T.I. On Gun Control, Says He's Never Snitched, Explains Prison Paperwork Parties

T.I. weighs in on gun control laws and says he's got paperwork to prove he's never snitched in his life.

While promoting his new project, T.I. once again stepped into Hot 97 to speak his mind on a variety of topics. This time, Tip weighed in on gun control laws. He also spoke on allegations of being a snitch by saying he's never told on anyone in his life. 

"This is my problem with the banning of anything," he said when speaking on the banning of firearms. "What that does is, that means only the criminals will be allowed to have this particular item. Right now, there's criminals that can't have assault rifles or pistols but they got them and they know they can't have them. So if they ban them, what it's gonna be double-illegal for me now? I'm still gon' carry mine. So if the illegals have them, I think the legals must have them."

Later, he addressed allegations of snitching by saying he lives by the "G code." 

"I go with the G code. In prison, we have paperwork parties. In prison, you have cards. I was in [a federal penetentiary] so everybody is sent from everywhere. So, I had the Georgia card, the Georgia crew. When you get there, your crew comes to make sure you got everything you need but you have to produce your paperwork so they will know how to align themselves with you." 

He explained that his paperwork allowed for him to walk the yard without fearing that others would think he snitched on anyone.

"I've always been in [general population]. All the time. I turned in my paperwork. When you turn in your paperwork, it's called a paperwork party. They look at it on the yard. Everybody get to observe it and whatnot. They know exactly what to look for." 

He went on saying that his accusors have other motives for calling him a snitch.

"Everybody wants to believe that because if they would have got caught in them circumstances, that's what would've happened to them. They would've done it. I stood silent. I could say with a clear conscience and a pure heart, I've never ever had to tell anything on anybody." 

More from the interview can be seen below.

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  • Anonymous

    What the fuck do you nerd niggas know about snitching and not snitching. Most you niggas shouldn't have a comment.

  • Big Dan

    Okay, his statements are suspect. Because he had "paperwork," whatever that means, he was not a snitch? I am getting what he his trying to say is that because he had paper showing he is a prisoner from GA, he is not a snitch, meaning if he had snitched he would not have been given paper work like the regular loser snitches. But that does not make sense because if you are a snitch, then one, the govt will want to try to hide it just as much as you and two, snitches don't walk in with a snitch sign on their back and you do not snitch in public, so of course they put you in general population. I am not calling dude a snitch and I know with money, you can beat the legal system, but dude had enough guns to arm a small nation and an extensive criminal record. Considering that, he got off very lightly and that's what folks are looking at.



  • Money First

    What people don't know about this case is that it was an entrapment case and a very easy one to prove in court...The Feds knew it and did not want it to come to light because it would have definitely looked like a witchhunt! However he would have been a target had they taken it there so he and his lawyers worked out the best deal taking in consideration he is a felon which ultimately wound up saving tax dollars and federal reputations in the end...



  • Anonymous

    Ti dropped some knowledge on these wack ass interviewers. real talk, strap up cause they government wants to turn yo ass into a slave.

  • Anonymous

    He's a tattle tale, we all know it.

  • Anonymous

    to all the dumb niggas thinking a nigga cant snitch of the record,,body yourself,,,a niggas can tell on you, and you get knocked,because he shitted all of your B I,,,,,,,and no one would be the wiser, give up the info, do your lil skid bid,and they will get who they want through an investigation,but who the fuck did he snitch on? ,nobody can answer that,,why?,,because it is off the record,,,dicks!!

    • 614grind

      Convenient explanation. So what you're saying is, you have absolutely no evidence that he told on anybody about anything but you just gon stick to your theory anyway. You, my friend, are a hatin ass nigga.

  • Heavy Chevy

    What don't add up is the numbers. The Feds got mandatory sentences for felons who get caught with automatic guns. And he was a felon who got caught with automatic weapons. So...

    • Anonymous

      this nigga think niggas is stupid,,,,,thats the problem,,,,he got a lot more to lose than the average nigga,,,so its more likely than not ,,that he worked something out,,,,with them boys,,,,wesley snipes is doing three years for taxes evasion,,,im pretty sure his money longer than T I,,,,which stands for (tell investigators),,,lol,,,since when do convicted felons,rappers on top of that,,,do skid bids,,,for weapons charges,,,shit i seen niggas get more for less with no priors,,,,,,mr.harris is a lucky dude,,,thats word!

  • Yung Boss Baby

    Yung Boss Baby- Shattering Point Dime http://www.reverbnation.com/main/search?q=Yung+Boss+Baby#!/yungbossbaby/songs

  • 2ndAmmendment

    T.I. speaking knowledge on gun control! "guns DONT KILL people, people do" More people are killed cus of a drunk driver... should we BAN ALL CARS? Should we ban alcohol? How about the fact that most these killers are on "PRESCRIPTION MEDS" WAKE UP! Soon as the government takes your guns, you can say GOODBYE to any more freedom

    • Anonymous

      There is a huge difference between drinking and driving and accidentally crashing than walking into a school and shooting kid after kid after kid in the chest with an automatic weapon.

  • Anonymous

    paper party? what are they like kids?? smh

  • Anonymous

    i dont care if he snitched or not (means fuck all to me) i like his music ps- americans are fucked up when it comes to guns... NO CITIZEN SHOULD HAVE A FUCKING GUN- EXAMPLE AMERICA

    • Anonymous

      man you are an idiot!!! the only reason America isnt China YET, is because americans still have guns... hey dummy do you want to throw away the entire constitution?? How about we eliminate free speech too

  • Esq.

    Fact of the matter is, I can't comment on another man's business, especially if I don't know him. I don't personally know T.I., but judging from the thing's that have publicly taken place, if I was on some shit that could get me boxed in...he just probably wouldn't be the guy I tell anything about it.

  • wooorrrd!!!

    he running around,,promoting his project thats good thats good,,,,however,,money makes the world go round,,if money keeps him from doing hard time,,then money can get you fake documents,,you can indirectly snitch,,and it dont show on paper work,,,the question is who got knocked from his snitchin,,,will anybody ever know?...no!!!,,,,he's tryin to hard to prove he didnt snitch,,,after he did his time and it was years ago,,,if you built like that what the fuck you gotta prove,,,fuck it you home now,,,,that shit is in the past,,,,he tryin to hard to be official,,,just let the music play,,,,,if he snitchin,,he got to live with himself,,so fuck it,,on to the next,,,,,, THE FEDS THEY LIKE WACK RAPPERS,,,,,

    • Anonymous

      so why speak on it , if you the king,what you explaining shit for, K.I.M, and stop speaking on it who you trying to convince,yourself

    • ETK

      trying too hard to prove what? trying too hard to prove what? he didn't say a fuckin word about the matter for like two years. only now that he dropped his album he's really getting into this and you talkin about he's 'trying too hard' to prove he didn't snitch.. whatever man keep believing your bullshit

    • Anonymous

      that boy is a snitch and he aint as hard without Alfamega

    • Anonymous

      aint no fuckin way to put fake government documents up... they aint having that... damn yall mfs is really fuckin stupid.

  • Anonymous

    Six time felon but never has done multiple years in prison. Before he was a rapper he had all type of charges and never did any serious time. Some fans are in denial. That nigga is not that dude. He was just some petty ass crac dealer and not a good one because they nigga got caught with a lot of crack. Real Niggas no whats up. Alley Boy already called that boy out. He on the defense now because he losing cred by the day.

  • real

    WTF yall niggas talkin bout. Tip got caught n paid the price like everyone else, n erry'one knows that havin alot of money or being famous can getchu outta any situations, if folks really want to hate on somethin' hate on the judicial system for dealin with celebs different than regural people, only kids who have no way of verifying anythin say this Nigga is a snitch, but like he said "Wanna Hate Have A Nice Time"

  • Anonymous

    this guy went to prison as a celebrity it is completely different plus his about 4ft tall lol

  • Milehighkid303

    Yeah I got a knife for a tough nigga Nine for a hard nigga don't make me empty the chamber Even if I'm locked in the cell block they fall into shell shock When I open up ya head with the banger I cause a riot in the yard make a mess in the mess hall Like I just blew trial and I aint got nothin left God What's todays mathematic shit aint addin up Gettin knocked with 10 machine guns only get 12 months Oooh wee don't talk to me you talk to him you talkin to them I got the best lawyers money could buy They say they woulda got me 10 or maybe 9 I said how do you explain how homie breezed They say you keep your mouth shut or you eat the chesse

  • Case Closed

    If you believe this then you a dumb ass fool. The feds dont give you a slap on the wrist unless you help them. Thats just how it works. Money can make a lot of stuff disappear and plus when you a snitch that will let you out just as long as you help them. Probably about other rappers. Suge said the same thing about Snoop. There are a lot of rappers that are snitches. That guy snitch there is no way you can be 5 or 6 time felon and get caught with guns like that and get a slap on the wrist. Lil Wayne got that when a gun that wasnt even his. That fool lying. It took him this long to finally say somehting lol.

    • BP

      first anon: he's a god damn celebrity. that's all you need to kno for how he got off this light. he's no snitch

    • Anonymous

      it all depends, what are you a judge? it's all circumstantial, and if he was a snitch for years and years before when he was no body, then I don't think he would have gotten this far without it being known. And like he said, if he did tell, then someone would know he got them in prison.

    • Anonymous

      Funny thing is that his opinion. Get off that nigga tip nuts. The question is how can you have the charges he has had in his life and never really did hard time. The guy does make sense I got a homie that got lock up 7 years ago for a gun that wasnt his but his homie. he got 10 straight and was in college had no priors and he had a lawyer. Shit dont sound right. In my book its seems fishy but damn homie get off the nigga nuts. We dont believe him sorry thats just the way it is. This nigga had crack charges and gun charges in his past but never really did a lot of time. Thats shit is fraud.

    • Funny thing is

      Just like the man said I bet yo bitch ass would be the one to snitch. This nigga aint lying mane. You aint no fucking lawyer hell aint nobody on this thread a lawyer yet you wanna talk about the ins and outs of the court system. Get the fuck outta here mane. You act like he didn't do NO time. If the shit went down like it went down on his album I can see WHY he didn't get much time. It's clearly evident on his album that he didn't INTEND on buying illegal arms yet did after he was somewhat cohereced. This may have been why the judge provided some measure of leniency. I don't know I was there and neither where you so shut the fuck up. Until some muthafuckas got proof then you can't say shit about the mane. If niggas that was locked up aint trippin about dude then who the fuck are you to?

  • Anonymous

    The fact they are considering trying to take away our fucking guns is treasonous. And that faggot white guy in the video talking "statistics bla bla" you fucking idiots dont even realize whats going on. They are trying to take our power away. You fucking idiots! Its sad that at least Ti knows what he is talking about. Fuck the media, especially these bought out Hip Hop sell outs sites and interviewers. Dont over step the lines! Shut the fuck up Rosenberg, sell out bitch, slap fire out that punk nigga!

  • Stand up nigga.

    Ya'll smoking dope if ya'll think TIP snitched. Ya'll been in too many barber shops with that ignorant shit. If TIP snitched that nigga would've BEEN dealt wit in the Pen. This shit aint no game. That paperwork shit that nigga talk about is too trill. Nigga been in the game 12 years...if he was so fake he would've been exposed. If he wasn't "street" he would've been exposed like that fact fuck Ross. As much as I don't care for Gucci...he's a real street dude. TIP aint got shit to worried about homie.

    • BP

      "I believe Z-Ro slapped his ass too" wooooow I don't even need to do research. this shit just sound straight ig'nant.

    • Anonymous

      You got Z-ro fucked up. Z-ro called this nigga out on record many times. I believe Z-ro slapped his ass too. Z-ro is real street nigga that no nigga have beef with. He that nigga why dont you research the nigga. Geeks these days

    • BP

      ^you're seriously trippin. pay off the feds, shut your excusing ass mouth up. not even Tip would go as low to do that. he's a celebrity nigga, he get shortcuts, get used to it... he did that lame ass MTV show helping kids which helped toward his community service. 3 million bond, Will Smith picked up his mo'fuckin phone and called the obama admin to get him out. to some degree that shit must work with them celebs or else he wouldn't have tried it. fuck is Z-Ro. Z-Ro didn't do shit

    • kuto kende

      i swear yall tip stans are the worst that nigga is a bitch and a snitch, yall dont wanna believe that hes a snitch but how hard is it for someone that has money like him to snitch and then pay the feds to make it look like he didnt, money rules the world and yall niggas need to understand that he could of easily done that but yall are in denial.... 12 machine guns and only like 6 months "Nahhhhh he didnt snitch hes no snitch" fuck outta here with that bullshit alley boy checked him, Z-Ro checked him and he aint do shit. PUSSY

    • Anonymous

      meech cosign Rick Ross to and your point is. That nigga is a fraud. When real niggaz go at him he get quiet. When Z-ro check that ass his ass quiet. He know who to beef with. Alfamega is not there to protect his ass.

    • non-bias nigga

      glad somebody got some sense on here bruh, when u n a fed pen niggas dont give a fucc bout yo status outside, and why n the fucc meech gon risk hurtin his street credentials by co-signing tip. people just cant accept the fact that the nigga got off the charges, its a reason he did the psa about calling in bout crime, 1000+ community hrs, 3 mil bond, half the fake azz rappers and fradualent bloggers couldnt imagine put up 3 mil bonds, dude said he lost like 15 mil thoroughout that whole ordeal. and what get me u honestly think the govment and them craccers wouldnt expose tip to kill his popularity if he really did snitch on somebody.....c'mon man!!!

  • Anonymous

    if you think he didn't snitch you must be crazy


    LOL you believe what he says?Everybody that ever snitched said they didnt snitch you dumb fucks,This cat lied being so bos in that prison he was a faggot i know some people in that prison.Truth is He is a fuckin snitch faggot

  • CevR

    You aint goin with the G-Code but S-Code for Snitch Code

  • 22_3

    this dude is soft. In the streets nobody is impressed by this snitch.

  • wte

    We dont believe you need more people!

  • ETK

    The man got cuffed for these things five god damn years ago... sentenced the year after. niggas still walk around thinkin he snitched. mf, if that was the case it would've made its way out three fuckin years ago! niggas in the pen woulda found out about it. anything to throw dirt on a black man who got more money than you. haters still thinkin they got a leg to stand on

    • ETK

      cooperating & snitching are not the same thing, ain't his best friend got killed from the ordeal leading up to that? he's a celebrity & he got connections. THAT'S IT! do you really think celebrities get the same cases as hood niggas would? them havin much better lawyers ain't even half of it. will smith tried to pull his ass outta jail for God's sake. what else kind of other shortcut shit you think these wealthy icon figures could pull off man. think about it

    • King O

      He's trying to pull wool over people's eyes because he doesn't want the T.I. stock to plummet losing his street cred, which brings in album sales by the fans. He snithced. How you do one year for all those guns you had? Cooperating, snithching is the same thing. Otherwise you would be jail serving a year for every bullet you illegally had. This dude is lying as an artist to keep his brand up and keep selling. The more years that go by, the less people will care, as long as T.I. does tactics like this.

    • Anonymous

      He may not be a snitch, but he is definitely not a hardcore street figure.

  • Anonymous

    yall think all street dudes gotta act ignorent with there pants sagging and hat to the side smh t.i. is a stand up dude and hes real u know why cause hes always being him self no fronting or acting like the hardest dude in the world hes authentic..

  • Anonymous

    What do we care, does this improve my quality of life? Hell No!

    • Anonymous

      i dont like both of you

    • You're very backwards

      So, why are you wasting your time reading and making a comment?? You should be on another website, about making some money. I don't respect people who contradict themselves, so i don't like you.

  • Tip was never a boss on them streets

    I don't think that he is a snitch, however, I clearly can see that he isn't the "hardcore felon" that he touts himself as being. He was just a lower level member of a click of folks that were slanging drugs. He never was a leader nor kingpin of a crew before he became a highly paid rapper. Once he became a highly paid rap artist, he then was able to employ people from his block, which by payroll purposes made him a boss.

  • JohnnyACE GRAND MASTER SEN$Ei {{-_-}}

    I ALWAYS KNEW this nigga didn't snitch on anybody. All y'all were getting hyped over nothing. {{-_-}}

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