A$AP Rocky Responds To Tyler, The Creator's Criticism Of "F**kin' Problems"

A$AP Rocky also discusses how he was upset "a lot" by his album leaking a month in advance.

When A$AP Rocky released his single "Fuckin' Problems," Odd Future leader Tyler, The Creator took to Twitter to criticize the track. "So Funny When Someone Releases A new Song With The Same 4 People That We Expected To Be On It With The Same Shitty 'Trap' Beat Hahaha," he wrote.

During an interview with Life+Times, the Harlem, New York native responded to the message, stating that it didn't faze him. "He has his opinions and he’s entitled to them, so it’s whatever," he said. "Hell no, I’m not tripping over what Tyler, The Creator said. I’m Jiggy."

Rocky also addressed his debut album LongLiveA$AP leaking to the Internet a month before its release. While he was fearful that it would hurt album sales, he says that he's pleased with the results but was upset when it happened.

"At first, a lot. I can’t lie. But then when I started seeing the great responses I was like… 'Fine!' We still got to number one. My mom thought that the leak would affect the sales and if I’m honest, it did affect sales but how do you still manage to be number one? It leaked over a month early too. That’s fucking crazy! It just goes to show people really fuck with ya boy out here. My mom downloaded the album illegally by the way."

Last month, the A$AP Mob member released his debut, which bowed at No. 1 on the charts with 139,000 copies sold.

Read the full interview over at Life+Times.

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  • the truth

    k so let me break this down... fuckin problem has great verses.....other then that is was god awful...tyler is right to critizize... BUT lets all take in the fact that (even tho i like his music) he has no room to talk when you havent made any new music except a throw away track with wocka flocka... so to sum it up, tylers overrated and fuckin problem is generic

  • numbersdontlie

    Everybody hating on this song but in actually this is Asap, Kendrick and 2Chainz's first top 10 single. So it really benefits all of them. What top 10 single or album did Tyler have?

  • Anonymous

    Tyler the Creator is just that wack.. do another song with game and lil wayne ..

  • shutuppat

    "He has his opinions and hes entitled to them, so its whatever," he said. "Hell no, Im not tripping over what Tyler, The Creator said. Im Jiggy." That's exactly how I'd hoped he'd take that. Motherfuckers need to have a cool head about that kinda shit more often.

  • bizzalls

    First of all, "Fuckin Problems" is a trap beat?? huh?? No it isn't! That shit is WACKER than a muthafucker, but it's not a trap beat. It's probably the worst hip hop beat in history though. Sounds like Prince is about to come out and start singing over it or some shit. ASap Rocky is garbage, talkin about "My album was still number one though!" It's not fucking hard to have a number one album if NOTHING else drops that week!! Shit, the one who should be poppin is HOPSIN. That dude can fucking rap, don't even lie to yourselves, AND he can produce like a muthafucka!! ASap Rocky won't last, I guarantee it, he's trash. I respect young cats like Joey Badass and his crew for keeping shit real, keeping that real hip hop alive. Not Gaysap Rocky, where the dude has to use southern/trap beats to sell music. He's from fuckin Harlem. You gets no respect from me.

    • Big Bang Theory

      Yo Asap might us Trap beats(to me his beats sound more like that old school midwest sound) and he might not have that NY style but Asap is far from wack. Dude got some shit and his album was a great debut. Wasn't perfect but it was more then solid. Asap is far from wack i doubt you heard his shit. Phoenix and Suddenly,LVl, LongLiveAsap this album got mad bangers. Only like 2 wack songs everything else is fire.

    • Nem

      and then you heard songs like Suddenly and Pheonix an shut the fuck up...and realized hopsin is great but to compare his beats to asaps is like comparing a highly advanced computer to a smart phone

  • rjizzle

    Tyler don't even put work into what he does. he's too busy either: 1) talking shit 2) having guest appearances on television shows (ruined that episode of Ridiculousness 3) and apparently being extremely hypocritical since i now know he was on a track with waka fuck face

  • -_-

    Both of these 'artists' suck so who cares.



  • Trilly

    I'm not calling drake desperate idiot I called rocky and his label desperate for throwing 3 major features blowing a budget on 1 track just to give him relevance

  • mj

    tyler did a song with waka flocka.......... that is all i have to say..

  • Anonymous

    But...Tyler hopped on a trap ass beat with Waka Flocka. What is he talking about

  • Jay Rock

    His album sales are poor, under 200k sales in the first month even game did better

    • tvesrb

      lol 200k in 2 months is poor?? just look a Big Boi's sales. now THAT'S poor. A$AP Rocky's sales aren't bad considering how bad today's climate is for hip hop album sales.

    • ---

      ummm albums only been released in the past two weeks officially, he will have over 200k in his first month.

    • Anonymous

      game has had years of gaining fans, and i dont care much for asap but his sales werent poor at all, relative to most rappers

  • jerryc

    Tyler knows his shit because he fucks with the clipse. However...he hasnt made a great song either. Yah his songs are different, but thats not in a good way. As I said below, none of these singles today are special. A song like Nelly E.I., 50 in da club, Kanye Through the Wire...this shit today is just boring and repetitive.

  • Anonymous

    You guys really take tyler shit talking to heart? He the second biggest troller on the internet just under Lil B. No one takes tyler shit talking seriously except B.O.B. and irrelevent rappers lol

  • Trilly

    No matter how you look at it fucking problems is basically "Insert rapper here" you can tell drake and 40 handed him this record and all he had to do was add a verse wasn't really his hit this is like a drake song and putting those 3 in the record is basically a desperate attempt at a hit it worked but definitely desperate

  • Neazy

    "My mom downloaded the album illegally by the way." Real shit.

  • Anonymous

    Idiot beats for fucking retarded leaches. Pseudo-cultre without class. No creativity, heart, skill, imagination, talent. A mentally retarded ape could exhibit creativity playing with its own shit.

    • ETK

      get off your soapbox nigga. like you got any of those listed things in order to make one verse, let alone a beat. a mentally retarded ape would be more tolerable than you. and that's not an exaggeration.

  • OF fan

    Reply back to me when Asap has dropped a CLASSIC album like Goblin or Bastard. then we can talk........... #OFWGKTA!!!!!!!!!!

    • Shhushhh

      Bastard was nice and is probably the ONLY decent album that Tyler will EVER have. Goblin on the other hand was pretty much unsatisfactory and quite shitty in comparison. You OF stans disgust the fuck out of me however. You act like OFWGKTA's shit is untouchable and on par with REAL classics and VETERAN rappers when NONE of the members aren't (not even Earl). Frank Ocean & Earl Sweatshirt are the only two members of the group worth mentioning and should depart from Odd Future ASAP! And Domo Genesis should do what Spitta does and just cater to the cannabis crowd or something. Seriously, if you want to ride Odd Future dick, then I recommend that you join the Odd Future Talk forum (if you haven't already) so you annoying, queer, miseducated, stanning scensters can worship a fake "Creator" and believe that they are soooo special because they aren't mainstrem.

    • bkstylz

      I gotta agree with OF fan...I am no OF dick rider, but Bastard is a brilliant album. I disagree about Goblin though. It's decent but nothing classic.

    • Hahaha

      What the fuck? Anyways, Tyler sucks, he's a bitch, OF fan is a fag for thinking anything he's put out is a classic. Dude is probably one of those faggy fans that shells out $100 for their shitty merchandise at their stupid pop up shops.

    • Shane McMahon

      Yo Daddy-O, you need me to handle this guy? Don't worry Shane-O-Mac is going to lay him on the Spanish announce table, and deliver a Leap of Faith, diving elbow drop onto him. There won't be anything left of this hashtag whore.

    • OF fan

      fuck yall clowns, OF are killin it. they've given us CLASSICS (check out Radical and the OF tape vol2) #OFWGKTA!!!!!!!!!!

    • Vince McMahon


    • Mick Foley

      1 good song doesn't a classic sonny boy. Now, HAVE A NICE DAY!

    • OF fan

      Yes, they are classics. did you clowns even LISTEN to the albums? Yonkers >>>>>> any asap song #OFWGKTA!!!!!!!!!!

    • Road Dogg

      Goblin and Bastard a classic? If you agree with that, I GOT TWO WORDS FOR YA! SUCK IT!

    • Anonymous

      Both those albums are WACK, you nerdy little white boy.

  • lol

    ........\...../ ...... ..() .() () .() ..() ...() ...() ..() .() () .() ..() ...() ...() ..() .() () () .() ..() ...() ...() ..() .() () () .() ..() ...() ...() ..() .() () () .() ..() ...() ...() ..() .() () () .() ..() ...() ...() ..() .() () () .() ..() ...() ...() ..() .() () () .() ..() ...() ...() ..() .() () () .() ..() ...() ...() ..() .() () () .() ..() ...() ...() ..() .() () () .() ..() ...() ...() ..() .() () () .() ..() ...() ...() ..() .() () () .() ..() ...() ...() ..() .() () () .() ..() ...() ...() ..() .() () () .() ..() ...() ...() ..() .() () () .() ..() ...() ...() ..() .() () .() ..() ...() ...() ..() .() () () .() ..() ...() ...() ..() .() () () .() ..() ...() ...() ..() .() () () .() ..() ...() ...() ..() .() () () .()

  • Anonymous

    Tyler, The Creator is just trach, he just does it to try to stay relevant...he isnt even good. his whole time is better then him.

  • jerryc

    I FUCKIN HATE the trap beats and how everyone copies eachother. None of these songs are timeless, and they will be a distant memory soon. commercial songs dont need to be wordy, but they should still be good songs. Mo Money Mo Problems, the real slim shady, slow jamz.....None of these new songs are nearly as good, an that is the fuckin problem

    • SlimJenkins

      very insightful jerryc. check out Houston's RosewoodThievz. rosewoodthievz.com. forgive the spam, but they've got it, what you're talking about. groove.

    • Well

      I agree with you JerryC. Although, I never liked Mo' Money Mo' Problems due to the annoyingly jiggy beat, Diddy's thieving ass and Mase's wackness. Biggie made up for that shit however. People really don't realize that once Biggie and Tupac died, and Diddy came on the screen with his shiny suit dress bullshit, hip hop gradually changed for the worst. 1997-1998 and 2006-present were/are the WORST years in hip hop history.

    • che

      hahaha love these comments

    • Anonymous

      shut yo stupid azz up boy!

    • thank you

      Absolutely cosign. Dudes always be lacking in some complete innovation.

  • JW

    People stop hating. First of all that wasnt a trap beat at all. Tyler was wrong about that. And whats wrong with getting hot rappers on songs with you? Every rapper does it. Would you rather them get features from irrelevant rappers? Kendrick is amazing. Drake is amazing (regardless of all the unwarranted hate he receives), and 2 Chainz was only given the hook which was a smart decision by Rocky.

    • JW

      @anonymous Do you listen to Drake? Honestly. Drake made that stupid line about catching a body in Headlines we all know that but theres a reason its the only line you listed. Thats not his thing. I wouldn't say Drake never said anything that disrespects women but he certainly doesn't do it constantly and thats what I said....I'm sure there are several rappers who dont glorify violence that have made at least a few references to it. And theres really no use to call someone a retard because you dont agree with them. Amazes what ppl will say to each other on the internet. Doesn't really take much to call someone a name when you cant see them. Being a national collegiate scholar I believe is enough to qualify me not being a retard. Good day sir

    • Anonymous

      "Neither guy glorifies violence or constantly disrespects women" You obviously haven't heard Drake's entire catalog because he talked about catching bodies and is always disrespecting women. Retard.

    • JW

      @ Anonymous It amazes me how dumb people are these days. You can tell someone you know absolutely nothing about that they know nothing about art. Then you quickly label them. Yet you feel you have supreme intelligence. Kendrick adds to the culture. Hes a bright spot in rap. Drake's mix of R&B and Rap is great. Neither guy glorifies violence or constantly disrespects women. 2 chainz isn't a good rapper which is why I said it was good he only got the hook. I assume you only listen to artist who add to the culture in your opinion. I hope you're enjoying your musical experience and dont fall off of your high horse. The destruction of a good thing begins with those who have a "greater than thou" mindset like yourself

    • Anonymous

      Your a fucking tool. You wouldn't know art from a cheeseburger you little jackass. Those dumb shits aren't famous because they contribute to culture, they're famous because dumb little shits like you support these dumb fucks. You contribute to the destruction of a good thing.

  • sebas1494

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  • Anonymous

    Asap sold what Tyler's whole album sold in his first week LMAO!!!!!!

    • WRONG

      Goblin sold 45,0000 copies in its first week in US. Long.Live.ASAP sold 139,000 copies in its first week in US. Please STFU before you post misinformation and RESEARCH first. Also, hop off Tyler's dick because the shit isn't even that good.

    • Anonymous

      i'm pretty sure he's referring to goblin, not bastard..

    • Anonymous

      Your an idiot, Tyler's Bastard was independant so your comment was beyond dumb. It's easy when you got a big company backing you and promoting versus doing it your self smh

  • james

    When did Tyler the Creator start becoming relevant again?

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    tyler is a lil bitch, got homies who confronted him over some graff shit, stupid punk ran into his shop and called the cops

  • Ken

    I don't fuck w/ tyler but he was right about this one.

  • NegSee

    I really don't like the looks and the overall sound of this guy...He looks like he ate a car and has some metal stuck on his teeth. Then again,Tyler the Creator is just a kid with bed-wetting,and hormone-leaking problems...it's so fuckin sad how rap game got stuck with a bunch of hipster kids.Props to Joey,KRIT and Kendrick though,they are talented but it ain't nothing yet,they gotta last.

  • 614grind

    Tyler is corny but he was right. Rocky copped out on that song. Drake and 2 Chainz are the "fuckin problem" in Hip Hop.

  • S D0T

    I never liked Tyler the Creator hes just a bitch ass nigga Game even dissed him on a track they did together hes a bitch he talks outa his azz tries to beef wit niggaz frank ocean ass nigga he can sucka dick fuck nigga!

  • Anon

    Tyler the Creator talks so much shit, and then turns into a bitch. He talks so much shit about Bruno Mars but then collabs with Miley, says she's the "coolest person ever", and that Justin Beiber is his "dog". He has problems with trap beats but loves Gucci and Waka Flocka Flame. Calls Rah Digga a man, she dissed him, then he took a pic with her the following weekend. He initiated the B.O.B. beef but never responded back to B.O.B. even after he was dissed twice. He never responded to Hopsin. He said that Beez in the Trap would be a better song without 2 Chains (it would still suck), 2 Chains responded back, Tyler then complimented 2 Chains' album cover. This dude's a punk bitch, the only thing he's good for is Loiter Squad, his opinions of music are sometimes valid, but then he cowers instead of backing them[his opinions]up or he flat out contradicts himself, i.e. like I said before he's been pretty vocal on how he hates trap beats but yet he'll compliment the fuck out of Gucci Mane and Waka.

    • Yeah...

      Forgot about that, they make Taco wear all kinds of weird shit. Also, to the fag named "idiots", they only started pointing that out because Anonymous said, "at least he doesn't wear dresses". Learn how to read, faggot. Typical black guy reading comprehension.

    • idiots

      you people really care what someone wore on a comedy tv show? you people are way too insecure and self conscious, typical in the black community though..

    • huh

      his faggot friend wore a bikini a fkn BIKINI

    • LMFAO

      "at least he doesnt wear dresses" Btw, he wore a dress in that Venus and Serena skit on Loiter Squad Season 1. Also, Loiter Squad is mostly unfunny trash btw.

    • PB&J

      Haha that's your response to him? Hey you never know with the new season of Loiter Squad, you might be eating your words with that.

    • Anonymous

      at least he doesnt wear dresses

  • hiphop is DEAD

    Both ASAP and Tyler are both fucking garbage...I don't like Kendrick lamar, j cole, none of these new faggots and their crews...It's sad cause this generation of rappers are all my age..They listened to the same shit i listened to and turned out so fucking wack making trash for white teenagers. I can't wait for this hipster, indie, tumblr blogger, backpack bullshit phase to die out.

  • Anonymous

    Am I the only one who thought F**kin' Problems was dope? haha Anyway, no need for A$AP to get involved with a man whose 15 minutes are up and is always trying to stay relevant via twitter cause he can't with his music.

  • JoshRichRapsOfficial

    ASAP handles beef well, I wouldn't respond to that childish ish either. Keep making money and fuck what anybody else has to say.

  • Anonymous

    tyler speaks the truth but his music isnt too good either, same ol fruity loop beats with very little traces of hip hop in it

  • Anonomilly

    I dont see Tyler yapping about 1Train,... he could learn alot from that concept and those bars...

  • RobHM

    Tyler targeted that songs because it one of the weakest on the album. some of the tracks like 'LVL' ands 'Long.Live.ASAP' are on another level from anything Tyler has made, IMO!

    • Anonymous

      Tyler is a better lyricist than A$AP though.

    • JoeyBadassEatsRaisins

      I think this album is better than anything Tyler has made, but ASAP has taken a lot from Odd Future, namely Hodgy Beats. Pain sounds just like a Tyler track. I get why they don't like ASAP.

  • anon

    notice how he didn't say tyler was wrong. lol

    • Anonymous

      It's not their job to say he is wrong, or right. That is called bias. Personally I think tyler is right, asap makes predictable shitty music, but so does tyler, his "music" is also trash.

  • Anonymous


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