Drake Explains Meaning Behind "Started From The Bottom" Single

Drake releases his next single early, with an explanation attached.

Drake scrapped his initial plans to release his new single, "Started From the Bottom," on Grammy Awards night. Instead, the Young Money rapper released the track on his October's Very Own blog, and explained why he recorded it. 

My good friends, It has truly been too long.


I assume you're all keeping well and making the most of this year that has been given to us. Today is the day to begin sharing my newest work with you. This is the first single off of my upcoming album. I feel sometimes that people don't have enough information about my beginnings and therefore they make up a life story for me that isn't consistent with actual events. My family and my second family (consisting of the best friends anybody could ever have) all struggled and worked extremely hard to make all this happen.

Drizzy continued, explaining that his path to Rap stardom was not an easy one:

I did not buy my way into this spot and it was the furthest thing from easy to achieve. I am proud of every part of my past and I'm excited for this song to find a place in your life as well. I didn't feel I needed any interviews or radio or press to launch this song. It felt right to come back to the site that I started on and release it to the people that started here with me. Judging by this post, the tour that we've been planning, the conversations about new songs and album artwork...I think it's safe to say we're back together again. Looking forward to seeing you all soon.


"You don't have to ask me how I'm doing...just listen to the music" - K.Samir

In related news, Drake recently ranked 19th in the "Top 50 Worldwide Tours" for his Club Paradise Tour.

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  • Anonymous

    i dont get it does it mean started out poor now iam rich

  • dee

    Even if he didn't rap. The nigga had a nickelodeon show, i'm sure he was still paid. Just stop fronting. I wouldn't even knock him. He came up, and got on a nickelodeon show.

  • Seth Greeenspan

    Started from the bottom cannot mean he grew up poor, it has to be a metaphor. ..Especially if Warren Buffet was at Drake's Bar Mitzvah .. duuno if that's him at the start .. sure fukin looks like him..1 second mark http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0KCWqnldEag

  • Louie

    You guys seriously can't be this dense. Drake isn't talking about his financial situation (when he says he started from the bottom), he's talking about the top spot (as a rapper) he started from the bottom now he's on top. Has nothing to do with his financial status or what show he's starred on.

    • Brian

      but he clearly states in the song"I done kept it real from the jump Living at my mamas house we'd argue every month Nigga, I was trying to get it on my own Working all night, traffic on the way home And my uncle calling me like "Where ya at? I gave you the keys told ya bring it right back Nigga, I just think its funny how it goes Now Im on the road, half a million for a show" isnt this talking or refering to money and how it seems he DIDNT have it, and now he does

  • Anonymous

    he used to be in a wheelchair you haters! lets see you overcome being paralyzed and then become one of the hottest rap stars in the world!

  • Real Sosa

    Dammnnn im waiting on Drakes new album and AZ's album. Shit gon be a cray year. Doe or Die 2 and Drakes album fire.

  • someone who knows

    this nigga is straight lying, im from toronto, hes from toronto, he was adopted by a rich jewish maily, he lived in forest hill one of the richest areas in the city, actin like hes stuggling FUCK THAT NIGGA

    • Alex

      I remember him in an interview when he was 18 years old... He was showing his new Acura TL (BRAND NEW) and he was like "It's a good first car to learn how to drive". I was like dude ? really ? A 50k car is a good learning car ... dude we don't have the same bottom.

  • Frank Zones

    Haters gone hate. Everybody feel like they struggled and there is always somebody that had it worse. it is what it is fuck explaining yourself to these niggas. www.frankzones.com

  • Anonymous

    this nigga started from a degrassi wheel chair making way more than any of us. Fake ass nigga is straight disrespectfull and cocky which is why no real nigga likes this pussy.

  • Got Money In My Ghetto

    Hope y'all niggas realize Beyonce was lyp-syncin and by the way FUCK ANYBODY WHO EVER THOUGHT THE 49ERS WERE GOING TO WIN THIS MOTHAFUCKA

  • Dick B

    Started from the bottom my ass. lol

  • Anonymous

    "Plus, the fame got to his head" If after two albums your net worth was $20 million, you'd probably let the fame get to you too. Fame went to 50's head, but that's ok cause he's not from Canada, right? Your hate is legendary. If you don't Drake or Ross, don't listen. Go weep as you listen to Kendrick and wish the hand puppets could talk back.

  • Get a grip Katherine

    Oh my god STFU Katherine. Just cus everybody doesnt love his fake ass or hang on his every word like your sad little "quote" below (lol) doesnt mean you have keep crying that people who have a brain see through all his weak bullshit.

  • A non

    Damn all these people going out of there way to hate on a platinum player gettin it. Haters wake up and get on their pc's and start googling Drake so their broke asses can hate. GTFOH

    • Anonymous

      I agree with you, there are dudes on here who hate and say negative shit just to hate. But there are genuine reasons why alot of people dont like this guy eg. He pretends to be hard when he's not, I mean even the song title saying he came from the bottom? Come on lol.

    • Anonymous

      When will you stop being a groupie and hop off Drake's dick, little girl?

  • PopOffDummy

    Drake is gay... and this link proves it... http://images.4chan.org/b/src/1359920980445.jpg

    • Katherine Victoria

      please stop with the drake is gay stuff ,let that rumor die,second were here to talk about his music not his sexual preference.


    Drake Explains Meaning Behind "Started As A Bottom" Single. Drake: Well what the title obviously means is I am a bottom who likes to get fucked by guys, espically Frank Ocean. Hiphopdx: Wtf?

  • Anonymous

    Drake fans: 70% teenager girls 30% gays

  • Rob

    I'm real excited for new Drake shit. Commence hating now.

    • Anonymous

      Your excited for Drake shit hun. I heard his new song called wipe my ass with your hand. Kind of explains everything.


    Its hillarious that when anybody is in anyway critical of Drake on here you get a stream of dickridas calling them "haters". I personally dont mind Drake but im in no way a fan, and his tough guy act is just laughable. Everybody knows he is a rich jewish kid who did not start from the bottom. The truth is Im not trying to take away the fact that he might be an average pop rapper and entertainer but just lose the tough guy act nicca cus it doesnt suit you and nobody believes it. Peace

  • chris_

    everyone is complaining acting like bitches... in my opinion starting from the bottom can mean anything... not necessarily growing up not having money. come on WE ALL KNOW drake wasn't poor, he was acting getting some kind of income. Just be open minded.. im not talking about rick ross "i get it straight off the boat" open minded but think about it. (well who woulda thought a child actor would have a successful music career?) im sure he had doubts

    • Anonymous

      If you really believe that, then you need to get your head checked out for brain damage. Being a teen actor from the middle class is FAR from the bottom. He's had it better than most rappers. So cut the bullshit and realize the facts instead of being a groupie.

    • Katherine Victoria

      I don't care what a hater say, in my opinion Drake did start from bottom . Drake started off as an actor on a teenage tv show really not the route you want to go to become a famous rapper . You can't get no lower than that and still be taking seriously as a rapper.

    • Anonymous

      If it can mean anything then why didn't he make the song called starting in the middle. When in your world the middle could be the bottom. And you wonder why no one respects Drake fans.

  • Anonymous

    yooou haters actually think your opinion matters ha

  • Anonymous

    you dont come from the bottom when your starring on a tv show...fucking loser. I cant stand this generation of cowards.

  • Average Joe

    read between the lines, he started out as a bottom and now he's a top... think about it

  • Anonymous

    anyone whos ever been to canada knows that shit is like disney land! the streets are paved in feathers. puppies and kittens roam the streets. they got lollipops and gumballs growing on trees.

    • Anonymous

      i ate broken glass for breakfast this morning nucca! i wipe my ass with steel wool. i trim my fingernails with a chainsaw. we walk our pet alligators around the block on a leash. fuck outta here with your fuzzy canadian ass

    • MD

      and your so hood right? fuck-outta here.

  • Ny-Harlem

    One thing i will say about Drake is dude is fucking nice and makes way better verses on other people shit then his own. I thought coming into the game Drake would be one way(i didnt mind his singing)but he came out another way.(His singing went from Hip hop playful singing into some soft RandB fake shit) Also i don't believe him as far as his music. Not on some tough guy shit or some start from the bottom shit, but more on some captain Save a hoe shit knowing dam well he is fucking everything moving. Basically this nigga music is cock blocking music. He got Hood rat bitches thinking they special. Also no nigga is as emotional as this nigga expresses in his music.(Well now and days you little niggas are) Overall dude be bodying the features he be on. I don't mind playing his shit when im with a bitch too.(not no hood rat bitch tho)

    • Ny-Harlem

      family you ain't never lie. Don't forget Tiger he got these little bitches thinking its kool to be a straight smut.

    • ETK

      YMCMB as a whole got hood rat bitches thinkin they're special.. Drake's on his captain save a hoe, Nicki Minaj is their role model and Wayne is on his A Pimp Named Slickback swagger, got these hoes dreamin about being goldiggers n doormats. that's how they're makin that $$$ sadly

  • Drake


  • Anonymous

    Drake is aight at best when he started. Now he sold out making generic, soulless R&B/pop rap for the masses. Plus, the fame got to his head, making his ego bigger than Rick Ross' belly. This dude believes the world revolves around him and thinks he's making something ground-breaking and innovative when he's just copying what Kanye (who paved the way for niggas like Drake), Wayne, and other niggas were doing before him. Dude is mad overrated by his fans.


    I feel you Drake. These hating niggas on here dont know what its like to go from the bottom to the top. We grow up on not knowing if the new pool table will get here by the party...Not knowing if the butler set your clothes out...Staying up all night before your sixteenth birthday and praying your mom got the mercedes you asked for...Shit, this song is real nigga shit that only real niggas like us can relate to. Dont let these haters bother you Drake! Keep making the hits!

  • youngsta

    all you drake haters need to shut the fuck up. who cares how he started off? he started somewhere. even before degrassi, he was more than likely struggling, trying to find a way to make ends meet for himself. not the hood way like selling crack or running up in people's houses, but just an everyday life type of way, like trying to find a first job or some shit like that. it's something EVERYONE goes or went through, even you hating bitches. so stop with the biased hate and negativity and listen to the music. dope song btw.

    • Tapeworm

      youngsta is actually a centurion suffering the early stages of dementia and likes to think of himself as a youthful teenager who is up to date with the latest trends

    • Anonymous

      Get Drake's dick out your mouth, youngsta.

    • Anonymous

      GTFOHWTBS. Drake dropped a wack song about something his Jewish ass never experienced. He's the last person to talk about starting from the bottom because he came from the middle class.



  • RR

    damn all use people do is comment hateful and negative shit obv use are all angry about your life so use lash out at others

  • Bilal

    This fool is a Canadian jew who started out acting on television, yea that's what I call the bottom.

  • That Guy

    Yeah cuz Degrassi is how I define the bottom.

  • Anonymous

    i call bullshit on this one.


    this nigga started from the middle.... big ass crib and was on tv as a child actor....he might nota been rich but this nigga aint at the bottom........

  • Anonymous

    he's still a canadian faggot jew fuck..

  • Anonymous

    "he was a child star though" No, he was a child actor. That show didn't land him movies or get him the deal with Birdman.

  • yeaaahh

    I didn't think he needed to explain himself because the song speaks for itself. It's a dope track and everyone starts out at the bottom when we enter the workforce unless you have higher education.

    • cory

      No everybody doesnt start at the bottom, the point is that there are kids who get born into families that have to live on and eat garbage to survive. Thats the bottom. starting out as a janitor or working the mop at mcdicks doesnt mean the bottom thats for damn sure. Stop exaggerating so much already you cant all be the goat and you cant all be the illest. Canada is way better than USA anyway.

    • Anonymous

      he was a child star though

  • Anonymous

    Who needed explanation anyway???

  • Anonymous

    well he had it damn easier than most people trying to make it coming from the hood and having no money so stop bitching

    • FucKKK DraKKKe

      All of you are fucking idiots.

    • Zeus

      my man tristan dropping knowledge over here.

    • Anonymous

      CO-SIGN x2. ^^^

    • ^^^

      Good to see there aint just dumb kids on this site...^^ Co-sign 100%

    • Tristan

      How is that relevant? If he had glock's pointing at him everyday then that's the line when you respect a man? At one point in his life his bank account was $0 ( not counting his family) cause a man only counts every DOLLAR HES EARNED. Now look where he is. The reason why people don't care about glorified poverty anymore is because no matter how bad you got it, someone has it worse. Go to Africa, then you'll see. So everyone whining on this side of the world should just shutup and "listen to the music"

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