Footage Of Tupac Greeting Buckshot During Recording Session Surfaces

Video footage of Tupac Shakur and Buckshot interacting during the recording of "One Nation" has surfaced.

It's widely known fact that Tupac Shakur had enlisted Buckshot, Smif-N-Wessun and other members of the Boot Camp Clik to collaborate on an album titled One Nation prior to his death. Now, vintage footage of 'Pac interacting with the Brooklyn crew has surfaced,

In a recently released video clip via Nah Right, Tupac can be seen greeting the B.D.I. Thug, Duck Down Records co-founder Dru Ha and other members of the Duck Down roster. In the video, 'Pac briefly addresses the camera, saying that One Nation would be an album that unites East and West coast emcees.

"We're working on a new project called One Nation. It's gonna be an East coast/West coast collaboration," 'Pac says in the video.

The footage was released by Tupac's personal videographer Gobi M. Rahimi, who is currently working a film titled 7 Dayz which documents the legendary emcee's final week before his untimely death in 1996.

Last year, Buckshot told DX that he was in the process of recording the spiritual sequel to Tupac's Killuminati. Additional clips of Tupac recording music for One Nation can be seen over at Nah Right.

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  • Anonymous

    Duck Down Music Inc is a New York City based record label, talent management, music-marketing, and consulting company founded by Drew "Dru-Ha" Friedman and Kenyatta "Buckshot" Blake in 1995. In Duck Down's 16 year existence, the Company has released over 40 Albums and sold more than 3 million collective copies world wide.[1] Home to established rap groups Black Moon, Smif-N-Wessun, Sean Price, Pharoahe Monch, Black Rob, 9th Wonder & Buckshot, KRS-One & Buckshot, B-Real of Cypress Hill (solo), Heltah Skeltah, Boot Camp Clik, as well as relative newcomers: The Away Team (group), Statik Selektah, Skyzoo, Random Axe (Sean Price, Black Milk, Guilty Simpson), Promise, David Dallas, Marco Polo, Ruste Juxx, Torae, Blue Scholars, and Kidz in the Hall.

  • Anonymous

    Jew-Ha Steele Buck not sure who fattie is

  • Anonymous

    Do your research Buckshot owns Duck Down Records and it's the biggest independent hip hop label in the world.

  • 12

    French Montana >>>>> 2Pac

  • HRH

    Nothing new to us I think. What the F__K??

  • 2pac

  • gblaze112

    Who cares that nigga dead and them other lames never did nothing with there careers!!!

    • Nuff said....

      @gblaze112 a lawyer?? Haaaaaaa! LoL! u aimed a lil bit toooo high sayin that bullshit. Any real lawyer would not have the time to comment on hip hop dx. TRUST! You dis Pac, discredit the success of others who are more successful than you, and lie about your career. So that makes you three times a LAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAME. No hold up, i aint bein fair. If u really are a lawyer whats ur name and what firm do you work for?? If you cant verify that, then you really dont have no biz downing the next man... nuff said.....

    • Anonymous

      you obviously a shallow dude and dont know anything about hip hop..

    • @gblaze112


    • gblaze112

      I'm a lawyer, what about you?

    • Anonymous

      wheres your career? you lame a$$$$$$$$$ n####a

  • Anonymous

    Buckshot can spit tho word life, Enta Da Stage crazy album

  • Nem

    who was buckshot in this footage, dont tell me he was that midget that came out the limo last....had no idea dude was that short....first i thought it was the first nigga wit the jersey, that seemed right consider buckshot was a big jersey head

    • donnis mac

      Thanks Nemesis, this is exactly what I was talking about on the Lord Jamar article. Old heads don't expect young'uns to know all about the past, but the arrogant ignorance is what makes them mad. His full name is Buckshot S H O R T Y. You PROFILED someone out of the camp just because he had a jersey on, that's that George Zimmerman BS. Steele from Smif N Wesson is the second dude. I can't see the first one clearly. Might be Tek, Rock from Heltah Skeltah is taller with a deep voice and Evil Dee was chubbier than that, and 5FT Assassin (look at his name) was locked up then.

  • Anonymous

    What could have been...Pac and Big die but Puff and Suge somehow live.They are the devil reincarnated...

    • Anonymous

      niggas like you cant even explain why you hate the people you hate. you just been on too many fanboy and conspiracy sites and soaked up everything they fed you like a sheep. you talking about devils, yet completely neglet the fact that biggie used to rap about being the son on satan, cursing jesus, raping the virgin mary and feeding her sperm and then dumping her body in a sewer.

  • Anonymous

    i saw the full footage about 6 years ago. pac and one nation are recording and a visitor in the studio is talking to his wife on the phone during their session pac politely and playfully asks him to get off the phone and say goodbye to his wife but dude is mad persistent and then on top of that he accidentally spills a drink. pac got pissed off and told him he really fucking up now and he needs to leave before shit gets real. dude apologizes and shows respect so pac lets him slide.

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