Mac Miller Says "Blue Slide Park" Criticism Made Him Turn To Drug Use

Mac Miller says that critics were focusing more on him as a person than his music.

Mac Miller may have made history with his breakout debut Blue Slide Park, which became the first independently distributed album to bow atop the charts since 1995. But despite the success of the project, the Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania rapper couldn't handle the criticism of the project, making him turn to drugs.

During an interview with for its online cover story, the Rostrum Records signee explained that the harsh reviews made him become addicted to promethazine, better known as "lean."

“I love lean; it’s great,” he said. "I was not happy and I was on lean very heavy. ... I was so fucked up all the time it was bad. My friends couldn’t even look at me the same. I was lost.”

Mac, who was on his Macadelic tour that hit many colleges, said that reviews that branded him a "frat rapper" drove him to substance abuse. He said that critics weren't focusing on his music but instead was blasting him as a person.

"A lot of the reviews were more on me as a person,” he said. “To be honest, that was even worse. You’re 19, you’re so excited to put out your first album, you put it out—and no one has any respect for you or for what you did.”

Drug abuse wasn't the only problem that plagued Miller. Last year, Lord Finesse filed a $10 million lawsuit against him for copyright infringement, later settling out of court for an undisclosed sum.

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  • Anonymous

    If any of y'all saw Mac in person you'd be suckin him. Blue Slide Park wasnt that good but Macadelic was good af. Quit hatin on him and live your own life. none of yall are anywhere near as succesful as him so stfu

  • Nem

    he had this one vid/trailer for his macadelic tour that looked like he was coked out...i was assumin hed be baaad by now

  • Anonymous

    Listening to that album made me turn to drugs

  • 187to313

    mac miller is a joke and a disgrace to hip-hop. Cant handle a bit of criticism what a bitch

  • az

    WOW...just when you thought it couldnt possibly get any worse than it is, this shit comes out...a sob story about being addicted to an antihistamine... u gotta be kidding me...then he blames it on somebody else! sorry, but this is absolutely pathetic...what a joke

  • AmeriKKKa: Land Of The Weak, Home Of The Slave

    LOL imagine if Ice Cube, 2Pac and Eminem started crying everytime someone said something bad about their music. If you can't deal with criticism, then Rap music's really NOT for you.

    • keegs

      haha, do you know how many rappers use drugs to cope with criticiscm and other miscallaneous shit? get the fuck outta here. eminem? you realize he was heavy into vicadin, valium and a whole load of other shit just to deal with his stress.

    • cinavenom

      Eminem complains all the time, what the hell are you talking about.

    • AmeriKKKa: Land Of The Weak, Home Of The Slave

      Is that really your argument? Dude turned to drug use because he couldn't handle some critics and you say I am the one bullshitting???

    • Anonymous

      @Amerikka Real shit! This is ridiculous. fuck that lil white boy

    • Anonymous

      but...youre talking from behind a computer screen with your dick in your hand fuckboy..criticism in art is ok but respect the man for what hes doing in this world while youre bullshitting

  • Anonymous

    I hope this fool chokes to death on a mouth full of crackers.

  • Anonymous

    follow at .the real question who gives a FUCK about what you have to say?

  • Anonymous

    Who cares? This guy sucks, a duck is a duck is they say...he is what he average rapper. follow at noles506

  • Anonymous

    yea his Macadellic mixtape shitted on dat album. But dat happens alot with artists so it's more normal. Him being independent tho, wat records is he forced to make for radio or anything?

  • beingunderfire

    Although I would never say that substance abuse is the best form of exscapism, I can understand how public critism can effect young artists. Gratification, critism and expectation of albums is done so quickly that if a artist is not grounded they can fall fast. (ie charles hamilton) I may not be the biggest fan of Mac, but to realize that your going down a path at 19 that you dont want to continue traveling takes a great amount of foresite and self reflection.

  • Meine Ehre heisst treue

    Love to see this Zionist Jewrat losing.

  • Anonymous

    Mac Miller's dope idk wat the fuck yall talkin about his CD sucks ass cuz of all the pop bullshit but his stuff on the mixtapes was tight, I don't wanna hear shit about suckin ass when yall dumb asses hyped up Meek Mill.

  • RC

    You gotta have thicker skin than that if you're gonna be a rapper. You can't lock yourself in a room hiding in recluse, jerking off, sniffin coke all day cuz you can't deal with the fact somebody said your music sucks. That's some sensitive bitch shit right there, you're in the public eye you gotta be able to take both the praise & the criticism.

  • MV Bill

    Why cry faggot? Your album was GARBAGE. Everybody knows it.

  • ClayDavis

    I LIKED Mac as a PERSON but his MUSIC is WACK. I hate artists who can't take criticism, no we don't dislike your music because you are white, there are tons of dope white artists. You make poor corny music, and that's what we hate. Accept it, stop trying to pass off real criticism as hating.

  • wu wear

    Pretty sure we focused on the faggoty pop bullshit gay ass music you made, not on you as a person.

  • Anonymous

    album was mad trash get over it white folks

  • Anonymous

    I didnt think Blue Slide Park was as bad as people make it. It has some solid tracks on it. Oh well.

  • Black History

    Let us know when this clown turns to suicide.

  • dentaldamboy

    Ewe, look at this guy's shirt. It's a Dolce & Gabanna Mike Tyson graphic tee. Real ballers wear Givenchy. Wayne, Drake, Kanye and Big Sean are the best dressed dudes in the game.

    • -

      the best dressed dudes in the game. what a fruitcake. i bet your mom buys your clothes

    • jstizz

      lmfao wayne? wears cheetah jeans dumbass kanye wears skirts drake has a cheetah print northface (headlines video) and ill give you big sean, but only cuz he hit it with nicki

  • damn

    im a white man and i despise this term, but this is some white boy shit. u got criticized and u turned to drugs bec ur mentally weak... u can tell he was never raised or lived in the hood.

    • donnis mac

      Mac Miller is using "ADDICTION" to gain sympathy for his label trying to rob an old school producer. None of that "hood" synopsis applies here.

    • damn

      my point i guess im tryin to make is.. whenever u hear ppl get criticism like 50, i know i damn sure do my fair share of music criticism on that dude they dont cry about it they gear up n get move to the next try to make sumthin hot.. now regardless if 50 peddles anything hot nowadays is obv up for debate but he tries doesnt complain n tries again..

    • damn

      ok, ok. good points everyone.. yall could of got me on this debate without all the bullshit namecallin n HS shit ya know? but for somereason this seems like a white man problem..u wouldnt see a 50 cent or wayne or ross cryin like ahh man they didnt like my song i need drugs again this is comin from a white man but mainly ppl in the hood does drug bec of influneces around them n ppl when they were young n grow up crackheads bec of youth party days.. u dont see ppl around here doing drugs out of self pity usually

    • Anonymous

      People in the 'burbs turn to drugs. How many coke heads, crack heads, alcoholics, prescription painkiller abusers (cause of the new 'ron addicts) you see walking around? It's a PEOPLE issue, not an environmental one, EVEN THOUGH, the environment can be a factor in SOME cases. PEOPLE, EVERYWHERE, are also CLEAN. STOP the FOOLISHNESS.

    • LOL

      Sissy people think Hip Hop is rock n roll. This is hip hop and you gotta be built for this. What did think this is rock music? Asher Roth wasn't crying when they called him a frat rapper. Man up!

    • Anonymous

      you are slow as shit.. maaaad people in the hood turn to drugs... how many crack heads, and ron addicts you see walkin around?? does it matter the reason why people turn to drugs??

    • s

      You see plenty of people in the hood turning to drug use for much less

    • damn

      my point being dumbfuck is that people in the hood hear criticism all the time and either 1) beef or 2) let it go.. but u dont see noone in the hood turning to drug use bec ppl dont like them or w.e they do.. who gives a fuck thats only shit surburban white kids with low self esteem do and say for pity

    • Anonymous

      it doesnt take being raised or living in the hood to make you strong mentally you dumb fuck

  • acidrap

    This kids sucks cocks,aint his 15 up yet?!

  • Mr. Underground

    he must be weak minded if he let some journalists' reviews get him down after selling a quarter million units in his 1st week topping the charts as an indie????? sounds pretty ungrateful to me

  • Anonymous

    I still think that 10million dollar lawsuit was too much. Hes not even worth 10million nor did the song even pull in 10million dollars worth of revenue

  • DrebinSlevin

    Dude can rap. Face The Facts with DJ Premier is proof of that. But Blue Slide Park was an album with songs like Donald Trump. It was poppy as fuck. Mackelmore did his thing though. Made a catchy song about anti consumerism and let the rest of the album be real shit. Mac Miller can rhyme. Well too. He just needs to stop featuring hacks like Casey Veggies and Lil Wayne and make some actual music.

    • Anonymous

      Nail on the head. The white boy who can rap was marketed to appeal to all audiences, and they were so desperate to pull off the facade they tried to rip off an old school producer, who so happened to be very knowledgeable about production paperwork. Everlast changed his style twice. Kid Rock switched. Maybe Mac miller can.

    • DrebinSlevin's a Homo

      You're a certified fruitcake for liking Macklemore's 'suckin kneecaps and lickin boots' ass.

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