has suggested, it seems like companies are aiming to make prison/jail stay's a comfy thing. I wont support Universal Records in no way with this bullshit, and I actually want cassette tapes of Big and Jay but fuck universal.

  • Tha white man

    That's pathetic anything to make a dollar lets make jail time more comfy I'm done with this race for money and the racial apathy and motivation given to these so called men of god. The black prophets will recognize real when the time comes. World of war and rampage driven body blobs will incarcerate your mind like the men that give you music. Music nazis are running rampant. Open your eyes futile zombie machismo drones.

  • Anonymous

    I'm surprised they aren't releasing a bunch of Mos Def and Brother Ali tapes to try and make then reform, ahahaha.

  • j. Cash

    Damn, I got crunk for a sec. Thought they were droppin some unreleased tracks and was just being nostalgic with the cassette tapes... disappointed. Pretty kool for the inmates though.

  • jase

    pretty cool. cds not allowed in prison. they can be used as a weapon where as a cassette is pretty safe. so that is why people. i speak from experience.

  • Anonymous

    The biggie shit makes sense because everything he put out was on a different level... Jay had about 8 albums of shit and was basically a nobody till he got UGK to feature and was shit on by Nas....

    • -

      this guy obviously didn't live through the era. probably just read a comment from some other retard

    • boss1@w.org

      he won a grammy before the ugk feature you dumbass. and his albums are consistent. he helped ugk's career not the other way around. ugk was only big in the south.

  • dan heil

    come on. even prisons have cd players, most of them at least.

  • Crown223

    I'm definite copping that!!! Y'all should check out www.thegrandreport.com too, they usually have some good reads on there

  • Anonymous

    Like people still don't have cassette decks and actual cassette tapes at home. Kids need to grow up and stop wanting to talk trash all the time.

  • Anonymous

    more music that promotes criminals...

    • Anonymous

      And you're actually that stupid to think every single inmate wants "shank" music. There are Mu-sa-lims in jail that want conscious music. Women are in jail too. You clowns revel in ignorance like a pig does mud.

    • Anonymous

      ^^ Cosign, ain't no Kendrick Lamar there. No one in jail listens to The Roots or that cute ass Nation of Islam rap of the 90's. That so-called conscious shit is absent.

    • Jay

      No but your trying to tell me the Big Jamaal in lock-up is listening to the Roots and edifying rap music? Doubt it, probably violence-promoting "rap"

    • Anonymous

      To you and the other two idiots below, if they want The Roots, Kendrick Lamar, Big KRIT or Nas' last album does that perpetuate violence? Stupid ass kids.

  • Berr

    This brings the prison industrial complex to a whole other level, fuck universal Nazi fucking fascist pigs

  • Anonymous

    Yeah... help promote shank music in the bing. Help keep criminals in that mindstate.

  • nopy again

    Could they please just let Big finally rest in peace. I hate when record companies use dead artists. If they can assure us fans that the money would go to his son, every last dime on it, than I would buy and support it.

  • Anonymous

    i read this headline and was like who the fuck still listens to cassette tapes then i saw it was for inmates!

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