Brotha Lynch Hung Wraps Up Trilogy With "Mannibalector," Features Hopsin

Exclusive: Brotha Lynch Hung finishes his Strange Music trilogy in February of 2013, featuring Hopsin and Yelawolf. He premieres some new music with the news.

Sacramento, California veteran emcee Brotha Lynch Hung will wrap up his Strange Music trilogy in February 2013 with Mannibalector. The gold-selling Horrorcore lyricist will follow 2010's Dinner And A Movie and 2011's Coathanga Strangla with his continued story of a man evolving into a cannibalistic killer.

To be released on February 5, Lynch's latest album will feature Yelawolf ("Tha Package"), Hopsin and longtime collaborator Tech N9ne ("Stabbed"). Today, Brotha Lynch Hung premiered new song "Blood All Over Me" with HipHopDX. The track, produced by DJ Epik and Goldfingaz, is not included in the upcoming offering.

A former Black Market/Priority Records star in the 1990s, Lynch released acclaimed independent albums such as Season Of Da Siccness in 1995 and 1997's Loaded. He worked with MC Eiht and Spice 1 in the years following, before making a resurgence with Strange in the 2000s.

DX will play home to a number of exclusives between now and release regarding Mannibalector and Brotha Lynch Hung.

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  • SkuDaReelis

    Yo, I'm South African & I'm down with Lynch. Been waitin on this finale to the 'CoatHanga' for a minute now. From the strength of his previous two in the trilogy, I'm def coppin it. SpiderMan nicca!

  • Fossie

    Real shit!Cant wait to hear that 3rd album!!!FUCK THE HATERZ!!!Go on listen to Drake and his lovesongs!!

  • Grippz

    Can't wait for this project! Lynch is a true emcee and he's been had his own lane since the early 90s. Dinner and a Movie and Coathangastrangala were both amazing records from the way they were mixed to the actual songs. Lynch went SUPER hard and he had his own sound on there. Lookin forward to the 3rd installment in the trilogy. #STRANGEMUSIC

  • Landon816

    One of the best all time on the best label of all time! STRANGE MUSIC!!! ^S^

  • Anonymous

    Top 3 greatest of all time, no debate.

  • raul

    Lynch is a beast and cant be touched. Brotha lynch should do a album with Vakill

  • Anonymous

    Strange Music dipped in butta!!

  • pickle

    strange all day! people are bitchin about how this guy sucks because theyre just mad that their favorite artists suck and dont deliver good music. time to recognize good sht you fktards

  • JJ

    Lynch isn't the worst thing they could be putting out but come on this dude has not been relevint since the 90s. Other than the Nina, it's a bunch of local talent and Prozak? Oh wait, and Young Bleed? When will Strange go after some real talent and be the BEST indie label in the game?

    • JJ

      Pickle got a point. Rittz, Jay Rock & Mayday are worthy out of town acts. But come on blood.. Lynch, Young Bleed, Prozak, Cognito, Scoob, Kutt, SKatter n Snug, Grave Plott? Nigga is you serious? You the #1 indie puttin up all these duds?

    • p

      Mayday is talented I also like Ces Cru

    • Anonymous

      Only part about this I agree with is Prozak. Dude is wack as fuck. HE just been with tech for the whole ride and they homies

    • Anonymous

      Hahahahahaha dumbass. thats all i have to say.

    • pickle

      now that i think about it rittz is from atlanta and maydays from florida and jay rocks from california so either youre fking stupid and dont know sht about strange music or you just do not know what the definition of local is

    • LoveLife&Music

      you must be sleep nigga STRANGE always got hit makers on the label and both lynch recent albums was sick you might not like what he saying but he be spitting here's a line for you Nigga I'm the siccest in the west, hit it in the chest, in a minute I'm rippin' nigga like wet sex. Your sentimental I get the the riddle n' shoot Tecs cut a nigga in half just like a duplex. Then all I ask is who's next take a nigga and give a nigga a suplex. Coathangastrangla banging' the deuce set, choaintstrangla name it in two blex.

    • pickle

      who would you have them sign if the people they already have arent talented enough for you

  • Anonymous

    WHy does this clown have a record deal

    • SickFuck

      Son, this is the definition of underground. Lynch has a deal, because he is extremley talented, and if you doubt that go cop Dinner & a Movie or Lynch By Inch. I don't understand how anyone could say shit like that, his lyrics are vivid, production is mad, live performance is crazy. Just do your research. Maybe he's a little hard core for you, but this is coming from a 12 year old.

    • Anonymous

      Because he's entertaining. Nobody forces you to listen sucka so if you aint feelin him then beat it. I'm sure there's a Drake page around here somewhere

  • Ogum

    Man... not even Sacramento people listens to this nigga.

  • skrilla513

    best fucking news i heard all day. STRAAAAAAAAANGE!

  • TaZzZ

    Cant wait, ill shit... Spideys back, psssst psssst

  • Anonymous

    Brotha lynch is sick for real. On the illest to do it. Wordplay and delivery can put with the greats. A true legend!

  • aa

    dinner and movie was fucking classssic

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