AZ Gives Props To Drake & J. Cole, Talks Independent vs. Major Label 360 Deals

AZ weighs in on the independent vs. major debate, says Drake is a "great lyricist."

With a hefty number of years in the game, Brooklyn-born rapper AZ is all too familiar with the major vs. independent debate. And while speaking with, the noted emcee didn’t hesitate in giving his opinion on which he thinks is the better route for up-and-coming artists.

AZ revealed that he’s personally not a fan of the 360 deal, but shared that he can understand why an artist would take that route.

“Me personally I wouldn’t do it, but you know artists wanna do what they gotta do,” said AZ in regards to artists and 360 deals with labels. “When I came in the game being signed to a major was a good thing cause they dealt with the publicity, getting your name out there. Which is good for artists, you know what I mean, I don’t think no one should come in the game say, ‘I’mma just do this independent if they money ain’t right.’ Cause they pay to play…It’s like playing chess or checkers or whatever you do. You say to yourself, ‘You know what? I’mma sign with the majors, but I’mma just give them two or three albums.’ Cause they might not go for the one off.”

Prior to speaking on the independent vs. major label debate, AZ gave props to a handful of Hip Hop newcomers including J. Cole and Drake, even referring to the latter as a “great lyricist.”

“Drake came through and did his thing. Honestly, he’s a great lyricist to me. He’s a great lyricist. I think I shouted that out in another interview. Him, J. Cole, there was a couple of other cats that I appreciate that’s on the come-up, that’s representing Hip Hop,” AZ explained. “And he doing it big for Canada. He doing it big for the game itself.”

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  • Anonymous

    "quote man is hating on 50 cent again even though no one on this article mentioned him" I think I'll start calling you half a man. 50's your idol, right? Drake may not be the hardest artist regardless, but since when has he ever claimed to be? The soft approach, while sleep inducing at times, seems to be working.

  • Anonymous

    these comments are hilarious wow.

  • Louie V Butta

    A! AZ you a bitch, nigga! How the fuck you finna cosign two of the most garbage artists that ever existed?!? Nigga you worked with Nas! GODDAMN NAS!!! You should be aware of what's real music and what's Drake/J Cole music! Bitch nigga you done fucked up real bad this time

    • b

      you're a fuckin retard. have you even listened to any of cole's mixtapes or his music in general? and why you all on his dick because he likes drake? just because you don't like his music doesn't mean AZ has to dislike it. ppl like you kill me man

  • Anonymous

    AZ is right..Drake is a sick lyricist. Fuck haterz

  • I'm Reloaded

    Whatever happened to Pain In Da Ass??? No one uses him on intros anymore? FUCK STEVE HARVEY!!!

  • Doublespeak

    I admit that I can't stomach either Drake or J. Cole; to me they're boring and trash. However, when AZ - spossibly the greatest emcee to ever do it - gives his props, then you have to take note, whether you agree with it or not. Now bless us with Doe or Die II

  • Anonymous

    "Take Care ain't no banger" Neither was BISD.

  • SOSA Fan

    ANd btw.. AZ> J Cole Come on...

  • SOSA Fan

    Ima a fan of both Drake and AZ. I was brought up on the 90's era cats too. Aziatic album and Take Care are certified bangers. It's a new era nah mean. You gotta embrace a new culture cuz nothing last forever. Still AZ is the most underrated MC to this date. Aziatic, Doe or Die, Piecies of a black man, The Format etc all classics. I felt a little mad that AZ wasn't on Life Is Good with Nas. But Nas gotta do numbers and thats why he fucked with Rozay. AZ MY TOP 5 DEAD OR ALIVE. Lyrics, flow, and under the radar.

  • Anonymous

    "part of tha reason rap is becomin' corny and soft" You sound like a high school drop out still bumpin Styles P out of a busted speaker.

  • Anonymous

    "That ain't showing respect" Seriously... At this stage in Az's life and career, what good would it do for him to kiss up? He's just recognizing talent.

  • Anonymous

    Y'all niggas claim you hate a gimmick but then knock Coke as boring. Reason shits fucked up now.......

    • Critique

      TDE is not gimicky but they're not boring either. Cole doesn't have originality/charisma. And he acts like he's too afraid to shine, thats the shit that don't resonate

  • Edubb

    AZ cant be serious giving props to drake!!!!!! Come on AZ say it so!!!! There has to be more to this, I cant believe a gifted mc such as AZ would give that clown props!!! Oh fuckin well.

  • Anonymous

    It would be easier to appreciate Drake if he hadn't been forcefed and hyped up in the begining, real talk. As nice as he may be lyrically you can still wear out your welcome it's good that he kinda fell back.

  • Big Ghost

    Ayo, AZ. What tha fuck, b? You a legend and all, buy why ya co-signin those two fruit cakes Aubrey tha human Tampax and J Boring Cole tha broke man's Drake? Them two fairies part of tha reason rap is becomin' corny and soft, namsaying? Aubrey's music isa buncha audio estrogen being injected into your ears and that nigga J Cole's music can make the undead un-undead and put babies ta sleep. Tha rap game is becomin' fucked up not just because of the rise of the Estrogeneration but hip-hop legends are kissin tha assholes of these corny muhfuckas, namsayin. God aka Galaxy Knuckles aka Cocaine Biceps aka Phantom Raviolis aka the Mighty Hands of Zeus does not approve of this shit.

  • Anonymous

    AZ is AZ, i think he talking to the average zombie!

  • Anonymous

    AZ why are you sucking Drake dick? Do you need a hit? Where's Do Or Die 2? And dope beats this time not does slow sleepy beats.

    • Tapeworm

      Are we supposed to take your ass seriously when you mentioned the most un lyrical artist in 2chainz get these dicks out of you're asshole before you start calling people faggots Elitist 90s hiphop bitch thats the worst attempt at an insult...

    • Your Name *

      Nah, I'm not actually. I'm actually an open minded individual who listens to boom bap shit like Nas, Brother Ali, O.C., Bronson, Meyhem Lauren, KRIT, etc. and fucking Kendrick Lamar, Drake, ASAP Rocky, 2 Chainz, etc.. you lost bruh. faggot ass mad at the world "real hip hop" elitist bitch.

    • CHILL

      Who gives a fuck if he likes Drake ..Your all like a bunch of school girls ..Why you all getting so upset .. TIME OF THE MONTH FOR SOME OF YOU YOUNG LADIES

    • Anonymous

      stole my quote; LEAVE HIP HOP ALONE!

    • ^

      And you're the typical pop sheep who listens to whatever's hot on Top 40 radio/BET/MTV. You probably don't know shit about hip-hop. Go listen to your faggot ass pop-rap/R&B shit and leave hip-hop alone.

    • Your Name *

      You're a typical 90s head hip hop faggot. AZ doesn't owe you shit, so shut the fuck up. And whenever someone acknowledges someone as good, you say they're sucking their dick. So I guess you're sucking all of the old ass 90s rappers dicks aren't you? Go listen to that faggot boom bap trapped in the 90s shit, you piece of shit "hip hop head" elitist.

  • Anonymous

    AZ is wrong for what he said about Drake. He ain't a lyricist; he's an R&B rapper with average rapping skills.

  • Anonymous

    AZ has made some nice records in the past but really, what makes ya'll think DO OR DIE II would be different/better than the last 10+ years of 'pretty good, rarely great' AZ records? Also, folks will bust on AZ repping Drake but 1) he was playing nice for the Canadians and 2) old Brooklyn & Queens heads know AZ was, unlike most rappers, serious in the street and therefore can cool the fuck out however he wants... ... Tho' he'd better off spinning Curtis Mayfield and Blue Magic, fuck a J. Cole and Drake, etc.

  • Payola is wrong

    J Cole is just an artist Sony and Jay-Z sunk millions of marketing dollars into. They tried to artificially make him into a platinum artist, but in the end the public didn't buy that lie. It's only so long that the fake can pretend.

    • Anonymous

      What the fuck are you talking about? J Cole is still successful with a gold album, platinum single, and a gold single.

  • Anonymous

    When is Doe or Die II coming? That's what i want to know.

  • Anonymous

    Doe or die 2 please

  • dentaldamboy

    Everyone has something good to say about YMCMB other than Pusha T, Common and Jay-Z. What do those three haters have in common? They are all old, washed up, and need to us a strap on to please a woman,

  • Anonymous

    lmfao the bloggers are gonna HATE this. a bunch of recycled commentss Drake: hes soft, hes a fag, hes a bitch, hes r&b not hip hop etc etc J. Cole: hes boring, hes overrated, he sold out etc etc

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