T.I. Says Others "Can't Do What I Do," Adds That He Opened The Door For Emcees

T.I. tells rappers, "When you on the mic, you don't sound as good" and adds that he feels disrespected by artists who think they are better than him.

In a recent rant on Hot 97, T.I. expressed his dissatisfaction with rappers who don't give him credit as the originator of Trap Muzik. He also explained how other rappers are not as good as he is, adding that he feels disrespected by artists who believe they are better. He explained, "You can't do what I do," and then added that he is the reason the masses have accepted many other artists as well. 

"Listen, man. I'm strongly planted," he said. "I'm talking in cement and it's dry - not wet cement, dry cement. I'm firmly planted, holmes. My foundation and structure has been laid with a dozen years in this thing, partna. My roots run deep. I've developed relationships. I've been building this up for a long time. You can't do what I do, man. You can't do what I do. When you on the mic, you don't sound as good. I'm sorry. You do okay. You do okay. You do okay."

"I'm tellin' them the truth, man. I'm just being real...When you on the mic, you don't sound as good as me. When you on TV, you don't look as good as me. Your girl'll tell you."

He continued by sharing how he helped others get their feet in the door, saying rappers should thank him for opening a lane for Trap music. 

"Listen, guys. With the exception of Outkast, Goodie Mob and I'ma keep it at there. With the exception of that, before I came in the game there was Lil Jon, Outkast and Goodie Mob so you had Crunk music and you had Organized Noize. There was no such thing as Trap Muzik. I created that. Yes, I did. I coined the term. It was my second album. It dropped in 2003...Now after that, there was an entire new genre of music created, an open lane for each of you to do what you do and live your lives on TV and be accepted by the masses. The masses have accepted you because I opened the door and you walked through it. Don't forget who opened the door, cuz. You couldn't have did what you doin' right now without me, holmes."

"I think they either forgot or they're being disrespectful...You can't have my spot because you can't do as good as I do at half the shit I do."   

More of T.I.'s conversation can be heard on In Flex We Trust

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  • Big Boi

    The hate Lil Wayne get is understandable because he's overrated but the hate T.I. get, I don't understand.

  • Anonymous

    Yes you did open the door to wackness. Nothing really great has come out of the south in a long time. So many artist are boring. They don't say anything in their songs, just speaking on materialistic garbage & what they claim to do everyday such as girls, money (spend), & smoke herb. What is so funny is that so many people eat it up like it is the best thing out there, when they don't even realize that they are just supporting practically the same exact thing that just came out last year (no originality). #SupportMCsNotWackRappers #KidsBopMusicIstheSouth #Don'tDumbItDown #WeNeedLyricsNotGimmicks #Ssuuttx2C.O.B

    • LOL @ this clown

      Obviously this fuck boy hasn't heard Killer Mike's "R.A.P. Music" album, which is easily one of the illest albums to come out in 2012 PERIOD.. honorable mention also goes to Big Krit's "Live From The Underground" and !MAYDAY!'s "Take Me To Your Leader".. all really good SOUTHERN HIP HOP records.

    • Hashtag This

      Yea but T.I. is a great rapper so it's whatever.

  • Mack

    No doubt I wouldn't think of myself any less either. When you earn your stripes no reason to. Even though your first album didn't sell much it was still raw to me, and I think you had strong albums all the way through T.I vs TIP. I know you talking about and to Alley Boy... So I got no reason to take Your position on yourself personal... (Hint hint) bitches

  • Fuck Bankhead

    This is making me sick to my stomach. This nigga all over the internet talking about "I invented the trap fuck errbody suck my dick nias" when he never really invented shit. Niggas in the A have been saying "trap" since the early 80's plus BIG BOI was the first one to put it on a record when he said "never talked to strangers in the trap and answered questions" so FUCK ANYBODY ON THIS PLANET WHO SUPPORTS AND LOVES T.I. AND HIS FAMILY

  • Fuck Bankhead

    If anything he opened the door for WACK emcees. Plus all that "You can't have my spot because you can't do as good as I do", he's sounding so butthurt.

  • nonono

    T-Lie fell into the trap of attention seeking hoes. Take the money and run. Let the youngins hoe that lame topic out for a bit. You have no control over it...Freedom of speech or lack there of.

  • nonono

    T-Lie fell into the trap of attention seeking hoes. Take the money and run it was basically you crafted raft(gimmick) to get to the other side of sh*t's creek. Let the youngins hoe that lame topic out for a bit. You have no control over it...Freedom of speech or lack there of.


    I think Alot Of People getting It Wrong Master P Glorified The true Definition Of Not Being A Great Rapper And Knowing How To Hussle More Than Just Being A Dope Dealer. He Used Dope In Personifcation Of Music. To Cover Up The Dirt He Did In The Streets Forreal. TI never personified selling dope he spoke of selling selling drugs in the first person Meaning he spoke as if it was truly about that lifestyle not usuing it Like P whom would say Ghetto Dope was slanging crack to the streets in terms of cds. Rappers Such As Jeezy Is A Platinum Artist So It Opened A Door For Jeezy rappers Like Ross Used Movie Characters And real Drug Dealers For His Image But As Far As Being Mainstream He Never Wouldve Knew There Was Room for Success Doing It If Not For T.I Having Mainstream Success. Furthermore Master P Wasnt Really A Mainstream Rapper He's Really Underground With Songs That Made Mainstream Radio.

  • YonkersBornAndRaised

    Are you niggas really that desperate? Calling T.I. a real hip hop artist, shit I remember when he was the epitome of mainstream hip hop back in the mid 2000's and now since shit has become so horrible y'all are looking for the excuse to call anybody who has been around before 2010 as real artists. Does he any classics? Nah didn't think so

  • nuc

    killer mike over t.i. anyday

  • raydick

    T.I. is letting it rip on all those suckas that don't know how to respect their elders of the rap game. i'm glad he talkin shit, and know that he will continue to talk shit. i listen to the nigga cause i like the beats and the flow. keep givin them sucka niggas hell homeboy....

  • Anonymous

    Sometimes when an person feels they have to justify their relevance, it doesn't seem proper. If you're doing you and you're straight, that should be all that matters. Going out of your way to give reasons why you should get props just seems strange. Kinda like Yeezy at times

  • Zee

    This is what I think... T.I. layed the Blueprint for Alot of artists.. There's alot of Trap Shit Goin on, and T.I. is not gettin the recognition he deserves as oppossed to what he has conquered... That being said... Trap Muzik Ain't all that. It has created some bangers but compared to that real conscience Hip Hop.. It ain't shit... Like Andre 3k said, Hip hop didn't start with conscience rhymes but party joints... So Props to The King Bitch for what he achieved... I don't wanna see hatred on Tip because he's just askin for recognition he deserves from rappers he helped who are not acknowedging his talents

  • Anonymous

    LOL @ Tip acting like he's proud of creating Trap Music. The shit you invented gave birth to Gucci Mane & Young Jeezy. That's something I would be apologizing for, not bragging about. Trouble Man is a good album tho.

    • ETK

      Tip's material didn't really give birth to Jeezy, I'd say Jeezy just was in a similar lane as T.I. and they rose in the game together. Gucci to an extent but he just started doin dumb shit

  • killaCAL

    i really dont understand why this man is considerd one of the best. what makes this guy so popular i dont understand

  • 225

    free boosie; do you think he was influenced by TI? I would like to see them do a track together.

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    What about Top Authority Dayton Family Eazy E Standing on the corner straight slanging rocks all man here comes a mutfucking cop-Eazy E

  • Anonymous

    Master P was really moving keys and was more respected and feared than TIP ever will be. Snoop was scared after Pac got killed and ran down south with P because he knew nobody would mess wiht him. P was that dude and still is. You might say his wack but really is about that life. Nobody ever did a diss record or tried him. They know he is the real deal.

    • Williams

      Master P never name his music "trap music". No one was saying that until T.I., and that's coming from a Master P fan.

    • @DeeHavior

      LoL STANDARD behind the KEYBOARD TUFF GUY TALK LoL! LOOK lets stick to facts... I can appreciate a good ole skool hip hop debate. The first emcee I think I remember hear saying trap in a rhyme was Big Boi on some early Outkast work I believe, dont quote me, just look it up. Which tells me they must call spots, traps down there. T.I was the first national artist to have a hip hop album marketed with the title "Trap Muzik". Save the insults lil n*gga & just UP ya HIP HOP IQ :-) #SmileGangFool!!!!!!!

    • slick

      Pastor Troy dissed Master P.

    • Anonymous

      master p didn't create it though, bozo

    • Anonymous

      He said he created Trap Music which he didnt create it. He feeling himself too much you Tip dick rider. get off the snitch nuts

    • @DeeHavior

      WTF does Master P, have to do with TIP???? New Orleans....Atlanta????

  • Rick

    PLEASE SHUT THE FUCK UP! TRAP MUSIC?!?! WHAT THE FUCK IS THAT!? Well we have YOU to thank for ceating tat wack music. Please shut up SERIOUSLY! And to be honest....I can not nae ONE of your TRAP MUSIC songs cause they are NOT Hip Hop to me and i refuse to listen to wack music......And like Jeru said...Ya' PLAYIN' YA'SELF, ya PLAYIN' ya'self!!!!!!!!

  • ATLSouth84

    T.I. is delusional. He wasn't the first to do anything and he isn't even as hot as Lil Wayne. Not sure he ever was, matter of fact. I can't think of one groundbreaking contribution T.I. has made to Hip Hop. He's way too egotistical for his own good. But I think I know what's troubling him. There's a new wave of artists that threaten to make him irrelevant and he knows it and he resents it because he feels entitled to some sort of imaginary 'throne'. Styles are changing and he's still talking about cooking dope in a kitchen. What a joke. I said it before, this man needs to retire.

    • @DeeHavior

      YOOOOO my G, you would have an excellent argument if Lil Weezy Wee we're a "Trap Muzik" Influenced rapper @ATLsouth84

    • Anonymous

      Styles are changing and a lot of rappers are rapping about the same things that other dudes were rapping about 15-20 years ago. What's your point? What goes around comes around (Nas and Grand Puba)

    • ETK

      styles are changing and niggas are still rapping about the same shit, what's your point got some damn nerve using your ATL nick if you think T.I. ain't helped pioneer anything, at least in the south scene

  • Anonymous

    UGK and e40 were the ones that created "trap muzik". they were the first rappers that I can remember that were talking about dope in terms of numbers and scales and shit like that. chill out, TI

  • h_11

    Nikka before you there already were some real legends like: - geto boys - mjg and 8ball - outkast Nikka you didnt make 1 classic album in your whole life. So shut the fuck up.

  • Anonymous

    This snitch thinks he is that dope on the mic. You just average T.I. all your albums sound the same and your flow and voice are boring. Go buy some guns from undercover f.b.i. agents.

  • Anonymous

    True statement/ T.I. was first with the trap music movement, but at the same time niggas been rapping about hustling for years. Trapping is just a different term but same thing

  • Anonymous

    lmfao fuck this snitch aka rat kang.

  • Anonymous

    TI doesn't even make trap music.I was feeling Trouble Man though, 4/5

    • shh

      TIP = old skool KING PILL = GOT NEXT ATL...(the best of the TIP influenced street music acts) SORRY BIG KRIT....*smile....

  • Anonymous

    damn he's really feeling himself soundin like an idiot talking like that

  • Anonymous

    No Limit and Cash Money was doing that type of rap before him.

  • chillthrills

    okay there may be some truth to that,,,but WHO THE FUCK WANTS TO BE IN A TRAP,,,I KNOW TRAP is another meaning for money,,,however,,,,trap muzic,,,,dosent sound appealing,,,sounds like a set up,,,and this same nigga went to jail,,,did trap muzic have anything to do with that?,,,probably not,,,but i wouldn't brag about starting something thats,,detrimental to my people,,no matter how real a nigga keep it,,,,,,,DONT LET THIS NIGGA SOUTHERN TALK,,,FOOL YOU,,,,HE'S A VICTIM TO HIS OWN VICES,,,,HE DIDNT START SHIT ,,,,HE JUST GLORIFIED IT,,,,,GHETTO MAFIA,,,WAS THEM FIRST NIGGAS I REMEMBER FROM THE A,,,,DOING THAT TYPE OF RAP,,,AND THATS WORD!!!!!

    • Anonymous

      @chillthrills, Unfortunately, a lot of rap music is detrimental to our people. Usually the music with positive messages doesn't get played or is labelled soft. Oh well

    • Anonymous

      yea Ghetto Mafia was doing that back in the day. Ghetto Mafia the truth.

  • Anonymous

    The truth is Lip Flip was the same caliber of artist as T.I. is now. If it wasn't for Paper Trail I doubt he'd still be here today. Hype keeps him around.

  • Anonymous

    He has a point to be honest, and I'm not his biggest fan

  • West

    What is he talking about? Lol

  • Rahim

    I wonder what all these south artists are gonna think about T.I. saying he made "trap music" a genre.

  • Anonymous

    The REAL great artists don't have to say this shit ... other people will say it for them. T.I. just sounds corny praising himself.

  • MaG

    that's pretty much fact. indisputable. and if anyone was doing it, it wasn't on that large of a scale.

  • shh


  • raidful johnson

    "Blood Sweat & Tears" http://www.pmpworldwide.com/producer_detail.cfm?p=4C31F03E-FB9A-A1F5-2270DD30DAA97EE9&trackID=3582D00A-9CE7-A413-26A37EBD8CF09174&

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