Iggy Azalea Says T.I. Will No Longer Executive Produce Her Debut "The New Classic"

Iggy Azalea reveals that T.I. will no longer executive produce her Interscope debut "The New Classic."

Last year, it was revealed that Grand Hustle impresario T.I. had signed on to executive produce Iggy Azalea's impending studio debut The New Classic. Now, in a recent interview with 16Bars.TV, the Australian rapper revealed that T.I. will no longer be working on the album's production.

Iggy explained that her most recent EP Glory featured all of the tracks that she and T.I. worked on together when he was still serving as her debut's executive producer. However, upon hearing the EP's final product, both artists agreed that Iggy should go in a different direction with her sound.

"[T.I.]'s actually not [executive producing my album] anymore," she said. "He was going to be, but originally...all the records that I had on Glory were supposed to be on The New Classic, and he executive produced what ended up being Glory. But as I was making it, I felt like, 'This isn't The New Classic; this is something else. It's not the right sound.' Not that it sounded bad, but it wasn't what The New Classic is in my head…[i]t went good, it was an experience, but after, he said and I said it's better if I just make my own music away [from him] because sometimes being around him, it influences the music I make to be a bit too much of a different sound…[it's] not because I don't love, because I love him."

Check out the full interview belw.

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  • Qaadiru Rashaad

    She is an attractive chick, seems to have a cool personality but as an artist I dont feel her at all. She's "WACK"!!! More hype than good music, more marketing and promotions than good product. She is extremely overrated and I'm sick of Interscope/GrandHustle, bloggers and the like pushing her on the public. XXL Freshman of the Year =FAIL...

  • pickle

    well if shes going to have electronic dance bullshit on her cd im not buying it bc i hate that shit its all over the radio which is also a piece of shit and i think that dance music crap should be where ppl are danceing not on the radio where people are trying to work or drive a car... fuck that shit

  • gsonii

    If I knew Iggy well enough I would eat her asshole. Same goes for Rihanna, Beyonce, Solange, Dominique Dawes, Megan Good, Sanah Lathan, Halle Berry, you don't own a bitch until they let you roam that asshole.

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    fuck you mothafucka iggy is dope and she ain't tryna be a 'wannabe american', she's been here since she was 16. fuck boy

  • rick

    Why are you giving this lame any attention. seriously. The media makes WACK rappers famous. How about giving some shine every now and then to the legends who built this.These wack rappers don't even know who Marley Marl or Scot LaRock is. SHIT!!

  • Anonymous

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  • 2 Icy Boi!

    Iggy Azalea on my debut album. we had crazy studio experience... nah mean? she said dat bitch ass nigga T.I tried to rape her in da studio and she wanna leave Grand Hustla... ofc we YMCMB soldiers would sign her. I can call Birdman anytime Iggy. you know where you can find me... *winks* swag

  • Anonymous

    Iggy wasn't really a trap rapper anyway, so having T.I. away from the project, and him having the maturity to step away, is only a good thing... Not really bumping Iggy tho mind you, see who she gets in...

  • Anonymous

    T.I just wanted to fuck her. That's how Asap Rocky ended up on Tip's album, he was around cuffin' hahaha

    • pickle

      ACTUALLY if you watch the recent interview with TI with hot 97 he is just making money. he sees asap is got people talking so he does a track with him because he knows rocky brings in the money. plus i would think ti might be on rockys cd comming soon idk tho i didnt steal the leaked shit he would do the same thing with future and whoever else is poppin in atl even tho they suck but the dumbed down people of today like that stupid shit so they would spend the money... what im saying is its all about the money with TI

    • Anonymous

      no hes on the album cuz their trying to make connect a fan base fuck mainstream rap it was better when eminem wouldnt collab with just any one



  • Anonymous

    iggy you fake wannabe american , go back to australia

    • GMoney

      Message from Australia... You can keep Iggy. Check out some real Aussie hip hop at www.hilltophoods.com

    • piecemaafknblaze

      fuck you mothafucka iggy is dope and she ain't tryna be a 'wannabe american', she's been here since she was 16. why should she go back to australia ? fuck boy

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      How the fuck is she trying to be american??? All she's doing is making good music and trying to be a well known hip hop artist. I bet you wish you could write rhymes like her. I know you'll sell your soul to be her.

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    I fucks wit T.I. i fucks wit Iggy not cuz she's the face of white female hip hop as it's displayed. I thought her first mixtape ignorant art spoke very loud and broke barrier. TI declining to turn down Exec Prod well you see what T.I. got on his plate. I think Iggy is starting to master design her brand if she said it's not like in her head then you have to go back to scratch million of songs are record for one album you have many of ideas and it's expensive to full see shit through. if you record you know it's a compromise even though you spend your own money. I'm sure she'll find another Exec.Producer that a see her vision.But keep it real Murder Business was wack. The video concept was dope but the song didn't kill like PUSSY

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  • Anonymous

    That chick was dumb to go with T.I. in the first place...

  • thought dog

    The slave master is tired of being mastered.

  • Confused Reader

    An executive producer is just a fancy term for "the money man" the person who provides the funds for the project. What it looks like to me is that Iggy doesn't want a southern influence and wants to make more 'world' music mixed w/ hip hop. (Flo Rida, Ke$ha, Nicki Minaj, Azelia Banks). & if that's her lane and what she's true to more props.

  • BP

    Tip always been about letting his artists grow on their own... well mostly B.o.B cause originally T.I. wasn't down with some of his sound. now this broad really wanna do somethin different too.. no big risk there, if she ain't poppin then peace out ho

  • Anonymous

    Tip sees that flop coming and wants his name as far away from it as he can get, while still putting it out on his label and making money just in case he's wrong lol

  • Decatur

    At first she thought it was cool fuccin w t.i but then she seen how irrelvant that nigga is yall can say look at his sales but aint none of that from this generation cuz only niggaz feelin that is fuccin old heads and niggaz from other countries who super late

    • BlazeDatIshUp

      So you're saying this irrelevant bitch saw how supposedly irrelevant ti is. I'm not really a big fan of his, but ti has done his thing, and yes he's had a couple albums that were garbage, so has every other rapper. Every artist regardlessof th egenre has an album or two that is crap or below average. I'm not even gonna talk about sales either, cuz some of my favourite rappers don't do the numbers they actually deserve, and sales don't equal a dope album, but to say he's irrelevant is stupid. On a different note, you do realize that, in the future, you will become one of those so called 'old heads' that you are talking shit about right? Unless you decide to overdose on some of those drugs that likely in your system..smfh..

    • Anonymous

      Luda just needs 1 hit single and he's back in the game

    • td

      Average? hell nah. i dig that more than most albums out this year. and there were a lot of good ones. i say Game's was average but still good overall. calling t.i. irrelevant is like a smack in the face of hip hop. jeezy came back and got it poppin and jeezy is not the force that t.i. is. i will give u Luda, he is pretty irrelevant. but big boi didnt sell shit. old heads and the new generation aint checking him but he is still a legend and his album was pretty good. wayne sells a mill a week but his album was far below average. you can have a sorry album and sale a lot or you can have a good album and sale shit. T.I. got it right cuz he is in the middle. that album is much above average.

    • Anonymous

      Huh im an old head and T.I album is average. I listen to that shit like 3 times i can't get into to his last album. Shit is average at best.

  • 777

    She clearly threatened to reveal to Tiny that T.I. and her were fucking.

  • Anonymous

    there goes any chance of moderate success


    awww ti realised how wack this bitch really is and dropped her. reality is harsh.

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