T.I. Reportedly Shopping $75 Million Record Deal

T.I. is allegedly a free agent after completing a 10-year contract with Atlantic Records.

T.I. has reportedly completed his 10-year contract with Atlantic Records and is making the rounds to shop a $75 million record deal.

According to TMZ, Tip is currently in talks with record labels to sign the deal. As part of the package, the King of the South promises three albums; 10-20 percent of publishing, touring, merchandise, film and TV rights; corporate endorsement deals; and exclusive signing of all Grand Hustle artists.

The rapper has already met with the likes of Dr. Dre and Jay-Z, who respectively want to sign him to Interscope and Roc Nation. Sony has reportedly offered him a $50 million deal, while Universal is meeting with him later this week to discuss having him come to the imprint.

Under Atlantic, T.I. put out seven LPs excluding his 2001 debut I'm Serious, which released via Arista. He most recently dropped Trouble Man: Heavy is the Head which bowed at No. 2 with 179,000 copies sold.

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  • Slim

    Yall still stuck in 2005 w/ those G-Unit numbers. Yall don't understand that if he does get $75M that it will most likely be a 360 deal like Jay. Record sales are just a small part of the pie now. It's all about digital downloads, appearances, and touring!

  • bill

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  • Anonymous

    "but Doug Morris being at the helm at Sony already offered 50m!" Doug Morris is a moron then cause do you realize whether Tip gets 50 or 75, he has to basically double that so the label sees an actual profit?

  • 70yearoldrapper

    Damn H8tin azz niggaz!! Let this nigga live!! can't wait to drop my mixtape on yall clowns..OLD,IRRELEVANT AND WHO THE FUCK ARE YOU?..coming soon!!

  • Anonymous

    "Tech Nine has been a millionaire for years just of an independent label" Most artists don't want to wait years to make what they could in a shorter amount of time. Tech is in a great position, but to literally have to tour 365 days a year hawking your brand seems like a raw deal. T.I. basically wants to sign on the dotted line and call it a day.

  • gsonii

    Make that nigga eat out of a trash can since the internet says he does not deserve it. Don't give that nigga a penny. Future thinks he deserves a longer set than this nigga. Yeah Future and the internet are the greatest pairing ever.

  • Anonymous

    "do you know what a resume is" Do you know what illegal downloading has done to most of those resumes? T.I. will get his money. All I'm saying is $75 mill seems like a bad investment.

    • donnis mac

      First of all 75m is a negotiable number so anyone focused on this loses. Secondly, and I will repeat, NONE OF US have access to the corporate spreadsheets so how can you determine if it's a bad investment or not? If Lyor Cohen or Doug Morris said it's not feasible THEN I will believe it, but Doug Morris being at the helm at Sony already offered 50m!

  • Get The Money, TIP

    I'm all for the artists get their money cus their record companies rip off artists. If I was tip, l would go independent. I don't see the need for majors if you're a hip hop artist. Wiz Khalifa, Tech Nine, Mac Miller are millionaires and have more money than major label artists. Tech Nine has been a millionaire for years just of an independent label.

  • iBwizzle

    If you don't buy music, noneless go to concerts, your comments are invalid!

  • Anonymous

    75 million hahahaha.....I'd rather give The Game 7.5 mill

  • Nemesis

    even if t.i got $500,000 a show,an did 80 shows a year, its still only $40,000,000...he'd have to do 2 years of sold out shows getting overpaid to even pay back the label...if you were a buisness man,would you invest 75,000,000 dollars in a buisness that will only pay you back in 4-6 years maybe?

    • Nem

      ^this is why blog commenters should stop trying to sound educated, the numbers i put were HEAVILY exagerrated, t.i would NEVER get 500,000 a show unless he was doing a Stadium show...i may have left out numbers,but the numbers i put up were heavily heavily exagerrated to make t.i look good, but guess what, he doesnt get half of what i said, t.i definetly does not make 250,000 a show, so shut the fuck up kid anyone with common hip-hop and business knowledge will know 75 million for t.i is a VERY bad investment unless your taking 100% of his money and putting him to tour everyday of his life or put him on reality t.v an take all his money from there...you realize that a company will give you 75 million,but they want atleast double in return, NO RAPPER is making that much money, not 50 not diddy not jay-z...NONE of them made 150 million off rap, MOST of their money is from other buisness ventures which the label isnt apart of...

    • 614grind

      See, this is why fans should just stay fans. Stop playing executive because you just makin yourself look bad. You're leaving out so much math its ridiculous.

  • Nemesis

    its eazy to do the math...the most t.i will sell is 1 million after months, 13 bucks a peice to divide among a label and the rapper will make that 13 million into a fraction, but wait theres tour money you say? t.i makes between $20,000-$60,000 a show, if he did 50 shows a year,thats only $3,000,000....no way in fuckin hell will a label pay 75 million to a hip-hop artist,a hip-hop artist that is known for going to jail an always violatin probation...wake up kids

    • ETK

      wake up kids! this mothafucka on the internet's clearly seen it all! y'all best believe him he knows the lowdown on this business shit

  • Nemesis

    you dont gotta be an accountant to know this number is heavily exagerrated smh...A$ap rocky got a 3 million dollar deal an that was already like "WTF this hasent happened since 50 cent" type shit...75 million for a contract is U2 or britney spears status, the most a rapper will get for a contract is 20-30 mil and thats if theyre in their prime buzzing around the world, t.i is barely making any impact as it is, he'll be lucky if he gets a 7 million dollar deal

  • BP

    niggas on the Internet thinkin they can pen out how much a rapper is worth.. "this seems too much for him"... I've fuckin seen everything

  • Anonymous

    He should just stay independent man. Plus if he signs to Interscope or RocNation...nobody in TDE or Cole/Jay Electronica/Rita Ora will have money to do their own albums. JayZ stop tryna sign Tip and release Jay Electronicas album already!

  • uh

    Uhm, what? Is this for real? Seems WAY too much for him.

  • Anonymous

    hw wont get what hes askin..t.i is old and on his way out...aint selling records like before...he should take the 50 mil..it aint gonna get any better

    • sp3tan

      So if tupac came back and only sold 1.5m copies and lil wayne selling 3m that makes Lil wayne better right? Records dont mean shit. If the 3 albums would sell in total only 2 mil copies that wont still cover up everything. Its the merchandise and all that shit that will get them the money. Besides that, how is TIP old if hes only 31? Why isnt Eminem going out when hes 40 already? why isnt it his time? Why isnt it snoops time or dre's time? Makes no sense fucking retard. If TIP just got out from Atlantic Records with a 50 mil offer from Sony why wouldnt he get higher? The funny thing is that youre talking like you knew business better than TIP. All of us commenting here, wherever were agreeing, disagreeing, hating, loving we will never be on the same level of business that TIP is on.

  • Anonymous


    • anon

      your dumb as hell. Apparently hav enever seen his show. dudes a straight family man. your ignorant as shit. pry aint even got a family, pry some lonley dipshit commentin oabout a legend in the rap game. What have you done with your life?

    • imscaredofblacks

      We don't believe you. Losers are obsessed with pretending to be holier than thou.

  • da1

    Who will give this guy a 75 million dollar deal when his latest hasn't even gone gold? It may go gold but it will definitely take awhile and it definitely wont go platinum. When Mariah Carey and Janet Jackson were offered those huge Record deals it's because their albums prior to the the deal were stellar. And for those of you who think this deal is really a 360 deal when it comes to tours and other ways artist make profit that still way too much for TIP. He may be a household name but he isn't Madonna or U2. Music acts that rank in hundreds of millions of dollars overseas. And also are bigger celebrity overseas. TI isn't on that level right now. Not saying that he won't be, but at the moment he isn't now. So to ask for that much money seems to be very steep.

    • Token Black

      ^^ Y'all niggas ain't shit tho. T.I. got songs with Eminem, Pink and fucking RIHANNA yet he's barely known out of America. He's SUPPOSED to be a goddamn superstar but can't sell any more than 300 K. If he takes that deal he'll be in debt for the rest of his life. That's some sad shit.

    • ETK

      no he's mad. OP needs to realize he's talking about fuckin popstars, legendary popstars. to compare them to T.I's level is just foolish. T.I. isn't on their level but he's a big name in the HIP-HOP game with multiple classics to his name, platinum plaques and a team behind him that includes another nigga who went platinum on singles. hip-hop & pop are completely different horizons in sales, revenue, merch, QUALITY, etc his net worth is expendable because he's NOT done gettin that money dude. so that 360 deal is even more beneficial for whichever label gets a hold of him. everybody that's been following him knows that since tip got out of jail, he's gotten that hustle on 110% tryna get that $$$$$ his LP doesn't have to go platinum, nobody's sellin like it used to and it's even more of an issue in hip-hop thanks to mixtapes. gold is the new platinum. which is partly why T.I.'s lookin to make $$$ elsewhere. I just laid out why Dre and Jay are lookin into this deal and not some sumbitch who think he got it figured out

    • ^^Big Dummy

      No, I think he is trying to educate your dumb retarded ass. Maybe you can get used to thinking and using your brain.

  • PumbaClut

    Dude should sign to rocnation, the artists they have signed, the artists they manage, the producers and songwriters they have under their wing. The Good Music-RocNation connection too. These imprints are gaining market share in multiple multiple genres of music. Which you need to these days with this being the "iPod generation"

  • kaylastephen8

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  • Anonymous

    At first glance the number seems pretty high. It's not really about record sales anymore either....it's about the 10-20% of the touring, merchandise, tv, etc.

  • j

    People gone hate regardless if he get $75 million or not Atlantic is going to hurt badly if he takes b.o.b with him because b.o.b might not be kendrick lamar but overseas the boy is a superstar over 50 million singles sold between the two of them. Atlantic better keep him and just because this album didn't smash like the rest doesnt mean he cant do it again none of us know what God has in store.

  • Anonymous

    "Atlantic won't hurt" And you're basing this on what, an educated guess?

  • loyalty

    I'm not paying T.I. 50 or 75 million to sign him. His label artist do not even sell well, On top of that T.I. Do not bring ing huge numbers anymore. I'll give him between 15- 25 millions at best. You can't give him that kind of money based of what he did in the past.

    • ^^^Exactly!

      He is no lil wayne, so why in the hell would a record company pay that much when his album has not gone gold yet and none of his artists are selling? Shit, even the C.O. from maybach music is doing better than T.I. right now as far as sells and artists. should be interesting to see who is going to take the gamble.

    • ct

      I'm not a fan of the new Lil wayne but T.i. is not doing what wayne is doing with Young Money, yeah you know B.O.B. but he is not selling album like Nicki or drake. T.i. Grand hustle label is not making any noise. T.I. is not bringing the same fan base he had 5 years ago to the table and he's not bringing no artist to the table like a kendrick, Cole or Drake

    • Anonymous

      Why of course you're not paying him, you're not a recording industry executive nor a Hollywood executive. Only numbers you know are the weekly sales, not the corporate spreadsheets. "You can't give him that kind of money based of what he did in the past." ^ do you know what a resume is? It's a documentation of your PAST experience to see if you are qualified for future employment. CEO's, movie stars, politicians, even your family ALL use a resume. Thank me later for snapping you out of that nonsense you're thinking.

  • chillthrills

    son worth it,,,however i would drop the grand hustle cd,,indie,,,let it do its numbers then you can reach for a buck, buck fifty at the table,,,,,im just sayin,,,show and prove,,,the new you, a lil taste,,,let em see what it is

  • obama junior

    Tip is worth suckling a dogs teeth for $5. He retarded yo

  • Anonymous

    "What you think is insane means nothing to the suits and the bottom line" It will when his next album doesn't even go gold and they lose millions.

    • Anonymous

      "As part of the package, the King of the South promises three albums; 10-20 percent of publishing, touring, merchandise, film and TV rights; corporate endorsement deals; and exclusive signing of all Grand Hustle artists." ^ instead of trying to impose your asinine knowledge on all perhaps you should read the information first. You just proved what I said down below to be accurate.

  • One

    Atlantic won't hurt. With all of those R&B singers on deck like Trey Songz. T.I was a good cash crop for them though. If he did go to Universal, they would have a majority of the market share in rap. Take it Sony is out the question. We'll see. Glad he finish that contract and on to the next one.

  • H

    Atlantic better keep him all they got is him bob wiz and bruno mars and if anything they owe him $75 he sells the most albums not singles albums for atlantic probably since ray charles

  • bawse

    jay or dre donthave enough $$$$$$$$$$$$$ to sign tip & make a profit u idiots he's using them to create a bidding war!!! anyway get yo $$$$$ TIP



  • gsonii

    Don't give that nigga a penny he sucks because the internet says so.

  • christ

    t.i. as for me go to universal or roc nation

  • The Truth

    Tip should sign with Roc Nation. I think that would be the best fit for him at this point and time.

  • dentaldamboy

    Atlantic finally dropped TI for saddling them with BoB. Atlantic lost millions on BoB. Meanwhile, Universal makes millions from Wayne, Drake, Nicki and Tyga.YMCMB MMG OVO WTB

    • dentaldamboy

      LOL guys im sorry im NOT an accountant, just a starving nigger hungary for attention. I dont work for cash money, im actually the dude that ask you if you want fries with that combo meal.

    • brollya

      stupid, i dont even lik bob and i kno he made hella money for atlantic droppin gold and platinum plaques......

    • @dentaldamboy

      "Atlantic lost millions on BoB" Wow, you're stupid. B.o.B has 2 #1 singles, platinum/gold singles, and a gold album. Atlantic made millions off of B.o.B. Do your research before you speak, retard.

    • @dentaldamboy

      You obviously don't know how to read. It says; "T.I. has reportedly completed his 10-year contract with Atlantic Records" Meaning, his conrtact is done. Atlantic didn't dropped him. He's a free agent. "Atlantic lost millions on BoB" T

    • yeaaahh

      What are you talking about?? Every single B.o.B has released has went platinum and he's got one gold album and another one that could reach gold status.

    • Anonymous

      "while Universal is meeting with him later this week to discuss having him come to the imprint." ^ don't forget dentaldamboy is supposed to be an accountant, but he can't read and comprehend a simple article.

  • yeaaahh

    I know Atlantic is pissed about losing him and B.o.B. Those two are money making machines. Chip already has a huge following overseas and he's starting to build a fanbase here in the US. Trae has a huge underground following but I don't know about Iggy yet. I feel like he needs to sign one more up and coming artist that's catching fire. I hope he goes with Dre!!

    • sp3tan

      Dont forget Dro too. He aint big but he got some shit too. And hes probably releasing a new album soon looking forward to that SHIT!



  • Anonymous

    t.i is huge, he got his own tv show ffs. Exactly the kind of experienced MC you want to promote your own label, he bring knowledge and the ability to make anybody known just by featuring on their track. Can't see Jay-z signing him, possibly interscope most likely sony. Pay T.I to talk about your artist instead of paying people to up that artists views on youtube artificially

  • Anonymous

    "he got movie roles & deals on the way" So far only 1 movie.

    • @ Quote-Man

      Dude give it up, you're no omnipotent. You know about what TI has in terms of future Hollywood deals, how much Nicki is making, what DMX does, what Slick Rick should be, what LL should do when someone is robbing his house, who Drake is, what all young kids listen to, what 50 Cent thinks and does, how much Nas has in his bank account, who can't go to Interscope offices, what every commenter is making and how they live. Whatever topic, you know everything about it. You know all of this from your internet connection but if you truly had all of this information, why don't you have your OWN website instead of coming here and have the internet gather this info from YOU? Don't start with your "opinion", because what you submitted up there is a statement, like you factually know what's on the table for him. Your actions show an unstable mind, a wanna-be, trying to be something you're not. Too insecure to stand on your own merits and be human so you try to impose your will, on gullible and misinformed kids at that. Knock it off, you should be ashamed of yourself. Go get some help and leave us alone. You're worse than a troll.

    • Anonymous

      ATL, Takers and American Gangster

    • ETK

      make that two movies(ATL + Takers), a comedy movie coming up and that's just the surface of things, obviously if Tip's getting heavy in the movie scene that means more is brewing

  • Heffe Christ

    Damn its entertaining as fuck to see niggas arguing over another nigga's money... aint that some shit. Whats next niggas killing each other over sneakers??? @HeffeChrist

  • So Icy Man!

    T.I. fell off. his music is garbage now. he was never an MC. fuck swag

  • Anonymous

    his good but not worth that much

    • Anonymous

      People love to hate because they are not worth squat. AYO T.I., keep making moves dude.

    • sp3tan

      Yeah as a big fan with over 250 songs of T.I. while he been in the game for 11 years and counting and for being one of the best, the hottest MC's of this era bringing out good shit i kind of agree with you. He aint worth shit bro. Considering that he also has platinums allover his wall, selling 18+21 mill on the box office on his 2 movies ATL & Takers, yeah he aint worth shit bro. Fucking retard.

  • Anonymous

    That's insane if someone hands over that kind of money to a guy whose popularity is waning. I don't blame T.I. for trying, but 75 mill in the downloading age? lol

    • Anonymous

      His fan-base is growing up. No$talgia Tours are the most profitable, re-live their grade school days bumping 24s in concert for $50-$100+ a pop in arenas? Not as ridiculous as it sounds. Add in all of the other revenue streams the label gets a piece of, and that $75 milli starts sounding very easily recoupable.

    • Anonymous

      You're not a recording industry executive, you're a fan. What you think is insane means nothing to the suits and the bottom line.

  • jayy

    hopefully ti goes to interscope thatd be dope a full album of dre productions.. 75 mil hope he gets it but thts a big price considering between ti and his entire team the only person known is t.i himself so its not like hes got a poppin team behind him like dre or wayne or jayz.. maybe touring and marketing can get that 75 back

  • Cat D

    The minute you settle for less than you deserve, you get even less than you settled for. Making major moves... Do the damn thang T.I.!

  • Anonymous

    Nobody is giving this guy that kind of a deal now, sorry. Especially in a climate like this where no one is selling anything. He will get a 360 deal just like everybody else, because he's not that hot anymore.

    • Anonymous

      Exactly first anonymous, dude don't read shit anymore, 75 mil is not only about TI, its all his grand hustle crew included, with a 360 deal, i think it is under priced. Read fuck boy.

    • Anonymous

      Ooh, you're so smart, nigga suck a dick.

    • Anonymous

      You can tell when people don't read the fucking article. He already offering to sign a 360 deal for $75 million. Look at everything he's offering before you comment dumbass.

  • Cat D

    Good Night people, you hating on T.I. too weak, he ain't stuntin you haters, he will get what he wants maybe, even a lil bit more than what he is asking. You just do not know about the rap industry...ask somebody that can educate you or you will keep sounding like fools. Just Saying. Stay Up T.I. Peace and Blessings.

  • Jerome

    I can imagine Baby signing him to YM. Would be huge if he did

  • Cat D

    He will get it too! Jay-Z got the $ to sign him, so does Dr.Dre T.I. is doing his thang!

  • fuck the south

    This dude is a fucking idiot. 75 m's for only 3 albums and only 10-20%??? Even Lady Gaga isn't getting that kind of fucking deal....He would be lucky if they even gave him 1 million...He's not even that hot anymore.

    • Hollywood

      CHO Ass up... Since when does Lyor Cohen comment on sites. Play your position and comment on the music alone... Artist aint flopping its the fans, playing the roll of LA Ried every Wednesday like they know what the hell a record deal is and what it consist of... If you knew so much why is Bruce Springstein still touring, Why does Cindy Lauper still sell out Girl's Just Wanna Have fun" why is the cupid shuffle still in demand???? shut up and listen to music only... Play that tough guy internet shit in your response all you want & watch me roast you

    • Anonymous

      Sony already put $50 million on the table. More record company are still offering to sign him. So your claim is bullshit, you must not see everything T.I. is offering.

  • Anonymous

    Shit gon be epic wherever he go, and he bringin all of Grand Hustle too? Krazy

  • you know your wack as shit

    when you think trap rap is worth 75million T.I you broke go back to bank head them kids ain't yours

    • sp3tan

      Hahahaha that is so fucking funny when you say it. Besides Dre doing it big, T.I. is probably next to him. If you really think hes broke then i dont know what the fuck i should call you, hahaha.

  • Anonymous

    He still thinks he's a superstar ? LMAO. He's on the level of rookie rappers now. No ones giving him 75 mil.

    • lmfao

      Except maybe the two aforementioned moguls who want to sign him (Dre...and Jay Z) So, in other words, fuck outta here

    • BP

      nigga sit your ass down. T.I's a veteran in the rap game and a multi-platinum emcee. he has more than music under his belt, he got movie roles & deals on the way and you comin in here with your rookie rapper bullshit. his net worth is commendable enoough for 75 mil

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