Nas Says "Time Will Tell" Whether "Life Is Good" Is A Classic

Nas discusses what it will take to make "Life is Good" a classic album.

While he may be willing to dole out praises to Kendrick Lamar's debut good kid, m.A.A.d city, Nas isn't as ready to decide whether his own Life is Good is a classic. Now, in a recent interview with MTV, Nasty Nas explains what it will take to make Life is Good a classic in his mind.

Nas explained that while he won't object to any of his fans calling the album a classic, he believes time will tell whether the album meets the standard. He also added that there's a difference between a classic and an album that the music scenes needs.

"Time tells — a lot of the time it has to do with time," he said "It's cool, you can call my record a classic; I'm not tripping. Time will really make me feel it or not, and then if a year from now, another two years from now, I really feel like it's a classic and no one else does, I'm gonna make noise! I'm gonna complain! I'm gonna campaign for that title."

He added, "If it's not a classic, that's cool. That means there's a different title for it that is a different meaning for the record. It wasn't a worldwide classic or a nationwide classic or a 'hood classic but it...was important and it was incredible. You don't have to always be classic: You can be incredible, you can be meaningful or needed. You can be a much-needed album, you know what I mean?"

Check out the full interview over at MTV.

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  • Anonymous

    It's July 2013 a year later and I still love the album. It's looking good for Nas

  • Anonymous

    "For someone to say he only had 2 good albums and the rest where mediocore doesn't even sound right" Makes perfect sense. Alot of rappers peak early. Game. DMX. Nas. They release alot of albums, but it's mostly about fulfilling contractual obligations.

  • Anonymous

    "Like Nas according to most hip hop heads has the best catalog in hip hop history" Here we go again with the selective wording. "Most" lol That's misleading cause today most hip hop heads are in their teens to 20's. Not saying they know everything there is to know about hip hop, but when a vet releases an album and it exits quickly, to me that says he's overstayed his welcome. And to be fair, I tried to listen to LIG again. It was boring! Sounded alot like past albums.

  • Anonymous

    "How is LIG going to be in a bargin bin when we are still talking about that album now" You do realize indie record stores sell used copies of albums? It's also the same as popular DVD's being sold at truck stops as bootlegs next to the corn nuts. Just cause someone with your lack of social grace is talking about some flop album about to fall out of the top 200 doesn't mean it's relevant. Are we done here sport?

  • Is It Really True That Niggas Grew Up On Manhattan?

    Define "classic".

    • comachonvargas

      ^^^EXACTLY. People don't use their common sense and fail to realize that longevity is probably the best indication of sustained quality in rap music. And by the virtue of longevity alone Nas has to be one of the best. Who else has nine platinum albums without one platinum single? No one cept Nas There is no objective way to say that Nas has like 2 hot discs in his entire catalogue... Jay programmed half of them by the bullshit 1 hot album every ten years stat so I just assume they are all Jay stans because its most likely the truth

    • Anonymous

      Exactly define a classic. Just cause shit was mediocore to you doesn't mean many other people didn't think he shit wasn't hot. Like Nas according to most hip hop heads has the best catalog in hip hop history. For someone to say he only had 2 good albums and the rest where mediocore doesn't even sound right. Most likely a Jigga fan or something. Its all opinions but you don't last in this game 20years if only you first two albums were good. Doesn't sound right. Dude put out great albums and each album is totally different then the next.

  • uno ocho gang

    Nas is overrated. 2 classic albums ("Illmatic" and "It Was Written") and a few solid joints here and there such as "Nas Is Like" and "Blaze A 50" but the rest of his albums are mediocre at best.

  • Harmagedon.G.O.




  • Anonymous

    "You're a hater, case closed" LIG will be in a bargain bin by next week next to Tyga and Obie Trice. Case solved.

    • Big Bang Theory

      @fuck Nas i know thats you . the same nerd nigga hating. How is LIG going to be in a bargin bin when we are still talking about that album now. Its January 2013 that album came out in June 2012 and its people talking about album of the year. How the hell is that considered bargain bin. Wow you nerds always amaze me with the made up comments. Hay nerd nigga if the album came out in June 2012 and we are still talking about it in January 2013(hate it or love it) how is it in a bin. I thought Nerds where smart tho. I guess online nerds and real nerds are different. Case solved now.

  • Knowledge God

    Life is Good the deluxe edition is definitely a classic. There are 19 tracks including Trust, which is one of the best tracks by the way. So there are at least 14 purely dope super lyrical tracks on the album. 4 others are good tracks but not classic type of material. 1 is a throw away. There are also so many stand out tracks and concept type of tracks that are the type of tracks that keep a album relevant for a long time. The singles were all great as well. This was one of those records you rarely get from an artist and will last the test of time. When I first got it the album it surpassed my expectations and was on repeat for weeks. I walked away from it and played GKMC for a long time, which I also think is a classic, then came back to LIG and it sounded so dope from top to bottom. I am sure I'll be picking it and listening to it just like I do IWW, 10 years later. That's a classic definition...stop the BS

    • Big Bang Theory @ Fuck nas

      You have to comment on everyone who gives Nas props. Fucking online nerd niggas. You been trolling this whole page and most of the negative comments are from you alone. Get a life nerd nigga the Album was hot. I bet you never even heard the shit.

    • Fuck Nas

      Get off his dick. That album only had five decent tracks. The rest were ruined by those terrible ass beats and his off beatr flow.

  • Sensaye

    It was a dope album, one of the best albums of the year, but not a classic. In my opinion, his albums go in the this order from best to worst.... 1. "It Was Written" 2. "Illmatic" 3. "Street's Disciple" 4. "Life is Good" 5. "Hip-Hop is Dead" 6. "Stillmatic" 7. "I Am..." 8. "God's Son" 9. "Nigger" 10. "Nastradamus"

    • Still anonymous

      @MG most likely niggas commenting on the album hating didn't even hear the album. I guarantee it. Come on NO ID all of a sudden is wack. No Id gave Nas some bangers(Loco-motive,Accident Murders, Daughters, Back When, wheres the love. Stay. And Salaam is solid. Especially on God Son and LIG. Its Nas tho and i know most of these queers are mad for the simple fact Nas was considered the best lyricist in Hip Hop ever. I guarantee you alot of niggas are salty cause of that alone.

    • The MG

      ^ THANK YOU! People always use the beats as an excuse. You're right though. The beats always seem to fit Nas' style, but people just write it off because it doesn't say Premier, Large Pro, etc. on the credits. People diss Salaam, but I don't see anything wrong with his production. He's not the best but he's definitely nice. No ID gave some of Nas' best production and people still called it wack. I find it funny because before No ID worked with Nas, people were praising his work, and ever since the two started working together, people were calling No ID a garbage producer. FOH, I sometimes think they didn't even listen to the album.

    • Big Bang Theory

      Why the only excuses niggas come up with to not like a Nas album is the beats were wack. Come on i love the production on Illmatic but production had nothing to do with the reason why that shit is the classic it is today. Illmatic production was better then IWW but i like IWW better. Stillmatic production is obviously better then Illmatic. Just cause Prem, Large Professor, pete rock did the album niggas overrate the production on illmatic. Stop the bull shit. Cause production isnt the reason illmatic was great. Niggas say Nas pick out wack beats. Personally i think his production always fits his songs.(more important then a bangin beat) I wonder who are the niggas who pick out great beats to you niggas. GKMC didn't have great production but it was still great. Ross had great beats on his album but shit was wack. Until niggas use a different excuse other then beats to why they don't like a Nas album my guess is they just don't like him or they are JayZ fans from way back. Only reason to not like Stillmatic(better then blueprint no question both were classic tho) is because Nas pretty much exposed Jay_Z. Stillmatic is as close as you will get to an illmatic album. Also i love Nas' production cause as always it fits his songs. If you don't like the production on LIG you will never like a Nas album. Production on that Album might be his best production.

    • uno ocho gang

      I like "It Was Written" more than "Illmatic" but "Illmatic" should definitely be numero uno. 1. ILLMATIC (timeless) 2. IT WAS WRITTEN (timeless and my favorite Nas album) 3. LOST TAPES (solid album) The rest of Nas's albums are mediocre at best. The reason why I believe this is because all his other albums had a ton of wack beats and yes that inlcudes the "Stillmatic" album. I can't stand that album.

    • Anonymous

      Wow i actully like Nastradomus more then Street Disciple. Funny cause one of my peoples told me SD was his favorite Nas album. The 2 disk cd would have been great if it was one CD. It had some of the best songs mix with some of Nas' worst songs.(American Way comes to mind wackest Nas song ever) Nastadomus aint as bad as people make it out to be. 1 IWW(Almost everyone i know seems to like this more then Illmatic) 2 Illmatic 3 Stillmatic 4 Lost Tapes(this is an album Fuck the bull shit) 5 LIG(impressed me with this album production wise) 6 I AM(niggas wonna hate this album but can't deny the fact it was a consistent solid album from being to end) 7 Untitled/God Son(leaning towards God Son more but the NIGGER album was deep and very heartfelt, its hard to rate one better then the other) 8 Hip Hop is Dead(most of the shit was hot few skipable joints) 9 Nastrodumus(disappointment only cause the expectation, had some of my favorite Nas songs) 10 Street Disiciple(only album i didn't like on the first few listens, but after the 3 listen i started liking the Album, As always Nas had some shit on here but he had other shit that didn't need to be on here)

    • Anonymous

      Nah Stillmatic is 3, which is a classic. Life is Good will also be a classic in time and is slightly below Stillmatic. IWW and Illmatic are untouchable albums.

  • Anonymous

    20 years still in the game you gotta respect it. Whether this shit was a classic or not shit was fire. Hate if you want.

  • Anonymous

    "Its a classic , case closed" It's nowhere near a classic, case re-opened.

  • Anonymous

    Wow you guys really go in depth with your criticisms. 'Nas puts me to sleep but Curren$y doesn't.' 'The music should speak for itself and not the stans for the music.' Way to really support your position. If you are going to criticize Nas shit then at least point to specific examples. And if LIG isn't a 2012 classic, then what is? Why is it better than LIG? Just because everyone has an opinion DOES NOT MEAN THAT EVERYONE'S OPINION CARRIES THE SAME WEIGHT. Its about how you present your case. Think I'm wrong? FUCKING CONVINCE ME OTHERWISE THEN And you lames that generically trash Nas stans on anything related to Nas are the worst. I support Nas because I can effectively articulate a position for him being a legend, top five of all time, even the GOAT. And LIG provides plenty of support for that. What can you do for the rapper you believe is better than Nas? We will never actually know for sure who is better, so the best we can do is make the most persuasive argument. But who I am kidding with the morons that frequent this site... NASLOSTNASLOSTNASLOSTNASLOSTNASLOSTNASLOST RIGHT?

  • Anonymous

    "Nice opinion you have there. I love the way you present it as a fact." ^ best response on this thread Glad to see the timeout from posting multiple comments on different articles has allowed people with brains to comment.

  • Anonymous

    I didn't feel that it was a classic. Then again i haven't found many albums to be a classic, people get too excited and are beginning to degrade the term classic in hip-hop. Every great album isn't a classic. For example, albums like The eminem show, sslp, God's son, the black album, IWW and the college dropout are all great albums but classics like illmatic, enter the wu-tang, liquid swords, cuban linx, reasonable doubt, ready to die etc. etc. are more than just a great album

  • Fuck Queensbridge

    Time already said it; that shit ain't no classic.

    • Big Bang Theory

      This that nerd shit i see all the time ffrom you geek niggas on this site. Nigga would not step foot in Queensbridge Projects and say that shit. Nigga wouldn't even whisper that shit in those Projects. Fuck that this nerd wouldn't even step foot in QB. But nigga is safely behind his computer typing fuck queensbridge. This is a great example of that nerd shit i be talking about.

  • Morpheus

    What If I told you.... You can't call an album a classic if it just came out less than a year ago... Listen to it, free your mind, then go back and listen again. [End Transmission]

  • lol

    i already forgot about this album

  • Shame

    Im sorry its not classic, good but no where near classic

  • Anonymous

    2012 has a lot of releases that could be classics in due time not just LIG. GKMC may not be classic but it was needed at a time when people were thinking lyricism wouldn't sell and young rappers couldn't spit their way out of a wet tissue.

  • Anonymous

    time will tell if it's a classic? no shit nas

    • Anonymous

      It's today's media asking dumb questions. And the fans today are bad too claiming everything their favorite artists puts out is a classic. You weren't asked dumb questions like this in the 90's months after an album was released. The media was asking Kendrick the same stupid question literally a month after his album came out. Maybe less. That's ridiculous. Don't blame Nas. All he did was answer a question.

  • meister

    That's your opinion. This is the only rapper I know of who's got so many fan boys waiting to make excuses for his boring ass music. Kool G. Rap never bored me. Neither did kool keith or MF DOOM. Hell Curren$y got 7 albums and 12 mixtapes at least. And he never put me to sleep. Furthermore, I don't see 100 stans having to stick up for them. The music speaks for itself in their cases. Why not for nas??

    • Anonymous

      you don't have to be energetic like Busta Rhymes to not sound boring. But to use Currensy as an example to prove that Nas sounds boring is stupid. There's barely an uptempo songs if any in Currensy's catalogue. Most of the time it sounds like he records his songs lying down on a couch. He's that laid back. Nas' has plenty of uptempo, energetic records in his catalogue.

    • cheerleadkilla

      This post is about nas. I noticed a good question up above. How come those other rappers never needed anyone to stick up for them? You homos got a man crush on nas with his corny sounding records. He got lyrics for days. But if I only want lyrics I'll go listen to open mic poetry.

    • Anonymous

      Nice opinion you have there. I love the way you present it as a fact.

    • ^^^^

      Curren$y & quality music don't go together at all. That's like oil & water.

    • Anonymous

      So go listen to busta rhymes and stfu. Curren$y puts out quality music.

    • Anonymous

      What makes listening to Currensy so exciting? That dude sounds bored while rapping. Not a lot of energy in his music or delivery at all. You gotta be kidding.

  • Anonymous

    Meek Mill's "Dreams & Nightmares" is way better than Life is Good.

    • Anonymous

      LMFAO!!!enough with them trap beats and shitty rhymes.''Nas escobar's moving on your weak production".LIG is what rap needed

  • subz

    Life is good is a classic album, the lyrics he put on the tracks were fitting. he got personal, he got debater, he got deep hearted. I agree the track "summer on smash" wasnt needed at all. but the LP is becoming a classic. when i 1st heard it, i thought it was ok, but something was telling me the lp was deeper than that, so i give it time and a few listens and i must say the music is awesome, Nas is really getting at you with Real stuff, i love it

  • yardleyhbk1234

    Its a classic , case closed.... and way better Kendrick lamar shit

  • jester

    summer on smash is the reason its not a classic

    • Anonymous

      If Jay-Z made summer on smash that shit would have been a hit. He got away with that "On to the next one bullshit" and niggas can't tell me that shit was much better then Summer on smash. Speaking of Summer on smash that beat is fucking crazy. Swizz and miguel just fucked it up with that bull shit they was doing.

    • gun di liro

      Really? There seems to be a different standard for Nas' music compared to everyone else. Not every classic album has to be flawless top to bottom. Eminem and Jay's regarded classic albums have all kinds of filler on them. During Em's peak he was putting out wack pop singles on every album, but he doesn't get knocked for it. Jay's 1st Blueprint viewed by most as a classic had three filler joints on it that were not needed. Nas has one suspect joint on LIG and it can't be classic?? I'm not saying it is, but you can't judge the entire album off that one song. There are countless classic albums out there that are not perfect.

  • Fuck Nas Stans

    No stans it aint a classic. Nowadays every rapper calls his shit classic lol. Most of today shit would be called weak or average if this were the 80's/90's Nas is dope but M.O.R.E. Most Overrated Rapper Ever.

  • MeatLoaf

    ......And i would do, Anything for love, and i would do anything for loooooooooooooooove, i would do anything for love......but i wont do that, oh, no, no i wont do that!

  • comachonvargas

    Apparently naming aspects of LIG that apply to no more than three to four tracks is enough to discard in it favor of albums [GKMC] that have an equal number if not more flaws. You guys can't really be serious about the production. AGAIN? Justice League laces some of the tightest shit in the game. Every NO ID beat is incredible, from daughters to where's the love to back when to stay to accident murderers... Buckwild's You Wouldn't Understand beat is phenomenally smooth... Salaam gives one of his best efforts in his history with Nas on Queens Story... 40 on Bye Baby is really nice, same with Salaam on Cherry Wine... and the letter to the firm sample on Reach out is a great fucking throwback... and the Bo1da trust beat? You are telling me that is weak? Not to mention Locomotive DX hails Kendrick like the individual incarnation of the Rap Mount Rushmore [Jay, Pac, Big, Nas, Em]... but all of those guys have dropped albums that have basically NO easily discernible flaws...THAT used to be the definition of a classic Now LIG may not survive that level of scrutiny but it is pretty damn close and sorry but it is much closer than GKMC The wannable Atliens/Devin the Dude Zeldar intro on GKMC is not strong... Kendrick's voice/singing takes a pretty irritating pitch at times such as on BDKMV and Sing About me... the Pharrell hook and production on Good Kid is very mediocre... the hook on Real is pretty lame, same could be said about Swimming Pools Then there is Backseat freestyle... I don't care that he wanted to authentically encapsulate being back in the hood and cyphering with his boys... the 'dick as big as an eiffel tower' hook is indefensibly bad... it sounds like a 2Chainz line that he inexplicably felt he needed to repeat... one time is bad enough... backseat sounds like Kendrick's imitation of Nas One Time 4 Your Mind except one hundred times worse... I will take Summer on Smash over Backseat any day of the week Other than that GKMC is pretty stellar... but you guys are out of your mind for so easily dismissing LIG... that shit is probably Nas best album in 10 years

    • Sam Snead

      Cosign, Kendrick is dope but his album got so much more hype than LIG, but LIG is the superior product. It's kinda like the new new concept, I mean your old girl might be hotter than the bitch down the street but you were tempted for that new new, that has to be a big reason why they make a bigger deal about GKMC than LIG

    • Nemesis

      THANK YOU...LIG is much better then GKMC...take out summer on smash and the intro and LIG is CLASSIC

  • Youngindy21

    Life is Good is a great album. It could be a classic. It should win a Grammy this year. I even bought this album on vinyl and I only buy my absolute favorite rap albums on vinyl. I like most of Nas' albums. I hope he releases another classic soon.

  • Ouas

    Actually I think Distant Relatives is closer to being a classic album then Life is Good, life is good is a good album, but Distant relatives is one of the best hip hop crossovers that was made since the turn of the century, and one of the best hip hop crossovers ever, my opinion.

  • mando

    nas is my favorite mc of all time. i really loved this album when i came out and its definetly one of the best albums of 2012. now to call it a classic, i think thats kinda stretching it. idk maybe a few years later down the road i might change my opinion.

    • Anonymous

      it was definitely a very good album, perhaps not quite great yet but time will tell like nas himself said. i think it's one of his better body of works but i myself (a big Nas fan) wouldn't be so quick to go ahead and call it a classic.

  • Anonymous

    "You're a fucking idiot" Does Nas make you swallow, cause you sound like a little bitch made fanboy infatuated with boring music.

    • Anonymous

      Look who's talking. You probably dickride those pop rappers who are on the radio/BET/MTV and make the same generic-ass songs. What do you have against Nas? Did he fuck your girl?

  • Anonymous

    For everyone saying it isn't a classic, I think it deserves another listen from you guys. GKMC is good, and like LIG I think only time will tell if it is a classic or not. LIG offers something new from Nas conceptually. His beat selection isn't the best as usual, but his lyrics are great. He offers something most rappers can't today: perspective. He has the advantage of being an old head and instead of rhyming about the same things he always has, he's rapping about things relevant to his life. In the stage that Kendrick is in the game, GKMC made sense and it was a damn good album. Similarly, for the stage that Nas in the game, LIG made sense and was damn good. No I.D, salaam rami and JL do provide good beats on the album. Overall though, they weren't amazing. I personally loved them but I can see where people are getting the criticism. I think LIG will be looked upon more favorably than Nas' other recent albums because it shows growth without compromising his biggest asset, lyricism.

  • adam

    It would be a classic already if he would stop using Swizz Beatz and thinking it's a good idea...the Rick Ross feature we could of dont without as he brings nothing to the song. but overall that song is still good. In the end, time will dictate if it is a classic or not. I am a huge not fan like some of the rest of you but I can't call it a classic yet due to that factor. It was one of the best albums of the year tho, slightly behind GKMC.

  • Fuck A Classic

    Shit was dope as fuck. Nuff said.

  • The What

    It's decent but far from a classic

  • Anonymous

    The album had a lot of wack beats on it that alone stopped it from bein a classic but kendrick lamar did drop a classic

    • boondox

      I didn't find anything special about the production on GKMC. There's quite a few average sounding beats on it. The production from No ID, Salaam, Buckwild, Justice League on LIG definitely tops what was offered on GKMC.

  • mac

    He's had much more classic material, this is a monumental album considering the times but unfortunately will be forgotten about in 10 years. GKMC is the ONLY album of 2012 that should be labeled classic

  • Anonymous

    it's not a classic sorry , nas needs to get the old team back , premo, large pro , pete rock , q-tip and even justice league i liked them with nas

  • Balal2k13

    Fuck what y'all say that album is a classic. Youngins don't know good quality hip-hop so i wouldn't take there opinions serious.

  • Anonymous

    "dude the album sold a lot for this day and age" Nas has a built in name and fanbase, so he's expected to sell something decent. It's not so much the numbers, but the fact it just wasn't a great effort IMO.

    • shh


  • Anonymous

    Wouldn't say its a classic in any way, but it is a really good album.

  • comachonvargas

    Nas has so much ridiculously good material that you have to jettison shit that would probably be called classic or damn near so in the hands of another artist to select the albums that are his very best. Illmatic is top five rap albums of all time no discussion. IWW is top fifty no discussion, A1 classic material for sure. You lames can cry technicalities all you want but Lost Tapes is a classic too [name one weak track on that album]. Stillmatic is slightly overrated but still a classic, for the same reasons as Blueprint [Smokin and Jigga that Nigga being the weakest tracks respectively]. Godson is at least 80% dope, bordering on classic though probably not quite there. LIG is even better than Godson, maybe as good as Stillmatic. Fuck evaluating anything but the deluxe edition by the way [you seriously would neglect Nasty, Where's the Love, and Black Bond in rating this album?]. The only glaring weakness is Summer on Smash, and but for the abysmal hook on that track the song is actually pretty decent for having been produced by Swizz. But I will concede that track. But that is all you get. TO THE CORNBALLS REPEATING THE 'PRODUCTION IS WEAK' BULLSHIT WE DONT BELIEVE YOU YOU NEED MORE PEOPLE. That criticism could be legitimately applied to Untitled and Hip Hop is Dead but get the fuck out of here with it here. Name the weak beats on LIG... only ones remotely suspect are Worlds Addiction [which really is solid production], Nasty [very fitting Boom Bap so I hesitate even naming this one}, and the Don. And that is being very generous to you lames. I love how the same guy thinks that Reach out and You Wouldn't Understand are wack. Reach out is one of the strongest tracks on the album and besides Where's the Love and Queens Story, You Wouldn't Understand is the best production on the album. Merely by virtue of criticizing those tracks your criticism should be rendered irrelevant. Really 16-17 tracks out of the 18 on the deluxe edition are fucking nice. If that isn't a classic in 2012 from a dude who is 20 years deep into his career than I don't know what is. Typical Nas though very modest about his work and his legacy. 'He can spit but his music is boring' GTFOH lazy ass listeners probably only like trap beats and ad-libs lethargically passed off as verses fucking pathetic

    • Big Bang Theory

      My niggas you wasn't feeling smoking. To each its own. That was like my favorite shit.(tho i have no favorite song on that album that shit was fire) But think about it. Comparing "smoking" to "jigga my nigga"doesn't even sound right. Thought both Stillmatic and Blueprint 1 was classic tho. I would have said Rule was the weakest song on stillmatic. Anyway its to much hate in this hiphop shit. Niggas hating on a legend like Nas shows you the mentality of these nerds.

  • RealHiphop360

    Classic. Period.

  • Anonymous

    Album is a classic. If blueprint can have garbage like hola hoveto, girls and izzo on it and still be called classic so can this, which only has one pop song on it (which aint even bad btw)

    • big bang theory

      First comment i agree on. These nerds just mad that the Album has been getting great reviews and considered by alot of people to be album of the year.(of course GKMC and others too)

  • harveybabyyy

    the word classic never comes out of my mouth. but life is good is an amazing album.

  • Anonymous

    I'm a huge fan but his album is nowhere near classic. It brought absolutely nothing new to the table, and on the regular version (which is what critics go by)like a quarter of the songs suck. (Summer on Smash, U Don't Understand, Reach Out) Its a good album, and if you count the deluxe a great. But you delusional stans need to stop overhyping everything Nas does.. hell I even saw someone say Nastradamus was a masterpiece..

    • sickkcat

      nastradamus>>>>>>>gkmc How anybody could say gkmc is better then lifes good has broken ears.... Kendrick is nothing special, 15 years ago he woulda been skipped like he didn't exist.. Everyone just praises him because he is the only decent talent out... fucking voice is annoying..... What new did gkmc bring to the table??? Annoying voice??? Been done

    • Anonymous

      Again ... what exactly did it do that was different. And also Reach Out sucks horribly... Nas lyrics don't match the hook or the beat. It sounds lik a Mary G Blige song.. and a bad one at that. Maybe U Don't Understand doesn't suck but its boring.

    • Anonymous

      agree with summer on smash but rest of the songs you mentioned are dope. Life is Good is a classic. Point blank!

  • Mike

    He also has to realize there are instant classics

  • Akim


  • youngsta

    i'm gonna have to agree with the rest of these niggas. life is good is not a classic, full of boring songs and shitty production and is one of the worst albums of 2012, next to slaughterhouse and prodigy. now good kid maad city, dreams and nightmares, triple f life, those are the 2012 classics. old ass nas needs to hang it up pronto. his time was up a looooong time ago.

    • Anonymous

      dreams and nightmares is a classic but life is good was boring, okay!! you must be half deaf

    • uuhm?

      What? You serious? Dreams and Nightmares? Meek Mill? Even comparing Meek Mill to Nas makes your opinion 100% irrelevant on this issue.

  • cheeeeez

    Please. That must mean "The Stoned Immaculate" lp is one of the greatest records ever.It was watered down, but enjoyable at least."Life Is Good" is an album to fall asleep to. Nas can spit, but his music is boring. Aside from "Illmatic" of course.

    • sickkcat

      All Nas's album's are boring besides illmatic??? Really??? smfh.... it was written, gods son, lost tapes, stillmatic?? Fuck, even nastradamus and I am are better then anything in 2012.. Kids these days wouldn't know dope if it slapped them in the head... Go cop that chief kief bahahahahahahahahaha.... He wouldn't have even been allowed on youtube in the 90's if it existed lol...

    • The MG

      Nah man. Currensy's dope and Stoned Immaculate was nice, but better than Life Is Good? I don't think so.

  • dentaldamboy

    It's obviously not a classic. Carter III and Take Care are classics.

    • ^

      That's a joke, right? Take Care is NOT a classic. Nobody'll be listening to that shitty album 10 years from now. Take Care is one of the most overrated albums of all time.

    • S

      take care is a classic srry but 10 yrs from now i will be listening to that an im da biggest nas fan ever

    • mac

      Dont forget pink friday FAGGOT!!!

    • Anonymous

      Good joke, dumbass. C3 and Take Care are FAR from classic. Those two albums are forgettable, generic pop trash. Life Is Good is definitely a classic. Fuck off.

  • Anonymous

    This album didn't sell well. Had shoddy production, except for maybe 2 songs. There was nothing on it that screamed classic so I'm not sure why this is even being discussed.

    • you clown ass niggas never learn

      Again, with the how much it sold bullshit, niggas weren't deciding whether or not it would sell before they listened to it so leave that mind numbing conversation alone....

    • ETK

      dude the album sold a lot for this day and age, not everyone can muster 400k

  • dbo

    The standard for good music is at an all time low. This dude can spit, but his production always sucks...always with the exception of the hype single that never makes the final cut. I'm from queens and been listening to hip hop for 30+ years.

    • sunzeee

      That's your opinion. This is the only rapper I know of who's got so many fan boys waiting to make excuses for his boring ass music. Kool G. Rap never bored me. Neither did kool keith or MF DOOM. Hell Curren$y got 7 albums and 12 mixtapes at least. And he never put me to sleep. Furthermore, I don't see 100 stans having to stick up for them. The music speaks for itself in their cases. Why not for nas?

    • styles g

      naw, production wise he got it right this time around. there's now way anybody can say production on the entire album sucked. there's maybe two or three weak beats out of 18. That's pretty damn good. Nas has stepped his ear since Untitled(the beats on that one knocked except a couple joints). Distant Relatives received rave reviews and so is LIG. People have been trained over the years to think Nas' production is wack without giving a proper listen. Nas' sound always goes against what's hot at the time, but people want to hear him spit over the same shit that everyone else is.

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