Machine Gun Kelly Talks Possible Eminem Collaboration, Names Favorite Eminem LP

Machine Gun Kelly says that he would record a "dark" track with Eminem.

Machine Gun Kelly recently sat down with Montreality to discuss the negative portrayal of DMX in the media as well as his worst injury. During the interview, MGK spoke on the possibility of a collaboration with Eminem, stating that he would want to record something that has a "dark" feel and likened it to his track with DMX.

"If an MGK and Eminem song ever comes out, that will be the day that everybody fucks with me. That would be so crazy," he said. "It'll be like a darker song. It'll be like how me and X did. I did the type of song you'd want to hear DMX do. I knew what the fans wanted to hear. They don't want to hear DMX motivating motherfuckers. They want to hear that motherfucker speak that dark shit. Same with Em. I'd bring the old Eminem out that I like."

The Bad Boy signee also spoke on his favorite Eminem album and song, naming The Eminem Show and "Till I Collapse" as his choice picks. He pointed at the latter, wondering why Marshall never performs the song live.

"Favorite Eminem album is The Eminem Show. Favorite Eminem song? Probably 'Till I Collapse.' So good, dude. Why does he never perform that song? What's going on with him? Perform that. It's so good."

Watch the full interview below.

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  • Anonymous

    "Plenty of white boys to pick from this year, but before you pick a pepper, you better pick up your heater/ cause even Peter Piper could pick up a mic but what it's like to pick a fight with me is like putting Nikes on a cheetah/ better speed up.."

    • Anonymous

      Yeah YellerWolf is the straight truth. I'm sick of this "muthafucka" saying "like you know muthafucka.....muthafucka, muthafucka." Dudes vocabulary is sorry

  • yeaaahh

    Say what you want but this kid is dope!! He can rap his ass off and his energy is on another level! I hope this collab happens.

  • ry

    i think a nas/eminem collabo is is good, recovery its the way they got through dark shit to motivate themselves and many others...Track title:The Marathon Walk

  • Anonymous

    I saw Eminem perform "Till I Collapse" at the show he did with Jay-Z at Comerica Park in Detroit

  • Sup Bro

    relapse>>>> stay wide awake is the greatest song eminem has ever written.

  • Anonymous

    he did perform that song when he came to australia.. but only first verse, he split it with cinderella man, which is the recovery version ..

  • Kramer

    I dont know why so many people, including Em himself hate Relapse/Refill so much. One of my favorites is Music Box off Refill

    • slim shady lp is his best

      True i think relapse/refill is a great album the beats lyrics all amazing and music box is one of the best eminem songs ever i dont give a fuck what ne one says. I think ppl shit on that album cause of the accent thing he had going on then

  • Kay

    why does everyone shit on this kid and hail kendrick as the 2nd coming of christ? I like this kid way more than kendrick, mack miller and drake combines, MGK keeps it real and dark, none of that faggot shit

  • Anonymous

    Slim shady lp was the only album I rate highly. One of favorite albums. The rest.... Nah. Marshall mathers lp is still good though. But it's abit too dated. Maybe it went too commercial I don't know. Slim shady lp is his best work. He was at his best from 1999 to 2004.

  • Jack Reacharound

    If this douchebag gets on a track with Eminem before Tech N9ne, just fucking kill me.

  • datnigga

    I agree. '02 was Eminem in his prime. Eminem Show, the 8 Mile movie, and the 8 Mile soundtrack. A year later and it was all about 50 Cent. But Eminem Show is Eminem's most balanced work. Certified Diamond. '98 DMX, '02 Eminem, my favorite rap ever.

  • acidrap

    This kid sucks.That is the one bad thing about shady was he gave all these lame ass white rappers hope to get on the mic when they all sound weak as fuck.Only white boys I listen to is lil wyte n yelawolf.

    • fuck mgk haters

      your a stupid bitch.mgk is the shit and he could lyrically murder yelawolf.u should just kill yourself so noone has to waste another second reading any of your dumbass comments....

    • That Hobo

      Let me guess MGK spits fast so your primitive mind can't process the fact that he's also an amazing lyracist plus he's high energy music

  • ddd

    I guess he's hated only because he's black.

  • Well

    What? Eminem performs ''Till I Collapse'' in EVERY tour he does, dafuqs he on

  • smoke when u gotta

    Slim Shady lp all day MMLP was a classic as well tho. That track MGK did with DMX was dope the beat would of went well with Eminems old style of rapping

  • MGK is a lame who tries way too hard...

    This kid needs to disappear already..Never seen anyone try so hard to be a rebel..This kid was spoon fed and lived in gated communities probably..enough of this bullshit already.Why would anyone be interested in this dweeb's opinion..Like Eminem would take your advice as far as song structure and vibe.Idiot..

    • fuck mgk haters

      your a stupid bitch.u should just kill yourself.even if u dont like mgk as a person u cant deny his skills or his delivery.fffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffuck u and ur little bitch comment.i guess its easy 4 u to hate someone else for doin something wit there life and having talent.lets see u try to do what mgk does u bitch ass fag

    • Rashid Muhammad

      ^^ LMAO it's a shame some of you devils just can't swallow the truth

    • stfu

      eat shit and die, lame

  • R.Pgh

    "They don't want to hear DMX motivating motherfuckers" - Slippin is one of the best DMX songs. Fuck this kid's opinion.

  • slimleu

    This guy doesnt deserve an Eminem collab.

    • Anonymous

      and who the hell are you to pass judgement on who deserves a collab wit eminem?u arent shit and ur little bitch comment means nothin.u should just kill yourself u fucking hating ass loser

    • Anonymous

      No shit. Yela won't let it happen. This dumb drunk ass whiteboy needs to go away for good now.

  • f

    Eminem Show is my childhood album, my first hiphop album.. Cannot describe which meaning that album holds in my opinion.. Everything else I've ever heard has sprung from that album.. Maybe it's not as great as MMLP to most ppl, but I love every song on that fucking album!

  • Shady True Fan


  • Sandbwoy

    First time I've ever heard anyone name "The Eminem Show" as their favourite Eminem album. Slim Shady LP all the way.

  • Anonymous

    cant take this dude seriously, he tries way too hard

  • Dee

    I like MGK but The Slim Shady LP was 100x better than anything since

  • Anonymous

    best eminem album was The Marshall Mathers LP.

    • Anonymous

      i dunno bruh, i respect your choice for TES cus it was a great album but till this day MMLP is his highest selling album

    • Cealix

      TES' has been my favorite due ot the fact that it had a higher impact in the world than MMLP did. Just think about opening tracks: First time people listening to Kill You: "HURR DURR HE'S FUNNY" First time people listening to White America: "OH SHI-"

    • Anonymous

      SSLP was better in my opinion. Both classics though!

    • Anonymous

      that's the truth #cosign

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