Luther "Luke" Campbell Warns Rick Ross To "Squash Beefs" Or "Go Out Like Tupac"

2 Live Crew's Luther "Luke" Campbell writes a letter warning Rick Ross to stop "rapping about being something you're not."

There have been times when Luther "Luke" Campbell has gone by Uncle Luke. Now, the man behind the 2 Live Crew is taking that uncle approach to provide some advice for Rick RossIn a recent Miami New Times blog post about Ross, Luke wrote that the MMG star needs to calm down before he gets killed. 

In his post, Luke decided to write a letter to Ross, explaining why he needs to pump the brakes. 

"As someone who survived several Rap beefs, I'm going to give you some advice," the letter begins. "All this gangster bullshit is jeopardizing your career. No club or arena is going to risk people getting shot. You can forget about doing any tours or CD signings. And if you can't make money, watch how fast Warner Bros. Records turns on you. I know from experience how venues and the music industry would like to black ball you." 

Luke continued writing, explaining that Ross' enemies are causing him to have extra security or perhaps even his own arms. 

"It's a shame you can't enjoy life without spending part of your earnings on heavy security or risking your freedom by purchasing an arsenal. Remember, that's what landed T.I. and Lil Wayne in prison. You don't want that to happen to you. However, those are the consequences of rapping about being something you're not."

According to Luke's letter, he's concerned for Ross' life.

"Every gangster rapper takes on the role of a real hood legend to build up street cred. But I don't want you to fall into the trap of believing you are really a gangster. Trust me, you don't want to go out like Biggie Smalls or Tupac. It's time you squash your beefs."

Rick Ross has received several death threats in the past. Police have been investigating these threats for some time. His safety has also been jeopardized. Recently, Ross crashed his Rolls Royce vehicle while escaping a shooting attack

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  • Anonymous

    "its well documented that 50 had everyone in his hood selling crack for him" Well Ross had everyone selling Cheeseburgers for him. Top that Curtis lol

  • Anonymous

    Dont say on the beat(or press) what u wouldnt say in the street..coz face-2-face nigga never said nothing to me.... BAWSE!!!!

  • To Dumbass Jay Z stan

    To the dumbass Jay Z stan - he's been called out by real drug dealers who built real networks. Calvin Klein built a network - Jay Z ran around doing a lil bit of selling for him, a foot solider who earned enough to live with mama, that's all. Then he used Klein's experiences for rapping but aint give the credit. Jay Z's as street as the nerd he was getting chased thru Brooklyn and calling Dehaven, others to rescue his sorry ass. In Trenton to this day yall can talk to people who know Dehaven and Jay Z - and Jay Z went along for the ride, nuthin more. He used his friend Emory's story but Emory aint care, why would he when Jay Z's giving him a job to pay back all that protection he got from Emory back in the day? Dya remember that gay little rap Jay Z did telling Emory he's got diamonds waiting for him when he gets out the pen? Sounded like Emory was his lil ho but it's the other way around. Most rap music that sold big was bought by whites, it still is. Jay Z's the right kinda black performer for mainstream US, they don't know shit about him when he first came into rap. Some dumbasses like you even claim Def Jam paid off the cops - nah, the Feds follow everything, they got you if you're travelling in a car with coke in the back and you aint had nothing to do with it cause you were a passenger picked up along the way. When Jay Z did his bitch shit stabbing Biggie's friend he didn't do it like a man fighting one to one but was surrounded by protectors. When his weakass got hauled into court you'd best believe if he'd done some real drug shit that woulda been used and they woulda nailed him on multiple charges. Ricky Rawse looks like the truth compared to this bitchass liar.

    • Big Bang theory

      You have a point here. Its alot but it makes sense and i see what you are saying. Jay-Z pretty much could be labeled the same fraud Rick Ross is. Jay-Z always raps about how he was a king pin. Infact Reasonable Doubt is pretty much that. With that said, Jay-Z might not have been no king pin(or close to one) but he was still a hustler in the streets. Sort of like Nas' story same shit. I think at the end of the day tho, Nas(real name stage name) and Jay-Z kept it real when they needed to. Rick Ross is an obvious fraud. Now when you nerds start to realize this shit is entertainment and stop taking the Rick Ross route and making this shit seem real, then and only then can people respect the music for what it is. Now with all these nerds and undercover brother fans i doubt shit ever get back to the essence.

  • Anonymous

    Maybe hes a fake, maybe what he raps really is his life. the story will fully unfold at the end.

  • Anonymous

    "50, jeezy, gucci, t.i. etc. all grew up in the hood selling drugs and doing the things they rap about" 50 was a low level drug dealer who wasn't getting rich off it. About the only thing "real" about him was the fact he got shot 9 times. I don't believe for a second T.I. was a major player. This dude has sold out so fast it's unreal. He talks a good game, but now with two albums declining in sales, people are starting to doubt this snitch. About the only one who seems real is Jeezy, but then again nobody knows that for sure cause he raps about the same stuff they all do.

    • Anonymous

      You definitely don't meet someone like Supreme with a tight schedule and personality like Big Bang said these nerds need to just stop talking about shit they have no clue about.

    • donnis mac

      There was something on cable years ago where people in TI's old neighborhood said he was out there acting wild and pitching bags. And congratulated him for coming back and buying up all of the dilapidated homes (one was the dope spot) and keeping people who don't have it like that in their homes with reconstruction and little to no mortgage. This episode I remember was before the gun charges. I heard about a dude named Boo-Boo when I used to live in Brooklyn. You don't get to meet people like Meech sitting at home with a tight schedule and a passive personality.

    • Big Bang Theory

      Look at these nerds talk about other people lifes on the street. Its that important to you geeks, just listen to the music when will you get learn that. O and this comment is for the first no it idiot(1st anoy). According to him just because niggas wasn't king pins they wasn't apart of that life. Like i said you fucking geeks just don't know any better so i aint mad. Just expect me to point you geeks out everytime yall talk about shit yall have no clue about.

    • Anonymous

      i didnt say they were major players but they were apart of that life that they rap about so people dont get upset when they rhyme about moving keys and bricks. its well documented that 50 had everyone in his hood selling crack for him. even his enemies says hes a real street nigga.

  • Big Bang Theory

    115 comments and counting of nerds(not all yall but its alot of online geeks yall know who yall are) talking about beef and street cred like these geeks no anything about that shit. Funny. Im already convinced half of the comments is from fags who will admit to taking it in the butt.(frank ocean niggas) Now we got nerds talking about beef like they been in beef before. Then we got some geek by the name of Brandon(probably the same geek from King of the nerds) who makes comments and missed the whole point of why niggas hate Ross. First of all only you nerds online think niggas in the hood think its cool to be a gangsta. I don't expect you geeks to realize niggas get put in an environment in which thats how they adapt. Like i said tho i don't expect you silver spoon fed faggots to understand that.

    • Big Bang Theory

      Yo only a nerd nigga could get offended by what I be commenting. Which is the truth. Only a nerd nigga would reply with a corny comeback. you nerds always reply to me with the most corniest 2nd grade joke, like call the kettle black, didn't breast feed today faggot shit. Step yall insults up fucking geeks. People with lifes outside of the computer don't reply cause they know i speak the truth. You fucking geeks don't know how silly yall look making threats to people that don't even know you exist. If this site had yall faces none of you geeks would say shit. Don't act tough behind a computer faggots knowing dam well yall was the class geeks with zit pimple faces.

    • Big Bang

      Yeah the nerds always get offended.

    • paintinthakettleblack

      Internet nerd callin people nerds.. Talk about "Painting The Kettle Black"



  • Anonymous

    Fuck Brandon. That nigga is a certified, dick-sucking William stan. You shpuld expect him to hop on Officer Willy's dick to defend him.

  • Anonymous

    "ross grew up in a nice neighborhood with a well off family. finished high school, went to college to play football. had a 9-5 job" So what? He was young, and living the normal life of a college student. Was he supposed to have already been initiated into the mafia? lol

    • Anonymous

      50, jeezy, gucci, t.i. etc. all grew up in the hood selling drugs and doing the things they rap about. doubt they even finished high school cause they had to hustle to survive. thats why you dont see people questioning their past and calling them fake

  • Brandon

    When I say black community, I literally don't mean the all of the black community..damn I don't have time to be all specific! Ross denied it, but he didn't deny to perserve street cred. I don't even view Ross as street. You guys think he trying to come across as that. I see Ross as an artist and a person that is diverse. I don't see gang member, I don't see gang affiliated. I see him as a dude that get the respect of some and don't get the respect of some and I'm sure the ones that don't respect, f*ck em! He some people don't f*ck me, so what. Everybody got the sick notion of being street as being real. I got a master's degree, but that don't make me no less b*tch then a n*gga slanging dope or toating guns. I ain't got no b*tch in me. I tell you that. That's Ross. Stop saying he a fraud because he was a CO. Y'all saying that sound ignorant. As far as Jeezy, I don't know what Jeezy did, but it seems everybody give Jeezy a pass. Like why is respect only given to "STREET" so called dudes. Y'all all sound kind of ignorant.

    • Anonymous

      fatboy went on the radio and talked all that tough shit to the GD's and Jeezy after BET awards and cant back any of it up when the shit goes down. "When them choppers come out, everybody fold" "I'm certified world wide, I could put 1000 gangsters in any hood, To me rich is gangsta, loyal is gangsta, family is gangsta. If that's not gangsta I don't wanna be gangsta. I'm a boss. I went from nothing to being a 50 million man so don't get it twisted." "I just wanna say that again, I go anywhere! So don't get it twisted. And when you pull up the footage of me walking out in Chicago on the stage with the chinchilla dragging on the floor, you let me know if that's the swagger of somebody that in fear of his life, and you holla back at Ricky Rozay." "Ain't no checks gettin cut! Aint never no checks getting cut. I don't play those games. I consider that extortion. We don't play like that, this Dade County. You Understand? This what we about 305 M-I-Yayo" "So y'all google up. Y'all get online. All the sites that rock with Ricky Rozay. You pull up my footage of being in Chicago when I walked out in that 40 thousand dollar black chinchilla you understand. I told them cut the music off. I want them to just look at me for a little while ya heard me. Look at my beard. Look at the coat. Look how I walk."


    They wanna ROAST the fat piggy (officer rozay)

  • what

    That letter from Luke just doesnt go to Rick Ross but too a lot of these rapper and stupid kids running around on the block thinking the hard and cant get shoot, Respect luke on this one he is so right, the keeping real fake have to stop.

  • hypestyle

    None of these rappers come from any backgrounds of being "big time" drug dealers or pimps or leadership-level gangbangers. none of them, at all. To accept all of their stories means that you accept uncritically the notion that a black/latino male, aged 15 - 25, can amass a narcotics empire to the level of multi-millions in income a year, and somehow manage to avoid scrutiny of law enforcement (from the local to federal level), and the REAL Mob (not some fools around the way calling themselves the "(fill in the blank street) Mob".

    • Anonymous

      A great comment, and I didn't want to disparage the message, but the flaw is some of these dudes are actually converted goons that help clean the money.

  • Richard

    How dare this Faggot mentions Pac's Name Pussy ur better off with Your ass in your Mouth

  • Anonymous

    What the FUCK is up with gay ass Konami nerdy video game ads with SOUND on a MUSIC website. FUCK THAT. GET ADS WITHOUT SOUND SO I CAN ENJOY MUSIC

  • Rossainttheonlyone

    Uncle Luke is speaking/writing a lot of sense there. Just drawing on his own experiences. As for Rick Ross, the man's not doing anything more than other rappers but he aint have their contacts, connections and fixers. Agreed - Ross shouldn't drop names he aint have business dropping. But come on, how worse are Ross' big talking interviews and statements than other rappers? If he was Jay Z the usual stans would be sucking up every bit of bullshit. Jay Z for yrs and even now claims he was a big time shifter of weight. He earned here and there hustling like countless other black men for expenses money. Never did 1 day of his life in the pen for dealing but the real dealers he was friendly with ended up there. For long stretches. So the Feds can shut down Death Row, Murder Inc, jail endless black men with no musical associations for just associating with dealers but Jay Z's ass gets a pass? Including back in the day when he supposedly was this bigass drug dealer and then supposedly 'started Rocafella' with his monopoly millions? The Feds just looked the other way? He bribed em when he was this punk in Marcy running from people who wanted to beat his ass? Total bullshit. Heard he was shitting himself down south a few yrs back when he went down there and was hanging with Jeezy when Jeezy signed up. BMF got Jay Z looking like a bitch he was so scared of em, real recognizes real and Jay Z aint real. Jeezy had to save his ass. Jay Z is worse than Rick Ross, the bullshit spun for yrs and yrs and now doing for a white audience who aint know shit about what's real and what aint.

    • U a Dumb ass

      nigga u know how dumb u sound? How Jeezy save him from BMF and Jeezy wasnt shit but a runner for them. He wasnt big time like he claim. U knew he was a liar when he was screaming that 17.5 shit and Pimp C addressed him on it. If u not by no water then u aaint got no prices like that. Second how u go compare Rocafella to Death Row and Murda Inc? When Suge Knight dumb ass was making it obvious he what he was doin. Murda Inc got snitched on because they wanted them and Supreme off the streets. If Jay z wasnt big time like he been talkin then he woulda been got exposed. Jay z been fuckin with Down south niggas from No Limit to Cash money so get yo lyin dumb ass on u jus a Jay z hater

  • Brandon

    Let me tell you how stupid the black community is. You dont want Rick Ross to have a job as a CO regardless of him being 19, but which is it, do you want him to sell drugs or to not have sold drugs?? Make your mind up. So he worked in the joint, what does that have to do with him being a fraud. Yeah as a rapper he brash about his music, yeah we could problem assume he don't know the real Manuel Noriega...but dumb n*ggas be mad foreal and be like..."he don't know Noriega..he's a liar"....oh my god it's a song!!!! Just a song!!!! It's not far fetch that he grew up in the hood. Where was Luke when Jeezy and Gucci was beefing. Why Luke didnt write Jeezy when Gucci killed one of them goon dudes from taking his chain?? Y'all believe too much of the hype. Ross making that banger music. He rap for the street, he rap for the bitches, he rap for the broke dude and he rap for the dude with money and negros got something to complain about!

    • Anonymous

      maybe because they aren't repping Luke's city Miami. and jeezy and gucci really lived that life. hence the murders. not saying they were kingpins but they're really out the hood and really sold drugs. no one questioning their past rickys. ross grew up in a nice neighborhood with a well off family. finished high school, went to college to play football. had a 9-5 job.

    • Anonymous

      working in the joint doesn't matter at all really. It's the fact that he claims he was some big gangster, hustler, dealer etc. he aint got no chopper anywhere.

    • Anonymous

      Luke is from Miami, not Georgia. You stigmatizing the whole Black community (nana, auntie, lil sis, lil bro, etc) tells me you ain't about sh*t. F*ck you and Ross. Bitch.

  • Pegasus Flow

    I'll never wish death on anyone but if this dude takes it between the eyes, there's not going to be many people that feel sorry for him.

  • Anonymous

    "if they firing into the air i guess it wouldnt be pointed at me would it" They'd be pointing in your direction, dipshit. Who do you think they were trying to send a message too, the birds in the sky? lol

    • Anonymous

      the message was obviously to rick ross saying he aint really untouchable like he thinks. he can get killed anytime, anyplace. even in his own city on his birthday with his chick. he needs to cut out all that tough talk and cut the check

    • Anonymous

      "Like someone pointing a gun at you and firing into the air is no big deal" this is what you wrote. im just pointing out how it doesnt make sense. are they shooting at me or shooting in the air? or were you referring to the air thats in front of me?

  • Anonymous

    people need to stop that fake shit if you're not m. bison or the real rick ross or geese howard then cut it out. rapper rick ross has been faking his life for too long and its catching up with him

  • Anonymous

    "I'm certified world wide, I could put 1000 gangsters in any hood, To me rich is gangsta, loyal is gangsta, family is gangsta. If that's not gangsta I don't wanna be gangsta. I'm a boss. I went from nothing to being a 50 million man so don't get it twisted." "I just wanna say that again, I go anywhere! So don't get it twisted. And when you pull up the footage of me walking out in Chicago on the stage with the chinchilla dragging on the floor, you let me know if that's the swagger of somebody that in fear of his life, and you holla back at Ricky Rozay." "Ain't no checks gettin cut! Aint never no checks getting cut. I don't play those games. I consider that extortion. We don't play like that, this Dade County. You Understand? This what we about 305 M-I-Yayo" "So y'all google up. Y'all get online. All the sites that rock with Ricky Rozay. You pull up my footage of being in Chicago when I walked out in that 40 thousand dollar black chinchilla you understand. I told them cut the music off. I want them to just look at me for a little while ya heard me. Look at my beard. Look at the coat. Look how I walk."


    If ya'll truly understood what Luke is trying to get across then you would stop with the fuckery...Luke could have phoned Ross about this but he meant for us to see it. It is a message to all of us...he jus used Ross as a way to get it out. Stop the violence ya'll...they LOVE it when we do THEIR job for them...ya'll kno what im talkin bout

    • Mu

      Aye man, I'm not racist at all. If you don't know about the U.S. government's (which is and always has been run by old white men) role in creating and sustaining poverty in urban ghettos, I urge you to do some research on everything from slavery to the reconstruction period, Jim Crow, Iran-Contra situation that helped introduce crack cocaine to mostly BLACK neighborhoods, the War On Drugs that was declared on mostly black and Hispanic neighborhoods for selling drugs because of limited employment opportunities, etc, etc. Don't let the fact that you're white (and probably don't have a good understanding of the history of race relations in this country) blind you to the facts homie. I bet you thought your comment was directed at the average uninformed, immature HiphopDX reader, lol. I actually know shit bruh... If you want to get all this info in one book, read "The New Jim Crow" by Michele Alexander. If you don't think there are STILL institutions of social control out here, just stay living in the Matrix... It's a lot more comfortable and cozy there

    • donnis mac

      @ Mu Willing to bet they don't know the difference between white entitlement and white privilege. @ ??? Willing to bet you say nothing to whites being being racist around you, but have something to say to Blacks you don't know.

    • ???

      right right. because the "white man" is responsible for all problems plaguing African Americans. you know, just because there are some whites that are racist in this country doesn't mean you need to be as well.

    • Mu

      ^^^ @Anonymous, Because there is STILL deep rooted racial hatred in this country. The point that was getting at is that Luke has a message for Rick Ross that extends to the rest of the brothas out here living that lifestyle that inevitably results in death or jail, which is exactly where THEY want us. If you don't know who "THEY" are, its probably cuz you're white and are blinded by the lenses of white priviledge. Stay outta convos that address issues in our community until you do the research. Matter fact, even then u still wouldn't understand, so don't even speak on it... EVER.

    • Anonymous

      why everything gotta be about race smfh

    • Anonymous

      Word Black Man!

  • eljefe

    The commentaries on this site are priceless!!

  • bawse

    guess uncle luke couldnt pick up the phone & tell rosey personal huh?? this is some real fuQ ni99a sh!t

  • whats the point

    Its sad and pathetic how people like to idolize the "wrong type" of people. What i mean by the wrong type is because someone sells drugs, shoots people, is a gansta does not make them cool and to rap about all of that shit makes you even less cool. I am a fan of Hip hop but I fucking hate rap...rap is not real its fiction. What makes it worst is fans believe and buy into this shit, rappers makes songs braging about how much money they have and how anyone who doesn't make money like them aint shit and who buys the records? THE SAME MOFOS THEY ARE TALKING ABOUT...the same idiot fans get online all day and argue with eachother defending thier favorite "rapper" all the while they can barely pay thier rent. Listen man Rick Ross is a great story teller but lets stop idolizing these clowns who don't bring anything positive to want to rap like you a gangsta you are going to die like you a gangsta. Nuff Said!!!

    • Mu

      @Brandon - For every "Ashamed" there are 30 "BMF" songs in Ross' catalog. For me, I'm a fan of the music first so that's why I've bought some of his albums, but u should be able to understand why ppl are questioning this dude. He exposed himself as a fraud early in his career when he CLEARLY lied to everybody by saying he never was a C.O.... until the pictures and paperwork came out. You can't say you're a "REAL nigga" doing shit like that. A real nigga would've been like "Yeah, I did the C.O. thing for a while cuz I tried to make an honest living, but when I saw it wasn't making me enough, I went back to the block". I think we all would've understood that. But instead, he chose to lie to preserve an image. Real niggas don't respect that shit!

    • Brandon

      Most of y'all so dumb. Ross don't always talk about "negativity", but that's all you idiots ever gravitate too. He actually got alot of rag to riches type stories in his music that make alot of sense for any body. Just like his label and his artist. He put them dudes to work and he don't get no lazy people around him. He providing opportunities for people. He make honest money. Do I believe he's wanting people to believe he's a crime boss in Miami, hell no. That's just music. Do I believe that he want you to know he sold alittle dope, piece of rock in carol city..uh yeah. But he clearly tell you in "Ashamed" that he ain't proud. So n*ggas get off the CO tip..he was 19 supporting to f*cking babies!

    • Anonymous

      True, True but you missed the whole point. Honestly only people who idolize drug dealers and gangsta is you online geeks. Its people in the hood who have no choose but to be gangsta or in some cases a drug dealer cause its apart of their environment. I don't expect you to understand that tho. People looking up to gangsta's and Drug Dealers isn't the point. The point is taking on an image based on someone's life and that person is living. All Rick Ross had to do is keep it real once it was known he was a fraud. What made it worst is the fact that he lied about it and worst did not pay dues to the real peoples who life he pretends to live.

    • chillthrills

      true true!!

  • YEBO

    Ricky Ross haters are by far the worst They like to bring up the fact that hes fat (which means nothing), and the fact that he was a CO when he was NINETEEN while conveniently overlooking the fact that he blew up in 06 (when he was 30), so while they like to say he is the fakest rapper ever, and he never sold dope, they themselves have to no proof for that claim. Really? You were alongside him for 11 years, and you know for a FACT that he didnt slang? Doubt that, specially when real niggaz from Miami vouch for him. Theres so many real niggaz that have vouched for Ross over the years, outside the rap game Not to mention, Ross is from Carol City, the meanest part of Miami. He ran with the Boobie Boys (the gang that ran Miamis drug scene) and Ross was KENNETH BOOBIE WILLIAMS' FUCKING PROTEGE for godsakes

    • Anonymous

      all that shit has been confirmed by more than one source

    • Captain Alert....

      Says the guy quoting Ross's scorned baby momma! Lol smhhh you the type to listen to your "girl" spilling you lies when your best bro down for years is kicking you some game. You a sucker bruh

    • these are facts

      the meanest part of miami you say? DX: Do you know what specific neighborhood he grew up in, like if it was in the hood or? Tia Kemp: He grew up in Carol City. It was sort of [a] suburban area. I wouldnt say it was the hood then. The area that he grew up in only doctors and lawyers lived in that area. DOCTORS AND LAWYERS, THAT SOUNDS MEAN AS HELL!!

    • stop lying to yourself, read this

      his momma was paying his bills until he was 30! for real DX: Regardless of how much of the book focuses on Ross, you know thats all the readers of HipHopDX really care about. So lets get into you and Ross specifically. First, did you guys meet in 2003 or 2004? Tia Kemp: It was January 2004. DX: And how was Ross paying his bills when yall met? Did you know how he was keeping the lights on? Tia Kemp: His mom was paying his bills. He didnt have a job. He wasnt doing shows. You know, he was featured on a few peoples tracks, like Trina [click to read] and other rappers, but that wasnt paying his bills. Im not sure of how much he was getting paid for the shows that he was doing back then, but when I met him he wasnt doing any shows DX: Do you know if he actually ran with any kind of crew, specifically The Boobie Boys the people he always shouts out? Tia Kemp: When I was with him, these guys were already gone, so he wasnt But what Im hearing [is] that he didnt run with these guys. And I know this for sure. He didnt run with these guys. He knew people that knew these guys and that ran with these guys, and thats why hes reppin em so hard.

  • Rozay

    Ricky worked as a CO for ONE year. Youve never seen thug niggas who hold down day-jobs? He has many real Miami thugs that he still runs around with to vouch for him Sure, some of his rhymes are fabricated, but who the fucks arent? Rap is full of hyperboles and bragging. Tell me a rapper that hasnt made up shit in his rhymes, and Ill call you a liar Bawse!!!!

    • robbie93

      lol that guy p-nut has been dead for years. what a lot of shit, i remember 50 cent was payin her to say all this cause he was beefin with ross at the time.

    • chillthrill


    • the biggest fraud that you've seen thus far

      DX: You told XXL recently hes rapping somebody elses life. Whose life is Ross rappin about? Tia Kemp: Hes rappin his friend Peanuts life. He had a friend named Peanut they call him Nut and hes rappin Nuts life. DX: And you went on [in that interview] to say that him and Peanut dont speak to this day because of this? Tia Kemp: Yeah, Im hearing that theyre not speaking. Im not sure how true it is, but thats what Im hearing. And I saw [Peanut] at Young Jeezy and T.I.s concert that was just down there in Miami last month, and he came up to me and he bigged me up. He told me do my thing and he gave me props, and acted like he was happy for me.

  • bizzalls

    Wait, Luke, why even bother writing that to Rick Ross?? Let that idiot get what he deserves. Fraudulent fat muthafucka!

  • T Brown

    Are you Jesus freaks for real? You want to talk about fake and fabricated, even Rick Ross's persona is more believable than the ridiculous fairy tales in the bible. It's one thing to have faith in a higher being, but this god/ satan bullshit is played out. I thought human beings would have wisened up by now. It's the 21st century for fucks sake!

    • blasphemous Sam

      People can't bring themselves back from the dead; People cannot and did not create themselves so they cannot opt to go back to that VERY PLACE in which they came without death's assistance. Everyone thinks their time on earth is Negotiable but its not; so whether Rick Ross believes in God ,the Bible or not- he should look at what other countries do to thieves. He stole someones persona who was on the street living ruthless as a drug lord now the Karma came back to him to own/and live u to his belief system. Before you belittle peoples religious beliefs,faith and spirituality lets stay on topic remember who publicized " GOD FORGIVES I DON'T" it was Rick Ross so this goes hand in hand

    • Sean Combs

      But ross is our new biggie!!!!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    I personally dont care if a rapper is talking about fabricated things. All rappers do it and at the end of the day its just entertainment. What gets me though is when they start to become the character they are acting as in real life and thats what i think is happening to Rick Ross. You need to be able to separate the rapper from the person and once those lines get blurry is when you run into trouble.

    • Carlito

      Man,So very true. everyone can't be like Nas- living around it(the street life) and from it(grew up in it) but separate the story from self in the now

  • Jones Brotha

    Miami is an OPEN PORT where killers fly in and fly out before one can sneeze. Just How does one try to STEAL the Real Miami's Rick Ross's persona, take it commercial to Holywood and into white homes(advertising and marketing that persona) but forget about the repercussion and consequences of that; then to make it worse- Steal a mans likeness and not even pay him? Uncle Luke knows the real Rick Ross, so apparently real street bad boys feel enough is enough, it they don't stop it know it could go on and on and we don't need a movie by the Fake Rick, Can anyone say AWKWARD! That name he stole comes with a different perspective now I bet...

  • sucker dj

    I just couldn't believe he survived his past being exposed this long tbh. He belligerently denied that he was a c.o, saying how he was mad fifty would attack his character and then then when they got his social security number he came clean. He really is nothing special on the mike and one of the biggest fronters right up there with bird man and French Montana. i dont hate him but hes got no credability so clearly over compensates. remeber how rappers used to say real recognise real.

  • Yuba

    Real talk, there ain't no place for officers and fakeers in the rap game !!!

  • Cordero

    Lately, Rappers have been using God's name in vain from Pusha T, Kendrick Lamarr, and Big Sean. Rick Ross went further with the "God Forgives I Don't" anthem like this is a new fad or something. Uncle Luke is reminding all these rappers that the Devil,Satan,and Lucifer are all real and once you try to play the Devil the REAL DEVIL takes notice; My point is mainstream rappers need to acknowledge the Bible,Quran, or Torah and what it says about the Devil cause obviously life has imitated art here and Rick Ross has attracted those who have sold their souls to death and the Devil and they feel he is trying to outshine ironic

    • ???

      the judeo-christian god is a laughable paradox. how is this devil character at all capable of waging war with an omnipotent, omniscient being. the only explanation is that this god character allows him to do whatever the fuck it is he's doing. "using god's name in vain"?? what the hell does that even mean?? the point Cordero made is clearly religious.

    • Anonymous

      god forgives, fries don't

    • kweers

      You faggots are off ya head with all that devil and god shit. I see you in the street, imma light yas ass up.

    • Anonymous

      its just entertainment.

    • Niro

      The point dude made is not "religious" but observing everyone is using God and the name of God as a religious theme when they are not spiritual. I understand perfectly what dude is saying. Meek mills " Amen" with a Hammond organ sound, saying amen is like MOCKING GOD. Keep in mind Rick Ross said "God Forgives-I Don't" so don't think Satan wont capitalize on the fake Rick Ross statements. whatever words you put out in the universe unknowingly or knowingly comes back in Karma. Thieving attributes of Satan can come back and bite u on your ass

    • Ben Devlin

      What does religion have to do with any of this?

  • brollya

    he got that face lik he a put down his glasses and look at oficer ricky lik "u kno u done fucked up right"

  • Anonymous

    "they were just warning shots" I love how you deem it just warning shots. Like someone pointing a gun at you and firing into the air is no big deal.

    • Anonymous

      quoteman is an asshole. he should start posting his name as "quoteman"

    • Anonymous

      if they firing into the air i guess it wouldnt be pointed at me would it quoteman you cant fire 20 shots and miss a car that big with a person that fat inside. stevie wonder coulda hit that rolls royce. if they wanted to kill him, they would have.

  • gun di liro

    I like Luke's approach here. He's giving Ross mature advice, but at the same time ethering him subtly. Well done, Uncle Luke. And Ross has been quiet as a f%#kin mouse throughout this. Acting like he's in witness protection or

  • firehawk17

    looks like the all the warnings have come to rick ross... its now time he listens and stop pretending or willing to take an eternal dirt nap.. we'll see how it plays out..

  • Money First

    That's the "rub" at the end of the day...everybody wants to be or idolize the gangstas, drug dealers, etc..but honestly that is all we see in OUR neighborhoods. Its a "Catch-22" because how does he get that popular without talking that 'gangsta' shit right? When he was with Eric Sermon and doing more hip hop shit no one was listening...So tell me is our fault for not excepting and rocking with different types of music/messages or only identifying with people talking bout shit you can go outside your door and see everyday?

  • Uncle Luke

    U My Son Ross

  • Ricky Rozay

    Nah it ain't the nigga Ross startin beefs its them other niggas the snitch and the fake bmf who stay mad cuz they takin Ls while Rozay keeps winnin. Niggas hate cuz Ross ownin them in they fake beefs. Ross stay winnin. Bawse!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Anonymous

      Why the fuck do you faggots try to defend Ross like hes your fucking lord a savior? What the fuck did he do for you besides convince your dumb ass that he is a "real ganster". You guys are fucking idiots!

    • firehawk17

      how does he stay winning? are you a rick ross groupie too blind to see reality? your knees dirty homie? lets be a artist rick ross plain sucks..rhymes are predictable name drops a brand name in every song.. tricking on bitches.. eating,, dope and he is a boss...every song..never has gone platinum..not once.. only gold...he's winning cause he is popping in the clubs and radio? know the business he isnt winning.. he gets show money period..he doesnt make money from sales homie.. he doesnt own his mansion or cars.. thats not winning..or being boss...he gonna take a loss if dont switch it up very soon

    • Anonymous

      You sound more serious than the Ja Rule troll. Smh or good job?

    • Anonymous

      "car riddled with bullets? narrowly avoid being killed?" LMAO! you know not one bullet even grazed the car right? he almost killed himself crashing into that wall.. they were just warning shots. he coulda got in the whip and drove off but he was so scared he waited for his cop buddies to come to the rescue

    • J

      Are you serious? Who DOESN'T talk to the police after their car gets riddled with bullets and they narrowly avoid being killed?

    • Anonymous

      mmg has taken more L's in 2012/2013 than any other crew in rap! wanna talk about snitchin? william roberts was seen co-operating with the police (and trying to hide it behind newspaper) after the shooting? then he went and hired 24 hour security when gunplay and him were mocking 50 for keeping security around him...

  • Anonymous

    LOOOOL "But I don't want you to fall into the trap of believing you are really a gangster."


    this is a Miami OG telling Ross to chill, thats how you know its gone too far, Ross is damn near over

  • booboo

    curtis '50cent' jackson..............................

  • MC Federado E Os Leleques

    I understand where Luke's coming from, but he really should shut up and ignore that bitch. All this hype is gonna do nothing but make 10 year old girls buy Officer Rick Ross records more and more.

  • Marc

    Damn man, Uncle Luke is telling you need to stop being who you not. Nigga you listen annnnnnndddd It almost got yo ass shot!

  • Tony Baylor

    So that explains why Diddy don't be in that nigga videos no more. Hell Diddy Ain't tryna go thru that shit again having the East Coast-West Coast Deja vu!!! SMH!!!

  • Hip Hop please

    He can't end up like Pac 2Pac is a legend, and people still talk about him in 2013 Ross is a hype, and people will forget about him in 13 days But yeah He better watch out for his life Because it's not cool to be a mediocre MC Or even more worse Being a dead mediocre MC

  • bill

    this guy is a bigger mark than the rest of you lot, does he really believe that GD shit with a rap song coming on after, he sittin at home reading the internet, all this guy is doing

    • anonymity

      I was thinking the same thing when I saw that GD video...real gangsters wouldn't make rap songs about somebody they are threatening. I don't write poetry to people who owe me money and post it on my Facebook lol. Seems like Uncle Luke is just an old dude, spending most of his time on the internet, which is fine, but don't try to come off like you are an Original Gangster when you get your news about the hood from If he really had an ear to the Miami streets he wouldn't have to reference YouTube.

    • Anonymous

      believing what Luke said>>>>>>>>>>believing your punk ass comment Btw, you're reading the internet too. Live in Miami? Luke is from there. What are YOUR credentials that would have us believing that it's all fake, besides what YOU read on the internet?

  • Crown223

    I'm glad an OG is stepping up to talk to William, he gotta chill. Y'all should check out too, they usually have some good reads over there

  • KingO

    Luke....don't gas this dude, like he got his so called beef under control. This isn't even real beef. It's more like the dog chasing the cat and rick ross is the cat, pretending to be a dog, trying to bark in a dog's world. now...he gots to pay for frontin like a true 'G'....real 'Gs' don't run because they don't how to.

  • dentaldamboy

    Rick Ross is under the protection of my employer, Birdman, and the entire Blood army. Nothing bad is going to happen to him.

  • Anonymous

    William Leonard Roberts came from a middle-class family with educated parents, earned average grades in high school and was a standout football lineman his senior year In 1992, when Ross was 16, county records show that his mother, Tommie Roberts, purchased a 2,300 square foot home in Rolling Oaks Estates, an upscale cul-de-sac community in Miami Gardens. He graduated high school attended college spent a year at Albany State University studying criminal justice trained passed and worked as a correctional officer and agreed to perform a wide range of correctional officer duties including shoot an inmate attempting to escape He had a clean record untill 2008 even though he has previously hinted about catching charges before this He denied the photos were him saying These online hackers putting a picture of my face when I was a teenager in high school on other peoples body I'm in the entertainment business and continued doing so until more evidence came out and then said yes the photos are me and told a story to make people think it was deeper than rap and then in 2012 told rolling stones magazine a different story about how he became a correctional officer He said the lines I know Pablo Noriega the real Noriega He owe me a hundred favors then when asked about it said I dont know Noriega personally but I know niggas who have met Noriega He talks about making millions of dollars before rap from trafficking drugs I made a couple million dollars last year dealin weight Still in the streets strapped with them thangs But actually he was just a struggling artist trying to make it big I have never heard of a Boss worth millions sleeping on a radio dj's (Greg Street) sofa DX: Just a couple more Tephlon Da Don-related questions. Is it true that he actually lived with you back in the Aint SHHH To Discuss days? Erick Sermon: Well, he didnt really live with me. Tony Draper, the owner of Suave House [Records], he was cool with me. So Tony would drop him off and just go home. So Rick would be here, sometimes with one or two of his boys, and we would just work on records all day. When Rick Ross compares himself to Big Meech and Larry Hoover on B.M.F., the semantics are important. He has gone from saying that he knows infamous drug traders, to saying that he thinks he is one. The I think Im in I think Im Big Meech/ Larry Hoover implies that Rick Ross in fact knows that hes not a big time coke dealer, but that he has convinced himself that he is. Again, Ross is winking at his own play-acting. With B.M.F. and MC Hammer, Rick Ross has songs that work on two levels. They work first on a surface level: if you believe that Rick Ross is a drug dealereven if you believe that hes actually Freeway Ricky Rossthe songs work as no-frills coke rap, just as they have to in order to be commercial. In interviews and public appearances, Ross adheres to this version of his persona. But the songs also work on a meta-theatrical level: Ross is both performing, and commenting on his own performance. If you know about the correction officer photos, and know that Rick Ross knows that you know about them, then whole new layers of meaning appear in the music. No one in hip-hop has attempted to do both at once, convincing one portion of the audience hes playing it straight while winking at the people who know better. Its almost as if the loss of authenticity has freed him to push the Rick Ross character to its utmost extreme.



    • Grandad

      @Dad ...It's called copy and paste son

    • Dad

      Damn son do you really have no life? get a job

    • call me li

      Damn you really broke that shit down. Makes a lot of sense though, and I can see that whole 'winking' thing you speak of in his music. But really (not saying it's correct) it's genius because it has allowed him to stay around and make incredible money. Then it just depends on what you value. Money or God?

  • Derrick from Greenville, MS.

    Apparently, Teflon does NOT deflect bullets. Roberts, formerly known as "Teflon" before outright jacking Rick Ross' name, needs to listen to someone that's survived long enough to see beyond 40 years old. As X-Clan song advises, he'd better..."Heed The Word of the Brother".

  • 2 Live Crew > Everything Else

    Do I REALLY need to say anything more?!?!?

  • Decatur ATL BOI

    Not sure why people want to be who they are not. Be yourself.

  • RuDE

    Wow...and thats the ole G!!! Insert Curtis here...

  • Anonymous

    william roberts is the real life MC Gusto from CB4, his life is really mimicking that movie

  • Chi-Ill

    "Theres only so long fake thugs can pretend" -Jay-Z

  • d-nucks

    wow.....even luke said he rapping about being something he is not....DEATHBLOW.....Luke has been and Ambassdor for Miami rap scene and a pioneer....for him to confirm Ross is not about that shit....IS A DEATHBLOW.....Luke would know...he would have heard about Ross being in the street waay back then.....dude just cofirmed it. And I'm sure Luke has ties to some heavy steets dudes in Miami....matterfact I KNOW HE DOES.....

    • Cordero

      I am thankful Uncle Luke spoke from a barbershop perspective which is what the streets are talking about. Its easy to discern what he meant concerning dying too young and too soon over rap beefs and not squashing beefs,; Uncle Luke was not trying to put the fake Rick Ross in the category of Biggie or Tupac, lets just be clear about that...

    • ^

      you're a fucking idiot.

    • Anonymous

      way to take a soundbite out of context and then run with it. read the rest of the quote you gossip queen. he said the very same thing about biggie and 2pac right after. they ALL fake. lol

  • skrillz513

    Right On To The Real, Death To The Fakers ~Outkast

  • Anonymous

    the L's just wont stop for the "untouchable" maybach empire hahahah

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