50 Cent Delays "Street King Immortal" To Spring

50 Cent says that a shift at Interscope Records caused another delay for his new album.

50 Cent has hit another bump on the road to release of his oft-delayed Street King Immortal. During an interview with MTV News, the G-Unit general said that the LP, which was originally scheduled to drop on February 26th, has now been pushed back to Spring after a staff shuffle over at Interscope Records.

"Street King Immortal, this Spring, because I'm waiting for - actually, it's the system," said Fif. "It's a lot of adjustments being made there. Obviously Christmas, I think 35 people got let go. So it's interesting. It's a shift in whose responsibilities are what. So I'm confident they'll put it together."

The rapper has already released the lead single "My Life" featuring Eminem and Adam Levine, and plans to release the video for "Major Distribution" featuring Snoop Dogg and Young Jeezy soon.

Watch the interview below (via HHNM).

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  • fuck you


  • based god

    nigga this shit is whack, DROP THE GOD DAMN ALBUM

  • KingO

    dam fif!! at least drop the major distribution video soon. this is getting tired man. if those singles, weren't doing good, street king immortal would've been a mixtape by now. yooo.....fif, man. get it toghether. this is starting to become very very wack.....

  • Anonymous

    this is like some test to see how many times he could generate buzz with a so called release of his album on this day and now shots are going be to thrown at him or at other rappers probably

  • Anonymous

    "50 still has more fans than 95% of rappers" Bold statement, but statistically inaccurate.

  • Brad Jones

    This 50 Cent keep getting pushed back cause the interest from the public isn't there.. Problem is, it may never be there for this project. "My Life" had sum buzz but it is buzzed out at this point.


    50 is a excellent businessman and one of the most successful commerical rappers ever! however, he peaked lyrically and conceptually about 5 to 7 years ago. in contrast, officer rick ross continues to get better and better. the only thing to save 50 now is to sign with YMCMB. otherwise, his album gon be pushed back more than Consequence hairline.

    • 1800TROLLIN

      U can't be serious? I bet if 50 Cent and Wayne dropped an album on the same day it'd be a close race. Plus, G-Unit about to drop another LP at the end of 2013. 50 is the one who is getting better not Officer William "Rick Ross" Roberts. Officer Ricky is why Lyor Cohen had to "resign" from Warner Bros. and why MMG had to "move" to Atlantic. Lol. Warner Bros. invested way too much in them to see that MMG group album flop. Why u think Def Jam passed on MMG in the first place? B/c TRIPLE C's flopped! Don't believe me go look up Triple C's first week sales. Lol. Pretty sure it was less than 10,000 and it had MAD FEATURES! What's even funnier to me is that MMG is at ATLANTIC in the first place b/c that makes Ross an underboss to Jeezy given Jeezy is the VP. LOL. DAMN

  • seanleon

    Funny, 50 has businesses, movie deals and is still a major figure on a major label plus he's filthy rich! He has more money and drive than all you hatin bloggers put together that trash him. Dr Dre hasn't put out a record since 1999 but if detox appears in a heading on a rap website people will break their necks to find out about a possible Dre album. Bottom line no matter how you trash 50 he will always have the last laugh because you took the effort out of your day to show that you are still thinking about him and still checking for Street King Immortal.

  • Anonymous

    Ja rule out of jail next month i want ja rule back on top 50 stole his whole swag anyways but 50 is wack Bring back Ja !!! u cant denies ja had classics !!!!

  • lol

    if all u people think interscope hates him, didn't he get extended there? I thought his deal was met after his last cd was released

  • Anonymous

    Ja Rule anhialated this wack ass bitch

  • BCcoastin

    u dudes funny comin on this blog to diss 50. lol real talk stop talkin about him if u dont like him or think hes irrelevant. whatever im disapointed in interscope. fif had a good buzz goin with his singles. fuck a label. im still coppin his cd. fuck a blogger. emotional ppl on keyboards...im out

  • bang EM Now

    50 getting pushed back is bad for business , personally i am no longer buyin the record. if u keep pushin shit back u will disppoint people and when the album drops no one gives a fuck anymore,

  • row

    so many delusional haters on this site. 50 still has more fans than 95% of rappers. this album will come out in 2013 and will do probably 250-300k first week. SK is gonna ink a distribution deal and be everywhere soon. timbo just joined sms audio we are gonna see that do big things in 2013. this is just how 50 grinds. he is a living legend (one of the few)

  • Anonymous

    50 is one of those people that ALWAYS has an excuse for everything. ALWAYS. It just never fails

  • Anonymous

    "Actually" you lying nigga

  • jay

    50 Cent says that a shift at Interscope Records caused another delay for his new album. _______________ aka people at interscope listened 2 his cd.. realized he still has the same 5th grade rhyme scheme, sounds exactly the same as he did in 2000 and its a terrible CD.. thanks interscope

  • Anonymous

    What is Curtis doing at Barnes and Noble?

  • marshal

    coz nobody looking 4 ur shit anymore 50cent

  • R.I.P. 50 Cent 1999-2003

    50 cent is an artist who didnt grow and sounds the same as in 2003. 50 is living of 1 good album GRODT and after that he became a joke and started recycling himself. He has no friends and verybody hates him. Go kill yourselff 50.

    • jayy

      @ RIP 50cent- everythin u just said is dead on @absofly- massacre sold 1.2 mil bec GRODT was such a classic ppl figured this one would be too..fail. and beg for mercy was carried by the entire group not just 50..most notably.. banks

    • absofly25

      Hey numnuts massacre sold 1.2 mill its opening week..sounds like hes living off that album too and the beg for mercy g unit album as well..

  • Anonymous

    we dont care. dude you are just average and done and def not a legend.

  • Anonymous

    fif needs to get off interscope,, i wouldnt mind seing where independent label takes him. theres no excuse coz GAME was on da same label and gettin his albulms out and with no or minor delays

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    the problem with 50 is he is very stubborn and likes to do things his way. he could easily do what every other popular rapper is doing and go and get the flavor of the month producer and feature but he clearly doesn't want to. he wants to come back on his terms. its a very risky move on his part but if it works out it could be huge for hip hop.

    • Anonymous

      i see what have someone who takes everything literally. "No one is checking for him" has never been used as a literal comment by anybody. Even hitler has supporters... yet people still say he was hated by everybody. And the man is worth 200 million, he's in a boss in his own right. Stop acting like he's just some lackey who has to bend over. He is just no sought after anymore period. His time came and went. That's what "no one is checking for him " means.

    • Anonymous

      What label does he own? G-Unit is an IMPRINT, that WAS under Shady Records and distributed by Interscope/Universal Records. NOW, can YOU prove that NOBODY is checking for his music? YOU KNOW every single rap music fan in the world to say this? YOU typed the biggest load of sh_t I've read all year. Just say YOU don't like him and MOVE ON.

    • Anonymous

      this is the worst case of denial i have ever seen. How much more freedom could one man possibly have? The man is the head of his own label and been doing what he please with impunity for years? What are these terms you are referring to exactly? If this was any other artist you would be talking down to them, saying their music just sucks or they just arent checked for, but since its 50 you come up with CRAZY excuses. This is the biggest load of shit ive read this year. How about we just take the truth and honesty route? The guy fell off and nobody is checking for him. Period.

    • BHH

      This. But i'm still disappointed.

  • Anonymous

    aw man i was really looking to go out and buying this album on release day!! =(

  • we

    flop single. flop single. flop single. new date. "internal problems at interscope" = they know the album is a tuna can 50 is so out of touch he's becoming a caricature of himself. he is in puff daddys territory now, a rich no talent business guru grasping at straws to stay hot as an "artist" when nothing's there. nobody is looking to buy a 50 cent album. today or tomorrow. haven't seen one person in real life wear this clowns head phones either. how'd that 50 cent cologne work out? i need a new scent. 50 is a triple threat. bad music. bad movies. bad products. even mc hammer knew when to pack it in as a rapper.

  • delj

    say what you will about game. but he did this nigga in. 300 bars and all that shit dropped and 50 been dead since then. game a fucked up dude but he'll fuck you up.

  • static

    50 new shit shows growth. major distro dope. interscope is dumb it had good buzz for feb but guess someone dropped the ball was ready for it.


    Marketing gimmick trying to gain hype - nigga your album ain't Detox and we don't give a fcuk if it comes out or not YOU WASHED UP, YOU WACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Anonymous


  • Sage Afrika

    Album's never comin out fucktard! get the message, interscope is no longer interested in you after you went at Jimmy like that! that's why they put out Game and Kendrick with solid promos but dont give a shit about you...

  • Anonymous

    man 50 needs 2 leave interscope now. the stuff he already out out for his new album is the best shit i've heard since massacre. he doesnt even need interscope cos he's got his own label

  • Your career is over 50

    He still waiting for Lil Wayne to drop I'm Not A Human 2, to try an get a piggy back.


    On some real shit, i would such this dude d**k. No lie, after watching his interview with Katie i want to go down on him. No troll though. And that legend EM! Word to everything when his album drops its gonna kill the game. AYO FIF LET ME HOLLA AT YOU BOY. WHIP OUT THAT SHLONG BOY. YOU NIG!

  • Anonymous

    Ja Rule destroyed this wack ass nigga

    • Anonymous

      troll 3116 up, 870 down 1a. Noun One who posts a deliberately provocative message to a newsgroup or message board with the intention of causing maximum disruption and argument.

  • Killyoself

    50 just doin music for fun now. Yall really think he need the bread lol?!Ill stil bump his shit anyday over french Montana, chief keef,future,kirko...

  • man

    Oh man 50 your music career is over for a long time already. Stop trying homie...

  • wtf?

    no real street nigga listens to rick ross stop it son why even bring his ass up in this?

  • Born in 86

    Give it up 50, you got Rich and Stopped Trying !

  • Kendrick Lamar

    LOL keep delaying it nigga no one will buy it anyway

  • Anonymous

    50 cent is the king of pushing back albums. This is getting annoying!

  • Ricky Rozay

    LMAO off all these niggas on this site that say 50 ended Rozay career. Way I see it, other way around. This nigga cant even get his album out on shelves while Rozay making bawse moves and gettin hsi album out when he wants. Face it niggas Rozay ended his career. Nigga aint got no buzz, no singles, no hits. Career is over. Bawse!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • jay

      this dudes right.. ross went off on 50 on wax.. 50 was just funny and personal bec he knew ross would wax him lyrically then banks went on ross.. but IMO game ended gunit. since 300 bars he put that fork in 50 and ross finished him off bec at that point everyone in hiphop realized 50 had no bars

    • X

      If you really look at it Rozay is telling the truth Ross got out 2 albums since 50 supposedly "ended his career" and they went gold plus he got out other albums from his artists 1 already gold (Wale) and Meek gone hit gold and his group still growing making moves. Ross is already planning a new album to drop this year and it might end up dropping before 50. While 50 has not put out an album since '09. And 50 group is non-existent. So who's career really got ended?

    • Anonymous

      troll Noun One who posts a deliberately provocative message to a newsgroup or message board with the intention of causing maximum disruption and argument.

  • ok

    lol interscope knows 50cent has lost his appeal. His third album (BISD) ended selling less then even Game's third album (lax) and 50 wants huge promotions like before and interscope thinks it isnt worth it. 50 should use his money to buy his contract and release his shit independently, it will sell same as major as 50 is good buisnessman and become cool with Kanye, Jay-Z, Nas, Young Money as they are bigger than him now musically and beefing thing has gone old.

    • Anonymous

      BISD was his 4th album man, so if we're gonna compare album sales to Game, BISD sold more then Games 4th album, the Red album.

  • Anonymous

    (yawn) who cares. when is Em dropping?

    • Tapeworm

      haha his name is realhiphop, then he mentioned big sean

    • What?

      ^wrong, Eminem Show was arguably his most complete project, and that majority don't think it was shit (went diamond as did MMLP). Album sales are beside the point though. If you listen to his whole discography, from Infinite to Recovery, through rhymes, he tells one of the greatest music stories I've ever heard. fuck tho, 50 release yo shit soon or u aint gon sell shit, AND you gon fade into complete nothingness...

    • Anonymous

      Really? He hasn't released a good album since Marshall mathers lp

    • Real Hiphop

      THANK YOU! Real niggas know when Em drops that album, its gonna kill the game. On some real shit, i hope he collabs with Kendrick, J. Cole, T.I, and Big Sean.

  • 777

    Nobody wants to hear your shitty record anyways.

  • The Wash

    50 is done...... Interscope keeps pushing him back for a reason, no relevant act in hip hop fux with him, tried to connect with the youth but Keef don't wanna be in a video with him, Floyd his only famous friend don't fuck with him and he keeps dissing game but Jayceon just dropped two albums on interscope. Fif...... bring clean water to Africa, sell headphones and promote MMA not boxing my dude cause the sport is like your musical career DONE. No hate just saying...

  • Anonymous

    50 never really grew as an artist. He's still rapping about the same stuff he did 10 years ago. And half the people in the game don't even mess with him or want to work with him....

  • Anonymous

    The problem is his ego would never allow him to go indie.

  • Anonymous

    none care about your album we need new EMINEM LP

    • shh


  • Haha

    What a fucken surprise!

  • Anonymous

    Another proof Ja Rule killed this nigga.

  • K

    This is comedy really. Thought he was going to call out the label and put them on blast. He' finding out who really has the upper hand.

  • asher1985

    i saw this coming, that song my life just wasn't as big as they thought, the song sucked lets face the truth. nobody is interested in 50 cent as a rapper anymore. the game has been good to him as a whole, but i say its time to go independent and just make music for your core fans, because lets face it...thats about all you have these days anyway

  • Milehighkid303

    Followed him since 97' and since he was runnin with JMJ/Nas on Bravehearts and I must say.....THE HUNGER IS GONE and he just doesn't want it anymore....he won it all in a matter of 3 years and now just dicks around with everything. PLUS I'm 30 myself...it's getting to the point that ALL this hip hop shit is just old to me now.....guess a motherfucka gotta grow up sometime.....

  • K

    So what's new. It's 50 @ #notinterested.

  • Anonymous


  • P

    Never coming out ass nigga..its cuz he can't generate any interest simple as that.

  • Anonymous

    Call Jaycean, Curtis. He'll sign you to his new label and get you back on track.

  • Anonymous

    dude is washed up he won't sell more than 50 000 units anyway

  • YahBish

    Man, I was waiting like a mother fucker for this album. Oh well, I hopes he keeps up updated with singles.

  • hahaha

    This shit was announced back in 2010!! lmao He's not dropping till 2015.

  • gggg gone

    didnt see this comming, at all... 50's the PUSHED BACK undisputed champ

  • Hip Hop please

    It's not the end of the world Just a lil bit later, I think it's gonna be dope

  • anonymous

    go fuck yourself 50 1 week ago he confirmed the release date and now he pushes it back for miliont time not cool

  • Anonymous

    Yea not quite Detox, but it ain't looking good..losing faith in fif... follow at noles506

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