Joey Bada$$ Dispels Rumors Of Signing To Roc Nation

Joey Bada$$ says the Roc is not his future home and that he plans to stay independent.

Over the past weeks, rumors have been circling that Joey Bada$$ had signed with Roc Nation after the 17-year-old Flatbush native name dropped the imprint in his verse on A$AP Rocky's "1 Train." Now, in a recent interview with The Source, Joey sets the record straight as to his affiliation with Jay-Z's imprint.

Joey Bada$$ revealed that despite the reports, he hasn't closed a deal with the Roc, and probably won't anytime soon. He said that he's much more keen on signing to an independent label than he is inking a deal with a major label.

"They actually announced it on the radio that I signed with [Roc Nation]... that was dumb as fuck," he joked. "Won't sign to no major, for no wager, less than a 3 million offer of the top, I be in a box when my coffin drops, why settle for an office spot? That type of thing, you know...major labels is just not where my head is at right now, you know...[independent], that's more of where my head is at, 'cause that's what I'm tryna to do, I'm tryna go more independent."

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  • BCcoastin

    this dude made ol school sounds fresh again. just picked up his 1999 mixtape the other day. that tape alone put him in my top 3 new mcs.. real talk. give a fuck who he signs with just keep droppin that music son

  • Anonymous

    Yo stay independent my man. Them majors will try and change ya whole steez. Keep doin what you doin. Ain't heard nothin like your shit from a 17 year old since Nasty Nas.

  • Anonymous

    Yes stay underground.. no way this dude would do more then 30k first week on a major.

  • Anonymous

    Thats whats up, real talk. Better be careful out there Joey, them majors are dirty, they dont like being thrown off to look bad.

  • k flop

    Good move, he doesn't want to end up like Jay Electronica.

    • Anonymous

      Maybe because Cole are more marketable and radio friendly then him? Don't get me wrong, I love his music from those mixtapes to his LP, but Cole himself said it the best: you gotta play the game by their rules if you are on a major. That's why you Cole World was more mainstream oriented then his previous works or freestyles, he had to bring profit in order to gain support. At the end, the LP went gold, has a platinum and a gold single, probably around ~75-80 million YT views. Do you see Joey Bada$$ doing the same thing? This cat is typically an underground figure, if he made it as an independent artist we maybe talk about more.

    • ...

      Whatever happened to Jay Electronica happened out of his own free will, and has also praised Jay-Z for being so patient. The move to Roc Nation worked out well for J. Cole, I don't see why it wouldn't work for Joey Bada$$.

  • OUCH!

    Roc Nation is an independent label you stupid fuck,lol they just get distribution deals threw colombia,sony etc..

    • Anonymous

      Roc Nation is a subsidiary of Sony and Live Nation which basically means that any artist it signs is ultimately signing to a major label.

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