Cappadonna Discusses "Eyrth, Wynd & Fyre" Album & Names Favorite Verse

Cappadonna provides some insight on his latest project.

After last year's The Pilgrimage, Wu-Tang Clan's Cappadonna is looking forward to releasing Eyrth, Wynd & Fyre.

Speaking with, Cappa explained what fans can expect from the project.

"I believe this one right here, I leaned back a little on it. I just got more into the message and the music man, and just tried to focus on that a little more – production by J. Glaze. I kind of was just really free in the mind when I did this CD right here – Eyrth, Wynd & Fyre – those are elements right there. That fire’a that truth, and that wind, that’s the substance, and the Earth is the strength that keeps me grounded. So these elements right here exist within my style and life, what I had to go through, so I got that and I got the other double CD with DJ Snips and J-Ronin and of those producers, good looking out for J-Ronin on A&R’ing the project. But yeah, things is right, man."

Cappa, who has had a storied career with the Wu, also revealed his own favorite verse.

"'Ice Water' is definitely one of my favorite verses, but I like the verse on 'Camay,' I like 'Winter Warz,' I like 'Triumph,' so it’s probably a collaboration of a bunch of different verses, but the one that everybody loves the most is and caused me to love the most is 'Winter Warz.'

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  • ABC

    My devastatin hot '97 Mentality Keep me on point for my four-digit salary Heavyweight lyric never lost one calorie I'm soon to be seen, on the TV screen Gambino Cappacino to the Afro Sheen Stay black, where I'm at, high road to rap council Splash love to Wu in a orderly tonsil Never limit to the diction, cause chaos to mixin Brutalize a sound check, ripple through the intermission Rap's under siege, held tight like a squeeze Forced in the world 'Donna nuclear freeze Through the damage to the wannabe Flipmode and Def Squad Ruckus a whirlpool in the rap entourage If you dare to test thirty-six, chambers of strangers My word of mouth it's all real wigs might peel Livin large and in charge branch out Bon Voyage Twenty-four diamond government named God Alias Daryl Hill bring thugs back to kill Circle around my son, Daryl Jr. never eatin large Auntie Dauntie sixteen holdin me down AIDS of rap music may be contagious to sound Verbal the slang pushed back to create pronoun Method forcin J-Love to Bring the Pain from underground Realizin food for thought is self-compromisin Shaolin cut the crack into a triple-O sizin Blue do what he do to keep that currency risin Hopin I catch a deal so we can catch a full wheel Instead of catchin bodies, niggaz not keepin it real Dirtball niggaz that steal cake from stores That's my type of niggaz I be wantin on my tours Can't help it, my styles stay fat like Roseanne Ruckus in the square I stay rough like the Clan Panther on my arm, pen and pad in my hand Punk motherfuckers better beware of the Shaolin Defy interactive project Children of the Corn Gats and my man keep em bustin till he's gone Style so ancient it sparks just like the unicorn 'Donna come through everyday my uniform changes and switches, I came to make ladies out of bitches Crackhead niggaz get stitches So what up with that kid, danger when I attack kid Watch how the slang hits you, just like the fat kid Form another pyramid, look how we slid All over Park Hill, Stapleton politic on a twenty dollar bill all in it together You can't fuck with the stormy weather, yaknahmean?

  • dj nemesis

    cappadonna was the tony yayo of his crew smh this nigga ruined tracks like triumph and 90% of everythin he was on...the ONLY verses he was DECENT on was ice water and winter warz...i would NEVER pick up an listen to a whole cappadonna album,fuck that

  • Fuck Cappadonna & His Family

    Favorite verse lmao that whole album is garbage

  • Sensaye

    To me his best verse ever was on a song he and U-God did on the "Great White Hype" soundtrack called "If it's Alright With You". Shit was ridiculous. He's always been an original and dope MC. And I'm not the type of nigga to care about the next man's clothes, but his gear game surpasses any rapper ever, that nigga's catalog is flagrant.

  • Up North

    The Pilgrimage has never left rotation, I keep it spinning

  • Anonymous

    I dont know guys, my favorite verse of his was "lil ghetto boys" from Forever

  • Anonymous

    "97 Mentality" "Check For A Nigg*" I don't know about "Heaterz", Deck killed that track.

  • Doublespeak

    I've always thought his verses on "Iron Maiden", "The Pillage", "Heaterz" and "Daytona 500" were out of this world; just as impressive as "Winter Warz" for me. He has had some truly remarkable guest spots over the years.

  • Anonymous

    Cappa killed a lot of verses, but he came off weak on Wu-Block. How you gon' do that Cap when it was probably the highest profile project you've been in years?

  • nistua

    97 Mentality is my fav from him

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