Future Settles Child Support Case, Must Pay Over $1,600 Per Month

Future has to pay up after confirming that he has a son.

Future has settled his baby mama drama, but it looks like it'll cost him.

TMZ reports that the rapper recently took at DNA test which confirmed that he's the father of a 10-year-old boy.

Future was sued in 2012 by Jessica Smith, who claimed that the rapper had impregnated her in 2001. Smith sought child support.

Reportedly, the DNA test confirmed with 99.9 percent certainty that the child was his.

As a result, Future entered into a settlement with Smith, agreeing to be legally recognized as the father, pay $1,662 in child support per month (he listed his monthly income at $16,516.30) and pay the $889 tab for the DNA test.

Future most recently released his new mixtape, F.G.B. (The Movie) for free download this month, and is contemplating recording a mixtape with Drake.

In recent years, much has been made of high-profile child support cases like those of Nas, Gucci Mane and Scott Storch.

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  • everything is not what it seems

    He not broke 16 k a month is pretty good and cant forget that Drug money , he dont gotta list that ! lol

  • Use your brain

    16K a month even before tax is still a far cry from broke. Get some perspective you assholes

  • m.black

    1. He's completely fabricating a lifestyle on songs that he is nowhere near close to living. OR 2. He does the smart thing and pays himself through his own company as a regular employee. Keeping the cars, jewelry and homes as company property. He himself may not have the actual cash but his company's worth is (which is separate from personal income/wealth) is worth millions, which is better because it protects you from being sued for large amounts and greedy baby mommas. This only applies to people who sign their own checks. No pro sports players or regular dudes.

  • Brad Jones

    Future got hip hop in a headlock right now with these hooks. Am shocked the baby mama only got 1,600 a month especially with all these hits he got on the radio.

  • 614grind

    And Future gon keep rappin bout his bread and y'all gon keep believing it.

  • Anonymous

    so this nigga doesnt even make 200k a year? not sure if thats before or after taxes but that seems hella low for a rapper! seems fishy to me but maybe all these rap niggas are lying about their money and cars!

  • foreal

    Women can smell money a mile away. Interesting that she gave birth in 2001. Future is starting to become a name in the hip hop game and then she sues... in 2012. She was probably watching TV and saw future and thought... oh shit i need a piece of that. This doesnt excuse Future for possibly not being in the childs life and not paying before that

  • Neazy

    Surprisingly reasonable. 1600 is enough to cover necessities but make sure his baby mama still has to work. Dunno about him "only" making 16k a month though. Less than 200 grand a year for a major label rapper? Sounds sketchy.

    • The Decatur ATL BOI

      The Roots song is called "What They Do"...

    • The Decatur ATL BOI

      There is a video and a song by "The Roots" that explains it all, go check it out. The video is on point and tells the truth. These dudes be lying to make the listener feel as though they are less than. To be a star you must first appear to be a star. So they lie. Rap Entertainment 101.

    • Calvin

      actually its very possible. I've heard that for Major Label to recoup money its spend on an album it has to sell about 400k copies. Now most rappers make about 15% from album sales. Pluto is at about 220k copies last i checked. Now take into account all the deductions like Paying manager,booking agent etc you will see its not that hard to imagine he makes that little. Its sad but alot of rappers dont make as much money as they show in videos, in fact some are broke and even in debt to their label. Go to youtube and search "How To Sell 1 Million Albums and Owe $500,000" HERES THE LINK: http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=NcwgdB0NltY

  • Anonymous

    Question: is this price fixed from now until his child's 18 (or 21?) birthday, or it could be renegotiated in case he has serious changes in his monthly income? Taking into account that he is a so-called celebrity, $1,662 are nothing special. On other hand, if we measure it as a roughly 10% as his monthly income, that could be another situation. Whether Future blow up like no tomorrow or going broke, definitely another situation.

  • Anonymous

    what a fucking joke child support is

  • anono

    Cue the obligatory Maury Povich reference: "Future...you ARE the father."

  • Jason

    looks like his hat predicted his future!!! lol

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